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A word of warning: We have received (kind) comments about missing information in our files. We have only researched our own families in depth. For others we are including genealogy as we find it in the readily available county records - WE ARE NOT DOING IN-DEPTH GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH. We hope to provide hints to researchers about where to look for the primary records they need to complete their families' genealogies. Even our history research has not carried as far as 1900 yet for many families. Do keep those comments coming however - hearing from real relatives and knowing that they have visited the pages is what makes it fun and worthwhile.

To the many kind people who have submitted their family information with permission to use it - I am roughly two years behind in postings but it will get there!


November 2011 we heard from John Landers who has found and taken some photographs in the Willett-Greer Cemetery. We added a note under deserted cemeteries on the Mercer Cemetery page.
September 2011 we heard from a descendant of the Truman Childs family and added his information to the
Childs page.
April and May 2011 added more information about Elisha and Avarilla Pratt Essley to the Essley page.
April 2011 Started a Nelson page.
April 2011 added information on the Weidling family of New Boston to the Miscellaneous Families page.
March 2011 added information on the Cox family of New Boston Township.
March 2011 Added a page for the Rooth family of New Boston Township.
January 2011 Added a small amount of Decker information to the Miscellaneous Families page.
November 2010 Added information to the Beverlin page .
November 2010 We made some corrections on the Seastone page, clarifying the name of John A. Seastone's wife. We corrected the temporary links to Lewis on the Surnames page.
September 2010 We are making a start on a Swafford page. We have an enormous amount of information on them so it will take awhile to evolve.
July 2010 We will be adding more information to the Squire Thompson Drury family on the Drury Page thanks to Jim Cook and his research.
July 2010 We have added a page for the Fleming Family of New Boston Township.
June 2010 The unexpected death of cousin Jill Martin was a real wakeup call for me and I am going through my files starting in the "A"s and adding any remaining information to my pages. This will be a very long term project but hopefully will update everything over a period of time. A Chamberlain page and a Chidester page have been added.
May 2010 Added information to the Alyea family page for New Boston.
April 2010 added some notes about Woodward descendants Grace Marie and Lovene Culbertson to the Lavina Wilson Diary Page.
March 2010 Added a link to the new web site for the Mercer County Historical Society on the Mercer Resources page.
January 2010 Added information on the Bishop page about Barbara Adelaide Bishop, her marriages and her occupation.
December 27, 2009 Updated the Mercer Maps page. Note that a new web site is pending for the Mercer County Historical Society. We hope someone tells us when it is finished so we can add it.
December 23, 2009 added information under Lott Thornton on the Beamis family, courtesy Kathy Kaiser.
December 16, 2009 added information on Dempsey Jackson's tombstone to the Jackson page.
October 18, 2009 added information on the location of the Jackson/Willett/Greer Cemetery to the Cemetery page.
September 25, 2009 added information to the orphan Joseph Pullen family we had listed on the Pullen Page.
August 27, 2009 Added a short paragraph on the Isaac Dawson family to the Miscellaneous Families page.
August 2, 2009 Updated the Bear page with more information on Thaddeus Bear and family. We have also been advised that Yahoo will be removing their Geocities pages in October so we are very glad we moved early on to Rootsweb.
July 5, 2009 Paul Mack has added St. Joseph's Cemetery grave information to Findagrave and we have linked it on our Mercer County Cemeteries Page.
June 24, 2009 Made additions to the Mannon Page under Cyrus Mannon, thanks to Jamie Paul.
June 10,2009 We have started a Bishop page.
June 3, 2009 We have started a Pryne page.
5/31/2009 A page for Merritt families of Eliza Township has been added.
Added information on Susan Summers Cash Hallowell Prouty to the Prouty page. (Information courtesy of Sharon Dolan.)
5/6/2009 Added Cash and Hallowell to Surnames and to Miscellaneous Families.
5/2/2009 Added Cemetery information sent by Jamie Paul to the Prouty Page
4/10/2009 Posted cemetery photos sent by Jamie Paul on the Mannon Page
3/31/2009 Added link to Lingafelter grave photos on Findagrave to their Misc Families notes.
3/28/2009 Added Dodson to the surname page and a brief history on the Miscellaneous Families Page.
3/6/2009 Added more information on the Seavers family on the German Families Page. Found out we had ommitted them from the surnames page and added them there.
3/1/2009 Added pension information from 1884 as listed in the 1914 Past and Present of Mercer County for several Civil War veterans living in New Boston and Eliza Townships.
2/20/2009 Updated Lois Retherford's email information on the Mercer Research Resources page. Sorry that we have to make it so difficult to email someone but we cannot put the actual address up on the pages as spam crawlers will use them for nefarious purposes!
2/19/2009 Updated Lois Retherford's email information on the Cemetery Page. Added a newspaper article from the Aledo Times Record to the Artz Cemetery Page, courtesy of Lois.
