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William and Julia Ann Bishop Whaley Family

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Alternate Spellings - Whaley, Waley, Waly

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Contacts - Gregg Clark has sent us corrected information on Mayflower descendancy: William Whaley and his descendants are all bloodline descendants of Mayflower Passengers John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley Howland. Documentation has been certified by the General Society of Mayflower Descendents (GS #80811 and State #816 SC). Gregg has also received an 1843 Whaley Family Bible with records of William and Julia Ann Bishop Whaley. He is having the Bible restored. We are also indebted to Gregg for obituary information. He is writing a biography of William Whaley which we hope he will share. Gregg also furnished information on the Mosier family above.

The William Whaley family is found in Eliza Township in the 1860 census: William Whaley, 49, farmer, born Pennsylvania (actually New York); Julia A. Whaley, 42, Pa; Bradford R., 23, Pa; Perry, 20, Pa; Louisa, 18, Pa; Eveline, 16, Pa; Maryland, 13, Pa; James E., 11, Pa; Aaron, 7, Il; Emeline, 2, Il; Rachel Brooks, 36, domestic, born Pa. They had another daughter Angeline, died March 2, 1857, age 2 yr 20 month and buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. The History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882 tells us that sons Bradford and Perry served in Iowa regiments during the Civil War.

Bradford Whaley married Rebecca J. Shirkey, daughter of James & Eliza Retherford Shirkey, 9/8/1867. Perry Whaley married Cordelia L. Mosier (see Mosier family above) on 7/2/1863; Emiline Whaley married John Braucht, Sr. 2/20/1883; and Louisa Whaley married Leander Pullen 1/25/1865; all in Mercer County. "Maryland" age 13 in the census is actually Marriman. He married Mary Eleanor Irwin 12/12/1878 in Muscatine, Iowa. Marriman Whaley 1846-1919 is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Next to him is his wife Eleanor 1857-1917.

William and Julia Ann are in Eliza Township in 1870: #73 William Waley[sic], 59, farmer, born NY; Julia Ann, 52, born Pa; James, 21, assisting on farm, born Pa; Aaron, 17, assisting on farm, born Il; Emeline A., 12, born Il. Next to them is Bradford Waley[sic] and family: #72 Bradford R. Whaley, 34, farmer, born Pa; Rebecca J[Shirkey], 22, Il; Allen J., 2 Il; Josiah C., 1, Il.

Perry Whaley and family are found in Eliza Township in 1870: #104 Perry Whaley/Waly, 29, farmer, born Pennsylvania; Cordelia [Mosier], 22, born Pa; Samuel 5, Il; Orley, 1, Il. They are living next door to Cordelia's parents (Tobias and Samantha Mosier). Also next to them are Leander Pullen and wife Louisa Whaley: #105 Leander Pullen, 27, farmer, born Il; Louisa [Whaley], 27, born Pa; Ida, 1, Il.

William and Julia Ann are found in Eliza Township in 1880: William Whaley, farmer, 69, born NY, father born NY, mother born Rhode Island; Julia Ann, 62, born NY (actually Pa), parents born New Jersey; James Whaley, farm laborer, 30; Aaron Whaley, laborer, 27, Il; Emaline A. Whaley, at home, 22, Il. Near them is son Marriman: Marriman L. Whaley, carpenter, 33, born Pa; Mary E.[Eleanor] Whaley, 23, born Ohio, parents born Ohio; Glenn B. Whaley, 1 month, Il; Annie Irwin, sister-in-law, 25, born Iowa, parents born Ohio. This indicates Mary Eleanor was probably an Irwin but we have not identified the parents yet.

Sons Perry and Bradford are also nearby in 1880: Perry Whaley, carpenter, 40, born Pa; Cordelia [Mosier], 31, Pa, parents born Pa; Samuel E., 15, Il; Orley, 10, Il; Earl, 8, Il; Arthur, 4, Il; Foster L., 1, Il. Bradford R. Whaley, farmer, 43, Pa; Rebecca J. [Shirkey], 32, Il; James A. Whaley, 12, Il; Clide Whaley, 10, Il; Franklin D. Whaley, 7, Il; Madison C. Whaley, 6, Il; Levi L. Whaley, 2, Il.

There is a Sarah Whaley, age 66, born New York, with a Shaver family, all born New York, living in Millersburg in 1860. We do not know if she is connected to the William Whaley family.