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(NOTE = this list is incomplete, but was last updated 12/6/1998)
compiled by
Daniel H. Weiskotten

        This is a bibliography of the published books and pamphlets that record the history of the community of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY.  I'm sure its not complete, but I have spent many years collecting these books and scouring libraries and computer data bases to locate the obscure titles.  A number of books were published in Cazenovia in the 1830s and 1840s, but these are not included here as they are along the lines of school primers and exercise texts.  The texts included are all that I know of but any others not listed should be brought to my attention so that I might add them to the list.
        The validity of the content of these texts is very important when considering which book would meet your needs.  Many of the texts are specialty subjects such as church histories, but the majority are general history texts and the reader needs be warned that the value of the information within them varies greatly.  It seems natural that as time passes our understanding of history would become more elaborate, more detailed, more factual, but this is not necessarily the case.  In fact, many of the earliest accounts are quit in agreement with primary sources such as newspapers or municipal records and personal documents, while those of the early 20th century seem to have picked up numerous misstatements, incorrect interpretations, or have been subject to failing memories of stories recorded quite correctly elsewhere.
        The texts which are especially subject to these downfalls are Christine Atwell's 1928 Cazenovia Past and Present, and J.H. Monroe's 1911 Cazenovia: Looking Back Through One Hundred Eighteen Years.  This is not to say that they should be ignored or discarded, just that much of the material is questionable and should be used with caution or in conjunction with other sources.
        Especially important texts include many early titles such as Samuel S. Forman's 1837 Annals of Cazenovia, 1793-1837; Luna M. Hammond's 1872 History of Madison County; and Henry Severance's 1885 Owahgena, Being a History of the Town and Village of Cazenovia.

to be continued ...

Atwell, Christine O.  1928
Cazenovia, Past & Present. Christine O. Atwell. Cazenovia, NY
[A somewhat out-dated history of Cazenovia.  Many of the facts are wrong and most of the information can be found elsewhere.  It seems to have some fascination with people as she wrote it at a time when we were forgetting and forsaking our history.  Worth reading anyway.]

Barber, Eli  1908
Home Memories. The Gorham Press. Boston, MA
[This is a novel which uses pseudonames of local places, but many are recognizable.  Barber grew up on Bingley Road just west of Fenner corners and he relates anecdotes of life on the home farm.]

Beecher, Harris H.  1866
Record of the 114th Regiment, N.Y.S.V., Where it Went, What it Saw, and What it Did. J.F. Hubbard, Jr.. Norwich, NY
[This is one of the wonderful regimental histories that was published immediately after the war by someone who was with the regiment.  Nearly daily reports of what the regiment did and saw is given as is a relatively detailed biography of each soldier in the various companies.]

Beers, D.G.  1875
Atlas of Madison County New York. Pomeroy, Whitman & Co.. Philadelphia, PA
[This is one of the standard atlas map collections of the day.  Unlike many of its contemporaries this atlas, unfortunately, does not have engravings of farms and houses, nor does it have a section on local history.  The maps are valuable for showing occupants, but some research suggests that the names presented were gained by knocking on the farmhouse door and asking only "what is your name" and thus the name of the farm wife instead of the farmer, or the occupant instead of the owner, is recorded.]

Bracy, Isabel (compiler)   1991
157th New York Volunteer (Infantry) Regiment, 1862-1865, Madison and Chenango Counties. Heart of the Lake Publishing. Interlaken, NY
[This book is a compilation of material from various histories (none of which are cited) and of varying reliability.  I wish I knew the source of a lot of this material.]

Cazenovia Advisory Conservation Commission  1976
Cazenovia 1976: A Look at Today with Concerns for Tomorrow. Prepared by the Cazenovia Advisory Conservation Commission
[A soft ring-bound report on the CACC's findings and recommendations, which were primarily repeated in 1984.]

Cazenovia Community Resources Project  1984
Land Use Guide. A report of the Cazenovia Community Resources Project with assistance from the Rural Conservation Program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
[Another soft ring-bound report on another committee's findings and recommendations, mirroring what was found in 1976.]

