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Alternate Spellings - Wilson, Wilsen

Links - Abijah & Allen Wilson Families, Woodward, Shields, Levi Willits, Isaac Willits, Nevius , Mills, Moore, Cabeen, McMullen (Miscellaneous Families)

Contacts - We are grateful to Sharon Woodward for help with the Wilson/Woodward connections. Jane Slaughter is a descendant through the Shields/Wilson connection and has also been a great help. We appreciate Jerry Hagge sending us information from the booklet "Wilson's of Illinois and Iowa and Associated Families" dated March 1, 1995, by Patricia Wayne. This booklet deals with the ancestors and descendants of Abijah and Allen Wilson of Connecticut who came to Mercer County in the 1830's. It is well researched and we have permission to use some of the information. If anyone would like to purchase a copy of the booklet from Patrica Wayne, contact Web Master Nadine Holder on the About Us Page as I have her address information.

There were a number of Wilson families associated with Mercer County. Since we do not do in depth research on families not our own, we do not necessarily know which are connected and which are not. We will give the information we find in readily available records and would appreciate any help anyone can give in sorting out the various families.

The hardest part of setting up a Wilson page is how to categorize the many Wilson families into any kind of order. We are going to try sorting them by place of origin and then what part of Mercer County they lived in. We are departing somewhat from confining ourselves to New Boston and Eliza Township because in this case, information from other parts of the county may be helpful to people trying to sort out who is and who isn't their Wilson ancestor.

Be aware in some cases we have only a single census record to indicate the origins of a family and that record may be in error.

Wilson Families from Connecticut

Eliza Township, Mercer County

Abijah and Allen Wilson Families

We have considerable information on these two families and have set up a separate page for them.

Wilson Families from Pennsylvania

New Boston Township, Mercer County

William Wilson Family

William Wilson was born 12/7/1768 in Pennsylvania, died 2/11/1848 in Mercer County, and is buried in New Boston Cemetery [dates from tombstone]. From the History of Mercer County 1882, p. 120 [Keithsburg Township]: "William Wilson, formerly of Danville, Pennsylvania, then of Chicago, Illinois, settled also in 1836 on the east half of the northeast quarter of section 13, where he improved a good farm and where his wife died in 1844, and he himself about two years later. John McH. Wilson was his son. His daughters, Hannah Nevius and Lucy Cabeen, are still residents of this township." The settlement place is verified by land purchases: William Wilson bought several parcels of land in Keithsburg Township in 1839 and 1840. He purchased the NESW, Sec 13 (10/8/1839); E2SE Sec 14(9/27/1839), E2NE Sec 13 (8/31/1839); and W2SE Sec 14(1/22/1840) all in T13NR5W.

William Wilson was married to Sarah McHerron [McHenry?]. They had children: Hannah born about 1806, Pa; John McHenry, born about 1812, Pa; Lucy, born about 1820, Pa. There could have been more. Hannah, John, and Lucy are given as children in the History of Mercer County, 1882.

Hannah Wilson Nevius: Daughter Hannah Wilson married John Nevius, perhaps in Pennsylvania. We do not find them in Mercer County in 1840 or 1850 although the History of Mercer County 1882 implies that they came in 1837 or 1838. The information in the History may have him confused with John W. Nevius of New Jersey who did come to Mercer County before 1850. John and Hannah Wilson Nevius are found in Keithsburg Township in 1860: #773 John Nevius, 58, Justice of the Peace, born Pa; Hannah, 54, Pa; Wesley, 21, clerk, born Il; Frazier W., 17, plasterer, born Il; Wilber, 15, laborer, born Il; Edmund, 14, Il; Sarah A., 13, born Ohio. There is more about the family on the Nevius page and it has been updated and moved to Rootsweb (link at the top of this page). Because of the age of John and Hannah there could have been more older children who did not come to Mercer County.

John McHenry and Margaret Cramer Wilson: Son John McHenry Wilson married Margaret Cramer, probably in Pennsylvania. They came early to Mercer County and the History of Mercer County 1882 tells us that the second school in Keithsburg was in his cabinet shop in the summer of 1845 and Miss Lucy Wilson (his sister) was the teacher. John McHenry Wilson was elected Justice of the Peace in 1840 and resigned in 1841. They are found in the 1850 census in T13NR5W: John McH. Wilson, 37, farmer, born Pa; Margaret, 37, Pa; Sarah E., 13, Mi; James, 11, Il; Franklin, 5, Il; Mary Jane, 3, Il.

