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Contacts - Gera Wilcox furnished information on Keziah Wade and the Titherington family that was a breakthrough for us to sort out the Mercer County Zephaniah Wade family. If you would like to contact her regarding the Titheringtons email Web Master Nadine on the about Us page. Gera is very interested in identifying the parents of John Titherington. Dolores Raynor gave us the hint that her great uncle Leander Wade was connected to the New Boston Ferry and prompted us to find those records. Robert Hadeen has his Marquiss family information up on Ancestry World Tree. Eliza Marquiss was wife of Zephaniah Wade. Robert has the funeral notice of Reasonable Wells Kyle (husband of Zephaniah's daughter Maria) from the 29 Sept 1910 issue of the the Aledo Record Times.

Generally speaking the Wades did not live in New Boston or Eliza Townships, however there were connections, such as burials in the Davis Cemetery in New Boston Township and Leander Wade who was a New Boston Ferry operator after 1900. Leander and his father James were living in New Boston in 1900.

James C. and Harriet B. Wade Family

James C. Wade was born about 1822 in Maine. Harriett was born about 1825 in Maine. They are found in 1860 in Millersburg Township in Mercer County: #1602 James C. Wade, 38, wagonmaker, born Maine; Harriet B. Wade, 25, born Maine; Leander Wade, 5, born Maine; Laura J. Wade, 2, born Illinois; Mary Wade, 75, born Maine; Seth Albert Wade, 8, born Maine. This indicates the Wade's came from Maine between 1855 and 1858. Mary Wade is probably the mother of James Wade. Seth Albert Wade, being listed separately may be another relative or possibly a son of James by a prior marriage; since James is quite a bit older than Harriet she may have been a second wife.

Tarr Family of Maine

Next door to the Wade family in 1860 is a Tarr family that probably came with them from Maine and are probably related: #1603 Stephen F. Tarr, 36, no occupation; Rozilia Tarr, 32, Me (possible sister of James Wade???); Henry F. Tarr, 13, Me; John, 9, Me; Mary J., 8, Me; Carrie A., 4, Me. This would indicate migration after 1856.

More James and Harriet Wade

Both James Wade and all the Tarrs except Henry are gone from Mercer County in 1870. James and Harriet are found in Andalusia, Rock Island County, Illinois in 1880: J. C. Wade, 57, wagon maker, born Maine, parents born Maine; Harriet, 45, housekeeping, born Me, parents born Me; Charles Wade, son, 18, born Il; Clarence Wade, 9, born Il.

By 1900 James Wade was back in Mercer County, living in New Boston City: #313 James C. Wade, born August 1822, age 77, carpenter, born Maine, parents born Maine; Harriett B. Wade, born Feb 1836, age 64 born Maine, parents born Maine, hotel keeper; Clarence A. Wade, born July 1870, Il, 29, farmer. The comment about Harriett being a hotel keeper is interesting. The census was taken at home so there was no list of guests to give an idea of the size of the hotel. In 1910 James and Harriet are listed on Washington Street in New Boston City: #132 James C. Wade, 87, married 56 years, born Maine, parents born Maine, proprietor hotel; Harriet B., Wade, 75, 6 children born, 4 living, born Maine, parents born Maine; Reason Pratt, lodger, 58, born Il, father born In, mother born Ma, carpenter; Arthur Maddox, lodger, 34, widower, born Il, father born Va, mother born Oh, painter; Charles Gray, 31, single, born Mi, father born Va, mother born Pa, section hand.

Leander and Myrtle Burlingame Wade

Son Leander Wade is found as a lumberman, a boarder, single, in the town of Maine, Outagamie County, WI in 1880. This is an extremely interesting town as the majority of the residents are from Maine and Leander may have gone there because he had relatives or friends there.

The family had returned to Mercer County by 1900 and is living in New Boston City: Leander Wade, farmer, born April 1855, Maine, age 45, married 4 years; Myrtle Wade, born Dec 1872, 27, born Ia, father born Il, mother born Switzerland. In 1910: Washington Street, New Boston City, #128 Maggie Burlingam, head, 74, widow, 7 children born, 3 living, born Switzerland, immigrated 1850. Leander D. Wade, son-in-law, 52, married 13 years, born Maine, parents born Maine, engineer, ferry boat; Myrtle, 35, born Iowa, father born Illinois, mother born Switzerland, no children born.

