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From the Files of Pea Ridge Relations

Ancestors of Stuart David Childress

Generation One

1Stuart David1 CHILDRESS (George, #2); born 1 Aug 1980 Lewisburg, Marshall Co., Tenn.

Generation Two

2George Elmer2 CHILDRESS Jr. (George, #4); born 19 Dec 1949 Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., Tenn; married Anna Maria Maynard (see #3), daughter of Stanley Martin Maynard Sr. and Margaret Ruth McCrory, 15 Jun 1974 Belfast, Marshall Co., Tenn.  1972-1994, employed at Belfast Rock Co.  Since, worked at Rogers Group.

Children of George Elmer2 Childress Jr. and Anna Maria Maynard (see #3) were as follows:

3Anna Maria2 MAYNARD (Stanley, #6); born 6 Dec 1955; married George Elmer Childress Jr. (see #2), son of George Elmer Childress and Edith Odell Dunn, 15 Jun 1974 Belfast, Marshall Co., Tenn.

Generation Three

4George Elmer3 CHILDRESS (James, #8); born 22 Jul 1918 Frogville, Lincoln Co., Tenn;1 married Edith Odell Dunn (see #5), daughter of Henry Luther Dunn and Margaret Wilson Routt, 28 May 1938 Hazel Green, Madison Co., Ala.

Children of George Elmer3 Childress and Edith Odell Dunn (see #5) were as follows:

5Edith Odell3 DUNN (Henry, #10); born 27 Jun 1922 Stewart's Creek, Lincoln Co., Tenn; married George Elmer Childress (see #4), son of James Wesley Childress and Beadie Putman, 28 May 1938 Hazel Green, Madison Co., Ala. [See story]

6Stanley Martin3 MAYNARD Sr. (Taylor, #12); born circa 1925 Austin, Texas; married Margaret Ruth McCrory (see #7), daughter of Grover Cleveland McCrory and Mary Lou Luna, circa 1948; he and Margaret Ruth McCrory were divorced circa 1978; died 1991 Texas.

Children of Stanley Martin3 Maynard Sr. and Margaret Ruth McCrory (see #7) were as follows:

7Margaret Ruth3 MCCRORY (Grover, #14); born 17 Jan 1929 Marshall Co., Tennessee; married Stanley Martin Maynard Sr. (see #6), son of Taylor Maynard and Martha Carrie, circa 1948; she and Stanley Martin Maynard Sr. were divorced circa 1978.

Generation Four

8James Wesley4 CHILDRESS (James, #16); born 7 Nov 1888 Kirkland, Lincoln Co., Tenn; married Beadie Putman (see #9), daughter of George Lee Putman and Mary Susan McLemore, 16 Jul 1913 Lincoln Co., Tenn; died 4 Aug 1947 Kirkland, Lincoln Co., Tenn, at age 58.

Children of James Wesley4 Childress and Beadie Putman (see #9) were as follows:

9Beadie4 PUTMAN (George, #18); born 4 May 1894 Blanche, Lincoln Co., Tenn; married James Wesley Childress (see #8), son of James Holman Childress and Martha Elizabeth Phillips, 16 Jul 1913 Lincoln Co., Tenn; died 12 Mar 1957 Huntsville, Madison Co., Alabama, at age 62.

She was very young when her mother died. She spent much of her youth in the households of various relatives, virtually as a servant. After her father died, she went to live with her Aunt Hattie McMillan. They lived on the right just as you enter the Fair grounds in Fayetteville.

Grandma Beadie had no real home of her own. Probably because of this, she became extremely serious, frugal and hard-working. She would work in the cotton fields with the men, then come home and prepare a large meal. She was an exceptionally good cook.

Grandma Beadie was a beautiful young woman, intelligent, hardworking. She went from nothing to having a home, family and money. Yet, because of childhood scars, she was never to feel secure and life was always a bleak place for her.

10Henry Luther4 DUNN (Presley, #20); born 30 Nov 1893 Lincoln Co., Tenn; married Margaret Wilson Routt (see #11), daughter of Richard Marion Routt and Mary Elizabeth Taylor, 15 Mar 1914; died 31 Jul 1972 Lincoln Co., Tenn, at age 78.4

He was a renter farmer (share-cropper) in his younger days. He and his family moved around a lot. Bought a farm in Howell as the Great Depression was beginning. Quickly lost it. In 1940, he bought out Martin Routt's and Mary Gilliam Brook's shares in the old Polly Taylor place and settled down there. The grandchildren always remembered visiting this place and playing in the creek, hunting Easter eggs in the front yard or eating mulberries off the tree in back next to a big sink hole. The house is still there.

His daughter Edith remembers Grandaddy as overbearing. A strict disciplinarian. The children were pleased when he went to town by himself on Saturdays to watch movies, leaving them alone. A bit of a bully, but knew just how far to go before his hand was called.

Children of Henry Luther4 Dunn and Margaret Wilson Routt (see #11) were as follows:

11Margaret Wilson4 ROUTT (Richard, #22); born 25 Jan 1897 Lincoln Co., Tenn; married Henry Luther Dunn (see #10), son of Presley Virgil Dunn and Nancy A. Deal, 15 Mar 1914; died 5 May 1972 Lincoln Co., Tenn, at age 75; buried Kelso, Lincoln Co., Tenn.

12Taylor4 MAYNARD; born circa 1887 Georgetown, Texas; married Martha Carrie (see #13) circa 1910; died 1985 Houston, Harris Co., Texas.

Children of Taylor4 Maynard and Martha Carrie (see #13) were:

13Martha4 CARRIE; married Taylor Maynard (see #12) circa 1910; died 1984 Houston, Harris Co., Texas.

14Grover Cleveland4 MCCRORY (Robert, #24); buried Short Cem., Marshall Co., Tenn; born 15 Jun 1884 Marshall Co., Tennessee; married Mary Lou Luna (see #15), daughter of Dock Luna and Ida Davis, circa 1915; died 26 Dec 1949 at age 65.

Children of Grover Cleveland4 McCrory and Mary Lou Luna (see #15) were as follows:

15Mary Lou4 LUNA (Dock, #26); born 20 Jan 1896 Marshall Co., Tennessee; married Grover Cleveland McCrory (see #14), son of Robert J. McCrory and Mary A. F. Hardin, circa 1915; died 1985 Marshall Co., Tennessee.

Generation Five

16James Holman5 CHILDRESS (Arthur, #28); born 3 Aug 1852 Lincoln Co., Tenn; married Martha Elizabeth Phillips (see #17), daughter of William M. Phillips and Mary Jane Walker, 17 Nov 1878; died 7 Nov 1928 19th Dist., Lincoln Co., Tenn, at age 76;6 buried Pleas.Grove Cem.

He was always helping people. When Jim's mother died, he had to take a big hand in the housework and raising the other kids. When the other children grew up and moved off, Jim staid on to farm the home place. after A.J.'s death, the property was going to be sold for taxes. Jim came up with the money, but then gave out shares to his sister and brothers.

It was Jim, who helped John George to make his escape from jail and hanging for the murder of Hosea Towry. Jim hid George overnight in a hollow chestnut log, then rode him to safety by horseback.

