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World War II Links

Grolier Encyclopaedia
Grolier's history of World War II
British experience in WWII
A British focus on World War II, with many links and veterans' stories
The Battle of Britain
The Battle of Britain (hosted by the RAF)
German Armed Forces
German armed forces 1919-1945; focusing on the history of the German military during the most tumultuous period in recent history.  Its main focus is on the history of the units and organisations that made up the German military during WWII, although the post-WWI and pre-WWII German military are also covered.
Achtung Panzer
The history of armoured fighting vehicles and their crew within the German Army
Wehrmacht campaigns
Campaigns of the Wehrmacht in World War II
World War II Experience Centre
The Second World War Experience Centre was created to rescue material about this most terrible of conflicts before the material is lost.  The Centre is concerned not only with prominent soldiers, sailors and airmen, but with the daily civilian and military experience of all manner of men, women and children in wartime.

Analysis of Command Decisions in World War II
(written by the Chief of Military History, US Army, but covers all nationalities and theatres)


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