In the 1920 census Leander is age 64, ferryman, wife Mirtie, 47, born Ia, father born Il, mother born SW, mother-in-law Maggie Burlingame, 83, born Switzerland, language German, parents born Switzerland, immigrated 1845 (1910 said 1850), alien.

In 1930 Maggie Burlingame is gone, Mertie is still alive and Leander is still a New Boston ferryman at the age of 74. Leander owned property valued at $3500, was first married at age of 26 so apparently had a first wife (probably in Wisconsin). Mirtie was first married at the age of 24 so they apparently married about 1896 but their marriage is not found in Illinois (perhaps Wisconsin). Myrtle was the daughter of James and Margaret (Maggie) Light Burlingam (we will be putting up a Burlingam page). Both Leander (1855-1936) and Mirtie (1872-19__) are listed in New Boston Cememtery records. There is some possibility that Myrtle is not actually buried there. A Myrtle E. Wade died 8/15/1938 in Logan County, Illinois, but we do not know for sure it is the same one.

Zephaniah and Elizabeth Marquiss Wade Family

"In 1842 Zephaniah Wade made a claim to the NW/4 of Sec 14 (Keithsburg Twp); he died in a few years, but his widow survived until a few months since, when she passed away in Keithsburg among her descendants." A sketch of her son gives her death date as January 20, 1882. (Hist of Mercer Co, 1882, page 121, 179.)

We did not find an Ohio marriage record for Zephaniah and Elizabeth and the surname of Elizabeth/Eliza comes from an Ancestry World Tree Project on the Marquiss Family so we do not have documented proof. The Site's author Robert Hadeen gives their marriage date as 11 September 1820 in Highland County, Ohio. The date seems fairly consistent with the ages of children from census records.

The Wades came to Mercer County from Ohio, where they are found in the 1840 Census Peru, Miami County, Ohio: 1 male 40-50 (Zephaniah), 1 male 15-20 (George), 1 male 10-15 (Josephus), 1 male 5-10 (William); 1 female 30-40 (Eliza), 1 female 15-20 (Keziah), 1 female 5-10 (Maria). They are next door to the Michael Hoover family (son George married Michael Hoover's daughter Mary 3/18/1842 in Mercer County - we will be putting up a Hoover page).

Zephaniah Wade died before the 1850 census. His widow Eliza Wade is found in the 1850 Mercer County Census T13N R5W (future Keithsburg Twp) #87: Eliza Wade, 43, born Ohio; Joseph, farmer, 24, born Ohio; William, 17, born Indiana; Maria, 14, Indiana; Mary, 25, born Ohio. Later censuses will show the correct birthplace of Ohio for William and Maria. Mary Wade, given at the end of the list is actually Mary Hoover Wade, already a widow, George Wade having died before the census. He is buried in the Davis Cemetery in New Boston Township: George Wade 1820-1849. If Zephaniah is buried there, there was no surviving tombstone when the DAR ladies recorded tombstones in the 1960's. Zephaniah was a relatively young man, born 1790-1800 per the 1840 census, so at the most would have been age 60 in 1850. We wonder if he and son George were involved in an accident.

Keziah Wade Titherington Palmer

Daughter Keziah Wade married John Tetherington (Titherington) on 5/28/1843 in Mercer County according to the Illinois Marriage Index. We could locate them nowhere in 1850 so they were apparently missed in either the census or the index. They were definitely not in Keithsburg as we have gone line by line in that census. Descendant Gera Wilcox tells us that John died in 1858 in a boating accident in Mercer County. Keziah married next to Joshua Palmer on 6/23/1860 in Mercer County. They are found in the 1860 census in Keithsburg with Titherington children: #889 Joshua Palmer, 28, laborer, born Ohio; Keziah Palmer, 30, born Ohio; Mary A. Titterington (sic), 15, Il; Mary J. Titterington (actually Martha), 13, born Il; Eliza E. Titterington, 10, Il; William Titterington, 17, Il; Isaac M. Titterington, 4, Il. A word about ages in this census: note that William is listed in the proper slot to be age 7 and he actually was according to other records. Note that if Keziah was 15-20 in 1840 she would have been older than 30 in 1860. We suspect her age was adjusted a bit because of the youth of Joshua Palmer. Unfortunately her birth year on her tombstone is not readable. She died in 1861 (probably in childbirth) and is buried in the Davis Cemetery in New Boston Township.

