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David H. Burr 1829 Map of of the County of Madison
Republished (with modifications) by Stone & Clark 1839

        This map is part of a series of maps, published in atlas form, showing all the counties of New York State.  It was originally published by David H. Burr in 1829 and the original copper plates were updated and reprinted by Stone & Clark in 1839.  I have not compared the 1829 and 1839 versions and do not know what changes were made.  The 1829 map sheet covers both Madison and Chenango Counties and can be found at the Chenango County Clerk's Office, Norwich.  I presume that Burr drew much of his information from earlier maps and his crews then scoured the countryside to add the features that are particular to this series.  His illustration of the Great Lots of each tract is new to maps of this scale, but plats with this information were available at the State Surveyor General's Office.  Although many roads are shown webbing across the countryside, and it might be inferred that they lot lines were used to draw them in their proper place, this is not the case.  Many of the well established roads are not shown, some dead-end inexplicably, and others, which follow the paths surveyed in the 1790s are far from their actual course but correct only in their origin and destination.

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