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My grateful thanks to T. Edwards for giving me copies of his old photos, which enabled me to start the gallery.

I am indebted to my Brother in Law, DJ Williams for the hours he has spent not only drawing the map from memory, but for giving  me so much information on village life.  At 87 years of age, this was quite an achievement.  Sadly he passed away in Nov. 2008.

For the readily offered help with the technical side, and for guidance through my problems and queries, I would like to thank Mark and Neil, for without them, I would now be bald, and this project would still be on the back burner.

My thanks to Colin Penney for allowing me to use the data he collected regarding the burials, and for his help and support in other areas.

Thanks also go to: G. Williams, R. Brooks, M. Wash, S. Gell and  M. Keen for photos and articles.

For his time, enthusiasm, and information,  my grateful thanks to Dennis J. Smith.

Last but not least, thanks go to my husband for his patience, giving me support and being my chauffeur.


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