Cazenovia League of Women Voters  1984
Know Your Town. League of Women Voters. Cazenovia, NY
[A valuable guide to the resources that are available in the community.  While a few years old, some things never change!]

Cazenovia Preservation Foundation (Terry R. LeVeque)  1993
Cazenovia Trail Study, Planning Report. Cazenovia Preservation Foundation. Cazenovia, NY
[Another one of those studies that made recommendations and then was forgotten.]

Gazetteer and Business Directory of Madison County, N.Y., for 1868-9. Hamilton Child. Syracuse, NY
[This is the only gazetteer that listed many of the residents of the day.  Entries were by paid subscription, so not everyone is listed.  This is one of the first general local history texts for Madison County and thus was important in that respect.  See my posting of Description of Madison County and the Towns of Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson in 19th Century Gazetteers, 1813-1872]

Coolidge, Henry A.  1882
Flotsam. "for private circulation only." (Published by H.A. Coolidge, Litchfield, IL)
[Only one copy of this is known, in the collection of the Cazenovia Public Library.  Among the ramblings of his life's adventures, much of it spent outside of Cazenovia, is a terse and sometimes painful remembrance of the author's days of youth in Cazenovia.  From 1848 to 1857 Coolidge was the editor of The Madison County Whig, the village's weekly newspaper, and he seems to have known everybody in town.  Some of his memories are not at all flattering, but this is the stuff that history is made of!]

Ellsworth, Anzolette D., and Mary E. Richmond  1901
New Woodstock and Vicinity, Past and Present. J.A. Loyster, Printer Cazenovia, NY. 1993 reprint by Pipe Creek Publications. Finksburg, MD
[This book is a very detailed portrayal of the life in New Woodstock up to the turn of the 20th century.  Pictures, family genealogies, and loads of historical facts make this one of the more interesting local histories around.]

Fairchild, Helen Lincklaen, (ed.)  1897
Travels in the Years 1791 and 1792 in Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont: Journals of John Lincklaen, Agent of the Holland Land Company. G.P. Putnam's Sons. New York, NY
[This is the transcript of the journal kept by Cazenovia's founder, John Lincklaen, as he traveled through Vermont in search of good maple sugar properties, and on his exploratory journey to Cazenovia in the fall of 1792 and his return trip to start the settlement in the spring of 1793.  Good histories of the several tracts that were purchased by the Holland Land Company are included.]

Forman, Samuel S.  (1837)
Annals of Cazenovia, 1793-1837. Friends of Lorenzo, 1982. Cazenovia, NY
[This is the incredible memoir compiled by Samuel S. Forman, assistant to John Lincklaen, keeper of the Holland Land Company Store, and general old codger.  It is full of fascinating anecdotes and hair raising (true?) stories of the early days of settlement.]

Grills, Russell A.  1977
Cazenovia, The Story of an Upland Community. Cazenovia Preservation Foundation, Inc.. Cazenovia, NY
[This book was put together by Russ Grills when he first came to Cazenovia.  While much of the history has since been revised, it is a good modern general history of the community with lots of nice illustrations.  A must-own for all Cazenovians, as is his second text, Upland Idyll, listed below.]

Grills, Russell A.  1993
Upland Idyll: Images of Cazenovia, New York, 1860-1900. Harmony House. Louisville, KY
[This is Russ's "more mature" of his two Cazenovia books (see Upland Community, above).  It focuses on the well- to-do families of the West End, and is lavishly adorned with fantastic copies of historical photographs.  While it focuses on the upper crust, it covers various aspects of Cazenovia's more common history as well.]

Hammond, Luna M.  1872
The History of Madison County New York. Truair, Smith & Co.. Syracuse, NY
[Aside from Gurdon Evans' obscure 1854 History of Madison County buried deep within a oft forgotten Agricultural Journal and Hamilton Child's somewhat rudimentary histories included within his 1869 Gazetteer of Madison County, this is the first real history of the region.  It is clear that Mrs. Hammond set up shop in Cazenovia for a while and looked at various collections of papers in private hands to compile this monumental work.  Individual chapters are presented for each township in the county and the days of pioneers up until 1872 are well chronicled.  Some of the history is a little screwy, but it is one of the best sources available for the general stuff.]