We believe there was another daughter Emily, 16, who is found with Lucy Wilson Cabeen in 1850 (see below). Emily Wilson married Leonidas V. Willits on 3/17/1855. L. Volney Willits was son of William and Chariah Drury Willits (see Jesse Willits family on the Isaac Willits page). They had a daughter Lulu E. Willits in 1856 and both Lulu and Emily died and are buried in the Davis Cemetery. L. Volney Willits married second to Lavinia Davis on 4/30/1857 and their first daughter was named Emily in honor of his first wife (not unusual in that time period).

Daughter Sarah E. Wilson married Samuel Scott on 10/1/1857 in Mercer County and there is a sketch of them in the History of Mercer County 1882 giving children: Guy C. Scott; Edgar S. Scott; Carrie W. Scott; John McHenry Scott ; and Hugh M. Scott.

The John McH. Wilson family is in Keithsburg in 1860: John McH. Wilson, 48, farmer, born Pa; Margaret, 48, born Pa; Frank, 16, Il; Mary J., 12, Il; Oscar, 9, Il; Isabella Haney, 20, domestic, born Ireland; Abraham Kile, 16, laborer, born Ohio; James Wilson, 21, laborer, born Il (actually son James). In 1870: John McH Wilson, 58, farmer, born Pa; Margaret, 56, Pa; Oscar, 19, Il. Also in Keithsburg is son James A. Wilson, 30, farmer, born Il; Rebecca, 26, Pa; Clarence, 5, Il; May, 1, Il. We did not find a marriage for James and Rebecca in Mercer County.

Son Oscar A. Wilson married Frances McPhee 3/21/1872 in Mercer County. They had a daughter Nellie born died 6/19/1881, buried in Greenmound Cemetery. In the 1880 Keithsburg census they have daughter Nellie Wilson, age 3, daughter Adelle Wilson, age 1, and mother Margaret Wilson, age 66 is living with them. Margaret gives her parents born Pennsylvania.

We have nothing further on the other children of John McHenry Wilson. John McHenry Wilson died April 17, 1870, age 66 yr 5 mo 8 dy. Margaret, wife of John McHenry Wilson, born Jan 7, 1812, died Jan 9, 1893. Son Oscar born Nov 10, 1851, died May 25, 1903. All are buried in Greenmound Cemetery.

Lucy Wilson Cabeen: Daughter Lucy Wilson married Thomas B. Cabeen, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Wright Cabeen, on 6/26/1849 in Mercer County. They are found in Keithsburg in the 1850 census: Thomas B. Cabeen, 34, clerk, born Ohio; Lucy, 30, born Pennsylvania. With them is Emily Wilson, age 16, born Pennsylvania who is likely her niece (see John McHenry Wilson family above). We know that the Cabeens had a child born in June 1850 around the time of the census and it is likely that Emily was staying with her aunt at the end of her pregnancy. Thomas and Lucy Wilson Cabeen had children: William Samuel Cabeen; Sarah Elizabeth Cabeen; and Boyd Cabeen. We will be putting up a Cabeen page.

Keithsburg Township, Mercer County

Benjamin and Margaret Swartz Wilson Family

The History of Mercer County, 1882 under Keithsburg Township contains a history of William Gayle and tells us that B. F. Wilson clerked for him "for a number of years" before his business failure in 1857. Mr. Gayle conducted business in Oquawka before moving to Keithsburg and Benjamin may have also clerked for him there.

Benjamin Wilson married Margaret Agness Swartz on 4/1/1847 in Mercer County. We have not been able to identify her parents. They are found in Keithsburg in the 1850 census: Benjamin F. Wilson, 23, clerk, born Pa; Margaret, 21, born Ohio; Arthur 11/12 born Illinois. Benjamin was apparently actually 29 as the next three census records would be consistent with that (maybe he didn't want Margaret, or her parents, to know how old he was - women are not the only ones we have seen fudging in census records!).

