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Burch Letters
Submitted by Sallie Cannon

"Letter to James Burch from Rev. Chambodut prior to 1850"


James Burch

   Dear Sir
I have just come from New-Orleans, and I hasten to write
to you to let you know that I will be home until new year's
day.  I feel very sorry that I was not in Nocogdochia when you
came, and were I not so tired after riding so much in a very
short time, I would go immediately to see you, for I must tell
you that your coming here for a priest from a distance of
80 miles is a great recommendation to me.  I am in hopes
that the Almighty will take in consideration your good
will, and give you blessing for it. O yes! Peace to men
of good will, also!  How scarce they are in our Texas!
I feel so glad when I can meet with some of them!
but it is seldom indeed.  God is merciful and all power
is in his hands and he seems to have news of mercy over this
country.  I just learned that our Bishop has got 6 priests
more for Texas; they will work with zeal to the Vineyard of
the Lord, but I do not know if he will send one to your
neighborhood.  I wish you could come during December, if not,
I wish I had somebody to take me there, maybe it would
be better.  I remain your most humble servant.
    Revd. L. C. M. Chambodut

(On the back of the letter)

Nacogdoches Tex                              5
 Nov. 21st    Mr. Samuel Burch
       Greenville Polk County
(prior to 1850) 

"Letter to James  Burch from Bishop John C. Neraz"


San Antonio Texas  Febr. 20th, 1882

 James Burch Esq.
 Moscow, Polk Co.

 Dear Sir

   You will be surprised no
 doubt to receive a letter from your
 old priest who visited your place for so
 many years & with so much pleasure.
 How often I have thought about those
 happy days & how often I wander in
 thoughts through eastern Texas.  I hope
 you are enjoying a good health and
 that all your children are living
 yet & are not far from you.  To-
 day I wrote to Mr. Ben Lafosse
 on some business connected with the
 death of Mr. Alphonse de St. Cyr at
 his father's house in 1868 and I
 directed the letter to Colita P. O.
 Polk Co.  I do not know if I made
 a mistake.  I should be very
 thankful to you if you would by
 some way, let Ben Lafosse know
 that there is a letter for him at
 Colita P. office.  Now is that post
 office has been removed, I wish
 you would send now or write
 to Ben and asked him the favor
 to send me a certificate, duly
 acknowledged by the County Clerk,
 of the death of Mr. Alphonse
 the St. Cyr who hanged himself
 at his store near Mr. Laffosse's
 dwelling house in 1868.  I do
 not know now any one but
 you in Polk Co & I thought
 you would be the proper person
 to know Mr. Ben Lafosse post
 office, so that business would be
 sooner settled by writing you,
 giving me beside the pleasure
 of writing to you & inquiring
 about your family.  My best
 regards to your wife & children,
 to Mrs. Holcomb & family &
 to all your nephews & nieces
 who may live in your neigh-
 borhood.  Wishing you &
 yours good health & success
 I pray God to bless you all.
     Yours sincerely

    John C. Neraz
    Bishop of San Antonio

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