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Friends of Metropolitan Archives of Nashville and Davidson County, TN

The Friends of Archives is a nonprofit chapter of The Friends of the Public Library of Nashville and Davidson County

Davidson County, Tennessee Marriage Records - Original Bonds and Licenses

Davidson County Marriage Record Book I, December 13, 1788- December 29, 1837

Marriage Book I for Davidson County was created, after 1837, by clerks who entered the information from the original marriage bonds and licenses. The marriage records are not in chronological order as they would have been if entered into the book as the licenses were issued. A comparison of the bonds and licenses to the marriage record book reveals that many mistakes were made by the clerks as the records were entered.

The following information was transcribed from the original bonds and licenses. The page number on which the record can be found in Marriage Record Book I is also given. The records online span the time period 1788-1830. More will be added in the future.

The spelling of the names of the groom and bondsmen is the same as their signatures. If there is no signature then the spelling of the name is that which was used by the clerk who wrote the bond and/or license. As the bride did not sign the document, the spelling of the bride’s name is that which was used by the clerk.

Index to records arranged by year and by Groom's Last Name.

Marriage Records 1788-1799

Marriage Records 1800-1804

Marriage Records 1805-1808

Marriage Records 1809-1811

Marriage Records 1812-1814

Marriage Records 1815-1817

Marriage Records 1818-1820

Marriage Records 1820-1822

Marriage Records 1823-1824

Marriage Records 1825-1826

Marriage Records 1827-1828

Marriage Records 1829-1830

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