Apparently Benjamin was able to find work after Mr. Gayle's business failure in 1857 as he is still a clerk in the 1860 Keithsburg census: #812 Benjamin F. Wilson, 39, clerk, Pa; Margaret A., 28, Oh; Arthur, 10, Il; Viella, 8, Il; Inis C., 7, Ill; Martha, 5, Ill; Emily, 3, Il; Orville, 2, Il; Benjamin, 5/12, Il. By 1870 he is listed as druggist: #129 Benjamin F. Wilson, 49, druggist, Pa; Margaret A., 49[39], Ohio; Arthur G., 20, clerk, Il; Vie Ella, 18, Il; Inez, 16, Il; M. Catherine, 14, Il; Orville, 12, Il; Thomas Boyd, 9, Il. This apparently completes the family (M. Catherine is likely Martha Catherine and Emily/Emma was evidently missed).

We do not find a marriage for Arthur Wilson in Mercer County. Vi Ella Wilson married William T. Canter or Carter on 3/7/1871 in Mercer County. We cannot identify other marriages for the children for sure.

Benjamin Wilson went to California before 1880 and his children probably accompanied him. He is found in 1880 in Calistoga, Napa County, California: B. F. Wilson, drugist, 59, born Pa, parents born New Jersey; Margret, 49, born Oh, father born Va, mother born Oh; Catharine Wilson, 23, Il; Emma Wilson, 20, Il; Inez Gleman, daughter, visiting, 26, born Il.

We did not find cemetery records for any of the children in Mercer County.

Aledo, Mercer Township

James McCormick Wilson Family

The history of James McCormick Wilson is covered well in the History of Mercer County 1882 and we will only give a general outline here. James McCormick Wilson was the son of David B. and Mary McCormick Wilson of Virginia and Pennsylvania. James M. was born 12/1/1822 in the Rehobath Valley, Pennsylvania. He married Mary Smith 11/23/1853 in Pennsyvania and came to Mercer County in about 1855. He went into the furniture business with W. B. Patterson and soon removed to Aledo where, with Mr. D. V. Reed, he constructed a building on the corner of College Avenue and 8th Street, occupied in 1882 by I. F. Jobusch. Here he operated a furniture business in connection with undertaking until 1862.

In 1860 the family is found in Aledo: #1408 James M. Wilson, 38, cabinetmaker, Pa; Mary, 28, Pa; Sarah C., 5, Pa; Mary, 4, Il; Nannie, 1, Il. In 1861 he was appointed postmaster by President Lincoln. He enlisted in Co K of the 102nd Illinois Infantry and was discharged at Gallatin, Tn in 1863 as disabled.

James M. Wilson returned to Mercer County and studied law. In the fall of 1864 he was elected circuit clerk and in May 1869 he formed a partnership with John Pepper. The family is found in Aledo in 1870: #92 James M. Wilson, 47, Lawyer, Pa; Mary, 37, Pa; Sarah C., 15, Pa; Mary R., 14, Il; Cora, 5, Il; Fanny, 2, Il. Nannie was apparently missed in the census.There is a Jennie, age 8, listed at the end of the children. She soon died as she is buried in Aledo Cemetery: Jennie, daughter of J. M. & M. Wilson Sept 14, 1861-June 29, 1870.

Daughter Sarah C. Wilson married James H. Ramsey on 2/29/1876 (married as Carrie Wilson). Daughter Mary married Joseph Boyd on 1/24/1878. Daughter Nannie married Joseph M. Wallace on 3/30/1880. He was a doctor and they lived in Coal Valley, Rock Island County. Fannie Leona Wilson married Frank Mabon Irwin, 12/19/1889. She is buried in Aledo Cemetery: Fannie Leona Irwin, daughter of J. M. & M. Wilson: Jan 11, 1868-Sept 28. 1905. We do not find a Mercer County marriage record for daughter Cora. She apparently died unmarried as she is buried in Aledo Cemetery: Cora C., daughter of J. M. & M. Wilson Apr 31, 1865-Jan 25, 1958.

James and Mary are also buried in Aledo Cemetery: James M. Wilson Dec 1, 1822-Feb 1, 1899; Mary Smith, wife of Jas. M. Wilson Mar 11, 1832-Dec 10, 1922.

