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Thurlstone History - Monumental Inscriptions


Research by Andreas Sarker on the WAGSTAFF family, so the data are of variable quality

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St John The Baptist Church, Penistone

Table slab by lychgate (transcription below)


George Wagstaff died 19 February 1829 aged 66


his wife Martha died 6 December 1849 aged 85


John Wagstaff, son of John and Mary Ann Wagstaff, died 29 January 1832 aged 2 years 11 months


George Wagstaff, son of George Wagstaff, died 9 March 1839 aged 40


Table slab by lychgate (transcription below)


Martha, daughter of Samuel & Hannah Wagstaff, died 4 July 1837 aged 4 years 5 months


George, son of Samuel & Hannah Wagstaff, died 12 April 1841 aged 16


Samuel Wagstaff died 9 October 1851 aged 55


Hannah Wagstaff died 19 September 1879 aged 76


To the memory of George Wagstaff, late of Thurlstone, who departed this life February 19th 1829 aged 66.

Also of Martha Wagstaff wife of the above named George Wagstaff who departed this life December 6th 1849 aged 85 years.

Also of John the son of John & Mary-Ann Wagstaff of Thurlstone who departed this life January 29th 1832 aged 2 years 11 months

Also of George son of the above named George Wagstaff, who departed this life March 9th 1839 aged 40 years.


In memory of Martha, daughter of Samuel and Hannah Wagstaff, Millhouse, who departed this life July 4th 1837 aged 4 years and 5 months.

Also, of George Wagstaff their son who departed this life April 12th 1841 aged 16 years.

How fudden and how awful was the ftroke
By which the flander thread of life was broke
Reader, reflect what happened unto me
For aught thou knowst may happen unto thee

Also of the above Samuel Wagstaff who departed this life October 9th 1851 aged 55 years.

Also the above named Hannah Wagstaff who departed this life September 19th 1879 aged 76 years.

St John the Baptist Church, Penistone

Table slab by lychgate


Charles Wagstaff died 23 February 1846 aged 39


Sarah, wife of Charles Wagstaff, daughter of John & Hannah Sanderson, died 4 December 1847 aged 29


Headstone (round cross) by south wall


"In memory of Sarah Hannah, the beloved daughter of Charles and Mary Ann Wagstaff of Mill House who departed this life February 16th 1859 aged 5 years and 4 months"




William Richard Dyson born 8 December 1837 died 2 July 1911


Martha Dyson born 7 March 1843 died 26 January 1888


2 infant daughters




George, son of George & Mary Coldwell, died 14 November 1857 aged 26




"Martha, wife of Thomas Wagstaff of Millhouse, who died May 6, 1865, age 32; also of George Wagstaff Ives, son of the above who died at Hazlehead Feb 5, 1888, age 33"

Burland Annals

Samuel WAGSTAFF of Rockley, yeoman, died 18 Nov 1800 aged 90

George WAGSTAFF of Thurlstone interred 19 Feb 1829, aged 66

Martha, wife of George WAGSTAFF of Thurlstone, died 6 Dec 1849 aged 85

Charles WAGSTAFF d 23 Feb 1846 aged 39

By one sad fatal stroke, my soul
Left this frail monument of clay
Secure where no such danger fall
Nor cares mislead, nor hopes betray.

Penistone Almanack

John COLDWELL of Thurlstone died 11 January 1888 aged 59

George Wagstaff IVES of Crowedge died 5 February 1888 aged 33

James COLDWELL of Hoyland Swaine died 21 December 1890 aged 79

James COLDWELL of Millhouse died 16 January 1891 aged 37

James Henry WAGSTAFF of Millhouse died 20 August 1893 aged 16


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