Not an ambitious man, Jim Childress was easy-going, content with the simple pleasures and old ways. He enjoyed setting out all kinds of fruit trees and berry bushes and offering samples to passers by. The well in front of the house was a favorite stopping place. Far and wide,

Jim was known for his kindness and generosity.

The last time his grandson Elmer saw him was when he drove to town and brought him back a slate and brother Ellis a rubber ball.

.He and Walter Gurley Walter Gurley writes asking assistance in paying funeral on 13 Mar 1898.7

Children of James Holman5 Childress and Martha Elizabeth Phillips (see #17) all born Kirkland, Lincoln Co., Tenn, were as follows:

17Martha Elizabeth5 PHILLIPS (William, #30); born 25 Aug 1852; married James Holman Childress (see #16), son of Arthur J. Childress and Margaret George, 17 Nov 1878; died 15 May 1936 at age 83.

18George Lee5 PUTMAN (Abraham, #32); born 22 Apr 1852 Georgia; married Mary Susan McLemore (see #19), daughter of Maclin B. McLemore and Iris Belvara Derah Greenville Winsett; married Ida Mae Reynolds, daughter of John Henry Reynolds and Parthenia O. Bearden, 9 Nov 1899; died 6 Feb 1906 Toney, Madison Co., Alabama, at age 53.8

Children of George Lee5 Putman and Mary Susan McLemore (see #19) all born Blanche, Lincoln Co., Tenn, were as follows:

19Mary Susan5 MCLEMORE (Maclin, #34); born 4 Oct 1861 Alabama; married George Lee Putman (see #18), son of Abraham Pinkney Putman and Mary Ann Brooks; died 31 Oct 1898 at age 37; buried Blanche, Lincoln Co., Tenn.

She lost her hearing as a result of childhood sickness. Family tradition says Mollie named her children Beadie and Worth because these were the only names she could say.

20Presley Virgil5 DUNN (Henry, #36); born 11 Oct 1863; married Nancy A. Deal (see #21), daughter of William D. Brown "Bill", "Bud" and Mary A. Deal, 6 Aug 1888; died 2 Nov 1948 Lincoln Co., Tenn, at age 85.

Children of Presley Virgil5 Dunn and Nancy A. Deal (see #21) all born Lincoln Co., Tenn, were as follows:

21Nancy A.5 DEAL (William Brown, #38); married Presley Virgil Dunn (see #20), son of Henry Herbert Dunn and Avarilla Y. Cothran, 6 Aug 1888; died 10 Apr 1955 Lincoln Co. Hsp., Fayetteville, Tenn, at age 87;15 buried Rose Hill Cem.

She was born out of wedlock. And she lost her mother at an early age. In those days, these were the worst two things that could happen to a child. When her mother died, she was left to live with her father and his wife, Nancy's aunt. Her step-mother would not even allow Nancy to eat at the same table with the other children.

22Richard Marion5 ROUTT (John, #40); born 13 May 1865 Lincoln Co., Tenn;16 married Mary Elizabeth Taylor (see #23), daughter of James H. Taylor and Susan J. Corder, 21 Dec 1893; died 9 Nov 1938 Lincoln Co., Tenn, at age 73.

He owned a steam driven traction thresher and did threshing for other farmers. Mama Routt and Grandma Taylor would have a tizzy when he drove it around and tore up their yard.

At first, May lived on Routt hill (upper Cowley Hollow) in the house where Mammy was born. About 1920, he bought the old Polly Taylor place at Fussy Hill. His first house there caught on fire and burned down. Aunt Dana Routt was on a visit just then and by the time Papa got her and her wheelchair out, he wasn't able to save anything else.

May donated a lot across the hill for the Pleasant Grove Church (Fussy Hill). Then, he deeded over the remainder of his place to his three children. Granddaddy Dunn and Mammy lived there a long time after buying out the shares of Martin Routt and Mary Gillum Brooks.

Children of Richard Marion5 Routt and Mary Elizabeth Taylor (see #23) all born Lincoln Co., Tenn, were as follows:

23Mary Elizabeth5 TAYLOR (James, #42); born 2 Dec 1868 Lincoln Co., Tenn; married Richard Marion Routt (see #22), son of John Martin Routt and Louisa Jane Kelso, 21 Dec 1893; died 19 Nov 1928 21st Dist., Lincoln Co., Tenn, at age 59.18

24Robert J.5 MCCRORY; buried Short Cem., Marshall Co., Tenn; born 9 Jun 1841; married Mary A. F. Hardin (see #25), daughter of Thomas H. Hardin Jr. and Sarah S. Cook "Sally," circa 1865; died 30 Apr 1902 at age 60.

Children of Robert J.5 McCrory and Mary A. F. Hardin (see #25) were as follows:

25Mary A. F.5 HARDIN (Thomas, #44); buried Short Cem., Marshall Co., Tenn; born 8 Aug 1845 Tennessee; married Robert J. McCrory (see #24) circa 1865; died 18 Aug 1906 at age 61.

26Dock5 LUNA (John, #46); buried Bakersfield, Cal;20 born Apr 1860;21 married Ida Davis (see #27) 15 Jul 1893 Marshall Co., Tenn;21 died 1941 California.21

Children of Dock5 Luna and Ida Davis (see #27) were as follows:

27Ida5 DAVIS; born Dec 1874;21 married Dock Luna (see #26), son of John Sanford Luna and Catherine Little, 15 Jul 1893 Marshall Co., Tenn;21 died Jun 1947 California at age 72.21

Generation Six

28Arthur J.6 CHILDRESS (James, #48); buried Pleasant Grove, Lincoln Co., Tenn; born 1 Jan 1811; married Margaret George (see #29), daughter of John George and Mary George, 7 Apr 1850 Lincoln Co., Tenn;22 married Mary F. Gully, daughter of Washington Gully ( Gurley )"Warsh" and Sarah ( ), 4 Mar 1877 Lincoln Co., Tenn; died 27 Feb 1898 Huntsville, Madison Co., Alabama, at age 87.17

A.J. Childress lived with his father James, Sr. around Mary's Grove when he married one of the widow Mary George's daughters. He remained on the George place on Washburn Creek when the rest of the Childresses moved on to the newly opened lands in Tippah Co., Mississippi. He held a teacher's certificate and was apparently well educated. His handwriting can be found on many legal documents.

Yet strangely, this educated man never taught his sons to read nor write.

A.J. was active in politics as a Democrat and was elected to a term as Registrar of Lincoln Co. in 1872. He served as Justice of the Peace for the 19th Civil District which, in those days, entitled him to many of the powers and duties of a judge.

Not too surprisingly, A.J.'s children by his first wife were not happy at his second marriage. Jim felt that his stepmother took advantage of and neglected his father. Once, Jim had to fetch him and carry him on his back to his house. The feeble A.J. had been left alone at home without anyone to care for him.

Children of Arthur J.6 Childress and Margaret George (see #29) all born Lincoln Co., Tenn, were as follows:

29Margaret6 GEORGE (John, #50); born 8 Aug 1820 NC; married Arthur J. Childress (see #28), son of James Childress Sr. and Nancy Jones, 7 Apr 1850 Lincoln Co., Tenn;25 died 13 Aug 1869 at age 49.