2/6/2009 Minor updates to the Prouty page.
2/1/2009 Chuck McKeown sent us photos of Henrietta Muhlenberg Tieman Jackson Slater's tombstone in Winslow Cemetery, Poweshiek County, Iowa. He also sent a photo of a page of land records from Mercer County that includes the Tieman land (see Tieman Page.) He also sent a photo of Mary Shields Doughty's tombstone from Winslow Cemetery (see Shields Page as well as the Tieman page.) He tells us there are many Swaffords, Crittendens and Teemans in Winslow Cemetery.
12/28/2008 The Illinois Mercer County Site has a new URL "http://mercer.genwebsite.org/". We have updated it on our Cemetery Page and our Mercer Resources page. If you notice it on any other pages would appreciate an email (my email on the About Us Page.)
12/25/2008 Made a correction to the John Murfin/Margaret Smithers family on the Murfin page.
12/17/2008 Added more information on the Andrew Jackson Noble family (son of Joshua and Elizabeth Nash) including a photo on the Noble Family Page
12/12/2008 On the Mercer County Research Resources page we have added a category "Miscellaneous Mercer Resources" and listed some books that Lois Retherford has and have added her email for lookups in the books.
12/11/2008 Have made a note on the Noble Page that Jasper Noble and Andrew Jackson Noble from the 1860 and 1870 census were one and the same and the son of Joshua Noble.
11/18/2008 We received some additional information on the Lincoln Survey of New Boston from the Mercer County Historical Society and have created a new Survey Page which is linked on the home page and on the History Part 1 Page.
10/29/2008 The Mercer County IlGenWeb Site has recently moved and is referenced throughout our site in various places. We updated some of our pages today but may have missed a place or two, so if you see a problem please let us know on the AboutUs Page.
10/21/2008 Added Smathers/Smethers (possibly Smithers?) 1860 census to the Miscellaneous Families page.
10/14/2008 Added an obituary for Charles Johnson Wilson (born Charles Wilson Johnson) to the Johnson Page.
10/10/2008 Added information to the Essley page: A photograph of a family memorial for the Norton Chipman Essley Family and the information that descendants of Abram and Mary Ann Pratt Essley are eligible for membership in Daughters of the American Revolution.
10/6/2008 Added more information to the Rebecca Noland Duffield family on the
Noland Page.
10/4/2008 Added a paragraph to the Watson page about Abram Watson of Mercer County.
9/23/2008 Updated the Oscar Mannon family on the Mannon page and corrected an error there. 8/22/2008 We are working on a major update to the Pullen page.
8/21/2008 Added Delphey information to Miscellaneous Families
8/3/2008 Moved the McGreer family information from Miscellaneous Families to a new McGreer family page.
7/10/2008 Started a page for the Leech Cemetery in Eliza Township - will work on this from time to time - currently complete for the Pomroy family.
7/9/2008 Added brief notes about the Bergen/Bergin family to Miscellaneous Families
6/21/2008 We are beginning work on a Benedict Page.
6/11/2008 We are beginning work on a Perry page.
6/8/2008 Added Foreman Moore family to the Moore page.
5/5/2008 Added Belcher to Miscellaneous Families.
4/10/2008 We have started a Vanatta page.
3/30/2008 We have started a Roberts page and have two families up.
3/26/2008 Have added a Jenkins page.
3/23/2008 Have added a good deal of information to the new Shields page.
3/18/2008 Added a Lytle page.
3/16/2008 Added more information to the William Pullen family.
3/14/2008 Added information on the Whitacre family on the Miscellaneous Families Page.
3/10/2008 Added information to the William Pullen family on the Pullen page.
3/1/2008 Added Milligan families to the Millikan page as Millikan is sometimes spelled as Milligan (though we don't think the Millikans and Milligans of Mercer County are necessarily related.
2/29/2008 Added Lingafelter to the Miscellaneous Families Page. We are hoping to plunge into the Shields page, a connection of the Lingafelters.
2/26/2008 Added information on the burial of Dora Elizabeth Fuller to the Fuller page.
2/25/2008 Added Charles Fred Lytle, physician, and his father George Lytle, druggist, to the Medicine page. We will be adding a family page later.
2/24/2008 Added the John Maddox family to the Miscellaneous Families Page.
2/14/2008 Added a link about Illinois High Schools that includes several in Mercer County at the bottom of the Schools page, thanks to Lois Retherford.
1/26/2008 Added 1900 census information for John and Margaret Powers Welch to the Welch page.
12/1/2007 Lois Retherford kindly sent us three articles from the Aledo Weekly Record and they are linked as a pdf file on the Artz Cemetery Page.
11/24/2007 Added Peniel and Old Brick Cemetery photos to the Mercer County Cemeteries page, courtesy Lois Retherford.
10/31/2007 We have started a page for the Beverlin family.
