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Montague County Births 1903 - 1904 - Montague Co., TX

Book 1

Copied by Frances Clark

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Pg #      Name of Child Sex      Race -  Place of B.   Date of B. Nat. Alive ?-      Parents         Doctor
                                                                                      Address          or
 1         --- HANCOCK   M          W      Newport, TX  7-2-1903   Am      A                        D.D.
                                                                                      Newport, TX   Newport, TX

 1         Genetta       F          W      McCollum, TX 6-9-1903   Am      A                        C.C.
           DONLEY                                                                                   Bomborgen
                                                                                      McCollum, TX  Bonita, TX

 1         Emmett Jerome M          W      McCollum, TX 7-1-1903   Irish   A          Rufus      C.C. Bomborgen
           McCUBBINS                                                                  McCubbins
                                                                                      Lon Jones     Bonita, TX
                                                                                      McCollum, TX

 1         Rufus Howard  M          W      4 1/2 Miles  7-6-1903   Am      A                        J.J.L. Bell
           BROWN                           E.

                                           Vashti, TX                                 Montague Co,  Vashti, TX

 1         Charles       M          W      3 1/2 Miles  6-20-1903  Am      A          Sam Eurvil    R.A. Foster,
           Foster MOORE                    W.                                         Moore         MD

                                           Nocona, TX                                 Mary Jane     Nocona, TX
                                                                                      Nocona, TX

 1         --- APPLES    M          W      6 1/2 Miles  7-12-1903  Am      A          6 1/2 Miles E.R.A. Foster,
                                           E.                                                       MD
                                           Nocona, TX                                 Nocona, TX    Nocona, TX

 1         Rosalind      M          W      Illinois     7-4-1903   Am      A                        W.C. Day, MD
           DODGIN                          Bend, TX
                                                                                      Illinois Bend,Illinois
                                                                                      TX            Bend, TX

 1         --- REED      F          W      Nocona, TX   7-15-1903  Am      A                        R.A. Foster,
                                                                                      Nocona, TX    Nocona, TX

 1         Willie Lee    F          W      6 Miles W.   7-17-1903  Am      A          James W.      R.A. Foster,
           HARRINGTON                                                                 Harrington    MD

                                           Nocona, TX                                 Beulah E.     Nocona, TX

 1         --- HILLIN    M          W      Bellevue, TX 7-22-1903  Am      A                        D.W. Holmes,
                                                                                      Bellevue, TX  Bellevue, TX

 2         --- STOUT     M          W      Montague, TX 7-25-1903  Am      A                        W.K. Blake,
                                                                                      Montague, TX  Montague, TX

 2         --- THOMAS    M          W      Newport, TX  7-20-1903  Am      A                        D.D.
                                                                                      Newport, TX   Newport, TX

 2         Henry Herbert M          W      Montague, TX 7-18-1903  Am      A                        M.F.
           BROWN                                                                                    Sherrill, MD
                                                                                      Montague, TX  Montague, TX

 2         --- PILLOW    F          W      Tage, TX     7-18-1903  Am      A                        D.W. Clark,
                                                                                      Tage, TX      Montague, TX

 2         --- MELUGIN   F          W      4 Miles E.   7-3-1903   Am      A          4 Miles E.    H.C. Frie, MD
                                           St. Jo, TX                                 St. Jo, TX    St. Jo, TX
 2         --- DONNELL   M          W      St. Jo, TX   7-7-1903   Am      A          8 Miles S.    H.C. Frie, MD
                                                                                      St. Jo, TX    St. Jo, TX
 2         Alton         M          W      3 Miles N.   7-29-1903  Am      A          9 Miles SW    H.C. Frie, MD
                                           St. Jo, TX                                 St. Jo, TX    St. Jo, TX

 2         --- OLDHAM    M          W      2 Miles NW   7-6-1903   Am      A                        L.A.
                                           from                                                     Winstead, MD
                                           Spanish Fort,                              Spanish Fort, Spanish Fort,
                                           TX                                         TX            TX

 2         --- PARKS     M          W      Farmers      7-19-1903  Am      A                        H.T. Herndon,
                                           Creek,                                                   MD

                                           Montague Co.                               Montague Co,  St. Jo, TX

 3         Jenyl DUNBOR  F          W      St. Jo, TX   7-18-1903  Am      A          Charles Henry H.T. Herndon,
                                                                                      Dunbor        MD
                                                                                      Lydia Lou BoydSt. Jo, TX

 3         Harry Scott   M          W      St. Jo, TX   7-11-1903  Am      A          Joseph H. &   H.T. Herndon,
           Joseph                                                                                   MD

           HUCHTON                                                                    Clarre SchulteSt. Jo, TX

 3         Virginia Dale F          W      Farmers      7-10-1903  Am      A          James William H.T. Herndon,
           RANKIN                          Creek, TX                                  &             MD
                                                                                      Etta Luella
                                                                                      Rankin        St. Jo, TX

 3         Allice Ruth   F          W      St. Jo, TX   7-4-1903   Am      A          Theodore Ewen H.T. Herndon,
           WHALEY                                                                     Whaley        MD
                                                                                      Florence Adah
                                                                                      Anthony       St. Jo, TX

 3         --- BROWN     F          W      3 Miles E    7-1-1903   Am      A                        W.T. Givins,
                                           Forestburg,                                Near          Forestburg,
                                           TX                                         Forestburg, TXTX

 3         Gracie BOX    F          W      2 Miles W    7-8-1903   Am      A                        W.T. Givins,
                                           Forestburg,                                Near          Forestburg,
                                           TX                                         Forestburg, TXTX

 3         --- GALMOR    F          W      2 Miles S    7-11-1903  Am      A                        W.T. Givins,
                                           Forestburg,                                Near          Forestburg,
                                           TX                                         Forestburg, TXTX

 3         Willis MAY    M          W      6 Miles N    7-16-1903  Am      A                        W.T. Givins,
                                           Forestburg,                                              Forestburg,
                                           TX                                         Near Hardy, TXTX

 3         Alice KENNON  F          W      5 Miles SW   7-25-1903  Am      A                        W.T. GIvins,
                                           Forestburg,                                              Forestburg,
                                           TX                                         Near UZ, TX   TX

 3         Marion KENNON M          W      4 1/2 Miles  7-26-1903  Am      A                        W.T. Givins,
                                           SW                                                       MD
                                           Forestburg,                                              Forestburg,
                                           TX                                         Near Uz, TX   TX

 4         --- SLAUGHTER F          W      Bowie, TX    7-10-1903  Am      A                        J.T. Elliott,
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 4         Louis BOX     M          W      2 1/2 Miles W7-26-1903  Am      A                        W.T. Givins,
                                           Forestburg,                                Near          Forestburg,
                                           TX                                         Forestburg, TXTX

 4         --- FILPOT    M          W      Lone Star, TX7-25-1903  Am      A                        J.T. Elliott,
                                                                                      Montague Co,  MD
                                                                                      TX            Bowie, TX

 4         --- DUNHAM    M          W      Near Sunset, 7-12-1903  Am      A          Mr. & Mrs.    H.F.
                                           TX                                         Geo. Dunham   Schoolfield
                                                                                      Near Sunset,
                                                                                      TX            Sunset, TX

 4         Homer C.      M          W      Salona, TX   7-26-1903  Am      A          J.R. Hulwe    T.H. Clark
           HULWE                                                                      Susie Hulwe   Salona, TX
                                                                                      Salona, TX

 4         Sidney A.     M          W      Salona, TX   7-11-1903  Am      A          A.R.          T.H. Clark
           RICHARDSON                                                                 Richardson
                                                                                      Richardson    Salona, TX
                                                                                      Salona, TX

 4         Joseph L.     M          W      Salona, TX   7-14-1903  Am      A          Tom & Sarah   T.H. Clark
           SEWELL                                                                     Sewell
                                                                                      Salona, TX

 4         --- TOTTEN    M          W      Near Nocona, 7-17-1903  Am      A          J.W. & Mrs.   H.F. Wilton
                                           TX                                         Totten
                                                                                      Near Nocona,
                                                                                      TX            Nocona, TX

 4         --- MILES     F          W      Nocona, TX   7-25-1903  Am      A          Will & Rosa   J.B.
                                                                                      Miles         Carmichael
                                                                                      Nocona, TX    Nocona, TX

 4         Eva Susan     F          W      7 Miles SE   7-24-1903  Am      A          Noel & May    J.B.
           FINCHER                                                                    Etter         Carmichael
                                           Nocona, TX                                 Fincher - 7   Nocona, TX
                                                                                      Mi. SE
                                                                                      Nocona, TX

 5         --- PETERS    M          W      7 Miles N.   7-18-1903  Am      A          E. B. & Nora  J.B.
                                                                                      Peters        Carmichael

                                           Nocona, TX                                 Near Nocona,  Nocona, TX

 5         --- PRIDDY    M          W      Near Nocona, 7-12-1903  Am      A          Lon & Minnie  J.B.
                                           TX                                         Priddy        Carmichael
                                                                                      Nocona, TX    Nocona, TX

 5         Odis Bryant   M          W      Nocona, TX   7-11-1903  Am      A          Waldo & Mrs.  J.B.
           VOWELL                                                                     Vowell        Carmichael
                                                                                                    Nocona, TX

 5         --- SAVAGE    M          W      7 Miles SE   7-10-1903  Am      A          Henry & Lena  J.B.
                                                                                      Savage        Carmichael

                                           Nocona, TX                                 7 Mi. SE      Nocona, TX
                                                                                      Nocona, TX

 5         --- McNABB    M          W      5 Miles SE   6-26-1903  Am      A          Thomas & LurieJ.B.
                                                                                      McNabb        Carmichael

                                           Nocona, TX                                 Near Nocona,  Nocona, TX

 5         David C.      M          W      7 Miles SE   7-1-1903   Am      A          Albert & May  J.B.
           McNABB                                                                     McNabb        Carmichael

                                           Nocona, TX                                 7 Mi. SE      Nocona, TX
                                                                                      Nocona, TX

 5         Beulah Blanch F          W      8 Miles NW   7-12-1903  Am      A          J.C. & Vada   J.L. Gaston
           WORLEY                                                                     Worley

                                           Bowie, TX                                  8 Mi. NW      Bowie, TX
                                                                                      Bowie, TX