Perryton Township

Thomas M. Wilson Family

In 1860 We find Thomas M. Wilson, 23, laborer, born Pa, working for a Christopher Smith (physician) family. We do not find a marriage for him but we find him with a family in Preemption Township in 1870: Thomas M. Wilson, 33, clergyman, born Pa; Lizzie J., 30, Pa; Ann L., 6, Il; Walter L., 3, Pa; Edwin J., Pa. The birthplaces of the children are interesting indicating a return to Pennsylvania (perhaps they even married in Pennsylvania?).

The History of Mercer County, 1882 tells us that the Presbyterian church of Hamlet was organized in 1870 by Thomas M. Wilson, W. S. Dool, and T. R. Johnson. There is considerable history of the church and ministers were T. M. Wilson and H. W. Fisk.

Richland Grove Township

Thomas S. T. Wilson Family

In 1860 in Richland Grove Township we find: Thomas S. T. Wilson, 40[45], farmer, born Pa; Charlotte, 20, Sweden; Alice, 8, Il; David L., 6, Il; Emma, 5, Il; Mary, 3, Il; Matilda Anderson, 12, Sweden. Thomas S. T. Wilson married (1) Marion H. Melbin on 1/9/1851 in Mercer County. Since we did not find Thomas in the 1850 census in Mercer County he must have been lately come from Pennsylvania. The children listed above were children of Thomas and Marian. Marian is buried in the Swedona West Cemetery in Richland Grove Township - her birthdate on the tombstone was unreadable when the DAR walked down the cemeteries in the 1960's but her death date was 1857, possibly at the birth of Mary. Two additional children are buried with her without dates: Emma A. and Minerva G. Thomas Wilson is buried next to her: T. S. Wilson 1815-1917. Charlotte is buried with them: 1840-1910.

Thomas S. Wilson married (2) Charlotte Anderson on 12/11/1857. The Matilda Anderson shown with them in the 1860 census is no doubt her sister. They are found in the 1870 census in Richland Grove: Thomas S. Wilson, 55, farmer, born Pa; Charlott, 30, Sw; David L., 17, Il; Mary E., 13, Il; Henry, 8, Il; Harriett, 4, Il. Henry and Harriett would then have been children of Thomas and Charlotte.

Daughter Alice Wilson married David Shull, son of Gabriel Shull of Ky, on 12/23/1869 in Mercer County. They are found in Richland Grove Township in 1870 with two sisters of David: #182 David Shull, 24, farmer, Il; Alice, 18, Il; Ellen,18, Il; Ann, 20, Il; John Isaacson, farm laborer, 20, Sw.

Daughter Mary E. Wilson married J. J. Cash on 7/29/1875.

Son David L. Wilson married Charlotte McMullen, daughter of Harvey and Nancy Love McMullen, on 1/8/1878 in Mercer County (See McMullens on the Miscellaneous Families page). David and Charlotte are buried in the Swedona West Cemetery: David L. Wilson (1853-1935); Charlotte Wilson (1860-1933); Minerva J., daughter of D. L. & C. Wilson, died April 16, 1890, age 10 yr 1 mo 9 dy.

Miscellaneous Wilsons from Pennsylvania

A William P. Wilson, age 37, born Pa, parents born Pa, is working for William McKee in Mercer Township in 1880. He was also working for him as a laborer in the 1870 census.

A Malinda Wilson, teacher, 35, born Pa, is with a Gunnell family in 1860 in Millersburg.

Wilson Family from Virginia

Eliza and New Boston Townships

William B. Wilson Family

William B. Wilson bought two parcels of land in Eliza and New Boston Townships. He bought the W/2SW Sec 30 T15NR5W on 3/29/1837. He is also listed as buying the NE of Sec 6 T14NR5W on 8/22/1839. Both are listed as William B. Wilson. He apparently arrived earlier as he was elected Constable of New Boston in the County elections that were held August 3, 1835. He was listed in T14NR5W in the 1840 census: William Wilson, 1 male 20-30(Wm), 1 male under 5 (James); 1 female 20-30(Mary); 1 female under 5 (Maline).

