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P.O. BOX 212

NEWTON, AL 36352


Non-emergency call 334-299-3361

I have been involved with the Newton VFD since 1991. At that time we had a Mack pumper, a Waukesha pumper and a brush truck. The Waukesha developed engine troubles and it was sold. The Town of Newton had contracted with E-One of Ocala, FL for a new Class A pumper. Our brush truck was a Dodge loaner from the Forestry Commission of Alabama. More will be said about these trucks as we procede.

Our department was Incorporated in 1986 and recognized by the State of Alabama Forestry Commission as a Certified Volunteer Fire Department I/A/W Article 9-3-17 of the guidelines issued by the State Forestry Commission. We have retained this yearly certification since that date.

Signers of the original Incorporation papers dated 1986 were: Virgil Dobbs, Daniel K. Buie, Jr., Bob Patton, and Gerald Mauldin. The original Officers were: Virgil Dobbs, President; Bob Patton, Vice-President; and Daniel K. Buie, Jr., Secretery-Treasurer.

The old alert siren is still standing by the City Hall. It still works but has not been used in a long time. It has been activated on occasions just for testing purposes. I was told that when it was used to alert the fire department they would use 1 blast for a grass fire, 2 blasts for a car fire and 3 blasts for a house fire. Nowdays we have pagers and toning devices on our 2-way radios to alert us. The response time has gotten better as the alert system improved.

This is our fire building. It was built in1987 and guaranteed with monies from the tobacco tax. It was financed for 10 years and the loan was paid off in 1994. The building has 3 fire bays and one bay for office space. It has an upstairs area which is used for storage. We have drying racks for drying the wet hoses, we have storage areas for hanging bunker gear, storage areas for storing usuable hoses and other areas for maintenance items.

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