 5         --- CLARK     F          W      Bowie, TX    7-21-1903  Am      A          John F. & Mrs.J.L. Gaston
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 5         --- JONES     F          W      Mallard, TX  7-16-1903  Am      A          S.L. & N.J.   T. B. Lofling
                                                                                      Mallard, TX

 6         --- NALE      M          W      Near Dye, TX 8-1-1903   native  A          Tom &         L.E. Petty
                                                                                      Sally Nale
                                                                                      Near Dye, TX  Dye, TX

 6         Martha Pearl  F          W      Jim Bell Farm7-14-1903  Am      A          Jim & M.E.    L.E. Petty
           BELL                                                                       Bell
                                                                                      Montague Co.  Dye, TX

 6         --- GREGORY   M          W      Bowie, TX    7-30-1903  Am      A          F.B. & E.G.   J. Younger
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 6         Francis       M          W      Fruitland, TX7-11-1903  Mo.     A          J.M. Scott    J. Younger
           Marion SCOTT
                                                                                      Laura Frances
                                                                                      Johnson       Bowie, TX

 6         Lilia         F          W      Sunset, TX   7-29-1903  Am      A          Hugh & Annie  W.R. Potter
           MAYFIELD                                                                   Mayfield
                                                                                      Sunset, TX    Sunset, TX

 6         Gasper        M          W      Sunset, TX   7-26-1903  Am      A          Will & Sallie W.R. Potter
           STEVENS                                                                    Stevens
                                                                                      Sunset, TX    Sunset, TX

 6         Alice HARBOUR F          W      Sunset, TX   7-29-1903  Am      A          Will & Jennie W.R. Potter
                                                                                      Sunset, TX

 6         Eunice ADKINS F          W      Sunset, TX   7-27-1903  Am      A          Alex & Sarah  W.R. Potter
                                                                                                    Sunset, TX

 6         Charlie LYONS M          W      Sunset, TX   7-28-1903  Am      A          Sam & Cassie  W.R. Potter
                                                                                      Sunset, TX    Sunset, TX

 6         Maud CROW     F          W      Sunset, TX   7-22-1903  Am      A          Steve & AmandaW.R. Potter
                                                                                      Sunset, TX

 7         Walter        M          W      Sunset, TX   7-30-1903  Am      A          A.J & Sallie  W.R. Potter
           STEVENS                                                                    Stevens
                                                                                      Sunset, TX    Sunset, TX

 7         Mabel WOODS   F          W      Sunset, TX   7-22-1903  Am      A          Gene & Bettie W.R. Potter
                                                                                      Sunset, TX    Sunset, TX
                                                                                      Jas. & Rebecca
 7         --- GREENWOOD F          W      Sunset, TX   7-28-1903  Am      A          Greenwood     W.R. Potter
                                                                      (died soon      Sunset, TX Sunset, TX   
 7         Sam HOLT      M          W      Sunset, TX   7-8-1903   Am      A          W.C. & Eva    W.R. Potter
                                                                                      Sunset, TX    Sunset, TX

 7         --- MASON     M          W      Bowie, TX    7-19-1903  Am      SB         J.P & SaffronaElder &
                                                                                      Mason         Yeakley
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Undertakers
                                                                                                    Bowie, TX

 7         --- BERRY     F          W      Bowie, TX    7-20-1903  Am      A          C.G. & FrancesG.W. Yeakley
                                                                                      E. Berry
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 7         Francis Lee   M          W      Near Bushy   7-3-1903   Am      A          John L. &     W. Frank Mull
           ADAMS                                                                      Kittie Adams

                                           Schoolhouse                                Near Bushy    Bowie, TX

 7         Joy Velma     F          W      Near         7-4-1903   Am      A          Russell &     Mrs. N.E.
           GIBSON                          Montague, TX                               Mildred       Baze
                                                                                      Gibson        Nr Montague,

 7         Violet Emma   F          W      Caloway Place8-5-1903   Am      A          Wm. & Oliie   John W. Wyatt
           WALKER                                                                     Walker        Bellevue,
                                                                                      Caloway Place Clay Co, TX

 7         John E.       M          W      Near Nocona, 7-21-1903  Am      A          John & Nannie S.D. Clark
           POWERS                          TX                                         Powers
                                                                                                    Nocona, TX

 8         Emma Ada      F          W      4 Miles W    7-19-1903  Am      A          A.J. & Alice  W.L. Long
           HANSON                                                                     Hanson
                                           Illinois                                   Illinois Bend,Illinois
                                           Bend, TX                                   TX            Bend, TX

 8         Leona Lillie  F          W      Uz, TX       7-10-1903  Am      A          W.A. & Rhonda T.C. Carloss
           PARKER                                                                     Parker
                                                                                      Uz, TX        Uz, TX

 8         James Pierson M          W      Uz, TX       7-30-1903  Am      A          J.P. & Sallie T.C. Carloss
           HODGES                                                                     C. Hodges
                                                                                      Uz, TX        Uz, TX

 8         William       M          W      2 Miles SW   7-26-1903  Am      A          John C. &     L.L. Craddock
           Howell CASE                                                                Delia A. Case
                                           Belcher                                    2 Mi SW       Belcher, TX

 8         --- VANNOY    F          W      4 Miles N    7-30-1903  Am      A          R.C. & Clemma L.L. Craddock

                                           Belcherville                               4 Mi N        Belcherville,
                                                                                      Belcherville  TX

 8         --- MICHELL   M          W      Belcherville 8-11-1903  Am      A          V.G. & Anna L.L.L. Craddock

 8         --- BRYANT    F          W      Belcherville 8-14-1903  Am      A          F.L. & Maude  L.L. Craddock

 8         --- VETETO    F          W      Belcherville 8-20-1903  Am      A          A.P. & O.L.   L.L. Craddock

 8         --- KIRBY     F          W      4 Miles S    8-23-1903  Am      A          C.H. &        L.L. Craddock
                                                                                      Florence Kirby
                                           Belcher                                    4 Mi S Belcher

 8         Ruby Irene    F          W      3 Miles S    7-25-1903  Am      A          Ed & Emma RichL.L. Craddock
           RICH                                                                                     Belcherville
 9         --- BLACKWELL F          W      4 Miles NW   8-16-1903  Am      A          A.F. & Francis M.M. Hart
                                           Burlington,TX                              Blackwell      Spanish Fort,TX  
 9         --- CROWNOVER M          W      3 1/2 Miles W8-21-1903  Am      A          Milton & Mary L.A. Winstead
                                                                                      Crownover     Spanish Fort,
                                           Spanish Fort,                              Spanish Fort,  TX
                                           TX                                         TX           

 9         --- SIMPSON   F          W      Spanish Fort,8-17-1903  Am      A          Thos. & Ollie L.A. Winstead
                                           TX                                         Simpson
                                                                                      Spanish Fort, Spanish Fort,
                                                                                      TX            TX
 9         --- McCLENNON M          W      3 Miles SW   8-4-1903   Am      A          Luther & Mrs. L.A. Winstead
                                           Spanish Fort,                              McClennon 
 9         --- ERWIN     M          W      3 Miles NW   8-2-1903   Am      A          Ira & Alice   L.A. Winstead
                                           Spanish Fort,                              Near Spanish  Spanish Fort,
                                           TX                                         Fort, TX      TX

 9         Ruda Virgie   F          W      Near         7-31-1903  Am      A          Oliver        L.A. Winstead
           THOMPSON                                                                   Thompson
                                           Spanish Fort,                              Daisy Leona
                                           TX                                         Lollar
                                                                                      Spanish Fort,

 9         --- WINSTEAD  F          W      Spanish Fort,7-30-1903  Am      A          L.A. & Annie  L.A. Winstead
                                           TX                                         Winstead
                                                                                      Spanish Fort,

 9         Zula G        F          W      Pleasant     7-27-1903  Am      A          H.G. & Clara  T.H. Clark
           CHANDLER                        Ridge, TX                                  Chandler      Salona, TX
                                                                                      Ridge, TX     

 9         --- DRAKE     M          W      2 Miles N    8-3-1903   Am      A          Lark & Maggie R.A. Foster
                                           Nocona, TX                                 Drake         Nocona, TX
                                                                                      2 Mi. N.
                                                                                      Nocona, TX

 9         --- PRUNTY    F          W      Newport, TX  8-19-1903  Am      A          ___ & Gustin  D.D.
                                                                                      Prunty        Swearingin
                                                                                      Newport, TX

 10        Beulah E.     F          W      Uz, TX       8-23-1903  Am      A          S.A. & Becky  T.C. Carloss
           BARKER                                                                     J. Barker
                                                                                      Uz, TX        Uz, TX

 10        --- DONNELL   F          W      Near Hardy   8-5-1903   Am      A          R. & Mary     W.T. Givins
                                                                                      Donnell       Forestburg,
                                                                                      Hardy, TX     TX

 10        Lloyd POYNOR  F          W      Near         8-8-1903   Am      A          Bob & Samy    W.T. Givins
                                           Forestburg                                 Poynor
                                                                                      Near          Forestburg,
                                                                                      Forestburg, TXTX

 10        --- TUCK      F          W      5 Miles N    8-25-1903  Am      A          A.H. & Willie H.T. Herndon
                                                                                      Tuck          St. Jo, TX
                                           St. Jo, TX                                 Near St. Jo,  

 10        --- REED      M          W      St. Jo, TX   8-24-1903  Am      A          Jno. M. & R.A.H.T Herndon
                                                                                      Reed          St. Jo, TX
                                                                                      St. Jo, TX   

 10        Thomas B.     M          W      St. Jo, TX   8-24-1903  Am      A          Hatter & AddieH.T. Herndon
           WARNER                                                                     Warner        St. Jo, TX
                                                                                      St. Jo, TX    

 10        --- DAVIS     M          W      St. Jo, TX   8-15-1903  Am      A          W.W. & Rosa   H.T. Herndon
                                                                                      Davis         St. Jo, TX
                                                                                      St. Jo, TX    

 10        --- SMITH     F          W      6 Miles NE   8-5-1903   Am      A          L.D. & Nannie J.B.
                                                                                      Smith         Carmichael
                                           Nocona, TX                                               Nocona, TX

 10        --- CRIBBS    F          W      7 Miles N.   8-16-1903  Am      A          W.T. & Lottie J.B.
                                                                                      Cribbs        Carmichael
                                           Nocona, TX                                 7 Mi N.       Nocona, TX
                                                                                      Nocona, TX