They are listed in Eliza Township in 1850 William B. Wilson, 39, farmer, born Va; Mary, 37, born In; James, 13, Il; Maline, 11, Il; Helena, 9, Il; Janett, 7, Il; Malissa, 4, Il; George W., 3, Il; Zachary Taylor Wilson, 1, Il. With a Telford family next door is listed Clarinda E. Wilson, 1/12, undoubtedly their daughter who had to be put out for nursing. They are not found in Mercer County in 1860 or 1870 and we have nothing further on them.

Wilson Family from Kentucky

Ohio Grove and Keithsburg Townships

LeGrand W. Wilson Family

Legrand W. Wilson and family are found in T13NR3W (future Ohio Grove) in 1850: #146, Legrand W. Wilson, farmer, 38, born Kentucky; Rachel, 23, born Mo; Joseph Wilson, 2, Mo; Mary A. Wilson, 1, Missouri. There may be some connection to the Cabeen family as there are Cabeen families living on both sides of them, including Hester Cabeen, age 58, living with a Samuel Cabeen family.

In 1860 the family is found in Keithsburg: #548 Lee W. Wilson, 50, farmer, born Kentucky; Rachel, 37, born Mo; Joseph B., 13, Mo; Mary A., Mo; Missouri, 8, born Il; Robert, 7, Il; William, 5, Il; John, 3, Il; Dora, 2, Il; Aston Cabeen, 70, born Mo [this is actually Hester Cabeen].

In 1870 the family is still in Keithsburg: #21, LeGrand Wilson, 61, farmer, born Ky; Rachel, 43, Mo; Robert, 17, Il; William, 16, Il; John, 14, Il; Dora, 12, Il; Frank, 8, Il; Esther Cabeen, 79, born Va. We find nothing more on children Joseph and Mary Ann.

They do not appear to be in Mercer County in 1880 - we will follow up further on this.

Wilson Family from Maryland

New Boston and Keithsburg Townships

William Wilson Family

William Wilson was born about 1815 in Maryland. William Wilson married Margaret Mills, daughter of Samuel and Catherine Mills. We do not have a marriage date but they are named in the will of Samuel Mills (we will be putting up a Mills page). They are found in the 1850 census in T14NR5W (future New Boston Township): William Wilson, Jr, 35, farmer, born Md; Margaret, 28, born Ohio; George E., 10, born Il; William H., 6, Il; John A., 4, Il; John Calhoun, 22, born Ohio. Although he is designated as William Wilson, Jr., one dare not make the assumption that his father was William Wilson. It was customary in the 1800's to use the "Jr" designation to identify different people of the same name, with "Sr" designating the older one, and "Jr" designating the younger, when there might be no relationship at all.

The family is found in Keithsburg Township in 1860: #723 William Wilson, 45, farmer, born Md; Margaret A., 39, Ohio; George E., 20, Il; William H., 19, Il; Alvin J.[John], 13; Harvey, 10, Il; Viola, 6, Il; Mary, 3/12, Il; Mary T. Caster, 17, In. They are gone by 1870 and since we do not find marriages for the two older sons in Mercer County they may have left soon after 1860 or the sons may have served in the Civil War and they left later. There is an H. S. Wilson, 19, farm laborer, born Il, working for the William Mills family in Eliza Township in 1870 and because of the Mills connection is probably Harvey Mills, son of William and Margaret Wilson.

Wilson Families from New York

Abijah Wilson Family

While Abijah Wilson was born in Connecticut, he moved at an early age to New York and married in New York so descendants may be looking for him as a New Yorker. See Connecticut families above for a link to the Abijah Wilson page.

Richland Grove Township

David J. Wilson Family

The History of Mercer County, 1882 under Richland Grove Township has a brief history of David Wilson. It states he was son of Samuel and Charlott Wilson and was born in Rensselaer county, New York, June 1, 1820. "His father had charge of the commissary department, at East Troy, during the war of 1812. In 1844 he came to Mercer County and located at Berlin (now known as Swedona), where he remained four years. At the end of that time he went north, where he was, for ten years engaged in the lumbering business. He was married in 1841 to Miss Caroline Hungford, a native of New York, who died in 1848. He was married in 1853 to Miss Mary Abbott, a native of Minnesota. He is the father of one son, Hartland, who was born to him by his first wife." The History seems fairly accurate but there may have been more children.