30William M.6 PHILLIPS (James, #52); married Mary Jane Walker (see #31), daughter of Stephen Walker and Elizabeth C. Tiffin; born circa 1826 Tennessee; died circa 1862 Mississippi.26

Children of William M.6 Phillips and Mary Jane Walker (see #31) were as follows:

31Mary Jane6 WALKER (Stephen, #54); married William M. Phillips (see #30), son of James B. Phillips and Elizabeth Whitworth; buried Macedonia, Cem., Lincoln Co., Tenn; born 15 Apr 1830; died 21 May 1891 Goshen, Lincoln Co., Tenn, at age 61.33

She came to Tennessee in a covered wagon at the age of two.

She suffered greatly under Yankee occupation. During the course of the war, the whole area was stripped of everything that could be stolen or confiscated. Once the Phillips were sitting at a meal, when yankee soldiers came in, pushed them away and took their place at the table.

Not long after the Battle of Shiloh, Mr. Dollar returned from Mississippi with the bad news about Mary's husband, but she just waited. She ran a bill up at her brother Steve Walker's store. Her taxes went unpaid. After the War, Steve ended up with the farm. But, she never stopped looking for her husband to return.

32Abraham Pinkney6 PUTMAN (Ezekiel, #56); born 25 Mar 1827; married Mary Ann Brooks (see #33) 28 Sep 1847; died circa 1900 Texas.

Children of Abraham Pinkney6 Putman and Mary Ann Brooks (see #33) all born Georgia were as follows:

33Mary Ann6 BROOKS; born circa 1827; married Abraham Pinkney Putman (see #32), son of Ezekiel Putman and Hannah Brazelton, 28 Sep 1847; died after 1899.

34Maclin B.6 MCLEMORE (Briggs, #58); born Jan 1834 Alabama;10 married Iris Belvara Derah Greenville Winsett (see #35), daughter of William Winsett and Araleebell ( ), 6 Nov 1854 Limestone Co., Ala;36,10 died 9 Jun 1911 at age 77;10 buried Blanche, Lincoln Co., Tenn.10

He was raised around Rogersville, Ala. During the Confederate draft, he and others were held at a particular farm. All the prisoner "draftees" carried fodder from the barn to sleep on. Going upstairs, so the story goes, Mac threw his fodder down on his guard and headed for the Coldwater area. This is how the McLemores were supposedly established in Lincoln County.

Mac McLemore was blind in later years and terrified of storms. Thunder would send him to hide in the basement.


Children of Maclin B.6 McLemore and Iris Belvara Derah Greenville Winsett (see #35) were as follows:

35Iris Belvara Derah Greenville6 WINSETT (William, #60); born 18 Nov 1827 Alabama; married Maclin B. McLemore (see #34), son of Briggs M. McLemore and Mary Stegall, 6 Nov 1854 Limestone Co., Ala.38,10 They called her "Bill".


36Henry Herbert6 DUNN (John, #62); buried Booneville Cem; born 1 Mar 1832; married Avarilla Y. Cothran (see #37), daughter of Hezekiah Cothrum and Lucy ( ), 18 Dec 1851 Lincoln Co., Tenn; died 25 Jul 1919 Booneville, Lincoln Co., Tenn, at age 87.17Moved from Wilson County to Lincoln County in the 1850's.

Children of Henry Herbert6 Dunn and Avarilla Y. Cothran (see #37) were as follows:

37Avarilla Y.6 COTHRAN (Hezekiah Cothrum, #64); buried Booneville, Lincoln Co., Tenn; born 18 Aug 1832 Alabama; married Henry Herbert Dunn (see #36), son of John Dunn and Nancy Sullivan, 18 Dec 1851 Lincoln Co., Tenn; died 30 Jul 1894 Bocaville at age 61.17

38William D.6 BROWN "Bill", "Bud" (Samuel, #66); married Mary Caroline Warden, daughter of Robert Warden and Elizabeth Pilche "Bilsey;" born circa 1824 North Carolina; married Martha Jane Deal, daughter of Bennet Deal and Mary A. ( ), 6 May 1866 Lincoln Co., Tenn; died 12 Apr 1892 Lincoln Co., Tenn.11

He and numerous other Browns settled around the Deals along the present day Moore County line.

Children of William D.6 Brown "Bill", "Bud" and Mary A. Deal (see #39) were:

39Mary A.6 DEAL (Bennet, #68); born circa 1844 Tennessee.

40John Martin6 ROUTT (Willis, #70); born 12 Dec 1831 Kentucky; married Louisa Jane Kelso (see #41), daughter of Jefferson Kelso and Margaret M. Cunningham, 13 Sep 1856;40 died 15 Feb 1904 Kelso, Lincoln Co., Tenn, at age 72.  [See Letter]

Children of John Martin6 Routt and Louisa Jane Kelso (see #41) all born Lincoln Co., Tenn, were as follows:

41Louisa Jane6 KELSO (Jefferson, #72); born 17 Oct 1834 Lincoln Co., Tenn; married John Martin Routt (see #40), son of Willis Roden Routt and Anna Martin, 13 Sep 1856;40 died 6 Mar 1892 Lincoln Co., Tenn, at age 57.

The Old Routt place was originally part of the Parks land. Allen Parks sold a 254 acre tract to Zangy McCartney March 8, 1858. He resold it to Austin Eslick Dec. 20, 1865. Louisa bought a 150 acre tract from Eslick Feb. 4, 1879 for $2,500. (DB Q-2, p.268) At that time, it was bounded by the properties of G.W. Moyers, Benjamine T. Park and Robertson Clark. To this was added a 2 acre, 80 pole tract John Routt bought from William Roland Nov. 18, 1886 from William Roland. (DB R-2, p.447)

Louisa's will placed the tract in trust for the support of her unmarried daughters. (WB 5, p.105) The heirs mortgaged it in 1899. (TDB p.194)

July 27, 1899, John Routt sold 26 acres on the west to John F. Taylor. (DB GG, p.291) The property, now containing 126 acres, together with an 8-9 year old sorrel horse and a spotted jersey cow, was again mortgaged April 10, 1900. (TRB 20, p.393).

Dec. 5, 1903, May Routt paid the Routt heirs $200 for their interest in a 18.92 acre tract (DB O-4, p.89) and sold it ten days later to Blake & Newman Cowley for $1,800.

Dana Routt lived on the place and it was her only means of support. After she died, in accordance with Louisa's will, the remaining tract, totalling 107 1/2 acres, was sold at auction to C.S. Martin. (DB L-5, p.187) By this time, John F. Taylor's tract was owned by Wilson Taylor.

42James H.6 TAYLOR (Thomas, #74); born 4 Jan 1849 Lincoln Co., Tenn; married Susan J. Corder (see #43), daughter of Jacob Beasley Corder and Sarah McClure, 27 Feb 1868; buried 1922 Kelso, Lincoln Co., Tenn; died 19 Jul 1922 Chase, Madison Co., Alabama, at age 73.17

He owned a mill in present day Fish Hatchery Hollow.