 10        --- MELTON    F          W      7 Miles S.   8-25-1903  Am      A          J.D. & L.V.   L.L. Craddock
                                           Belcher                                    Melton        Belcher, TX

 11        --- KINCAID   M          W      4 Miles N    8-24-1903  Am      A          S.M. & L.V.   L.L. Craddock
                                           Belcher, TX                                Kincaid       Belcher, TX
                                                                                      Belcher, TX   

 11        David Clyde   M          W      3 Miles N    8-28-1903  Am      A          Will & Clara  C.C.
           BAKER                                                                      Baker         Bombarger
                                           McCollum, TX                               McCollum, TX  Bonita, TX

 11        --- STUMP     M          W      7 Miles N    8-21-1903  Am      A          F.B. & Alla   C.C.
                                                                                      Stump         Bombarger
                                           Bonita, TX                                 7 Mi N.       Bonita, TX
                                                                                      Bonita, TX

 11        Etta Lois     F          W      McCollum, TX 8-17-1903  Am      A          Billy West    C.C.
           WEST                                                                       Amma Eliza    Binbarger
                                                                                      Bell          Bonita, TX
                                                                                      McCollum, TX

 11        --- DORSEY    F          W      Fruitland, TX8-16-1903  Am      A          J.W. & F.A.   J.W. Harvey
                                                                                      Fruitland, TX Sunset, TX

 11        --- WALLACE   M          W      5 Miles N    8-23-1903  Am      A          Ben & Ida     J.W. Harvey
                                           Sunset, TX                                 5 Mi N.       Sunset, TX
                                                                                      Sunset, TX

 11        Roma Magnolia F          W      Sunset, TX   8-6-1903   Am      A          Jas. & Myrtle J.W. Harvey
           MARTIN                                                                     Martin
                                                                                      Sunset, TX    Sunset, TX

 11        --- JONES     F          W      Ringgold, TX 8-22-1903  Am      A          Clyde & CarrieE.E. Carlton
                                                                                      Ringgold, TX  Ringgold, TX

 11        William       M          W      Ringgold, TX 8-28-1903  Am      A          J. & Anlena   E.E. Carlton
           Memitt WELCH                                                               Welch
                                                                                      Ringgold, TX  Ringgold, TX

 11        --- PUCKETT   F          W      Ringgold, TX 8-3-1903   Am      A          J.S. & Mrs.   E.E. Carlton
                                                                                      Ringgold, TX  Ringgold, TX

 12        --- PURVIANCE M          W      Ringgold, TX 8-9-1903   Am      A          C.L. & Lola B.E.E. Carlton
                                                                                      Purviance     Ringgold, TX

 12        --- PAIN      M          W      8 Miles N    8-7-1903   Am      A          Walter &      S.D. Clark,
                                                                                      Lennie Pain   MD
                                           Nocona, TX                                 8 Mi N.       Nocona, TX
                                                                                      Nocona, TX

 12        Delmar Kinner M          W      3 Miles E.   8-13-1903  Am      A          O.C. Starkey  S.D. Clark,
           STARKEY                         Nocona, TX                                 Parlie Goss   MD
                                                                                      Nocona, TX

 12        --- TERRY     F          W      3 Miles S.   8-19-1903  Am      A          P.B. & Julia  S.D. Clark,
                                                                                      Terry         MD
                                           Nocona, TX                                 3 Mi S.
                                                                                      Nocona, TX

 12        --- BERRY     F          W      Nocona, TX   8-24-1903  Am      A          E.A. & Edna   S.D. Clark,
                                                                                      Berry         MD
                                                                                      Nocona, TX    Nocona, TX

 12        --- FARMER    M          W      4 Miles E.   8-28-1903  Am      A          James & CallieS.D. Clark,
                                                                                      Farmer        MD
                                           Nocona, TX                                 4 Mi E.       Nocona, TX
                                                                                      Nocona, TX

 12        Ella AGEE     F          W      McCollum, TX 8-5-1903   Am      A          J.N. & P.C.   W.L. Day, MD
                                                                                      McCollum, TX  Illinois
                                                                                                    Bend, TX

 12        --- MOORE     F          W      Bowie, TX    8-29-1903  Am      A          L.B. & Mattie J.L. Gaston,
                                                                                      Moore         MD
                                                                                      Bellevue, TX  Bowie, TX

 12        --- EASON     M          W      5 Miles E.   8-12-1903  Am      A          Stout & LizzieH.C. Frie, MD
                                           St. Jo, TX                                 5 Mi E. St.   St. Jo, TX
                                                                                      Jo, TX

 12        Jennie NORVIL F          W      St. Jo, TX   8-18-1903  Am      A          Jno. & Ada    H.C. Frie, MD
                                                                                      St. Jo, TX    St. Jo, TX
 13        Madora        F          W      St. Jo, TX   8-16-1903  Am      A          Ewin & Minnie S. H.C. Frie, MD
           JOHNSON                                                                    Johnson
                                                                                      St. Jo, TX    St. Jo, TX

 13        --- McDOUGAL  F          W      Near Bushy   8-9-1903   Am      SB         J.H. & Julie  W.F. Mull, MD
                                           Mound                                      McDougal
                                           School house                               Near Bushy Md Bowie, TX
                                           Montague Co.                               Sch.

 13        Gladys MEAD   F          W      Near Lone    8-6-1903   Am      A          F.M. & M.M.   W.F. Mull, MD
                                           Star, TX                                   Mead          Bowie, TX
                                                                                      Near Lone
                                                                                      Star, TX      

 13        --- JONES     F          W      Bowie, TX    8-23-1903  Am      A          J.D. & Rosa   J.L. Gaston,
                                                                                      Jones         MD
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 13        Harney B.     M          W      3 Miles SE   8-28-1903  Am      A          Wm. & M.E.    Wm.
           YARBOROUGH                                                                 Yarborough    Yarborough
                                           Montague, TX                               Near Montague,

 13        Cora Lee DUNN F          W      Near Nocona, 8-15-1903  Am      A          O.L. & Bessie H.F. Wilton,
                                           TX                                         Near Nocona,  MD
                                                                                      TX            Nocona, TX

 13        --- KILLOUGH  F          W      Near Nocona, 9-7-1903   Am      A          A.N. & S.E.   H.F. Wilton,
                                           TX                                         Killough      MD
                                                                                      Grady, IT     Nocona, TX

 13        Earl P. HALL  M          W      Salona, TX   9-4-1903   Am      A          A.A. & Sophia T.H. Clark,
                                                                                      Hall          MD
                                                                                      Salona, TX    Salona, TX

 13        Jennie M.     F          W      Salona, TX   8-20-1903  Am      A          J.N. & Susie  T.H. Clark,
           WHITE                                                                      White         MD
                                                                                      Salona, TX    Salona, TX

 13        Willie N.     F          W      Salona, TX   8-24-1903  Am      A          Sim & Mattie  T.H. Clark,
           JOHNSON                                                                    Johnson       MD
                                                                                      Salona, TX    Salona, TX

 14        Nola Bell     F          W      Montague, TX 8-24-1903  Am      A          J.C. & Pearl  W.K. Blake,
           HUTCHISON                                                                  Hutchison     MD
                                                                                                    Montague, TX

 14        --- STARKS    M          W      Newport, TX  9-10-1903  Am      A          Chas. & Smith D.D.
                                                                                      Starks        Swearingin
                                                                                                    Newport, TX

 14        --- (Juanetta F          W      Newport, TX  9-3-1903   Am      A          Ed & Mary P.  D.D.
           Lois) HAYES                                                                Hayes         Swearingin
           (added later)                                                                            Newport, TX

 14        Gervais Agree M          W      Stoneburg    8-17-1903  Am      A          F.L. & Della  Sneed Strong
           JONES                                                                      Jones         Stoneburg, TX

 14        Nora COX      F          W      5 Miles W    9-1-1903   Am      A          George Cox    W.L. Long, MD
                                           Illinois                                   -Nora Waugh
                                           Bend, TX                                   Illinois Bend Illinois
                                                                                      & Belcher     Bend, TX

 14        --- FRISCH    F          W      Bowie, TX    8-5-1903   For-    A          John & Susan  G.W. Yeakley
                                                                   iegn               Frisch        Bowie, TX
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     

 14        Roy Dale      M          W      Bowie, TX    8-12-1903  Am      A          Robert J. &   G.W. Yeakley
           GUSTON                                                                     Fannie L.     Bowie, TX
                                                                                      Bowie, TX

 14        Vivian Fay    F          W      Bowie, TX    8-20-1903  Am      A          Cha. & Ella   J.L. Elder,
           BALLARD                                                                    Ballard       MD

 14        Marion John   M          W      Sunset, TX   8-22-1903  Am      A          J.M. & Virgie W.R. Potter
           BLACK                                                                      Black         Sunset, TX
 15        John Loyd     M          W      Sunset, TX   9-4-1903   Am      A          R.C. & Eva    W.R. Potter
           Calvin                                                                     Grayson       Sunset, TX

 15        James L.      M          W      Sunset, TX   8-19-1903  Am      A          G.W. & Rosa   W.R. Potter
           STEVERSON                                                                  Steverson     Sunset, TX

 15        Enid RALPH    F          W      Sunset, TX   8-29-1903  Am      A          C.W. & Lou    W.R. Potter
                                                                                      Ralph         Sunset, TX
                                                                                      Sunset, TX    

 15        ---           F          W      Near         8-29-1903  Am      A          Chas. & M.M.  M.F. Sherrill
           FRETEURIZE                      Montague, TX                               Freteurize    Montague, TX

 15        Wlla Lee      F          W      Montague, TX 8-15-1903  Am      A          Jack & Lou    M.F. Sherrill
           COWEN                                                                      Cowen         Montague, TX
                                                                                      Near Montague,

 15        --- ELLIOTT   M          W      Montague, TX 9-19-1903  Am      A          Jess & Ola    M.F. Sherrill

 15        --- STEGALL   F          W      Dye, TX      9-17-1903  Am      A          Henry & EthlelL.E. Petty,
                                                                                      Stegall       MD
                                                                                                    Dye, TX

 15        Colie WHITLEY F          W      Bowie, TX    8-25-1903  Am      A          W.V. & Addie  J.F. Elloitt

 15        --- BAKER     F          W      Lone Star    9-23-1903  Am      A          James & Mrs.  J.F. Elloitt
                                                                                      Baker         Bowie, TX