Anna Titherington Wolfe: Mary Anna Titherington was born about 1845 in Illinois (presumably in Mercer County). She married George W. Wolfe, son of Washington and Rebecca Marlatt Wolfe on 11/1/1865 in Henderson County, Illinois (next to Mercer County.) They were living with Mary Anna's grandmother, Eliza Wade in 1870 in Keithsburg: #118 Eliza Wade, 67, keeping house, born Pa; George W. Wolf, 26, carpenter, In; Mary Anna Wolf, 25, born Il; Oona Wolfe, 3, Il; Glenn Wolf, 1, Il; Ellma Titherington, 19, Il; Newton Titherington, 14, Il. Ellma and Newton are the two Titherington children found in the 1860 census as Eliza E. and Isaac M. (should have been N.).

As many did, George and Anna left Illinois in the early 1870's. They were in California by 1876 and are found in Azusa, Los Angeles, California in the 1880 census: G. W. Wolfe, farm laborer, 36, In, father born unknown, mother born Indiana; Anna, 35, born Il, parents born Indiana; Oona Wolfe, 12, Il; Mary Wolfe, 8, Il; Estella Wolfe, Ca; Frederick Wolfe, 2, Ca. We have not followed this family further.

Martha Jane Titherington Hollingsworth: Martha Jane Titherington was born about 1847 in Illinois. She married Nelson Hollingsworth, son of Joseph and Rachel Hollingsworth on 12/2/1866 in Henderson County, Illinois (next door to Mercer County).

Martha Jane and Nelson also left Illinois in the early 1870's. They went first to Iowa and then to Kansas. They are found in the 1880 census in Valley Brook, Osage County, Kansas: Nelson Hollingsworth, teamster, 44, born In, parents birthplace unknown; Martha, 32, born Il, parents born In; Effie Hollingsworth, 13, Il; Clint Hollingsworth, 9, Iowa; Edith Hollingsworth, 6, Kansas; Burt Hollingsworth, 4, Ks; Bessie Hollingsworth, 2, Ks. We have not followed this family further.

Ellen E. Titherington Bell: Caution on this identification: She is Eliza E. in the 1860 census, Ellma in the 1870 census, and the marriage record is as Ellen E. but because of the location in Henderson County with her sisters we believe the marriage is of Eliza Ellma. She married Robert G. Bell 9/29/1870 in Henderson County, Illinois. We have nothing further on her.

William Titherington: William Titherington was gone from Mercer County in 1870 and we understand from Gera Wilcox that he went to Iowa with his sister Martha Jane. Then he went to California with his sister Anna. We could not find him anywhere in the 1880 census, but there are many spelling variations of Titherington and we probably didn't hit on the right one.

Josephus and Emily Nicholson Wade

There is a sketch of son Josephus Wade on page 179 of the History of Mercer County 1882: "Josephus Wade (deceased), was born in Highland County, Ohio on November 19, 1826, and spent his early youth on the farm. His education was such as could be obtained in common schools. In 1840 he immigrated with his parents to Illinois, landing at Keithsburg December 4." The "landing" implies they came by boat, and there was a good route for them from Miami County down a branch of the Ohio River, to the Ohio River along Indiana and Illinois and then up the Mississippi River to Keithsburg. Whether their destination was deliberate or they just found a landing they liked is not known.