Hart, R. Philip  1977
The Belmont Powder Mill. New Woodstock Regional Historical Society. New Woodstock, NY
[This little text is unfortunately a rare thing in.  Not for its scarcity, but for its wonderful little historical vignette which has made it out to the public.  It details one of the more interesting industries of Cazenovia and is well written, documented, and illustrated.]

Hendrix, Roberta Loyster  (1966)
We Methodists: A History of Cazenovia Methodist Church 1830-1966. Roberta Loyster Hendrix. Cazenovia, NY
[Mrs. Hendrix was the Town Historian for many years and was the Church Historian for many years more. The history of this important congregation is well told and well tied to the community.  This book is also offered on line by the Cazenovia-Erieville-Nelson Parish of the United Methodist Church.]

Holmes, Chauncey D.  1971
From Nelson to Chittenango: A Geological Journey. Mid-York Press, Inc.. (Utica, NY?)
[While not a historical text, per se, this is a nice geological work written for the layman.  While chock full of facts about our amazing geology (and geography) it is to easily read and a must for most school students.]

Hudson, Eloise Hamblin  1980
Some of (the) Town of Nelson's Pioneer Families. privately printed
[This wonderful little print was put together to record for the future Mrs. Hudson's recollections and family history.  Working with family memories and scrapbooks, court and cemetery records, this text puts together a nice little history of one family's contribution to the neighboring Town of Nelson.]

Hughes, Edith  (ND)
History of The Cazenovia Baptist Church. no publisher listed
[This is a small print with lots of history.  As there is no other history of this congregation (as far as I am aware) this text fills in an important niche in the collection of Cazenovia materials.]

Hugill, Peter J.  1995
Upstate Arcadia: Landscape, Aesthetics, and the Triumph of Social Differentiation in America. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.. Lanham, MD
[Dr. Hugill spent a great deal of time studying Cazenovia back in the 1960s and this detailed socio-cultural study is a result of his work.  His Doctoral study focused on the differences in the class and social structure of the community and this book is the refined version of his dissertation.  At the time that he was doing his research the last generation of the true "Noblesse Oblige" was in their twilight years but still a commanding presence in the community.  He has recorded the class aspects well, but in the 30 years since he did his work there has been much change in the class and status aspect of the community - and not all of it pretty.  With the passing of the true persons of the "Noblesse Oblige" others of wealth but and false sense of duty have carried on the torch with the belief that they know what is best (and thus began the stigma that Cazenovians are snobs) (real Cazenovians are not snobs).]

Idyllic Foundation, Inc.  1995
The Idyllic Foundation, Inc.: Eidos - A Visual History. Spring, 1995 Idyllic Foundation, Inc.. Cazenovia, NY.
[This isn't really a history text, but it does contain a landmark historical critique entitled "The Reexamination of a Long Lost Point in History, The Real Battle of Nichols Pond." by Daniel H. Weiskotten (see a brief version on my web page on the internet ).]

Knowlton, Daniel C.  1959
Founding and Evolution of a Nineteenth Century Church 1798-1959. Cazenovia First Presbyterian Church. Cazenovia, NY
[This is a fascinating history of not just Cazenovia's first and oldest church, founded in 1799, and still occupying the meeting house which was begun in 1804 and completed in 1806, but it is a great history of the community and the Presbyterian Church in upstate New York in the 19th and early 20th century.  From hundreds of sources this history is artfully drawn and the story of this landmark church is monumentally told.]

Madison County Historical Society  1983
Country Roads Revisited. Madison County Historical Association. Oneida, NY
[This is the revised version of the 1976 County Roads.  This edition contains so many changes and additions, and corrections, that it is not a second addition of anything.  With a professional historian at the helm a modern version of Madison County's history is told.  Subjects include well written and researched (not just regurgitated) histories of each township with sections on industries, architecture, agriculture, and nice inventory of the county buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Dozens of grand photographs, many never before printed, are placed liberally throughout the text.]