 15        --- JACKSON   F          W      3 mi. E.     9-19-1903  Am      A          Jas. & Mattie D.W. Clark
                                           Montague, TX                               Jackson       Montague, TX

 16        --- ASHTON    F          W      Tage, TX     9-24-1903  Am      A          W.F. & C.E.   M.F. Sherrill
                                                                                      Ashton        Montague, TX

 16        Angis May     F          W      Bonita, TX   8-25-1903  Am      A          Wm.A. & Annie J.G. Crump,
           PARSONS                                                                    Parsons       MD
                                                                                      Bonita, TX    St. Jo, TX

 16        Gladys Hettie F          W      near Gladys, 9-09-1903  Am      A          James M. &    H.F. Herndon
           SAVAGE                          TX                                         Florence
                                                                                      Savage        St. Jo, TX

 16        Homer Joe     M          W      Near Bonita, 9-20-1903  Am      A          Jos. W.H. &   H.F. Herndon
           GREGG                           TX                                         Hannah
                                                                                      Gregg         St. Jo, TX

 16        --- SHULTZ    M          W      Near St. Jo, 9-23-1903  Am      A          Otis & Lucy H.H.F. Herndon
                                           TX                                         Shultz

 16        Yonda NEWMAN  F          W      Illinois     9-11-1903  Am      A          J.F. & Josie  W.L. Day, MD
                                           Bend, TX                                   Newman        Illinois
                                                                                                    Bend, TX

 16        Mary Sallie   F          W      4 mi E.of    9-20-1903  Am      A          Paul & C.E.   J.J.L. Ball
           Fredrecka                                                                  Roco
           ROCO                            Vashti, TX                                 Montague Co,  Vashti, TX

 16        Don Carlos    M          W      Mallard, TX  9-9-1903   Am      A          C.H. & Lou E. T.B. Lofling
           WHITE                                                                      White
                                                                                      Mallard, TX   Mallard, TX

 16        Charles C.    M          W      Mallard, TX  8-28-1903  Am      A          J.H. & Kate   T.B. Lofling
           STEELMAN                                                                   Steelman
                                                                                      near Mallard,
                                                                                      TX            Mallard, TX

 16        --- CRUMP     M          W      Mallard, TX  9-21-1903  Am      A          D.C. & M.Z.   T.B. Lofling
                                                                                      Mallard, TX   Mallard, TX

 17        Abslon Dewitt M          W      3 mi N of    9-24-1903  Am      A.         A.B. & Pearl  R.A. Foster
           MOLSBEE                                                                    Molsbee
                                           Nocona, TX                                 Montague Co., Nocona, TX

 17        --- WALL      F          W      4 mi S of    9-21-1903  Am      A          L.R. & A.A.   R.A. Foster
                                           Nocona, TX                                 Wall

 17        --- WILSON    M          W      4 mi W of    9-19-1903  Am      A          J.A. & L.P.   R.A. Foster
                                           Nocona, TX                                 Wilson
                                                                                      Nocona, TX

 17        --- McCASH    M          W      Nocona, TX   9-17-1903  Am      A          N.A. & M.L.   R.A. Foster
                                                                                      Nocona, TX

 17        John Foster?  M          W      6 mi S of    9-07-1903  Am      A          E. & L.B.     R.A. Foster
           CLINGINGSMITH                   Nocona, TX

 17        Barbara       F          W      3 mi W of    8-31-1903  Am      A          A. & S.A.     R.A. Foster
           MANDEVILLE                                                                 Mandeville
                                           Nocona, TX                                 Montague Co.,

 17        --- STORY     M          W      3 mi W of    9-17-1903  Am      A          W.L. & Ida    L.L. Craddock
                                           Belcher                                    Story         Belcher, TX
 17        --- CARDWELL  M          W      2 1/2 mi E of9-17-1903  Am      A          J.N. & D.J.   L.L. Craddock
                                           Belcher, TX                                Cardwell      Belcher, TX

 17        J.S. TAYLOR   M          W      Belcher, TX  9-12-1903  Am      A          J.S. & Nannie L.L. Craddock
                                                                                      Taylor        Belcher, TX

 17        --- DAY       M          W      Belcher, TX  9-04-1903  Am      A          G.W. & Martha L.L. Craddock
           (Twins)                                                                    Ella Day

 18        Lewis Spencer M          W      2 1/2 mi E of9-01-1903  Am      A          James M. &    L.L. Craddock
           HUTSON                                                                     Dashia
                                           Belcherville            Am                 Van Noy Hutson
                         Father, b. TN; Mother, b. TN; Time of b. 2am.

 18        --- WILLIS    F          W      Lucky, TX    9-21-1903  Am      A          E. Willis     Dr. Croft
                                                                                      E. Willis     Lucky, TX

 18        Auda DOWDY    F          W      Tage, TX     9-29-1903  Am      A          Jim & Matilda M.F. Sherrill
                                                                                      Tage, TX      Montague, TX

 18        Laura Ruth    F          W      St. Jo, TX   9-24-1903  Am      A          J.P. & Mollie H.C. Frie
           MARTIN                                                                     Martin        St. Jo, TX

 18        --- WILSON    F          W      Newport, TX  9-30-1903  Am      A          Dock & Noris  D.D.
                                                                                      Wilson        Swearingin
                                                                                      St. Jo, TX    Newport, TX

 18        Alfred Carol  M          W      1 1/2 mi S of9-08-1903  Am      A          G.H. & NovellaH.C. Frie
           WEBB                                                                       Lance
                                           St. Jo, TX              Am                 Webb, St. Jo, St. Jo, TX
                         Father, b. TN; Mother, b. AR.
 18        Marion        M          W      Montague     10-03-1903 Am      A          Marion &      M.F. Sherrill
           Franklin HOOVER                                                            Nannie Hoover
                                                                                      Montague, TX  Montague, TX

 18        Charles COX   M          W      Montague, TX 9-24-1903  Am      A          J.R. & C.I.   J.G. Cox
                                                                                      Cox           Montague, TX
 18        Paria A.      F          W      Hardy, TX    9-20-1903  Am      A          George &      E.C. Adams
           MARTIN                                                                     Mollie Martin Hardy, TX

 18        Elvin         F          W      Denton Creek 9-06-1903  Am      A          Wm. & N.J.    E.C. Adams
           THOMPSON                                                                   Thompson      Hardy, TX
 19        M. Edna       F          W      Montague     9-07-1903  Am      A          John & M.     E.C. Adams
           WILLINGHAM                      County                                     Willingham    Uz, TX
                                                                                      Uz, TX        

 19        James MAY     M          W      Bushy Mound  9-14-1903  Am      A          James & Julia W.F. Mull
                                                                                      May           Bowie, TX

 19        --- HUGHES    F          W      Bowie, TX    9-30-1903  Am      A          J.B. & M.E.   J.L. Gaston
                                                                                      Hughes        Bowie, Tx

 19        Thomas Milton M          W      Bowie, TX    9-29-1903  Am      A          Thomas Milton J.L. Gaston
           SANDERS, Jr.                                                               & Emma        Bowie, TX

 19        --- SPANGLER  F          W      4 mi SE of   9-27-1903  Am      A          W.R. & Onie   J.L. Gaston
                                           Bowie, TX                                  Spangler      Bowie, TX

 19        Dorothy Unita F          W      Bowie, TX    9-25-1903  Am      A          Ab & Ola      J.L. Gaston
           ROBINSON                                                                   Robinsho
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 19        Pearl ELLIS   F          W      4 mi N of    9-07-1903  Am      A          James & BlanchW.T. Givens
                                           Forestburg                                 Ellis         Forestburg,TX

 19        Emmer E. COOK F          W      5 mi N of    9-17-1903  Am      A          Charles & MaryW.T. Givens
                                           Forestburg                                 Cook

 19        --- KING      M          W      5 1/2 mi NE  9-17-1903  Am      A          Kit & Mrs.    W.T. Givens
                                           of Forestburg                              King

 19        Conner        M          W      3 mi E of    9-19-1903  Am      A          Austin UlyssesW.T. Givens
           Columbus                        Forestburg                                 & Arie
           PERRYMAN                                                                   Belle Wiley
                         Father, b. TX; Mother, b. TX.

 19        Forest        M          W      5 mi E of    9-29-1903  Am      A          Frank & NannieW.T. Givens
           GILLILOUD                       Forestburg                                 Gilliloud

 19        London DAVIS  M          W      Sunset, TX   9-12-1903  Am      A          Wm. R. & JosieJ.W. Harvey
                                                                                      Davis         Sunset, TX

 20        --- GARRETSON M          W      Sunset, TX   9-04-1903  Am      A          Henry & Eliza J.W. Harvey

 20        --- DAVIS     M          W      Sunset, TX   9-21-1903  Am      A          T.L. & Ruby   J.W. Harvey

 20        Edna Ann HALL F          W      2 1/2 mi E of9-26-1903  Am      A          Ed & Mary HallJ.W. Harvey
                                           Sunset, TX

 20        Robert        M          W      Fruitland    9-18-1903  Am      A          F.E. & I.J.   J.W. Harvey
           CARAWAY                                                                    Caraway

 20        Bertie Evelene F         W      2 mi N of    9-20-1903  Am      A          Dore & Annie  S.D. Clark
           MOLSBEE                         Nocona                                     Molsbee       Nocona, TX
 20        --- BROOKS    F          W      Bowie, TX    9-23-1903  Am      A          P.P. & A.A.   J. Younger
                                                                                      Brooks        Bowie, TX

 20        --- BLEVINS   F          W      Bowie, TX    9-30-1903  Am      A          W.A. & A.J.   J. Younger
                                                                                                    Bowie, TX
 20        Ralph         M          W      Bowie, TX    9-08-1903  Am      A          W.H. & Mrs.   J. Younger
           Patterson                                                                  Carter        Bowie, TX
           CARTER                                                                     Bowie, TX            

 21        --- LIGHT     F          W      Bowie, TX    9-30-1903  Am      A          J.D. & Ellen  J. Younger
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 21        Sabona Belle  F          W      3 mi E of    9-08-1903  Am      A          B.A. & Annie  T. Carloss
           HAM                             Eagle Point                                Ham
                                                                                      Uz, TX        Uz, TX

 21        George                          7 mi S of    9-25-1903  Am      A          Walter & Mrs. M.M. Hart
           Everett BROWN                   Spanish Fort                               Brown
                                                                                      Spanish Fort

