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Contacts and Sources - Betty Welch has done the research on this family and has sent us photos, documents,and census records used on this page

William Walker was the fourth child of nine of Andrew and Millie Walker of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Millie Walker apparently died in Ohio. William Walker was born 5/1/1835 in Belmont County, Ohio and came with his family to Illinois about 1851. (This information from his obituary.)

Sarah Brown was the second child of James and Susan Brown of Virginia, Ohio, and Rock Island County, Illinois. She was born 12/22/1835 in Ohio and came to Illinois with her family about 1849. (This information from census.)

William Walker
born 5/1/1835 Belmont Co, Oh
died 2/28/1905 Mercer Co, Il
Sarah Brown
born 12/22/1835 Ohio
died 5/3/1906 Mercer Co, Il
Married: 8/5/1854 in Illinois City, Rock Island County, Il.

William Henry Walker born 10/03/1835, Rock Island Co, Il; married (1)Olive Shotwell (2)Augusta Danz/Dance
Andrew Jackson Walker born 4/7/1857 Rock Island Co, Il; Married (1)Martha A. Fisher (2)Flora Alice McLane
Joseph Walker born 1859 Illinois per 1870 census (error for Josephine?)
Josephine Walker born 4/17/1860, Cole Co, Mo; married James B. Welch
Hugh Walker born 2/17/1862 Rock Island Co, Illinois; never married
Lucinda Walker born 9/9/1864, Rock Island Co, Illinois; married Thomas M. Murry/Murray

More on William Walker

Most of what we know about William Walker comes from his obituary:
"William Walker was born in Bellar, Belmont County, Ohio, May 1, 1835, and died Tuesday morning, Feb. 28 [1905], about one o'clock. The end came as the result of a gradual failing in health extending over a period of two years. Since September last he had been very sick, but he bore up under his affliction with all patience and uncomplaint. He was the fourth child of Andrew and Millie Walker and was one of a family of nine children. He came from Ohio to Illinois in 1851. August 8, 1854, he was united in marriage to Sarah Brown at Illinois City and to them were born five children, two daughters and three sons, William Henry, Andrew Jackson, Mrs. Josephine Welch, Hugh, and Mrs. Lucinda Murray. He enrolled March 8, 1865, as a volunteer in the Civil War and served one year as a member of Co. I, 28th Ill. Vol. Inft. In early life he sought the Lord and endeavored to lead an exemplary Christian life. To a friend he said a short time prior to his death he knew that he had made many mistakes, but he had always wanted to live right. Mr. Walker was so destitute of anything like personal greed or selfishness that he devoted a life of hard toil to other's financial betterment, being uncomplainingly satisfied with the lot of an honest poor man. Funeral services were held from the M. E. church in New Boston Wednesday afternoon. Rev. Woods officiating, after which the remains were laid to rest in New Boston Cemetery."

The Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Rock Island County, Vol II, 1914 gives a brief history of the Twenty-Eighth Illinois Infantry. All the members from Rock Island County were in Company I which reported for duty at camp [Camp Butler] April 15, 1865, moved to Mobile, Ala., and arrived August 3 in Texas, and was mustered out of service at Brownsville March 15, 1866, sent to Camp Butler and were paid off and discharged May 13, 1866. Among the members listed was Private William Walker of Moline, enlisted March 4, 1865 and mustered out March 4, 1866.

1850 Census Information for William Walker

The name Andrew Walker is fairly common in Ohio. The only Andrew found in Belmont County with a son William of the right age has no wife, which would indicate Millie died in Ohio. This family is found in Pultney Township, Belmont County in 1840: Andrew Walker, 2 males under 5, 1 male 5-10(William?), 1 male 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 40-50; 2 females 5-10; 1 female 10-15; 2 females 15-20; 1 female 30-40. Andrew, age 40-50 would be compatible with the Andrew Walker, #1762, age 52, farmer, born Pa, no family with him, in District 37, Rock Island, Illinois in 1850. William Walker, 16, born Ohio, is found in Pultney Township in Belmont County, Ohio in 1850, working for a Samuel Henry family as a laborer.