The History continues: "October 16, 1851 he was united in marriage with Miss Emily Nicholson, daughter of John M. (and Phebe Davis) Nicholson, who was born in Washington County, Indiana, February 18, 1833. In 1853 he located permanently in Keithsburg and engaged in the livery business, following the same through life. He died at St. Anthony's Falls, Minnesota, August 1, 1868, where he had gone with a view of improving his health. While he was there he was accompanied by his wife, who brought back his remains to Keithsburg for internment." We are not sure of the truth of this statement as we find no cemetery record for Josephus in Mercer County. Josephus Wade was a judge in the Horse Department in the 1857 Agricultural Fair .

In the 1860 Census in Keithsburg we find #863: Josephus Wade, 33, Liveryman, born Oh; Emily B. Wade, 28, born In; John M. Wade, 4, Il; Cara V. Wade, 1, Il, Oscar Werkeiser, 23, laborer, born Mo; James M. Ross, 21, born In. Next door #864 Armina Wade, 22, domestic, born Mo, working for a Rice family from Ohio. We are not sure of the relationship, if any, of Armina Wade to this Wade family.

In the 1870 Keithsburg census we find widow Emily Wade:#221 Emily D. Wade, 37, keeping house, born In; John M. Wade, 14, Il; Mary J. Wade, 9, Il.

The Mercer History states Josephus left two living children and two deceased. One of the deceased children was Cara V. Wade who is shown in the 1860 census but not in 1870. The living children were John M. Wade and Mary J Wade. Son John M. Wade married Mollie E. Cummins, daughter of T. S. Cummins on November 24, 1880. Prior to that he is shown in the 1880 census as age 24, keeping a restaurant in Keithsburg, and living with his mother. He died of consumption sometime before the History was published in 1882. The history gives the date as January 1880 but that was before his marriage so is not correct. Daughter Mary was born January 13, 1861 and in 1882 was living with her mother (in Keithsburg). Mary J. married George M. Eames 10/30/1884 in Mercer County.

Maria Wade Kile

Maria Wade was born about 1836 in Indiana. She is found with her mother Eliza Wade in the 1850 census in Mercer County. She married Rezin W. Kile 1/30/1855 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Kile page). Robert Hadeen has a funeral notice for Rezin that gives his name as Reasonable Wells Kyle (published 29 Sept 1910 in the Aledo Record Times).

Rezin and Maria are found in New Boston in 1860: #1698 Reson W. Kile, teacher, 30, born Ohio; Maria, 25, born In; Arthur L., 4, Il; Eugene, 2, Il. They are found in Keithsburg City in 1870: Rezin Kile, 44, coroner, born Ohio; Maria Kile, 34, Oh; Arthur, 14, Il; Eugene, 12, Il; Laverne (male), 10, Il; Mary, 8, Il; Dick, 6, Il; Eddie, 4, Il.

There is a note in the History of Mercer County, 1882, page 147:
"The veteran pedagogue, Rezin W. Kile, has organized and taught numerous "pay schools." These private schools have usually been well patronized." In information about the Keithsburg school, page 146, Mr. R. W. Kile is mentioned as teaching primary school. "Mr. Kile commenced in the school in 1865, and since 1870 has been continuously employed. He first begain teaching in Ohio in 1846. In the spring of 1850 he emigrated to the town, and has taught until the present time without intermission, excepting three years when he was fighting the battles of his country." (No mention made here of his occupation of coroner as given in the 1870 census.) R. W. Kile was elected a justice of the peace in Keithsburg in 1854 and resigned in 1855. He was elected Town Clerk in Preemption Township in 1856. He is also mentioned as a teacher in Perryton Township but with no date given. He is one of the early teachers certified under a formal certification system in Mercer County.

Rezin Kile did serve in the Civil War. He enlisted in Company G of the 102nd Illinois Infantry on August 9, 1862 from Keithsburg. He was mustered in on 9/2/1862 and mustered out on 6/6/1865 as sergeant. There should be pension papers available for interested descendants.

Wade Family in Preemption Township in 1870

There is a Wade family newly come from Virginia in Preemption Township in 1870: Op Wade, 32, harness maker, born Va; Matie E. Wade, 28, Va; John B. Wade, 7, Va; George A. Wade, 4, Va; Harry E. Wade, 1, Il. This record is from a transcription of the 1870 census so we are not sure about the given name of head of household.