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A Famous Sheriff

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One of the earlier marriages was when Willette Harrison married Eugene Biscailuz. Eugene's step father was Captain Hunter of the prison staff, and Willette's father was an officer at the prison. Gene was of Spanish decent, and his family was a well known early California family. Biscailuz went to Los Angeles and entered public work in the sheriffs department of Los Angeles County. He became the sheriff of Los Angeles County, a position which he held with distinction for many years. He was an outstanding officer and a colorful individual. I recall him riding as Grand Marshall at the head of the Rose Parade at Pasadena on New Year's Day, dressed in elaborate Charro costume and on a beautiful horse with much silver trimmings on the saddle and bridle. He always referred to his days at San Quentin as a very happy part of his life. To know Eugene Biscailuz as an officer of the law and as a friend has been a rare privilege that I sincerely appreciate.

In a biography by Lindley Bynum and Idwal Jones, titled "Biscailuz, Sheriff of the New West, the famous writer, Erle Stanley Gardner, wrote in the introduction to this book as follows, in part:

"Eugene Biscailuz is an institution in Southern California and the citizens are as proud of him as of any of the landmarks in this fabulous country. Eugene Biscailuz, an aristocrat to his finger tips, a competent executive, a courageous law enforcement officer, knows every inch of his empire, Los Angeles County, and is the connecting link between the picturesque pueblo of the past and the great, sprawling industrial center of the present. He is one of the best loved men Southern California has ever known."

Author: William J. Duffy, Jr.

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