Children of James H.6 Taylor and Susan J. Corder (see #43) were as follows:

43Susan J.6 CORDER (Jacob, #76); born 6 May 1850 Lincoln Co., Tenn; married James H. Taylor (see #42), son of Thomas T. Taylor and Mary W. Hill, 27 Feb 1868; died 1933.

44Thomas H.6 HARDIN Jr. (Thomas, #78); buried Short Cem., Marshall Co., Tenn; born 12 May 1820 Tennessee; married Sarah S. Cook "Sally" (see #45), daughter of William Cook and Frances ( ), 13 Jul 1841; died 22 Jan 1893 at age 72.

Children of Thomas H.6 Hardin Jr. and Sarah S. Cook "Sally" (see #45) were as follows:

45Sarah S.6 COOK "Sally" (William, #80); buried Short Cem., Marshall Co., Tenn; born 27 Mar 1814 Virginia; married Thomas H. Hardin Jr. (see #44), son of Thomas H. Hardin Sr. and Lucy Nowlin, 13 Jul 1841; died 11 Jun 1898 Marshall Co., Tenn, at age 84.

46John Sanford6 LUNA (John, #82); born circa 1827 Lincoln Co., Tenn;21 married Catherine Little (see #47) 8 Nov 1844;21 died circa 1885.21

Children of John Sanford6 Luna and Catherine Little (see #47) were as follows:

47Catherine6 LITTLE; born circa 1826;21 married John Sanford Luna (see #46), son of John C. Luna, 8 Nov 1844;21 died circa 1887.21

Generation Seven

48James7 CHILDRESS Sr. (Thomas, #83); born 3 Aug 1772 South Carolina;44,45 married Nancy Jones (see #49), daughter of Nathan Jones and Courtney Bell, circa 1795;46 died 5 May 1854 at age 81;46 buried Little Hope Cem., Tippah Co., Mississippi.46

He was probably born in Edgecombe or Chatham County South Carolina, and according to Frank Jenkins, he and his family moved by oxcart from Georgia to Lincoln County about 1810. The 1820 census shows him living there near his son Asa and his brother-in-law, George I. West.

This was during the Indian removal that took place in Andrew Jackson's presidency. Through various treaties over the years, the Chickasaw territory had been pushed back until it included only an area in Northern of Mississippi. By this time, they had become fairly civilized. About a fourth were mixed bloods who farmed, carried on business, and could hardly be distinguished from the white settlers who coveted their land.

In 1830, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act. But, more importantly, Mississippi and Alabama Legislatures extended their laws to cover Indian lands. Chickasaws found themselves without protection from whites. An Indian chief or elder claiming any authority was subject to a $1,000 fine. The indians appealed to President Jackson to protect them according to federal treaties. When he refused, they were forced into negotiations at Franklin Tennessee.

The Chickasaws agreed to sell their lands and move West as soon as a suitable home could be found. Adults were to be given homesteads which they could sell independently. The remainder of the 6,422,400 acres was to be offered at public sale. Surveying lands and selling of individual allotments began in 1832. The sudden influx of gold and silver created a boom atmosphere, attracting every sort of trader and speculater. Speculating companies bought most of the land, paying anywhere from the minimum $1.25 to $1.60 per acre. Of course, many an Indian was made drunk and swindled.

In 1836, James and most of his family moved to the new lands opening up in Northern Mississippi. He was a Baptist preacher and was encouraged to preach there at a new church. Antioch Primitive Baptist church was formed in Tippah County in July of that year.


Children of James7 Childress Sr. and Nancy Jones (see #49) were as follows:

49Nancy7 JONES (Nathan, #85); buried Little Hope Cem., Tippah Co., Mississippi; born 7 Aug 1775 North Carolina; married James Childress Sr. (see #48), son of Thomas Childress Sr. and Lottie Brewer, circa 1795;46 died 15 May 1857 at age 81.

50John7 GEORGE (Solomon, #87); born circa 1795; married Mary George (see #51) 18 Dec 1817 Wake Co., N.C;48 died circa 1832.

Children of John7 George and Mary George (see #51) were as follows:

51Mary7 GEORGE; buried Lincoln Co., Tenn;51 born circa 1800 North Carolina; married John George (see #50), son of Solomon George and Sarah Rich, 18 Dec 1817 Wake Co., N.C;52 married Elias McDaniel 24 Jan 1840 Lincoln Co., Tenn; died circa 1860 Lincoln Co., Tenn.

According to family tradition, two George sisters came across the mountains alone in an oxcart. One settled on the George lands. The other settled just below on the Washburn Creek. One of these sisters must have been Margaret's mother.


52James B.7 PHILLIPS; married Elizabeth Whitworth (see #53), daughter of Thomas William Whitworth and Martha Ann Hicks, circa 1818; died circa 1839.53

He Some say he died at the Alamo in Texas.


Children of James B.7 Phillips and Elizabeth Whitworth (see #53) were as follows:

53Elizabeth7 WHITWORTH (Thomas, #89); buried Phillips Cem., Lincoln Co., Tenn;57 born circa 1801 Alabama;57 married James B. Phillips (see #52) circa 1818; died after 1870.57

She Her mother was a full blooded Choctaw Indian.


54Stephen7 WALKER ((, #91); married Elizabeth C. Tiffin (see #55), daughter of Thomas Tiffin and Elizabeth ( ); born 1 Jan 1782 Virginia; died 16 Feb 1857 Lincoln Co., Tenn, at age 75.17

Stephen Walker settled in Lincoln County during the early 1830's. He owned large tracts of land south of Belview. John Walker and Zadock Walker were probably brothers.

Children of Stephen7 Walker and Elizabeth C. Tiffin (see #55) were as follows:

55Elizabeth C.7 TIFFIN (Thomas, #92); married Stephen Walker (see #54), son of ( ) Walker; born circa 1800; died circa 1878.

56Ezekiel7 PUTMAN (Barnet, #94); born circa 1770 Union Co., South Carolina;66 married Hannah Brazelton (see #57), daughter of Jacob Brazelton and Hannah Green, 1800 Anderson, Pendleton Dist;67 married Sarah Hestalye 9 Jun 1835 Hall Co., Georgia;68 died 1845 Georgia.67

Children of Ezekiel7 Putman and Hannah Brazelton (see #57) were as follows:

57Hannah7 BRAZELTON (Jacob, #96); born 20 Mar 1783 North Carolina;67 married Ezekiel Putman (see #56), son of Barnet Putman and Sarah (--?--), 1800 Anderson, Pendleton Dist;67 died 20 May 1833 Cass Co., Georgia, at age 50;67 buried Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery.72

58Briggs M.7 MCLEMORE (Burwell, #98); born circa 1803 Williamson Co., Tenn;73 married Mary Stegall (see #59) 18 Sep 1832 Lauderdale Co., Ala.74

Children of Briggs M.7 McLemore and Mary Stegall (see #59) were as follows:

59Mary7 STEGALL; born circa 1812 Tennessee; married Briggs M. McLemore (see #58), son of Burwell McLemore II and Mary Glover, 18 Sep 1832 Lauderdale Co., Ala.77

60William7 WINSETT; born circa 1799 North Carolina; married Araleebell ( ) (see #61) circa 1822; died 30 Jan 1885.10

Children of William7 Winsett and Araleebell ( ) (see #61) all born Alabama were as follows:

61Araleebell7 ( ); born circa 1803 Virginia; married William Winsett (see #60) circa 1822; died 1869.10

62John7 DUNN; born circa 1810; married Nancy Sullivan (see #63) circa 1825.