 21        --- MITCHELL                    Illinois     9-23-1903  Am      A          Lee & Beulah  M.M. Hart
                                           Bend, TX                                   Mitchell

 21        Robert E. Lee                   Illinois     9-16-1903  Am      A          W.C. & Mary   W.G. Day
           MASTEN                          Bend, TX                                   Masten

 21        Tilla Esma                      Montague, TX 10-03-1903 Am      A          W.H. & Martha W.G. Day
           CLEMENTS                                                                   Clements

 21        Samuel Millard                  Montague     10-02-1903 Am      A          D.R. & Nancy  M.F. Sherrill
           BLACKBURN                                                                  M. Blackburn
 21        Julius KING                     New Harp     9-30-1903  Am      A          Jess & Mattie E.C. Adams
                                                                                      King          Uz, TX

 21        Wilsie James  M          W      Dye, TX      9-20-1903  Am      A          Eugene SumpterH.N. Wilson
           FOREMAN                                                                    & Mary        Dye, TX
                                                                                      Etta Black,
                                                                                      Dye, TX       

 21        --- MADDOX    F          W      Dye, TX      9-22-1903  Am      A          James & VirrieH.N. Wilson
                                                                                      Maddox        Dye, TX
                                                                                      Dye, TX       

 21        --- SPUR      F          W      near Dye, TX 10-10-1903 Am      A          George &      H.N. Wilson
                                                                                      Minnie Spur   Dye, TX
                                                                                      Dye, TX       

 21        Robert        M          W      6 mi E of    10-15-1903 Am      A          John &        H.N. Wilson
           Stanton SCOTT                   Montague                                   Victoria Scott
 21        --- THOMAS    M          W      St. Jo, TX   10-16-1903 Am      A          McC. & LorettaH.T. Herndon
                                                                                      Ball          St. Jo, TX

 21        --- NEWTON    M          W      St. Jo, TX   10-05-1903 Am      A          R.L. & Maude  H.T. Herndon
                                                                                      Manard Newton

 21        --- DORIS     M          W      4 mi E of    10-06-1903 Am      A          Wm. T. & Vada H.T. Herndon
                                           Montague, TX                               Cochran Doris

 21        Roy Alfred    M          W      near St. Jo, 10-05-1903 Am      A          T.D. & ParaleeJ.G. Crump,
           WILSON                          TX                                         Alexander     MD
                                                                                      Wilson        St. Jo, TX

 22        Henry D.      M          W      St. Jo, TX   9-29-1903  Am      A          Henry D. &    H.T. Herndon
           FIELD, Jr.                                                                 Blanch        St. Jo, TX
                                                                                      Herndon Field,
                                                                                      St. Jo        

 22        Lillie Elzena F          W      Stoneburg    10-02-1903 Am      A          G.W. & S.H.   Sneed Strong
           CAVIN                                                                      Cavin
                                                                                      Stoneburg, TX

 22        Lois Lee      F          W      near McCollum9-11-1903  Am      A          Jeremiah      C.C.
           DENNING                                                                    Columbus &    Bomborger
                                                                                      May Bell      Bonita, TX

 22        --- GROVES    F          W      McCollum     10-05-1905 Am      A          Gus & Ada     C.C.
                                                                                      Groves        Bomborger
                                                                                                    Bonita, TX

 23        Samuel Virgil M          W      5 mi S of    9-26-1903  Am      A          Graff & MyrtleC.C.
           COLLEY                                                                                   Bomborger
                                           Bonita, TX                                 Lough, Bonita,Bonita, TX

 23        Bernice MOORE F          W      3 mi N of    10-10-1903 Am      A          Will & Maude  C.B.
                                           Bonita, TX                                 Pierce        Bomborger
                         Moore crossed out and Bernice Lorene PIERCE inserted.

 23        Laye Lou      F          W      near         10-16-1903 Am      A          H.T. & R.A.   M.F. Sherrill
           FLIPPIN                         Montague, TX                               Flippin

 23        --- SLOSS     M          W      8 mi N of    9-02-1903  Am      A          Frank & Flora C.C.
                                           Bonita                                     Sloss         Bomborger
                                                                                      Bonita, TX

 23        Tellas Durant M          W      Bowie, TX    10-06-1903 Am      A          C.W. & Mrs.   J.F. Elliott
           WEBB                                                                       Webb          Bowie, TX

 23        --- WATSON    M          W      Bowie, TX    10-05-1903 Am      A          -- & Mrs.     J.F. Elliott
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 23        Donald Graham M          W      Bowie, TX    9-30-1903  Am      A          Henry D. &    J.F. Elliott
           LUKE                                                                       Lily
                                                                                      S. Patching
 23        Corinne Blanche F        W      Bowie, TX    9-29-1903  Am      A          Walton &      J.F. Elliott
           WORLEY                                                                     Chatherine    Bowie, TX
                                                                                      Worley, Bowie,

 23        ---           M          W      Bowie, TX    10-16-1903 Am      A          Mr & Mrs      J.F. Elliott
           KNIGHTSTEP                                                                 Knightstep

 23        --- HARVILLE  F          W      Bowie, TX    10-21-1903 Am      A          Mr & Mrs      J.F. Elliott
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 24        Faye BRIGANCE F          W      Salona, TX   9-26-1903  Am      A          J.F. & Emma   T.H. Clark,
                                                                                      Brigance      MD
                                                                                                    Salona, TX

 24        Emily Grace   F          W      Salona, TX   10-12-1903 Am      A          J.S. & Eva    T.H. Clark
           MILLER                                                                     Miller

 24        Jennie Pearl  F          W      Salona, TX   10-9-1903  Am      A          W.H. & Jennie T.H. Clark
           ROBERTS                                                                    Roberts

 24        --- COLLINS   F          W      Near Nocona, 10-1-1903  Am      A          A.B. & N.A.   R.A. Foster
                                           TX                                         Collins       Nocona, TX

 24        --- ALEXANDER F          W      Nocona, TX   10-11-1903 Am      A          S.J. & C.S.   R.A. Foster

 24        --- HAFER     M          W      Nocona, TX   9-29-1903  Am      A          M.C. & L.V.   R.A. Foster

 24        Owther D.     M          W      Illinois     10-13-1903 Am      A          B.Q. & M.E.   W.L. Day
           DAVENPORT                       Bend, TX                                   Davenport     Illinois
                                                                                      Illinois Bend,Bend, TX

 24        --- COLEY     M          W      Nocona, TX   9-19-1903  Am      A          Jim & Mrs     J.B.
                                                                                      Coley         Carmichael
                                                                                                    Nocona, TX

 24        ---           M          W      Nocona, TX   10-17-1903 Am      A          Z.W. & Ora C. R.A. Foster
                                                                                      Shackelford   Nocona, TX

 24        Mary Virginia F          W      Nocona, TX   10-20-1903 Am      A          R.G. & T.C.   R.A. Foster
           ATKINS                                                                     Atkins
                                                                                                    Nocona, TX

 25        --- REEVES    F          W      Mallard, TX  11-18-1903 Am      A          F.M. & L.G.   T.B. Lofling
                                                                                      Reeves        Nocona, TX

 25        Ogra TADLOCK  M          W      Montague Co.,11-21-1903 Am      A          J.T. & Anna M.G.Y. Cox
                                                                                      Tadlock       Mallard, TX
 25        --- LAWRENCE  M          W      4 mi. S.     10-19-1903 Am      A          T.H. & M.J.   L.G. Craddock
                                           Belcher, TX                                Lawrence      Belcher, TX

 25        Melvin        M          W      10 mi NE     10-15-1903 Am      A          A.L. & Emily  L.G. Craddock
                                           Belcher, TX                                Cardwell      Belcher, TX

 25        --- LAIRD     M          W      4 Mi. W. of  10-15-1903 Am      A          A. & Emma     L.G. Craddock
                                           Belcher, TX                                Laird         Belcher, TX

 25        --- KIRLEY    M          W      4 Mi. S. of  10-15-1903 Am      A          F.M. & F.A.   L.G. Craddock
                                           Belcher, TX                                Kirley

 25        Lula Mae      F          W      Lucky, TX    10-13-1903 Am      A          Robert & LydiaC.W. Croft
           THOMPSON                                                                   Thompson
                                                                                      Lucky, TX     Lucky, TX

 25        Modena        F          W      Bowie, TX    10-09-1903 Am      A          Allen & M.    W.F. Mull, MD
           BRANDENBERG                                                                Brandenberg
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 25        --- MARTIN    M          W      4 mi E of    10-20-1903 Am      SB         W.L. & Frana  W.F. Mull, MD
                                           Sunset, TX                                 Martin        Bowie, TX

 25        Sybil Lanell  F          W      Sunset, TX   10-18-1903 Am      A          J.E. & Cora   H.F.
           NIX                                                                        Nix           Schoolfield
                                                                                                    Sunset, TX

 26        --- VANSANT   M          W      7 mi SE of   10-07-1903 Am      A          Otis & Ida    J.W. Harvey,
                                                                                      Vansant       MD
                                           Sunset, TX                                               Sunset, TX

 26        Maggie Orene  F          W      Stoneburg    11-01-1903 Am      A          H.M. & M.J.   Sneed Strong
           REDDY                                                                      Reddy

 26        Odus FARAR    M          W      Bowie, TX    10-16-1903 Am      A          J.W.H. & Mrs. W. Frank
                                                                                      Farar         Mull, MD
                                                                                                    Bowie, TX

 26        Maizie Carmen F          W      4 mi S of    10-23-1903 Am      A          L.D.L. & Eva  M.M. Hart, MD
           VINCENT                         Spanish Fort                               Vincent       Spanish Fort,

 26        Lillie Mae    F          W      2 1/2 mi S   10-09-1903 Am      A          George & Rosa L.A.
           PORTER                          of                                         Porter        Winstead, MD
                                           Spanish Fort,                              Spanish Fort,
                                           TX                                         TX

 26        --- JOHNSON   M          W      Spanish Fort 10-25-1903 Am      A          Win & Alice   L.A. Winstead

 26        --- LOGAN     F          W      Bowie, TX    11-01-1903 Am      A          M.H. & Hattie M.H. Logan,
                                                                                      Logan         MD
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 26        Rena Pearl    F          W      New Harp     10-31-1903 Am      A          Newt & Nannie T.C. Carloss,
           WILLIAMS                                                                   Williams      MD
                                                                                      New Harp, TX

