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My Wayne County Ancestors
supplied by Richard Keith Ross
(named after Richard and Keith George)

Back row (left to right): Marie Etta Comstock George (Mrs. Thomas Edward George), Wilma Agnes George Roberts (Mrs. Daryl Wayne Roberts), Katie Hanson Roberts (Mrs. Otis A. Roberts)
From row (left to right): Sara Neal Roberts (Mrs. Arthur S. Roberts), Richard Keith Ross, Lulu Dickey Hanson (Mrs. James Hanson)

Thomas Seth Hancock
"Uncle Tommy"

Back Row (left to right): Margaret M. (George) Hellyer, Myrtle A. (George) Morris, Harmon E. George, Rosa R. (George) Holliday, Rachael Mattie (George) Hellyer
Front Row (left to right): Mary E. (George) Hendrix, Richard Mammouth George, (in front) Arleigh George, Emma Elizabeth (Hancock) George, Thomas Edward George
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