Children of John7 Dunn and Nancy Sullivan (see #63) were as follows:

63Nancy7 SULLIVAN; born circa 1812 North Carolina; married John Dunn (see #62) circa 1825.

64Hezekiah7 COTHRUM; born circa 1795; married Lucy ( ) (see #65) circa 1820; died before 1850.

Children of Hezekiah7 Cothrum and Lucy ( ) (see #65) were as follows:

65Lucy7 ( ); born circa 1801 North Carolina; married Hezekiah Cothrum (see #64) circa 1820.

66Samuel7 BROWN; born circa 1800 North Carolina; married Patience ( ) (see #67) circa 1818; died 16 Jun 1845.

Children of Samuel7 Brown and Patience ( ) (see #67) were as follows:

67Patience7 ( ); born circa 1800 North Carolina; married Samuel Brown (see #66) circa 1818; died 13 Mar 1881.

68Bennet7 DEAL; born circa 1790 North Carolina; married Mary A. ( ) (see #69) circa 1825.

He Probably a descendant of the German "Diehls" who settled North Carolina.

Children of Bennet7 Deal and Mary A. ( ) (see #69) all born Tennessee were as follows:

69Mary A.7 ( ); born circa 1803 South Carolina; married Bennet Deal (see #68) circa 1825; died after 1870.

70Willis Roden7 ROUTT; born circa 1805 Fayette Co., Kentucky; married Anna Martin (see #71) circa 1830; married Elizabeth Evans Dale, daughter of Adam Dale and Mary Hall, 11 May 1848; died 16 Dec 1851 Pleasant Mound, Hazel Green, Madison Co., Ala; buried Hazel Green, Alabama.  [See Story]

Children of Willis Roden7 Routt and Anna Martin (see #71) were as follows:

71Anna7 MARTIN; born circa 1805 Kentucky; married Willis Roden Routt (see #70) circa 1830; died before 1848.

72Jefferson7 KELSO (Henry, #100); born 8 Jan 1806 Mt. Sterling, Clarke Co., Ky; married Margaret M. Cunningham (see #73), daughter of James W. Cunningham and Jane Hannah, 24 Oct 1826; died 17 Jun 1871 Lincoln Co., Tenn, at age 65.

He came to Lincoln Co. in 1803. He owned a large tract of land on Stewart's Creek.

Children of Jefferson7 Kelso and Margaret M. Cunningham (see #73) all born Lincoln Co., Tenn, were as follows:

73Margaret M.7 CUNNINGHAM (James, #102); born 6 Mar 1810 Bedford Co., Tennessee;41 married Jefferson Kelso (see #72), son of Henry Kelso and Jane Wells, 24 Oct 1826; died 17 Apr 1877 at age 67.41

74Thomas T.7 TAYLOR (James, #104); born 1824 Lincoln Co., Tenn; married Mary W. Hill (see #75), daughter of Hillery H. Hill and Dovey ( ), 18 Dec 1845 Lincoln Co., Tenn; married Mary Overton Locker, daughter of Samuel A. Locker "Pet" and Elizabeth M. Rowe, 30 Nov 1890 Lincoln Co., Tenn; buried Negro Hollow Road, Taylor Cem., Lincoln Co., Tenn;85 died 1899.

Children of Thomas T.7 Taylor and Mary W. Hill (see #75) all born Lincoln Co., Tenn, were as follows:

75Mary W.7 HILL (Hillery, #106); born 25 Jan 1826; married Thomas T. Taylor (see #74), son of James Taylor and Jensie Shelton Crutchfield, 18 Dec 1845 Lincoln Co., Tenn; died 8 Aug 1890 at age 64.

76Jacob Beasley7 CORDER (John, #108); buried Campbell Cem., Lincoln Co., Tenn; born 15 Jun 1815 South Carolina; married Sarah McClure (see #77), daughter of Elijah McClure and Susannah Cowley ?"Susan," 10 Jul 1849 Lincoln Co., Tenn; died 20 Nov 1892 Corders Cross Rd, Lincoln Co., Tenn, at age 77.

Children of Jacob Beasley7 Corder and Sarah McClure (see #77) were as follows:

77Sarah7 MCCLURE (Elijah, #110); buried Campbell Cem., Lincoln Co., Tenn; born 30 May 1829 Lincoln Co., Tenn; married Jacob Beasley Corder (see #76), son of John Corder and Rachel Beasley, 10 Jul 1849 Lincoln Co., Tenn; died 8 Jul 1915 at age 86.

78Thomas H.7 HARDIN Sr. (Martin, #112); buried Hardin Cem; born 1786 Pittsylvania Co., Va; married Lucy Nowlin (see #79), daughter of Bryan Nowlin and Elizabeth Townsend, 7 Aug 1807; died 20 Jun 1871.

Children of Thomas H.7 Hardin Sr. and Lucy Nowlin (see #79) were as follows:

79Lucy7 NOWLIN (Bryan, #114); buried Hardin Cem; born 28 Feb 1791 South Carolina; married Thomas H. Hardin Sr. (see #78), son of Martin Hardin and Mary Burgess, 7 Aug 1807; died 15 Nov 1858 at age 67.

80William7 COOK; buried Cook Cem., Marshall Co., Tenn; born Dec 1769; died 30 Jul 1847 Marshall Co., Tennessee, at age 77.

Children of William7 Cook and Frances ( ) (see #81) were as follows:

81Frances7 ( ); born circa 1787 Virginia; died Dec 1859 Marshall Co., Tennessee.

82John C.7 LUNA (Peter, #116); born circa 1793 Davidson Co., Tenn;21 died circa 1847 Marshall Co., Tenn.21

Children of John C.7 Luna and an unknown spouse were as follows:

Generation Eight

83Thomas8 CHILDRESS Sr; born circa 1740 Henrico Co., Virginia;46 married Lottie Brewer (see #84) circa 1765;46 died after 1790.46

Children of Thomas8 Childress Sr. and Lottie Brewer (see #84) were as follows:

84Lottie8 BREWER; married Thomas Childress Sr. (see #83) circa 1765;46 died after 1790.46

85Nathan8 JONES; born circa 1740;46 married Courtney Bell (see #86) 1 Jan 1763 Edgecomb Co., North Carolina;46 died circa 1807.46

Children of Nathan8 Jones and Courtney Bell (see #86) were as follows:

86Courtney8 BELL; married Nathan Jones (see #85) 1 Jan 1763 Edgecomb Co., North Carolina.46

87Solomon8 GEORGE; born circa 1764; married Sarah Rich (see #88), daughter of Timothy Rich (Reach, Ritch) and Ann Cook, 2 Oct 1784 Orange Co., North Carolina.52

Children of Solomon8 George and Sarah Rich (see #88) were as follows:

88Sarah8 RICH (Timothy, #117); born circa 1764;52 married Solomon George (see #87) 2 Oct 1784 Orange Co., North Carolina.52

89Thomas William8 WHITWORTH; married Martha Ann Hicks (see #90).90

Children of Thomas William8 Whitworth and Martha Ann Hicks (see #90) were as follows:

90Martha Ann8 HICKS; married Thomas William Whitworth (see #89).91

91( )8 WALKER; born circa 1750.

