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View of Cazenovia Lake, 1827, by Samuel Finley Breese Morse (1791-1872)

Samuel F.B. Morse, best known today as the inventor of the telegraph, was an accomplished landscape painter, sculptor, and artist.  In 1827 he stayed for a short time in Cazenovia where he had relatives including Cazenovia Attorney, Samuel Sidney Breese, who lived at #7 Sullivan Street.  While here he painted portraits for the Lincklaen and Ledyard families and this landscape of Cazenovia Lake.  This view is taken from in front of The Meadows, which had been recently constructed by Jonathan Denise Ledyard, and looks over the intersection of Rippleton Road and Ledyard Avenue.  The driveway to The Meadows is in the foreground, the Forman Street, or West Bridge, crossing over the lake outlet, is in the center, and the barns to the right stand on what is today Lakeland Park.  Samuel Forman's mansion, "Lakeland," built in 1813, would be just off of the right side of the painting.

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