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Stineman Family

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Alternate Spellings - Steinman

Links - Isaac Willits Family (Ida Willits mentioned below was daughter of Jesse and Mary Ann Shields Willits who were related to this Willits family).

Contacts - Jon Dodder contacted us for information on Bert, Mabel and Jo-Ann Stineman in New Boston Cemetery

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Page created 4/10/2011. We have only the information as given on this page and are not researching them further at the present time.

We are not actively researching this family but will include here information discovered as a result of Jon Dodder's inquiry. Part of this family definitely lived in New Boston Township for a period of time.

In New Boston Cemetery records we find the following: Page 27 On one stone Bert E. Stineman 1876-19__ Mabel S. Stineman 1881-19__. Next to them is a JoAnn Stineman 1928-1935. We do not know why the stones are not completed.
Page 38 on one stone Allen Stineman 1905-1955 Nina Stineman 1911-____. According to census records Allen is probably a son of Bert and Mabel Stineman.

Page 63 One stone Joseph A. Stineman 1864-1925 Ida W. Stineman 1862-1928. death records give additional information of Ida Willits Stineman died 7/17/1928 at New Boston and Joseph Ackerson Stineman died 6/21/1925 at New Boston.
Also on page 63 of the cemetery records we find on one stone William Stineman 1866-1937 and Dora Isabell Stineman 1877-____. death records tells us that William Stineman died 12/8/1937 and Belle Stineman died 10/2/1948.

Bert, Joseph and William Stineman appear to be brothers from what we can find in census records. In their own census records they give some conflicting information, but putting it all together we believe they are of this family in Grandview Township in Louisa County, Iowa in 1880:
#261 David Stineman, 45, brick maker, born Ohio, parents born Unknown; Margaret, 38, born Pa, parents born Pa; Joseph, 15, son, born Ia; Wm T., 13, son, born Ia; Frank, 11, son, Ia; Charles, 6, son, Ia; Rilla, 6, dau, Ia; Burt, 4, son, Ia; Ella, 2, dau, Ia. With the family are two laborers John Robison, 25, and David Young, 35.

In 1900 in New Boston we find alone at #309 Joseph Steinman, born April 1864, age 36, born Iowa, father Iowa, mother Pa, button cutter. At #312 we find Bert Steinman, boarder, with the Rezin Pratt family. Rezin is a button cutter as well. They have with them as a boarder and a day laborer, Bert Steinman, born December 1876, age 23, born Ia, father born Pa and mother born Pa. Perhaps Joseph and Bert have just moved from Iowa to New Boston., Bert has not yet married and Joseph's wife may still be in Iowa.

In 1930 we find in New Boston #165 Bert Stineman, 53, married at age 26, farmer, born Iowa, father born Ohio, mother born Pa; Mabel, 49, born Iowa, father born Va, mother born Il; Allen, son, 24, Il, Ia, Ia, farm laborer; Nellie, 21, Margeurite, 19, servant; Jack, 16, farm laborer; Orlene, 11, George B, 7, Joan, grandaughter 1 2/12, born Il, parents born Il; Oscar Harmon, 21, hired man, 21, born Ks, father born Il, mother born Ia. At #120 in New Boston we find William Stineman, owner, age 65, married at age 31, born Ia; father born Ia, mother born Oh; Belle, 53, married at age 19, born Il, father born Va, mother born Maine; Susan Acord, mother-in-law, 87, widow, married at age 20, born Maine, parents born Maine. William is listed as a commercial fisherman.