Children of ( )8 Walker and an unknown spouse both born Virginia were as follows:

92Thomas8 TIFFIN; born circa 1760; married Elizabeth ( ) (see #93) circa 1790.

Children of Thomas8 Tiffin and Elizabeth ( ) (see #93) were as follows:

93Elizabeth8 ( ); born circa 1770; married Thomas Tiffin (see #92) circa 1790.

94Barnet8 PUTMAN (Thomas, #119); born circa 1740 Virginia;96 married Sarah (--?--) (see #95) circa 1762 Virginia;97 died circa 1810 Warren Co., Kentucky.96

Children of Barnet8 Putman and Sarah (--?--) (see #95) were as follows:

95Sarah8 (--?--); married Barnet Putman (see #94), son of Thomas Putman, circa 1762 Virginia;97 born circa 1818 Gibson Co., Indiana.67

96Jacob8 BRAZELTON (John, #120); married Hannah Green (see #97).69

Children of Jacob8 Brazelton and Hannah Green (see #97) were:

97Hannah8 GREEN; married Jacob Brazelton (see #96), son of John Brazelton.69

98Burwell8 MCLEMORE II (Burwell, #121); born circa 1770 Sussex Co., Va;73 married Mary Glover (see #99) circa 1795;73 married Nancy J. Williamson 7 Feb 1814 Wilson Co., Tenn; died circa 1850 Lauderdale Co., Alabama.

Children of Burwell8 McLemore II and Mary Glover (see #99) were as follows:

99Mary8 GLOVER; married Burwell McLemore II (see #98), son of Burwell McLemore I and Amy ( ), circa 1795.73

100Henry8 KELSO (Joseph, #123); born 25 Sep 1767 Augusta Co., Virginia; married Jane Wells (see #101), daughter of John Wells and Ann ( ), 26 Jan 1795 Mt. Sterling, Clarke Co., Kentucky; died 27 Feb 1832 at age 64.

He It's not clear how Henry accumulated his property. We know he bought at least parts of Robert Buchanon's 640 acre grant and Robert Henry's 300 acre grant (TG#5307 GB A, p.560), because he later sold tracts from them to sons Jefferson (DB H-1, p354; DB I-1)and John. (DB I-1, 220) The Buchanan tract had been bought from James and Polly S. Walker. (DB G, p267) His property in more modern times was called the Rambo farm. It was included in a 2,550 acre tract owned by Robertson Clark that was sold in 1895 to settle his estate. (Chancery Ct. Book 18, pp.526-41) It had come into the hands of Joseph R. Smith. Jr., who borrowed $50,000 on it Oct. 1, 1921.

The property contained seven tracts. When Smith defaulted on his five-year note, Equity Life Insurence bought it at the courthouse door. Frank Rambo purchased it from them Sept. 10, 1936 and went to great expense to renovate the old house. The acreage was calculated at 1,166.77 then. (Deed Book O-5, page 356) Frank sold off part of the propery in 1950 to Mary H. Cunningham.


Children of Henry8 Kelso and Jane Wells (see #101) were as follows:

101Jane8 WELLS (John, #125); born circa 1775; married Henry Kelso (see #100), son of Joseph Kelso and Elizabeth Laird, 26 Jan 1795 Mt. Sterling, Clarke Co., Kentucky; died 28 Oct 1826.

102James W.8 CUNNINGHAM; born circa 1783;41 married Jane Hannah (see #103) circa 1808;41 died 1859.41

Children of James W.8 Cunningham and Jane Hannah (see #103) were as follows:

103Jane8 HANNAH; married James W. Cunningham (see #102) circa 1808;41 died 20 May 1857.41

104James8 TAYLOR (Edmund, #127); born 1782 Virginia;104 married Jensie Shelton Crutchfield (see #105) 10 Nov 1804 Pennsylvania Co., Va;105 died 1844 Lincoln Co., Tenn;95 buried 161 North Howard Fitch Road, Lincoln, Tenessee.

He According to Goodspeed's, James came to Lincoln Co. at

an early date, settling "among the canebreaks", buying 400 acres there. He and Jensie were parents of

Eleven children. Four were still living in 1886.


Children of James8 Taylor and Jensie Shelton Crutchfield (see #105) were as follows:

105Jensie Shelton8 CRUTCHFIELD; born circa 1788 Virginia; married James Taylor (see #104), son of Edmund Taylor III and Millicent Shelton "Millie," 10 Nov 1804 Pennsylvania Co., Va;107 died 1852 Lincoln Co., Tenn.95

106Hillery H.8 HILL; born circa 1795; died 1843.

Children of Hillery H.8 Hill and Dovey ( ) (see #107) were:

107Dovey8 ( ); born circa 1795.

108John8 CORDER (William, #129); born circa 1796; married Rachel Beasley (see #109), daughter of George Beasley and Mary Culp, circa 1805; died circa 1867 Alabama.108

He Came to Crossroads, Lincoln Co. in 1825.


Children of John8 Corder and Rachel Beasley (see #109) were as follows:

109Rachel8 BEASLEY (George, #131); born circa 1790 South Carolina; married John Corder (see #108), son of William Corder and Hannah Gaston, circa 1805; died after 1870.

110Elijah8 MCCLURE ((, #133); born circa 1785 South Carolina; married Susannah Cowley ?"Susan" (see #111) circa 1811; died before 1840.

Children of Elijah8 McClure and Susannah Cowley ?"Susan" (see #111) were as follows:

111Susannah8 COWLEY ?"Susan;" born circa 1793 South Carolina; married Elijah McClure (see #110), son of ( ) McClure, circa 1811; married William Cooper 18 Dec 1841 Lincoln Co., Tenn.

112Martin8 HARDIN (Henry, #134); born circa 1755 Virginia; died circa 1835 Marshall Co., Tennessee.

Children of Martin8 Hardin and Mary Burgess (see #113) were as follows:

113Mary8 BURGESS (Thomas, #136).

114Bryan8 NOWLIN.

Children of Bryan8 Nowlin and Elizabeth Townsend (see #115) were:

115Elizabeth8 TOWNSEND.

116Peter8 LUNA; born 1 Oct 1759 Augusta Co., Va;21 died 16 Feb 1851 Marshall Co., Tenn, at age 91.21

Children of Peter8 Luna and an unknown spouse were as follows:

Generation Nine

117Timothy9 RICH (Reach, Ritch); born circa 1734.52

Children of Timothy9 Rich (Reach, Ritch) and Ann Cook (see #118) were as follows:

118Ann9 COOK (Arthur, #138); born circa 1734.110

119Thomas9 PUTMAN (Zachariah, #140); born circa 1720 Virginia;67 died after 1800 South Carolina.67

Children of Thomas9 Putman and an unknown spouse were as follows:

120John9 BRAZELTON; born Wales.111

Children of John9 Brazelton and an unknown spouse were:

121Burwell9 MCLEMORE I (John, #141); born circa 1735 Virginia.73

Children of Burwell9 McLemore I and Amy ( ) (see #122) were as follows:

122Amy9 ( ).

