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Merchants of Polk County, Texas
These are a collection of receipts from the James Burch Family from
the mid to late 1800's, generously shared by Sallie Cannon.
( Note the prices and the stationary )

1850 - R. McGee
At the very, very bottom (which won't show up as this paper is too long
to scan completely), and written upside down is, "James Burch account for 1850"

1860-C. M. Connell
(This is actually on blue paper with blue lines, with red lines separating the columns.)

1876 J.H. Johnson

1878-J. W. Leggett & Co

1879-J. H. Johnson

1879-J.W. Leggett & Co.

1880-J. C. Leggett

1883-J.W. Leggett & Co"

1883-S. Bergman

1887 S. Bergman

        1887-J. W. Leggett & Co.

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