There is another Andrew/William Walker combination in Flushing Township, Belmont County, Ohio, in 1850: #1705 Andrew Walker, 44, farmer, born Ohio; William, 14, born Ohio; Elizabeth, 11, Ohio; Margaret, 9, Oh; Nancy J., 6, Oh; John A., 3, Oh; Isabel 4/12, Oh; Margaret A.Walker, 18, domestic, Oh. In 1880 and 1900 William gives his parents born Pennsylvania, but of course this Andrew Walker record could be in error. At present there is no way of proving which Andrew might be parent of William (if either!).

William and Sarah Brown Walker

William Walker married Sarah Brown, daughter of James and Susan Brown, on 8/5/1854 in Illinois City, Rock Island County, Illinois. The James Brown family is found in District 37 in Rock Island County in 1850 not far from Andrew Walker: #1744 James Brown, 38, farmer, born Virginia; Susan, 35, Va; Mary, 17, Oh; Sarah, 14, Oh; William, 11, Oh; Minerva, 9, Oh; Lucinda, 8, Oh; Thomas, 5, Oh; Elizabeth, 4, Oh; George W., 3, Oh; Jackson, 2, Oh; Lydia, 1, birthplace unreadable but seems to be neither Oh nor Il.

The Walker family briefly went to Missouri where they are found in 1860 in Moreau Township, Cole, County: #133 William Walker, 26, farmer, born Ohio; Sally, 22, Il; William, 5, Il; John [actually Andrew Jackson]; 3, Il; Josephine, 3/12, Mo. By 1870 they had returned to Illinois and settled in New Boston Township: #57 William Walker, 35, farmer, born Ohio; Sarah, 24, Oh; William, 15, Il; Andrew J., 13, Il; Joseph Walker, 11, Il [actually Josephine born Mo]; Hugh, 8, Il; Lucinda, 5, Il. They are in New Boston in 1880: #265 William Walker, 45, farmer, born Ohio, parents born Pennsylvania; Sarah, 44, father Virginia, mother Kentucky; William H., 24, works on farm, born Il; Andrew J., 21,works on farm, born Il; Hugh, 16, works on farm, Il; Josephine, 19, Il; Lucinda, 14, Il.

In 1900 William and Sarah Brown Walker are renting a farm in Eliza Township: #190 William Walker, born May 1835, age 65, married 46 years, farmer, rent, born Ohio, parents born Pennsylvania; Sarah, December 1835, 64, born Oh, father Virginia, mother Kentucky; 5 children born, 5 living; Hue, son, February 1865, 35, farm labor, born Il, parents, Ohio. William Walker died 2/28/1905 and Sarah Brown Walker died 5/3/1906 and are buried in New Boston Cemetery (Tombstone photo).

Children of William and Sarah Brown Walker

We have posted different documents from each set sent by Betty Welch to demonstrate what is available.

William Henry Walker

William Henry Walker was born 10/3/1855 in Rock Island County, Illinois and died 10/13/1932 in Mercer County, Illinois. He married (1)Olive Shotwell, daughter of Samuel and Harriet Moser Shotwell on 11/7/1888 in Mercer County, Illinois. She was born about 1868 in Iowa. An obituary in the Aledo Times in 1932 for William H. Walker gives a son Warren Walker from the first marriage but we have found no information on him.

William Henry Walker married (2) Augusta Danz, daughter of Christ and Dora Cook Danz on April 4, 1895. (Marriage License of William H. and Gusta Dance Walker) They were married by Harrison Bishop, Justice of the Peace. They had children Orville (3/1896), Karl (8/1897), Clarence (1/1901), and Lawrence (abt 1904). Betty has furnished obituaries for the children but we are not posting them as they are too close to living relatives. Note that Karl Walker never married and was tax assessor in New Boston Township for many years.