David's mother Charlotte is found in Richland Grove Township (T15NR1W) in 1850: #863, Charlotte Wilson, 67, born Vermont; Alfred Wilson, laborer, 40, born New York. David is not there as he was north in Minnesota (and possibly Michigan?) during that time period. There might have been another son, John M. Wilson. John M. Wilson purchased 40 acres, SESE Section 2, T15NR1W (future Richland Grove) on 2/1/1853 using a military warrant which, if he were son of Samuel and Charlotte, he would have been entitled to for his father's service in the War of 1812. We have nothing further on John M. Wilson.

In 1860 we find David in Richland Grove Township: #2024, D. J. Wilson, 40, farmer, born NY; Mary J., 28, Mn; Hartland, 16, laborer, born Mi. Also in Richland Grove Township we find an Edwin R. Wilson, age 19, laborer, born New York, working for a Higbee family, who is potentially another son of David but since David would only have been 21 at his birth it is a little unlikely; perhaps Edwin was some other relative.

David is still in Richland Grove Township in 1870: #73 David J. Wilson, farmer, born NY; Mary, 35, Mn; Hartlin, 25, Ms [Mi]; Kate, 9, Il; Tillie Laurx, 17, born Ms; Charles Norman, 29, farmer, born Il. It seems fairly certain Kate was a daughter of David and Mary.

Kate E. Wilson married David W. Camblin on 10//1/1879 in Mercer County. They are found in Richland Grove Township in 1880: David Camblin, 31, born Il; parents born Virginia; Katie Camblin, keeping house, born Il, father born NY, mother born Mi.

David and Mary are still in Richland Grove in 1880: David J. Wilson, 60, born NY, father born Ma, mother born Vt; Mary Wilson, 47, born Mn, father's birthplace unknown, mother born Ireland; Hartland Wilson, 35, born Mi; Charles Frederburg, 19, born Sweden; Frank Frederburg, 23, born Sweden.

Wilson Families from New Jersey

Keithsburg Township

George Wilson

In 1850 in Keithsburg Township we find Elizabeth Wire, age 29, born New Jersey as head of household #8. Listed next on the census record is George Wilson, 21, miller, born New Jersey who is likely brother of Elizabeth Wire to be listed next to her and before her children (if he were a hired hand he would be listed after the family). The children are Catherine Wire, 13, NJ; Greene Wire, 11, NJ; and Austin Wire, 9, NJ. Neither the Wires nor George Wilson are found in Mercer County in 1860. A George M. Wilson married Mahala Reed, daughter of Harper and Louisa Drury Reed on 1/21/1858 in Mercer County - the marriage date is right to be this George Wilson but we have been unable to verify it.

Wilson Families from Ireland

Preemption Township, Mercer County

Thomas Wilson Family

A Thomas Wilson is found as a laborer, age 35, born Ireland, working for a Robert Foster family in Preemption Township in 1860. He apparently did not stay and is not found in 1870.

A Thomas Wilson family is found in Preemption Township in 1870: Thomas Wilson, 53, farmer, born Ireland; Mary 30, born Ohio, Emma J. Wilson, 1, born Illinois. With them is a Joseph Bigelow, age 7, born New York.

John Wilson Family

A John Wilson, age 25, born Ireland is found in Preemption Township in 1860. He has wife Mary A. Wilson, 30, born Ireland. With them are children Christopher Blakely, 13, Il; Jane, 14, Il; Betsey, 6, Il, evidently children of Mary by a first marriage. They are still in Preemption Township in 1870: John Wilson, 40, farmer, born Ireland; Mary A. Wilson, 44, Ireland; Christopher Blakeley, 22, farmer, Il; Bessa Blakeley, 15; George Wilson, 10, Il; John Wilson, 8, Il; Mary A., 7, Il; William H., 4, Il.

Andrew Wilson Family

Andrew Wilson, age 23, laborer, born Ireland, is found in Preemption Township in 1850 working for a Boone family. This may be the same Andrew who is age 40 in the 1860 census - he might have fudged his age because of the age of his wife or the 1850 census may be in error. Andrew Wilson, age 40, farmer, born Ireland is found in Preemption in 1860. He has wife Jane, 43, born Ireland. With them are children Samuel Main, 12, born Md; Robert Main, 9, born Il; Dolia Main(f), age 7, Il; Hugh Main, 5, Il; and Mary Wilson, 1, born Il. Andrew Wilson married Jane Manes 4/1/1859 in Mercer County and the Main children are hers by her first marriage. Andrew Wilson served in Company A, 37th Regiment during the Civil War and was killed as he is listed on the Soldier's Monument in Aledo. Jane and the Main children are not in Mercer County in 1870.