 26        --- RUSS      M          W      Uz, TX       10-16-1903 Am      A          R.G. & Fletcy T.C. Carloss,
                                                                                      Russ          MD
                                                                                      Uz, TX        Uz, TX

 26        L.L. CARLOSS  M          W      Uz, TX       10-10-1903 Am      A          T.C. Carloss  T.C. Carloss,
                                                                                      MD &          MD
                                                                                      E.E. Carloss  Uz, TX

 27        --- SAULS     M          W      Uz, TX       10-12-1903 Am      A          W.C. & Julia  T.C. Carloss,
                                                                                      Sauls         MD
                                                                                      Uz, TX        Uz, TX

 27        Willis TENNEY M          W      4 mi S of    10-06-1903 Am      A          Will & Julia  W.T. Givens,
                                                                                      Tenner        MD
                                           Forestburg                                 near Uz, TX   Forestburg,

 27        ---           M          W      4 mi E of    10-23-1903 Am      A          Nat & Mattie  W.T. Givens
           KUYKENDALL                                                                 Kuykendall
                                           Forestburg                                 near

 27        Mary Jane     F          W      Forestburg   10-31-1903 Am      A          George & Ula  W.T. Givens
           TUCKER                                                                     Tucker

 27        --- BAILEY    M          W      Bowie, TX    10-18-1903 Am      A          M.B. & Ida MaeJ.L. Gaston
                                                                                      Bailey         Bowie, TX

 27        Jesse Ely     M          W      Bowie, TX    10-17-1903 Am      A          J.E. & Della  J.L. Gaston,
           NEWBERRY                                                                   Newberry      MD
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 27        --- McNATT    M          W      3 mi NW of   10-16-1903 Am      A.         C.C. & W.E.   J.L. Gaston
                                           Bowie, TX                                  McNatt
                                                                                      Bowie, TX

 27        Ruby Pearl    F          W      5 mi S of    10-12-1903 Am      A          Henry & Ada   J.L. Gaston
           FORD                            Bowie, Tx                                  Ford
                                                                                      Bowie, TX

 27        --- MOOD      M          W      Bowie, TX    10-10-1903 Am      A          R.G. &        J.L. Gaston,
                                                                                      Gertrude Mood MD
                                                                                                    Bowie, TX

 27        --- JONES     F          W      Bowie, TX    10-30-1903 Am      A          J.M. & T.P.   J.L. Gaston
                                                                                      Bowie, TX

 28        --- WIGGINS   M          W      Bowie, TX    9-26-1903  Am      A          Wesley & AnnieG.W. Weakley

 28        --- HOLDER    F          W      Bowie, TX    9-25-1903  Am      A          H.A. & Mattie G.W. Weakley,
                                                                                      Holder        MD
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 28        Florence Dean F          W      Bowie, TX    10-04-1903 Am      A          O.O. & Lora   G.W. Weakley
           KILCREASE                                                                  Dean

 28        Winnie Ida    F          W      Bowie, TX    10-13-1903 Am      A          H.L. & D.A.   G.W. Weakley
           PEPKIN                                                                     Pipkin
                         Spelling of parent's surname: PIPKIN

 28        John BOOTHE   M          W      Bowie, TX    10-23-1903 Am      A          John & Stella J.L. Elder,
                                                                                      LBoothe       MD
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 28        Virgil Homer  M          W      Bowie, TX    10-10-1903 Am      A          Jas. W. & A.R.J. Younger,
           ROBBINS                                                                    Robbins       MD
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 28        --- HOLLIDAY  F          W      Bowie, TX    10-23-1903 Am      A          C.A. & A.M.   J. Younger,
                                                                                      Holliday      MD
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX

 28        --- THOMAS    F          W      Bowie, TX    11-03-1903 Am      A          J.J. & L.A.   J. Younger
                                                                                      Bowie, TX

 28        Sam Berry     M          W      Mallard, TX  10-18-1903 Am      A          J.E. & Josie  T.B. Lofling
           JETTON                                                                     Jetton
                                                                                      Mallard, TX   Mallard, TX

 28        Clarence      M          W      Mallard, TX  10-13-1903 Am      A          Ellsworth & --T.B. Lofling
           BROWN                                                                      Brown         Mallard, TX
 29        --- ELKINS    F          W      5 mi E of    9-23-1903  Am      SB         Lela Elkins   E.C. Adams,
                                           Forestburg                                 Forestburg    MD
 29        John Howard   M          W      Hardy, TX    10-21-1903 Am      A          Tabe & TalithaE.C. Adams
           PATTERSON                                                                  Patterson
                                                                                      Hardy, TX

 29        Sallie Jane   F          W      Uz, TX       10-19-1903 Am      A          Hardie & Anna E.C. Adams
           BLAG                                                                       Blag

 29        --- ANDERSON  F          W      Montague     10-05-1903 Am      A          John & Lizzie E.C. Adams
                                                                                      Uz, TX

 29        --- CLEARY    M          W      Montague     10-25-1903 Am      SB         Herbert &     D.W. Clark
                                                                                      Idriss Cleary Montague, TX

 29        --- HOLDEN    F          W      Dye, TX      10-16-1903 Am      A          Minnie Holden L.M. Petty,
                                                                                                    Dye, TX

 29        Joseph        M          W      3 Mi. W. of  10-28-1903 Am      A          A.W. & Bell   H.N. Wilson,
           William Burk                                                               Samples       MD
           SAMPLES                         Dye, TX                                                  Dye, TX

 29        --- SHOOP     M          W      Near Tage, TX10-13-1903 Am      A          Henry & Annie M.D. Sherrill
                                                                                                    Montague, TX

 29        Ethel Idel    F          W      Montague     10-30-1903 Am      A          Ed & Ada      W.K. Blake,
           DEARMORE                                                                   Dearmore      MD
                                                                                                    Montague, TX

 29        --- GOODSPEED M          W      4 mi S of    11-01-1903 Am      A          H.H. & J.     R.A. Foster
                                           Nocona, TX                                               Nocona, TX

 30        --- ROPER     M          W      2 mi S of    10-29-1903 Am      SB         H.J. & J.C.   R.A. Foster
                                           Nocona, TX                                 Roper         Nocona, TX

 30        Earl D.       M          W      Salona, TX   10-18-1903 Am      A          L.C. & Verna  T.H. Clark
           BEAVERS                                                                    Beavers
                                                                                      Salona, TX

 30        Rosy E.       F          W      Salona, TX   10-31-1903 Am      A          J.R. & Norah  T.H. Clark,
           SEWELL                                                                     Sewell        MD

 30        --- McDONALD  M          W      near Sunset, 11-14-1903 Am      A          Andy &Helen   T.H. Clark
                                           TX                                         McDonald      Salona, TX

 30        --- TIDWELL   M          W      Spanish Fort 11-23-1903 Am      A          Wm. & Dora    H.F.
                                                                                      Tidwell       Schoolfield
                                                                                                    Sunset, TX

 30        Leska Louise  F          W      3 mi W of    11-13-1903 Am      A          C.H. & Mrs.   L.A. Winstead
           HOWARD                          Spanish Fort                               Howard        Spanish Fort,TX

 30        --- BOWMAN    M          W      1 Mi. N. of  11-13-1903 Am      A          George & JuliaL.A. Winstead
                                           Spanish Fort,TX                            Bowman

 30        --- McWHIRTER F          W      2 Mi. S. of  11-13-1903 Am      A          Wm & Mary     L.A. Winstead
                                           Spanish Fort,                              McWhirter

 30        --- KEMP      M          W      6 Mi. S. of  11-15-1903 Am      A          I. & P. Kemp  M.M. Hart
                                           Spanish Fort,                                            Spanish Fort,
                                           TX                                                       TX

 30        --- JONES     M          W      Mallard, TX  11-1-1903  Am      A          Howell & OllieT.B. Lofling
                                                                                      Mallard, TX   Mallard, TX

 31        --- FLETCHER  M          W      2 1/2 Mi. N. 11-3-1903  Am      A          H. & Clara    E.C. Adams
                                           of                                         Fletcher
                                           Forestburg,                                              Forestburg,
                                           TX                                                       TX

 31        Georgia       F          W      6 Mi. NW of  11-6-1903  Am      A          G.M. & Martha E.C. Adams,
           Bolinda HUNT                                                               Hunt          MD
                                           Forestburg,                                              Forestburg,
                                           TX                                                       TX

 31        --- COLLIER   M          W      Near St. Jo, 11-18-1903 Am      A          Isham & Ida   H.F. Herndon
                                           TX                                         Collier       St. Jo, TX

 31        --- OWENS     F          W      St. Jo, TX   11-7-1903  Am      A          John & N.S.   H.F. Herndon
                                                                                      St. Jo, TX    St. Jo, TX

 31        --- MAGEE     M          W      5 Mi. W. of  11-2-1903  Am      A          Claud & H.L.  H.F. Herndon
                                           St. Jo, TX                                 Magee

 31        --- FISHER    M          W      St. Jo, TX   10-25-1903 Am      A          S.C. & H.L.   H.F. Herndon
                                                                                      Fisher        St. Jo, TX

 31        John Harrison M          W      Near McCollum11-14-1903 Am      A          Patsy Donley  J.G. Crump
           DONLEY                                                                     Lora Donley   St. Jo, TX
                                                                                      McCollum, TX

 31        --- BRICE     M          W      Bowie, TX    11-16-1903 Am      A          T.M. & Annie  J.L. Gaston

 31        --- McNATT    F          W      3 Mi. N. of  11-7-1903  Am      A          Carr & Lizzie J.L. Gaston
                                           Bowie, TX                                  McNatt        Bowie, TX
 31        Margaret Grace  F        W      3 Mi. SE of  11-5-1903  Am      A          Burell & AnnieJ.L. Gaston
           STEPHENS                        Bowie, TX                                  Stephens      Bowie, TX

 32        ---HENRY      F          W      Belcherville,11-26-1903 Am      A          W.A. & J.E.   L.L. Craddock
                                           TX                                         Henry         Belcherville,
 32        --- BROYLES   M          W      Belcherville,11-25-1903 Am      A          J.A. & S.E.   L.L. Craddock
                                           TX                                         Broyles

 32        Ella COX      F          W      3 1/2 Mi S of11-20-1903 Am      A          A.J. & L. E.  L.L. Craddock
                                           Belcherville,                              Cox