10/20/2007 Added a brief explanation of the meaning of "Grand Army of the Republic" to the History Part 5 page.
10/15/2007 Added the Charbonneau family of Huron Island to the Miscellaneous Families page. Check this out if you happen to know of a source for old maps of Huron Island.
10/14/2007 Added the Bigelow Family to the Maine Families Page.
10/13/2007 Added information to the Fish family on the Maine Families Page. Added to the Moore Family Page.
9/18/2007 Added a page for the Jay Family. They mainly lived in Keithsburg and Abington Township but there are burials in New Boston Cemetery.
8/20/2007 Added a page for the
Bell Family of New Boston. Cousin Jill visited New Boston in 2006 and we have added two of her photos at the bottom of the home page.
7/21/2007 Updated the Sabin page with new information on Charles and Eliza Martin Sabin.
6/16/2007 Did a cosmetic update to the Mercer County Cemeteries page and added many more Findagrave links.
6/9/2007 Added a Bear Family Page.
5/30/2007 Added a Brown Family Page.
5/28/2007 Added a Kirlin Family Page.
5/2/2007 Added a Beach Family Page.
4/27/2007 Added a Gray Family Page.
4/17/2007 Added new information and made some corrections to the Shoemaker page.
3/23/2007 Added a few notes to the Shoemaker part of the Glancey Cemetery based on DAR records.
3/17/2007 Updated the Shoemaker Page based on new information from a researcher and from census records.
3/14/2007 People have sent us many wonderful things over the years and now that we have the site moved to Rootsweb from time to time we will be adding some of those things. Today we added a poem by Walter Hodson on the Battle of Champion Hill Mississippi sent to us by Don Finch.
3/2/2007 Added several updates to the Shoeamker Page furnished by descendants.
2/16/2007 The W names have been moved over (there are a couple of the Willits pages we will finish this weekend). This finishes the transfer!
2/12/2006 The S, T, and V names have been moved over.
2/6/2006 The O, P, R names have been moved over.
1/31/2006 The M and N names have been moved over.
1/29/2006 The H, K, and L names have been moved over.
1/26/2007 The F and G names have been moved over.
1/24/2007 The D and E names have been moved over.
1/19/2007 The C names have been moved over - see the Surnames Page.
1/14/2007 The balance of the B Names have been moved over - see the Surnames Page.
1/13/2007 Over the past few days we have moved over Cemetery pages, Civil War pages, Resources pages, Iowa Connections, and B Names through Beeson. Go to the Home Page and the Surnames page for access.
12/30/2006 Moved over the gold fever and Poorhouse pages.
12/27/2006 Moved over the Schools Page.
12/25/2006 Added a Part 6 page and moved over the Part 4 page.
12/22/2006 Moved over the History Part 2 and Part 3 pages.
12/17/2006 Moved over the Anderson Page. Moved over the Albee/Allbee Page. Moved over the Sylvanus Atwater Page. This completes the "A"s that we have in Mercer County. Moved over the Part 1 History of Mercer County and the New Boston Ferry Page.
12/16/2006 Moved over the Maine Families Page. Moved over the Alyea Family page.
12/14/2006 Moved over the Adams Page.
12/12/2006 Updated and moved over the Sanders Page.
12/9/2006 Moved over the Lawrence/Larrance Page
12/8/2006 Moved over the Commons Families Page.
11/29/2006 Moved over the Mercer County Beard Families that connect to our Woodward Families.
10/10/2006 Moved over the Mercer County Cemetery Maps and linked them to the home page. This was probably one of the most difficult pages for one rather inexperienced in the html language so it was an experiment to see if it could be done (the result wasn't too bad!). Yahoo is still totally unresponsive as far as customer service and we have set a goal to have everything moved by July of 2007 so will have to work on it from time to time. 9/7/2006 Added early census records for the Essley family to document their movements.
9/4/2006 Added information on Josiah W. Essley, grandson of John Essley to the Essley page.
9/2/2006 Added information on William Lemon Essley, grandson of John Essley to the Essley page.
9/1/2006 We are beginning to make some sense out of the Essley data and nondata and have added to the Essley page.
8/21/2006 Updated the Welch Family page with information on John and Bridgett Kane Welch.
8/19/2006 We have started an Essley page. This will be a long (and somewhat painful) process to complete but whenever we work on the page we will post a note here.
5/19/2006 Moved the Welch Family Page to this site.
5/18/2006 Moved the Mercer County Woodward Families Page to this site.
5/14/2006 Moved the Honeyman Family Page to this site.
5/6/2006 Moved the Long Families page to this site.
9/22/2005 Created a new Johnson page on this site.
9/17/2005 Moved the updated Davis page from the Yahoo site.
9/16/2005: Moved the updated Nevius page from the Yahoo site. Other pages have been moved here - those linked on the Surnames page.
4/20/2011 Created a new Stineman page as some of the family lived in New Boston Township for a brief period.