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A Little History of Farnborough, Warwickshire
Links to associated websites
Here are a few pages that may be of interest, about Farnborough itself, or associated with the village or the records on this site. Newer links show the date of inclusion.

Date added (2005 unless stated)
Farnborough 1 - English Heritage's Viewfinder site has old photographs associated with Farnborough Hall.  
Farnborough 2 - The Warwickshire Ancestors Project aims to make all county census returns freely available. Some Farnborough returns are already on-line.  
Farnborough 3 - the National Trust page devoted to Farnborough Hall.  
Farnborough 4 - names on Farnborough monumental inscriptions.  
Farnborough 5 - the ancestry of President George Walker Bush ... read on!  
Warwickshire 1- the Warwickshire County Record Office. They hold many documents on Farnborough including the 1821 census.  
See "Warwickshire 2".
Warwickshire 2 - The fascinating Windows on Warwickshire site features resources from public collections e.g. Warwickshire Museum and Record Office, with old photographs relating to villages in the county, including Farnborough. Like this page, it houses an ongoing collection.  
Warwickshire 3 - The Warwickshire Ancestors Project. This volunteer project aims to provide a "free-to-view" online searchable database of all the 19th century Warwickshire censuses. By November 2005 the 1841 and 1891 censuses were online.  
Banburyshire 1 - the Banburyshire website. The area around the market town of Banbury, including parts of Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire, is sometimes known as "Banburyshire". This site offers a map of the area, and is devoted to Banburyshire family and local history. There is also a mailing list.  
Banburyshire 2 - there is another "Little History" website, devoted to the Banburyshire villages of Cherington and Stourton, Warwickshire.  
Clergy database (Church of England 1540 - 1835: before clerical directories existed).  
Elkington 1 - extensive Elkington genealogy at this site.  
Elkington 2 - Cropredy village historical site which mentions Elkington residents and describes where and how they and other villagers lived. Cropredy is just 2½ miles (4 km) from Farnborough and its Hall.  
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