 32        --- DAVIE     F          W      Belcherville,11-12-1903 Am      A          J.A. & Lilla  L.L. Craddock
                                           TX                                         Davie

 32        --- HAMMONDS  F          W      Belcherville,11-9-1903  Am      A          J. & A.M.     L.L. Craddock
                                           TX                                         Hammonds

 32        Oran Arthur   M          W      4 Mi. N of   11-6-1903  Am      A          Fred A. KnightL.L. Craddock
           KNIGHT                          Belcherville,                              Arizonia
                                           TX                                         Russell

 32        --- STOWE     F          W      2 1/2 Mi. S  11-5-1903  Am      A          G.E. & M.L.   L.L.
                                           of                                         Stowe         Craddock, MD

 32        Elsie May     F          W      Bowie, TX    11-18-1903 Am      A          Jack B. &     W. Frank Mull
           AGEE                                                                       Martha Ann
                                                                                      Agee          Bowie, TX

 32        Merwyn John   M          W      Bowie, TX    11-20-1903 Am      A          Walter R. &   W. Frank Mull
           Lee BLACK                                                                  Daisy C.
 32        Erby O. BOYD  F          W      Nr Forestburg,11-30-1903 Am     A          John & Tennie W.T. Givens,
                                           TX                                         Boyd          MD
                         Erby O. crossed out - female crossed out & male inserted

 33        Leonard       M          W      Near Hardy   11-29-1903 Am      A          Will & Sarah  W.T. Givens
           ASHCRAFT                                                                   Ashcraft      Forestburg,
 33        ---           M          W      Nr Forestburg,11-27-1903 Am     A          Ed & Lenna    W.T. Givens
           STALLWORTH                                                                 Stallworth
 33        Willis YOUNG  M          W      3 Mi. W of   11-12-1903 Am      A          Tom & Minnie  W.T. Givens
                                           Forestburg,                                Young

 33        Mary TAFF     F          W      3 Mi. NW of  11-11-1903 Am      A          Tom Taff      W.T. Givens
                                           Forestburg,                                Mattie Taff

 33        --- HAYSE     M          W      Bowie, TX    11-17-1903 Am      A          George Hayse  Mrs. Laura
                                                                                      Frances Hayse Elliott
                                                                                                    (accancher ?)

 33        --- SPEAKS    F          W      Bowie, TX    11-9-1903  Am      A          J.L. & M.L.   Mrs. Laura
                                                                                      Speaks        Elliott

 33        Clara Thelma  F          W      Montague, TX 11-25-1903 Am      A          H.W. & Segia  M.F. Sherrill
           ROWE                                                                       Rowe

 33        Samuel Marion M          W      New Harp     11-28-1903 Am      A          S.H. & Rosa   T.C. Carloss
           ULRICH                                                                     Ulrich        Uz, TX

 33        Webster Levi  M          W      Uz, TX       11-21-1903 Am      A          J.W. & Jewel  T.C. Carloss
           CUNNINGHAM                                                                 Cunningham
                                                                                      Uz, TX        Uz, TX

 33        --- BELLAH    F          W      St. Jo, TX   11-15-1903 Am      A          J.L. & Rosa   H.C. Frie, MD
                                                                                      Bellah        St. Jo, TX

 34        --- WILSON    M          W      St. Jo, TX   11-16-1903 Am      A          Omer & S.     H.C. Frie, MD
                                                                                      Wilson        St. Jo, TX

 34        James F.      M          W      Montague, TX 11-13-1903 Am      A          R.L. & Mrs.   W.K. Beake
           HOBBS                                                                      Hobbs
                                                                                      Montague, TX  Montague, TX

 34        --- WREN      F          W      4 Mi. W of   12-5-1903  Am      A          W.L. & Laura  S.D. Clark,
                                                                                      Wren          MD
                                           Nocona, TX                                               Nocona, TX

 34        --- CROTES    M          W      3 Mi. N of   11-1-1903  Am      A          Clark & Eva   S.D. Clark
                                           Nocona, TX                                 Crites

 34        --- TROLINDER F          W      4 Mi. NE of  11-2-1903  Am      A          Ed & Tinnie   J.B.
                                           Nocona, TX                                 Trolinder     Carmichael
                                                                                                    Nocona, TX

 34        Clara Beth    F          W      Nocona, TX   11-9-1903  Am      A          Mark Stout -  J.B.
           STOUT                                                                      Alice         Carmichael
                                                                                      Benton -
                                                                                      Nocona, TX

 34        Merle Agnes   F          W      Nocona, TX   11-12-1903 Am      A          Luther & LauraJ. B.
           PRIBBLE                                                                    Pribble       Carmichael
                                                                                                    & H.F.
                                                                                                    Wilton, MD's

 34        --- HENDERSON M          W      8 Mi. N of   11-19-1903 Am      A          Sam & Sallie  Carmichael
                                           Nocona, TX                                 Henderson

 34        Annie DANE    F          W      2 Mi. S of   12-4-1903  Am      A          G.B. & Delia  Carmichael &
                                                                                      Dane          Wilton
                                           Nocona, TX                                               MD's -
                                                                                                    Nocona, TX

 34        Ollie May     F          W      Stoneburg, TX12-5-1903  Am      A          P.A. Lyons    Sneed Strong
           LYONS                                                                      Callie Lyons  Stoneburg, TX
 35        Maud CLEAR    F          W      Stoneburg, TX11-7-1903  Am      A          A.Z. & Cora   Sneed Strong
                                                                                      Clear         Stoneburg, TX

 35        Lena Livonia  F          W      Stoneburg, TX11-27-1903 Am      A          R.C. & Sallie Sneed Strong
           SHUFORD                                                                    Shuford

 35        --- BOLAND    F          W      Near Sunset, 11-19-1903 Am      A          J.F. & Minnie J.G. Vowell,
                                           TX                                         Boland        MD
                                                                                                    Sunset, TX

 35        --- DAVIDSON  F          W      Sunset, TX   12-4-1903  Am      SB         Geo. N. & M.E.J.G. Vowell,
                                                                                      Davidson      MD
                                                                                                    Sunset, TX
           Dora Ann
 35        SPIKES -      F          W      Stoneburg, TX12-12-1903 Am      A          F.S. & R.T.   Sneed Strong
           (twins)                                                                    Spikes        Stoneburg, TX
           Nathaniel     M          W                                                               

 35        Dock Winstead M          W      6 Mi. W of   12-7-1903  Am      A          W.D. Jones    G.A. Winstead
           JONES                           Spanish Fort,                              Sallie Jones

 35        --- RANDOLPH  F          W      Spanish Fort,11-28-1903 Am      A          Thad Randolph G.A.
                                           TX                                         Sallie        Winstead, MD

 35        --- MARSHALL  M          W      6 Mi. SW of  12-15-1903 Am      A          Edgar & MRs   G.A. Winstead
                                           Spanish Fort,                              Marshall

 35        Henry Alfred  M          W      Mallard, TX  12-3-1903  Am      A          E.D. & E.E.   T.B. Lofling
           DUNBAR                                                                     Dunbar        Mallard, TX
 36        --- BALDRIDGE M          W      Newport      12-17-1903 Am      A          Bob & B.      D.D.
                                                                                      Baldridge     Swearingin

 36        ---           M          W      Newport      10-30-1903 Am      A          Jerry & R.    D.D.
           MENDENHALL                                                                 Mendenhall    Swearingin
                                                                                                    Newport, TX

 36        David Ira     M          W      Salona, TX   11-19-1903 Am      A          John & Josie  T.H. Clark,
           HERREN                                                                     Herren        MD
                                                                                      Salona, TX    Salona, TX

 36        Dessie McNABB F          W      Salona, TX   11-18-1903 Am      A          Walter & CallaT.H. Clark,
                                                                                      McNabb        MD
                                                                                                    Salona, TX

 36        Myrtle Texas  F          W      Near Salona, 11-19-1903 Am      A          Jim & Nannie  T.H. Clark
           GIBSON                          TX                                         Gibson
                                                                                      Near Salona,

 36        --- McDOW     M          W      Uz, TX       12-12-1903 Am      A          John & Maggie E.C. Adams
                                                                                      McDow         Forestburg,TX

 36        --- LUCAS     F          W      Near Hardy,  12-13-1903 Am      A          Carlie & Dee  E.C. Adams,
                                           TX                                         Lucas         MD

 36        William       M          W      Near Hardy,             Am      A          Willie & LydiaE.C. Adams
           Edward                          TX                                         Derryberry

 36        Thomas        M          W      6 mi S of    12-10-1903 Am      A          John & Josie  E.C. Adams
           ELLIOTT                         Forestburg                                 Elliott

 36        --- RODES     M          W      Near         12-10-1903 Am      A          Lee & Fannie  E.C. Adams
                                           Forestburg                                 Rodes

 37        --- JACKSON   F          W      6 mi SW of   12-06-1903 Am      SB         B. & P.       E.C. Adams

 37        --- WILSON    F          W      2 1/2 mi NE  11-25-1903 Am      SB         John & V.     E.C. Adams
                                           of                                         Wilson
                                           Hardy, TX

 37        John A. MOORE M          W      1 mi N of    11-26-1903 Am      A          Frank & Annie E.C. Adams
                                           Forestburg                                 Solomon
                         Father, b. TX; Mother, b. PA.