Madison County Planning Board  1976
Country Roads. Madison County's Heritage: A Resource for the Future. Madison County Planning Board. Wampsville, NY
[This was an attempt to record some of the key sites that represent Madison County's historical heritage.  it is well supplied with photographs of houses and maps that locate them, but the history is terribly compiled from out of date sources and other bad sources.]

Mattson, Richard Leonard  1988
The Gable Front and Upright-and-Wing: An Historical Geography of Two Common American House Types. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Urbana, IL
[I haven't finished reading this yet, but, having helped him with some of the research, I can tell you it is an interesting study of Cazenovia's Gable-Front houses.  They are seen up and down many of our streets and this dissertation looks at them in the light of architectural theory.  A second community with Gable-Front houses, in Illinois, is also examined for a comparison.]

Monroe, J.H.  1911
Cazenovia: Looking Back Through One Hundred Eighteen Years. (no publisher listed)
[This is one of those dangerous books written at a time when we had forgotten or become ignorant of our own history.  Monroe, who came through town with the sole purpose of writing this book, wrote many similar histories for other towns and cities.  If they are all like this one, then this world is in trouble.  It faithfully repeats many of the tales of old, but then starts to weave that stuff taken from the history books with people's faulty recollections (very prevalent at this time) into a history that is dangerous.  A number of fallacious myths about Cazenovia are either started with this text or were introduced into the main stream and thus passed down to future generations.  It makes a good reading, but not knowing what is correct and what is incorrect makes this text dangerous.]

Mulligan, Agnes  1973
The Cherry Valley Store. (no publisher listed)
[Miss. Mulligan, like her father before her, was a fixture like no other in the village.  She wrote a wonderful history of her store, which descended from a long line of general merchants from the earliest days of the village and was purchased by her father in 1896.  Although the store has since passed beyond the hands of a Mulligan, the name still hangs above the door and the goods are still to be found within.]

I apologize for posting this list before it is complete, but that's the way it is!

Persons, Silas E.  1898
The Twelve Apostles of the Church in Cazenovia. J.A. Loyster. Cazenovia, NY

Severance, Henry
 1885 Owahgena, Being a History of the Town and Village of Cazenovia. (ed. 1984 by Roberta L. Hendrix). Cazenovia Public Library. Cazenovia, NY

Shattuck, George C.
 1991 The Oneida Land Claims: A Legal History. Syracuse University Press. Syracuse, NY

Smith, James H.
 1880 History of Chenango and Madison Counties, New York. D. Mason & Co.. Syracuse, NY

Smith, John E.
 1899 Our County and Its People: A Descriptive and Biographical Record of Madison County, New York. The Boston History Co.. Boston, MA

(Smyth, W.S.)
 1877 First Fifty Years of Cazenovia Seminary. Nelson & Phillips. New York, NY

(Spang, Joseph Maurice)
 1949 One Hundred and Fifty Years of Christian Science, The First Presbyterian Church in Cazenovia, New York. published by the Church. Cazenovia, NY

(St. Peter's Rectory)
 1898 Semi-centennial of the Consecration of St. Peter's Church, Cazenovia, N.Y., December 28, 1898. J.A. Loyster. Cazenovia, NY

Stebbins, Charles
 1893 Address made at the Celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the Settlement of Cazenovia, N.Y.. the Cazenovia Republican. Cazenovia, NY

Tompkins, B. Fitch
 1911 Biographical Sketches of the Madison County Bench and Bar. Madison County Historical Society. Oneida, NY

Torrey, Rev. David
 1876 History of the Presbyterian Church of Cazenovia, N.Y.. Republican Power Print. Cazenovia, NY

Tuttle, William H. (compiler)
 (1941) "Tuttle Record, 10,000 names of Early Madison County Residents". typescript

Webber, Kenneth T.
 1960 Cazenovia, Nature's Masterpiece. Bohanon. Syracuse, NY