123Joseph9 KELSO (John, #143); born 1727 Scotland;112 married Elizabeth Laird (see #124) circa 1748 Augusta Co., Virginia.113

He Came to Augusta Co., Va. about 1750 as missionary to the Indians.


Children of Joseph9 Kelso and Elizabeth Laird (see #124) were as follows:

124Elizabeth9 LAIRD; born circa 1745 Ireland; married Joseph Kelso (see #123), son of John Kelso and Polly (--?--), circa 1748 Augusta Co., Virginia;113 died West Virginia.113

She Taught the first school in Augusta, Virginia.


125John9 WELLS.

Children of John9 Wells and Ann ( ) (see #126) were as follows:

126Ann9 ( ).

127Edmund9 TAYLOR III (Edmund, #145); born 1759;87 married Millicent Shelton "Millie" (see #128), daughter of Daniel Shelton and Letty ( ), 1 Apr 1775 Pennsylvania Co., Va.107

At the outbreak of the Revolution, he was living in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. In 1779, he acquired land in Montgomery County, North Carolina and was living there in 1800. The 1810 Census shows him as resident of Iredell County, North Carolina.


Children of Edmund9 Taylor III and Millicent Shelton "Millie" (see #128) were as follows:

128Millicent9 SHELTON "Millie" (Daniel, #147); born circa 1760;87 married Edmund Taylor III (see #127), son of Edmund Taylor II and Elizabeth Temple, 1 Apr 1775 Pennsylvania Co., Va.107

129William9 CORDER; born circa 1777; married Hannah Gaston (see #130) circa 1790; died 3 May 1844.

Children of William9 Corder and Hannah Gaston (see #130) were as follows:

130Hannah9 GASTON; born circa 1770;115 married William Corder (see #129) circa 1790; died 20 Sep 1845.116

131George9 BEASLEY; married Mary Culp (see #132) circa 1785.

Children of George9 Beasley and Mary Culp (see #132) were as follows:

132Mary9 CULP; married George Beasley (see #131) circa 1785.

133( )9 MCCLURE; born circa 1760.

Children of ( )9 McClure and an unknown spouse both born South Carolina were as follows:

134Henry9 HARDIN (Mark, #149); born circa 1718 Virginia; died 1796 Pittsylvania Co., Va.

Children of Henry9 Hardin and Judith Lynch (see #135) were as follows:

135Judith9 LYNCH (Charles, #151).

136Thomas9 BURGESS.

Children of Thomas9 Burgess and Elizabeth ( ) (see #137) were:

137Elizabeth9 ( ).

Generation Ten

138Arthur10 COOK (Thomas Cooke, #152); born circa 1718 Wake Co., N.C;52 died 1797 Wake Co., N.C.52

Children of Arthur10 Cook and Marthy ( ) (see #139) were as follows:

139Marthy10 ( ); born circa 1715.

140Zachariah10 PUTMAN (Thomas, #154); born circa 1690 Gloucester Co., Virginia;67 died 1748 Essex Co., Virginia.67

Children of Zachariah10 Putman and an unknown spouse were as follows:

141John Macklamore(10 MCLEMORE ); born circa 1700;73 died 1767 Sussex Co., Va.73

Children of John Macklamore(10 McLemore ) and Faith ( ) (see #142) were as follows:

142Faith10 ( ).

143John10 KELSO; born 1702 Scotland;113 married Polly (--?--) (see #144).113

Children of John10 Kelso and Polly (--?--) (see #144) all born Scotland were as follows:

144Polly10 (--?--); born circa 1710 Scotland;113 married John Kelso (see #143);113 died Virginia.113

145Edmund10 TAYLOR II (Edmund, #155); born circa 1725;87 married Elizabeth Temple (see #146) circa 1750.87

Children of Edmund10 Taylor II and Elizabeth Temple (see #146) were as follows:

146Elizabeth10 TEMPLE; born circa 1730; married Edmund Taylor II (see #145), son of Edmund Taylor I and Sarah Brookings, circa 1750.87

147Daniel10 SHELTON; born circa 1735; married Letty ( ) (see #148) circa 1755.87

Children of Daniel10 Shelton and Letty ( ) (see #148) were as follows:

148Letty10 ( ); born circa 1735; married Daniel Shelton (see #147) circa 1755.87

149Mark10 HARDIN (Martin Hardewyn, #157); born 26 Mar 1681 New York; died 1734 Prince William, Va.

Children of Mark10 Hardin and Mary Hogue (see #150) were as follows:

150Mary10 HOGUE.

151Charles10 LYNCH.

Children of Charles10 Lynch and an unknown spouse were:

Generation Eleven

152Thomas11 COOKE (William, #159); born circa 1680 Isle of Wight, Va;117 married Mary Jones (see #153), daughter of Arthur Jones and Susannah King, circa 1703 Isle of Wight, Va;52 died circa 1736;117 buried 22 Nov 1736 Wayne Co., Va.117

Children of Thomas11 Cooke and Mary Jones (see #153) were as follows:

153Mary11 JONES (Arthur, #161); born circa 1690 Isle of Wight, Va;52 married Thomas Cooke (see #152), son of William Cooke and Joan Roper, circa 1703 Isle of Wight, Va.52

154Thomas11 PUTMAN (III) (Thomas Putnam, #163); born between 1665 and 1670 Kingston Parrish, Gloucester Co., Virginia.67

Children of Thomas11 Putman (III) and an unknown spouse were as follows:

155Edmund11 TAYLOR I (James, #164); born 5 Jul 1690;87 married Sarah Brookings (see #156) circa 1715.

Children of Edmund11 Taylor I and Sarah Brookings (see #156) were as follows:

156Sarah11 BROOKINGS; born circa 1690; married Edmund Taylor I (see #155), son of James Taylor and Mary Gregory, circa 1715.

157Martin11 HARDEWYN; married Magdalena Du Sauchoy (see #158) 5 Mar 1671.

Children of Martin11 Hardewyn and Magdalena Du Sauchoy (see #158) were:

158Magdalena11 DU SAUCHOY; born 20 Jan 1650; married Martin Hardewyn (see #157) 5 Mar 1671.

Generation Twelve

159William12 COOKE (William, #166); born circa 1633 Bristol, Gloucester, England;52 married Joan Roper (see #160), daughter of Hugh Roper, circa 1697 Isle of Wight, Va;52 buried 9 Aug 1698 Isle of Wight, Va.52

Children of William12 Cooke and Joan Roper (see #160) all born Isle of Wight, Va, were as follows:

160Joan12 ROPER (Hugh, #168); born circa 1640;52 married William Cooke (see #159), son of William Cooke and Mary Blackborne, circa 1697 Isle of Wight, Va;52 buried 27 Jun 1720 Isle of Wight, Va.52

161Arthur12 JONES; born circa 1660;117 married Susannah King (see #162) circa 1680.117

Children of Arthur12 Jones and Susannah King (see #162) were:

162Susannah12 KING; born circa 1642;117 married Arthur Jones (see #161) circa 1680.117

163Thomas12 PUTNAM (II) (Thomas, #169); born circa 1645 Buckinghamshire, England;67 died circa 1700 Virginia.67

Children of Thomas12 Putnam (II) and an unknown spouse were:

164James12 TAYLOR; born 1618; married Frances Walker circa 1666;87 married Mary Gregory (see #165) 1682;87 died 1698.