 37        Josephine     F          W      2 mi N of    11-26-1903 Am      A          Thomas & Ada  E.C. Adams
           MITCHELL                        Hardy                                      Mitchell

 37        William Ira   M          W      Illinois     12-06-1903 Am      A          W.H. & N.JR.  W.L. Day MD
           LYNN                            Bend, TX                                   Lynn
                                                                                      Illinois Bend,

 37        Veda May      F          W      Illinois Bend12-09-1903 Am      A          W.M. & Mollie W.L. Day
           DOWDY                                                                      Dowdy

 37        Florence      F          W      Illinois Bend12-05-1903 Am      A          B.O. & Rosa   W.L. Day
           SMITH                                                                      Smith

 37        Adrian MORRIS M          W      Illinois Bend11-24-1903 Am      A          Albert & Zula W.L. Day
 37        Robert GREENWOOD, M      W      Uz, TX       12-14-1903 Am      A          Bob & Nannie  Bob Greenwood
           Jr.                                                                        Greenwood     (parent) Uz,

 37        --- ANDREWS   F          W      Bowie, TX    12-19-1903 Am      A          W.H. & Ann    J. Younger
                                                                                      Andrews       Bowie, TX

 38        --- POSEY     F          W      Bowie, TX    12-18-1903 Am      A          A.B. & L.L.   J. Younger
                                                                                      Bowie, TX

 38        --- MANGIN    M          W      Bowie, TX    12-05-1903 Am      A          John & M.A.   J. Younger
                         Parents' names spelled Managin

 38        --- COTTON    F          W      Bowie, TX    11-09-1903 Am      A          L.C. & F.A.   J. Younger
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie

 38        --- HUDGEONS  M          W                   12-04-1903 Am      A          W.L. & E.J.   S.T. James,
                                                                                      Hudgeons      MD
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Park Springs,

 38        --- GANN      F          W      4 mi SE of   12-12-1903 Am      A          Hiram & Lee   H.N. Wilson
                                           Dye, TX                                    Gann          Dye, TX
 38        Bertha Faye   F          W      3 mi E of    12-03-1903 Am      A          W.F. & Minnie H.N. Wilson
           BAKER                           Dye, TX                                    Baker

 38        --- GREENRAY  M          W      Near Dye     11-22-1903 Am      A          Sam & Sadie   H.N. Wilson

 38        --- DYE       F          W                   10-20-1903 Am      A          C.H. & J.D.   C.C.
                                                                                      Dye           Bombarger
                                                                                                    Bonita, TX

 38        --- MILLER    M          W      5 mi N of    10-28-1903 Am      A          Gabe & Ada    C.C.
                                                                                      Miller        Bombarger
                                           Bonita, TX                                               Bonita, TX

 38        --- ADMIRE    M          W      3 mi N of    12-23-1903 Am      A          W.W. & Alice  C.C.
                                                                                      Admire        Bombarger
                                           Bonita, TX                                               Bonita, TX

 39        --- WORLEY    M          W      Bowie, TX    12-07-1903 Am      A          T.G. & M.M.   G.W. Yeakley
                                                                                      Bowie, TX     Bowie, TX
 39        Aydelotte     M          W      Bowie, TX    11-20-1903 Am      A          Leroy Caleb & G.W. Yeakley,
           GIBBON                                                                     Mamie         MD
                                                                                      Dell Morris
                                                                                      Gibbon        Bowie, TX

 39        --- EDWARDS   F          W      Bowie, TX    10-19-1903 Am      A          W.W. & C.P.   G.W. Yeakley

 39        --- BROWN     M          W      Bowie, TX    12-09-1903 Am      A          J.F. & J. L.  G.W. Yeakley

 39        --- TAYLOR    F          W      Near Sunset, 12-27-1903 Am      A          Riley & Anna  H.F.
                                           TX                                         Taylor        Schoolfield
                                                                                                    Sunset, TX

 39        --- DYER      F          W      Near Pella,  12-13-1903 Am      A          Millard & EttaH.F.
                                           TX                                         Dyer          Schoolfield
                                                                                      near Pella, TX

 39        --- SMITH     M          W      Near Sunset, 12-11-1903 Am      A          Alex & Mrs.   H.F.
                                           TX                                         Smith         Schoolfield

 39        Roy GULLEDGE  M          W      Stoneburg    12-23-1903 Am      A          B.L. & Mary   Sneed Strong
                                                                                      Gulledge      Stoneburg, TX
 39        Myrtle Gray   F          W      Stoneburg    12-27-1903 Am      A          T.B. & A.C.   Sneed Strong
           BOWMAN                                                                     Lyons
                         Bowman crossed out and Lyons inserted.

 39        --- Wells     F          W      7 mi W of    12-09-1903 Am      A          Sam & Mamie   W.T. Givens
                                           Forestburg                                 Wells         Forestburg,

 40        --- RITCHEY   M          W      5 mi W of    12-20-1903 Am      A          Frank & Ola
                                           Forestburg,                                Ritchey

 40        Gladys        F          W      3 mi E of    12-11-1903 Am      A          I.B. (Bart) &
           WILLIAMS                                                                   Verna
                                           Forestburg                                 Morrison
 40        Herbert Freeman M        W      Bowie, TX    12-18-1903 Am      A          Chas. Freeman
           PERKINS                                                                    & Ludie
                                                                                      Burden Perkins

 40        --- SHAW      F          W      Bowie, TX    12-29-1903 Am      A          Henry & Mary

 40        --- JONES     M          W      Bowie, TX    12-25-1903 Am      A          Charley & Ida
                                                                                      Ft. Worth, TX

 40        --- CARTER    F          W      Bowie, Tx    12-09-1903 Am      A          A.J. & Maud
                                                                                      Bowie, TX
 40        Ausburn       M          W      St. Jo, TX   12-20-1903 Am      A          R.L. & Lillie H.C. Frie
           WICKLIFFE                                                                  Wickliffe
                                                                                      St. Jo, TX    St. Jo, TX

 40        --- MORRISON  M          W      St. Jo, TX   12-22-1903 Am      A          W.J. & Millie H.C. Frie
                                                                                                    St. Jo, TX

 40        --- DONNAN    M          W      2 1/2 mi N of12-19-1903 Am      A          B.F. & J.A.   L.L. Craddock
                                           Belcherville                               Donnan

 40        Roy Conrod    M          W      Belcherville 12-10-1903 Am      A          A.L. & F.L.   L.L. Craddock
           FITTS                                                                      Fitts

 41        --- HILL      M          W      Belcherville 12-06-1903 Am      A          W.B. & B.L.   L.L. Craddock

 41        --- WEFER     M          W      5 mi N of    12-15-1903 F       A          L.W. & S.C.   L.L. Craddock
                                           Belcherville                               Wefer

 41        Nina          F          W      5 mi N of    12-15-1903 Am      A          W.R. & N.A.   L.L. Craddock
           GIVALTNEY                       Belcherville                               Givaltney
 41        --- BOSTICK   F          W      5 mi SE of   12-06-1903 Am      A          L.H. & Mercy  J.B.
                                           Nocona, TX                                 Bostick       Carmichael
                                                                                                    Nocona, TX

 41        Robert E. Lee M          W      5 mi W of    12-09-1903 Am      A          L.R. & Mrs.   J.B.
           CAPPS                                                                      Capps         Carmichael
                                           Nocona, TX                                               Nocona, TX

 41        --- COLTHARP  F          W      8 mi NE of   12-09-1903 Am      A          Rankin & Ella J.B.
                                           Nocona, TX                                 Coltharp      Carmichael
 41        ---           F          W      Bowie, TX    1-01-1904  Am      A          Sid & Lucy    J.B.
           HOFFSTETTER                                                                Hoffstetter   Carmichael

 41        --- FARWATER  M          W      St. Jo, TX   12-10-1903 Am      A          T.J. & Ida B. Mrs. Laura
                                                                                      Farwater      Elliott
                                                                                                    Bowie, TX

 41        --- ALLEN     F          W      St. Jo, TX   12-22-1903 Am      A          J.M. & C.T.   H.T. Herndon
                                                                                      Allen         St. Jo, TX

 41        Thelma May    F          W      St. Jo, TX   12-17-1903 Am      A          W.F. & Nettie H.T. Herndon
           Belle THOMAS                                                               A. Thomas

 42        --- TALLEY    M          W      Montague Co, 12-17-1903                    Wm. & Ella    H.T.
                                           TX                                         Talley        Herndon
 42        --- FOSTER    M          W      5 mi W of    12-28-1903 Am      A          J.L. & Mrs.   M.M. Hart, MD
                                           Spanish Fort,                              Foster        Spanish Fort

 42        ---           F          W      4 mi W of    12-28-1903 Am      A          M.S. & Mrs.   M.M. Hart
           GOODPASTURE                     Spanish Fort                               Goodpasture   Spanish Fort

 42        --- GILBERT   M          W      1 mi NW of   12-29-1903 Am      A          Cal & Mollie  L.A. Winstead
                                           Spanish Fort                               Gilbert       Spanish Fort

 42        Gladys Bertie F          W      Spanish Fort 12-20-1903 Am      A          John & Emma   L.A. Winstead
           LEE                                                                        Lee

 42        Lou SMITH     F          W      5 mi S of    12-28-1903 Am      A          Alex & Alice  L.A. Winstead
                                           Spanish Fort                               Smith
 42        --- THOMPSON  M          W      3 mi SW of   12-28-1903 Am      A          Brents & SusieL.A. Winstead
                                           Spanish Fort                               Thompson

 42        --- WEST      F          W      6 mi SW of   12-19-1903 Am      A          James & Etta  L.A. Winstead
                                           Spanish Fort                               West

 42        Martha        F          W      4 mi W of    12-16-1903 Am      A          James & Katie L.A. Winstead
           Darthula CROW                   Spanish Fort                               Crow

 42        Glydas        F          W      Bowie, TX    10-31-1903 Am      A          T.C. & Nannie J.L. Elder,
           JACKSON                                                                    Jackson       MD
                                                                                                    Bowie, TX
 43        Henry Oldham  M          W      Bowie, TX    11-20-1903 Am      A          Henry &       J.L. Elder
           WOODS                                                                      Lillian       Bowie, TX
 43        John Lewis    M          W      Denver, TX   12-13-1903 Am      A          W.L. & RebeccaW.R. Potter,
           CORNELISON                                                                 Cornelison,   Md
                                                                                      Denver Comm   Sunset, TX

 43        Gasper        F          W      Sunset, TX   12-13-1903 Am      A          Tom & Dona    W.R. Potter
           CASWELL                                                                    Caswell

 43        Gladis JONES  F          W      Sunset, TX   12-13-1903 Am      A          Tom & Dona    W.R. Potter

 43        William Lee   M          W      Hardy, TX    12-20-1903                    R.E. & Ada    R.E. Weldon,
           WELDON                                                                     Weldon        MD
                                                                                      Hardy, TX     Hardy, TX

 43        Maude Delia   F          W      6 mi S of    1-18-1904                     John & Mrs.   L.A. Winstead
           PAINTER                         Spanish Fort                               Painter

 43        James Millard M          W      3 mi SW of   1-08-1904  Am                 Claud & SusanaL.A. Winstead
           MITCHELL                        Spanish Fort                               Killian
                         Born 4:00pm.

 43        Lenn Worth    M          W      Mallard, TX  1-18-1904  Am      A          B.M. & Ivie   T.B. Lofling
           AVERITT                                                                    Vivian

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