Andrew Jackson Walker

Andrew Jackson Walker was born 4/7/1857 in Rock Island County, Illinois, and died 12/11/1930 in Mercer County, Illinois. He married (1) Martha A. Fisher, daughter of Nicholas and Mary West Fisher on 11/22/1883 in New Boston. ( Marriage Affidavit. Affidavit signed by brother-in-law James Welsh and verifying the ages of A. J. and Martha.) Martha was born 1/10/1858 in Fulton County, Illinois and died 3/4/1911 in Mercer County. They had children Reuben Blaine Walker, Louise I. Walker, Anna Z. Walker, Dan H. Walker, and Jennie M. Walker.

Andrew Jackson Walker married (2) Flora Alice McLane on 3/24/1915. Flora was born 1/26/11857, and died 9/23/1925 in Mercer County, Illinois. There were no children of this marriage.

Joseph Walker

Joseph Walker is listed as a child of William in the 1870 census in New Boston. He was 13 and born Illinois. This may be an error for Josephine?

Josephine Walker Welch

Josephine Walker was born 4/17/1860 in Cole County, Missouri, and died 5/23/1926 in Mercer County, Illinois. She married James B. Welch, son of Harvey and Rachel Woodward Welch on 2/15/1883 in New Boston. For more on Josephine and family see the James Welch link at the top of the page. We have some reservations as to whether Josephine belongs in this list or if she is mixed up with son Joseph!

Hugh Walker

Hugh Walker was born 2/17/1862 in Illinois, and died 4/19/1932 in Mercer County. He never married and his obituary indicates he lived on a farm alone near New Boston. In 1910 he was living next door to his sister Lucinda (see census record below.) Betty Welch discovered an interesting item and another source of genealogical information: a hunting license that Hugh obtained at New Boston on 17th October 1903. He was blue eyed, 5ft6in in height and weighed 165 pounds, living at that time in Eliza Township. (Hugh Walker Hunting License)

Lucinda Walker Murry/Murray

Lucinda Walker was born 9/9/1864 in Rock Island County, Illinois, and died 7/8/1928 in Galesburg, Illinois. She married Thomas M. Murry, son of Thomas and Honnora Lorin Murry on 10/8/1890 in Millersburg, Mercer County, Illinois. (Marriage License) They then lived one year in Springfield, Illinois, fourteen years in Petersville in Mercer County, and then moved to Kewanee in Henry County, Illinois, according to Lucinda Murray's obituary, published in the Aledo Times. Lucinda died in hospital in Galesburg, Knox County on 7/8/1928.
We are including both the 1900 and the 1910 census information for Thomas and Lucinda since there are some differences in the family. In 1900 they were living in Eliza Township: #9 Thomas M. Murry, farmer, March 1863, 37, married 10 yr Il, Ireland, Ireland; Lucinda Sept 1864, 35, 6 children born, 4 living, Il, Va, Ohio; Grace F., Apr 1892, 8, at school, Il; Ruth L, Mar 1896, 4, Il; Bula P, Sept 1897, 2, Il; Purne T (female), Aug 1898, 1, Il; Anna Strawhacker, servant August 1877, 22, Il, Pa, Il, housekeeper; Leonard Melton, servant July 1876, Il, Il, Il farm laborer; Henry Brinkly Servant April 1871, 29, NC, NC, NC, farm laborer; Vern Brown, servant June 1882, Il, Il, Il, farm laborer.

In 1910 they were living in New Boston: #277 Thomas Murray, 49, married 19 yr Il, Unk, Il, home farm; Lucinda, 47, Il Mo Oh, 9 born, 7 living; Grace, 18, Il, Il, Il; Ruth, 14, Il; Pearl, 12, Il; Purn, son, 10, Il; Hazel, 9, Il; Jennetta, 5, Il; Besse, 4, Il. #278 Next door: Hugh Walker, 47, Il, Oh, Oh, home farm, Lucinda's brother.

Both census records indicate two of their children died before 1900. We have no information on one of the children, but the other was Zella Fern Murry, born 8/19/1893 and died 12/21/1893 in Mercer County and buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Six children survived in 1928: Purn, Grace, Nettie, Pearl, Hazel, and Bessie.

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