Children of James12 Taylor and Mary Gregory (see #165) were as follows:

165Mary12 GREGORY; born 1665;87 married James Taylor (see #164) 1682;87 died 1747.87

Generation Thirteen

166William13 COOKE (Phillip, #171); born circa 1613;117 married Mary Blackborne (see #167) 4 Jun 1632 Bristol, Gloucester, England;117 buried 4 Jul 1635.117

Children of William13 Cooke and Mary Blackborne (see #167) were:

167Mary13 BLACKBORNE; born circa 1615; married William Cooke (see #166), son of Phillip Cooke and Mrs. Elizabeth ( ) Cooke, 4 Jun 1632 Bristol, Gloucester, England.117

168Hugh13 ROPER; born circa 1615 Burnham, Somersetshire, England.117

Children of Hugh13 Roper and an unknown spouse were:

169Thomas13 PUTNAM (Senior) (William, #173); born circa 1623 Buckinghamshire, England;67 married Dorothy (--?--) (see #170) circa 1640 England;67 died 1659 Virginia.67

Children of Thomas13 Putnam (Senior) and Dorothy (--?--) (see #170) were:

170Dorothy13 (--?--); married John Smyth;67 married Thomas Putnam (Senior) (see #169), son of William Putnam and Jane Salter, circa 1640 England.67
Generation Fourteen

171Phillip14 COOKE (Richard Cook, #175); born circa 1589;117 married Mrs. Elizabeth ( ) Cooke (see #172) circa 1610.117

Children of Phillip14 Cooke and Mrs. Elizabeth ( ) Cooke (see #172) were as follows:

172Mrs. Elizabeth14 ( ) Cooke; born circa 1591 Bristol, Gloucester, England; married Phillip Cooke (see #171), son of Richard Cook and Mrs. Richard ( ) Cooke, circa 1610.117

173William14 PUTNAM (Henry, #177); born 1579 England;67 married Jane Salter (see #174) 28 Oct 1605 Cholesbury, Bucks, Virginia;67 died before 4 Jul 1648 England.67

Children of William14 Putnam and Jane Salter (see #174) were as follows:

174Jane14 SALTER; married William Putnam (see #173), son of Henry Putnam and Agnes Duncombe, 28 Oct 1605 Cholesbury, Bucks, Virginia.67

Generation Fifteen

175Richard15 COOK; born circa 1555 Bristol, Gloucester, England;52 married Mrs. Richard ( ) Cooke (see #176) circa 1576 Bristol, Gloucester, England;52 died circa 1600.52

Children of Richard15 Cook and Mrs. Richard ( ) Cooke (see #176) were as follows:

176Mrs. Richard15 ( ) Cooke; married Richard Cook (see #175) circa 1576 Bristol, Gloucester, England.52

177Henry15 PUTNAM (William Puttenham, #179); born circa 1550 Cholesbury, Bucks, England;67 married Agnes Duncombe (see #178) 25 Nov 1570 England;67 died circa 1597 England.67

Children of Henry15 Putnam and Agnes Duncombe (see #178) all born England were as follows:

178Agnes15 DUNCOMBE; married Henry Putnam (see #177), son of William Puttenham and Jayne (--?--), 25 Nov 1570 England.67

Generation Sixteen

179William16 PUTTENHAM (John, #181); born Cholesbury, Bucks, England;67 died circa Jun 1575 England;67 married Jayne (--?--) (see #180) England.67

Children of William16 Puttenham and Jayne (--?--) (see #180) were as follows:

180Jayne16 (--?--); married William Puttenham (see #179), son of John Puttenham (Senior), England.67

Generation Seventeen

181John17 PUTTENHAM (Senior) ((--?--), #182); born circa 1450 England.67

Children of John17 Puttenham (Senior) and an unknown spouse were as follows:

Generation Eighteen

182(--?--)18 PUTTENHAM (Thomas, #183); born England.67

Children of (--?--)18 Puttenham and an unknown spouse were:

Generation Nineteen

183Thomas19 PUTTENHAM (II) (Thomas, #184); born circa 1410 Chesham Parrish, England;67 died 1474 Chesham Parrish, England.67

Children of Thomas19 Puttenham (II) and an unknown spouse both born England were as follows:

Generation Twenty

184Thomas20 PUTTENHAM (Senior) (William, #186); married Sarah (--?--) (see #185);67 born 1380 Chesham Parrish, England;67 died 1423 England.67

Children of Thomas20 Puttenham (Senior) and Sarah (--?--) (see #185) were:

185Sarah20 (--?--); married Thomas Puttenham (Senior) (see #184), son of William Puttenham (II) and Edith (--?--);67 died after 1423.67

Generation Twenty-One

186William21 PUTTENHAM (II) (William, #188); married Edith (--?--) (see #187);67 born circa 1350.67

Children of William21 Puttenham (II) and Edith (--?--) (see #187) were as follows:

187Edith21 (--?--); married William Puttenham (II) (see #186), son of William Puttenham (Senior) and Idonea (--?--);67 died 1423.67

Generation Twenty-Two

188William22 PUTTENHAM (Senior) (Roger, #190); married Idonea (--?--) (see #189);67 born circa 1330 England.67

Children of William22 Puttenham (Senior) and Idonea (--?--) (see #189) were:

189Idonea22 (--?--); married William Puttenham (Senior) (see #188), son of Roger Puttenham (II) and Margaret (--?--).67

Generation Twenty-Three

190Roger23 PUTTENHAM (II) (Roger De Puttenham, #192); married Margaret (--?--) (see #191);67 born between 1300 and 1310 England;67 died before 1380 England.67

Children of Roger23 Puttenham (II) and Margaret (--?--) (see #191) all born England were as follows:

191Margaret23 (--?--); married Roger Puttenham (II) (see #190), son of Roger De Puttenham (Senior) and Alina (--?--).67

Generation Twenty-Four

192Roger24 DE PUTTENHAM (Senior) (John, #194); married Alina (--?--) (see #193).67

Children of Roger24 De Puttenham (Senior) and Alina (--?--) (see #193) were:

193Alina24 (--?--); married Roger De Puttenham (Senior) (see #192), son of John De Puttenham (II) and Lady Alice (--?--).67

Generation Twenty-Five

194John25 DE PUTTENHAM (II) (John De Pottenham, #196); married Lady Alice (--?--) (see #195) England.67

Children of John25 De Puttenham (II) and Lady Alice (--?--) (see #195) were as follows:

195Lady Alice25 (--?--); married John De Puttenham (II) (see #194), son of John De Pottenham, England.67

Generation Twenty-Six


Children of John26 De Pottenham and an unknown spouse were:


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