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West Minster 1861 Census

Please note that this Census did not have numbers or names for the houses, as fairly newly built. Some of the details were also very difficult to read, so I have put my best guess on items marked with a ? 

Folio 53, Page 18
Westminster Village

POTTER, Isaac, Head, M, 44, Boot & Shoemaker, b. Scotland
POTTER, Elizabeth, Wife, M, 35 b. Scotland
POTTER, Mary I, Daur. 13, b. Scotland
POTTER, John, Son, 8, Scholar, b. Scotland
POTTER, Isaac, Son, 5, Scholar, b. Scotland
POTTER, Henry, Son, 4 months. b. Queenborough, KEN
GURD? George, Visitor, Un. 35, Ag. Labourer, b. ?Wardour, WIL.
BURTON, Henry, Lodger, Un. 30, Carpenter, b. Southampton, HAM

Folio 54, Page 19
CARTER, William, Head, M, 44, Pensioner, b. Lavener? SFK
CARTER, Elizabeth, Wife, M, 45, b. Epping, ESS

Beer Shop
LAWRENCE, Henry, Head, M, 33, Beer Retailer, b. Sheerness KEN
LAWRENCE, Louisa, Wife, M, 24, b. ESS
LAWRENCE, John, Son, 5 Scholar, b. Minster KEN
LAWRENCE, Azubah, Daur, 7 mnths, b. Minster, KEN

CLARK, Edward, Head, M, 30, Shoemaker, b. Lambeth SRY
CLARK, Meriah? Wife, M, 35, b. Staplehurst, KEN
LEE, William, Lodger, Un. 21, Ag. Labourer, b. Sittingbourne, KEN

YOUNG, John, Head, M, 40, Ag. Labourer, b. Cranham?? ESS
YOUNG, Charlotte, Wife, M, 36, b. Rochford, ESS
KNIGHT? Alice, Visitor, 9, b. Eastchurch, KEN
TAYLOR, John, Lodger, Un. 21, Ag. Labourer, b. Eastling, KEN
SPRIGHT, Francis, Lodger, Un. 23, Ag. Labourer, b. BRK

WILLIAMS, Thomas, Head, M, 54, Boiler Maker, b. Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
WILLIAMS, Esther, Wife, M, 51, b. Burley Hill, STS
WILLIAMS, Thomas, Son, Un 23, Asst. Boiler Maker, b. Whitechapel, LND
WILLIAMS, Hannah, Daur, Un, 19, b. Whitechapel, LND
WILLIAMS, Heakil, son, 12, b. Woolwich, KEN
WILLIAMS, Emma, Daur, 9, b. Stafford, STS

SILLENCE, Benjamin, Head, Mar, 37, Boiler Maker, b. Southampton, HAM
SILLENCE, Lucy, Wife, Mar, 38, b. ?Stourbridge, WOR
SILLENCE, Benjamin, Son, 12, b. Portsea, HAM
SILLENCE, Joseph, Son, 10, b. Lambeth, LON
SILLENCE, Thomas, Son, 8, b, Plaistow, ESS

Page 20
SILLENCE, Sarah, Daur, 5, Scholar, b. Plaistow, ESS
SILLENCE, Alfred, Son, 2, b. Deptford, KEN

GILLESPIE, George, Head, M, 40, Waterman, b. Woodbridge, SFK
GILLESPIE, Rebecca, Wife, M, 40, b. ? Mendlesham, SFK
WATTS, Ann, Niece, Un. 16, b. ? Ipswich, SFK
WATTS. Sophia, Niece, Un, 12, b. ?Ipswich, SFK
MUNDY? William, Lodger, Mar, 26, Ag. Labourer, b. Not Known
MUNDY? Emma, Lodger, Mar, 25, b. Not Known

WINCH, Elizabeth, Head, M, 24, Seamans Wife, b. LON

BUTCHER, Lewis, Head, M, 44, Dockyard Labourer, b. Holingbourne, KEN
BUTCHER, Matilda, Wife, M, 36, b. Harrietsham, KEN
BUTCHER, Sarah, Daur, 11, b. Ashford, KEN
BUTCHER, William, Son, 8, b. Lambeth, SRY
BUTCHER, Thomas, Son, 3, b. Milton, KEN
BUTCHER, George, Son, 1, b. Queenborough, KEN
WHITEHEAD, Elizabeth, Sister, Mar, 20, b. Ashford, KEN
MOORE, Robert, Visitor, Un. 45, Dockyard Labourer, b. ?Gracebridge, LIN

COOPER, Matthew F, Head, Widower, 49, Joiner, b. Deptford

HUGHES, Ann, Head, M, 25, b. Pembroke
HUGHES, Ellen E, Daur, 3, b. Sheerness, KEN
WILLIAMS, Samuel, Lodger, Mar, 21, Mariner, b. ? Borough London?
WILLIAMS, Louise, Lodger, Mar, 21, b. Paddington, LON

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