Suez Township, Mercer County

George Wilson Family

George Wilson, age 43, born Ireland, died July 1850 in Mercer County of liver disease. His widow Fanny, and family, is found in T13NR2W (future Suez Township) in 1850: #197 Fanny Wilson, 40, born Ireland; Hugh, 13, Ir; Robert, 11, Ir;, Eliza, 10, Ir, Sarah Jane, 1, Il. (Sarah Jane died September 21, 1855, age 6 yr 4 mo, and is buried in the Brownlee Cemetery in Suez Township)

Son Hugh Wilson, age 23, born Ir, is found in Pope Creek in 1860 working as a laborer for a Joseph Pease family. He is gone by 1870.

Son Robert Wilson Family is in Suez Township in both 1860 and 1870. While there are some age differences in the family members, they appear to be the same family. 1860:#221 Robert Wilson, 22, farmer, born Ireland; Fanny, 48, born Ireland (mother); Eliza Wilson, 18, born Ireland. With them is William M. Graham, 16, laborer, born Ohio. In 1870: Robert Wilson, 30, farmer, born Ireland; Mary, 26, born Ireland; Anna [Fanny], 61, born Ireland. We do not find a marriage for Robert Wilson in Mercer County.

An Elizabeth Wilson married James M. McClure on 11/11/1862 in Mercer County. Since Eliza Wilson was the only Elizabeth in Mercer County in the 1860 census she may be the one who married James McClure. They are not in Mercer in 1870.

Miscellaneous Wilsons from Ireland

A William Wilson, age 30, born Ireland, parents born Ireland, is working for the Joe Gilmore family in Duncan Township in 1880.

Wilson Families from Sweden

New Boston Township, Mercer County

John, Hannah and Lewis Wilson

In 1870 we find John Wilson, 36, plasterer, born Sweden, with wife, Anna, 33, born Sweden, living in new Boston Township. At the same time we find two Wilsons in Duncan Township who may or may not be related. There is a Hannah Wilson, age 23, born Sweden working as a domestic, and a Lewis Wilson, 30, born Sweden working as a farm laborer. (Note: Anna is not necessarily a wife of John, she could be a sister). At present we have nothing further on this family.

Miscellaneous Wilsons

Abington Township

Oscar Wilson

In the 1850 census in T13NR4W we find an Oscar Wilson, age 24, miller, born Michigan. He is with an Edmund and Evaline Payne family, both born New York, and their children born Michigan. We do not know if Oscar Wilson is possibly a brother of Evaline or if he is an unrelated person who accompanied them from Michigan. He might also have been connected with the Charles Wilson below.

Charles Wilson

Charles Wilson purchased the NW and the SW quarter of Section 18, T13NR4W on 4/10/1837. He is not found in Mercer County in 1840 or 1850 but a notice was filed March 23rd, 1853 by A. P. Taylor in the Golden Age, New Boston, "Notice is hereby given to all persons interested, that the undersigned, Administrator of the estate of Charles Wilson, deceased, that I will apply to the County Court of Mercer county at the June term next thereof, to be held at the court house in Keithsburg on the 2nd Monday in said month, for an order to sell, compound, or file for the benefit of creditors certain accounts, notes and bank bills, which have been reported to said court as separate, a list of which is now on file in the office of the Clerk of said court, subject to the inspection of any person desiring to examine the same; and that I will, at the time and place aforesaid, make a final settlement of the affairs of said estate." Anyone interested in a Charles Wilson in Mercer county might be able to find court records pertaining to his estate.


Rufus Wilson

There is a Rufus Wilson, laborer, age 18, born Illinois with the Richard B. Cabeen family in Sunbeam in 1860. Two Wilson families above had Cabeen connections: LeGrande Wilson of Kentucky, and Lucy Wilson Cabeen of the Wilson family of New Boston and Keithsburg Townships. We do not find anywhere that Rufus fits with those Wilsons.