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"1839 Receipt"
Purchases of Samuel Burch, from T. B. Huling
(includes payment by 'Holcomb')
Submitted by Sallie Cannon

"John Wesley Leggett's Mark & Brand Registration"
July 7, 1849
Submitted by J. M. Leggett Jr.

"Blacksmith bill for March-July 1850"
From David Green to James Burch (Moscow area)
Submitted by Sallie Cannon

"1858-1859 Tax Receipt"
Paid by James Burch.  Signed by B. W. Manery
Submitted by Sallie Cannon

"1859 Thornton Wood & Co Store Receipt"
Purchases by James Burch.
Submitted by Sallie Cannon

"This receipt issued to Safronia Standley, wife of Julius J. Standley,
was for goods bought by Isham Standley, orphaned son of Needham Standley
& Eleanor Hogan.  The $ 7.33 purchase was made on Jan. 2nd, 1867 from C.
McConnell of Moscow, Texas. Calven McConnell opened his first store in
Polk County around 1855."
Submitted by Joe Mack Walker

"Milly Ann Standley acting as agent for husband, James B. Standley, paid
their Polk County School Tax for the year ending Aug. 31, 1875.  The $
1.38 amount  was figured on 1/4 cent times the $ 553.00 assessed value
of their property."
Submitted by Joe Mack Walker

1881, James Burch, one year weekly newspaper subscription.
Terms: Daily, per annum - $10.00; Daily, one month - $1.00;
Daily, three months - $2.50; Weekly, per annum - $1.50.
Submitted by Sallie Cannon


"1873 Cotton Sale by James Burch"
Cotton shipped to Galveston via Trinity

the lower section shows:
Freight from
Charges in B. L.
Insurance from
Fire Insurance in Press
Drayage                        Storage
Wharfage                        Weighing
Submitted by Sallie Cannon

 "Poindexter House"
as drawn by John Poindexter Landers.
Submitted by Sallie Cannon

"1886 Tax Receipt"
Signed by T.F. Meece
Submitted by Sallie Cannon

Statement of G. H. Morris, who worked for his father. A. W.
Morris. Mill and commisary, located in Bowers, Polk Co., TX
Submitted by Sallie Cannon

"1907 Receipt of Purchases from John W. Cobb by Bettie Burch"
Submitted by Sallie Cannon

"Memorial Card"
Ben B. Burch, b. Aug 25, 1859, d. Aug 25, 1909
Son of Martha Sims and  James Burch
Submitted by Sallie Cannon

"Directions for Dropsy"
'One gallon of verry Strong apple
vinager  One hand full of rusty nails
One hand full of black Snake
root, the roots of forty bunches of biar grass
well beat up  Put all of this into
an grand pot and Simer it down to one
quart then Strane it and slightly rinse
the pot  put this quart and one quart
of good Whiskey and one pint of
Syrup in to the Same pot and Simer
it down to one quart take one Table
Spoon full three times a day gest one half
hour before eating'
Submitted by Sallie Cannon

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