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Photo - Captain Lyman Scudder 124th Vol Ill Inf (the photo was obtained from a government archives site of Civil War soldiers - the site no longer seems to be available)

A brief biography of the Lyman H. Scudder family can be found in the History of Mercer County, 1882.: "Lyman H. Scudder was born in Cattaraugus county, New York, October 29, 1829. In the year 1847 he came to New Boston, where he resided until the spring of 1852, when he started with an ox team for California, and arrived in Placerville in September of that year. He was engaged in mining and farming until the summer of 1855, when he returned to New Boston. He then engaged in the livery business which he followed until the summer of 1862. In July of that year he enlisted [actually he apparently helped raise the company along with Ezra Benedict who was married to Lyman's sister Maria], and on the tenth day of September he was mustered into the service of the United States as captain of company G, 124th Reg, Ill. Vol. Inf. His regiment became a part of the third Division of the 17th Army Corps, which was then engaged in preparing for the capture of Vicksburg, Miss. He participated in several skirmishes and battles, in one of which (Champion Hills, Miss.) he was wounded, and in July, 1864, owing to ill health, he resigned his commission and returned to his home. He has been a resident of New Boston ever since. The subject of this sketch has been twice married. May 13, 1861, he was married to Miss Fanny E. Ives of Oquawka, Illinois, who died in May 1865, leaving one son. February 11, 1866, he was married ot Miss Helen L. Moore, daughter of George and Jemima Moore, of New Boston. She was born in Eliza Township, four miles from her present residence, on May 10, 1837. She has a just claim to be called one of the early settlers. In politics Captain Scudder is republican, having voted and advocated the principles of that party ever since its organization. For the past sixteen years he has resided on a farm thre miles north of New Boston and has taken considerable interest in apiarian pursuits." The one son mentioned from Fannie was Edmund or Edward H. Scudder born February 15, 1862. He married Miss Ethel Irwin 24 December 1888 in Mercer County.

We have a small amount of additional information on the family of Lyman Scudder's second marriage to Miss Helen L. Moore, daughter of George and Jemima Moore, of New Boston, on February 2, 1866. The Moore's were spiritualists and it is possible that Lyman also accepted that faith. At about the time of their marriage Lyman and Helen Moore Scudder adopted Miss Mary Collins, born 3 April 1859 in Jefferson County, Iowa, daughter of William and Susan Turner Collins. Mary Collins Scudder grew up and married William Kellogg of New Boston. Both William & Mary Kellogg were of the spiritualist faith.

We also found a bit more on his military service. The History of the 124th Regiment, 1882, says of the battle: "Several of our officers had narrow escapes. Captain Scudder was hit by a ball which cut a gash nearly two inches long on the top of his head." The Adjutant General's Report for the State of Illinois shows him as joint Captain of Company G along with Benton Pratt. He enlisted on September 10, 1862 and was mustered in on the same day. He resigned June 29, 1864. He received a $15 a month disability pension starting in 1881 for having been wounded in the head. The 1914 Past and Present of Mercer County History verifies he was receiving a $15 pension in New Boston Township in 1884.

He apparently was one of the correspondents with the Aledo Weekly Record during his war service as a small article on 4/23/1861 says "We are under many obligations to E. Miles, Esq, Ives & Dennison, and L. Scudder of New Boston, et al, for papers and telegraphic dispatches."

The 1875 plat map of New Boston Township shows Lyman H. Scudder owning the south half of the southeast quarter of Section 7 and the adjoining north half of the northwest quarter of Section 18Township 14N Range 5 West. His farm was therefore 160 acres and was three miles north of New Boston as indicated in his history.

Census and Tombstone Records

1860 New Boston:#1859 Enos Scudder, 61, hotelkeeper, born New York; Irena Scudder, 58, New Jersey; Sarah Scudder, 18, domestic born Ohio Isabella Caudle, 24, domestic, born Ohio; Fred Caudle, 2, Il. (was Isabella a Scudder daughter?). Sarah married Robert Bush on 11/26/1865 in Mercer County. #1924 Russells S. Scudder, 28, liveryman, born New York; Elizabeth Scudder, 21, Il; Abraham Spry, 22, laborer, born Ohio; Lyman Scudder, 30, liveryman, born New York. Russell married first to Viola Willits, daughter of Thomas and Catharine Willits on 12/21/1856 and second to Elizabeth Lloyd on 4/26/1860. #1902 Ezra S. Benedict, 27, physician; Maria Benedict, 20, born Ohio; William, 5/12, born Il. Ezra Benedict married Maria Scudder, daughter of Enos, on 6/16/1859. Lyman Scudder and Ezra Benedict jointly raised Company G of the 124th Infantry.

1870 census taken 8/9/1870,New Boston, household #115: Lyman H. Scudder, 40, farmer, born NY; Helen Scudder, 33, Il; Mary Scudder [adopted], 11, Il; Eddie Scudder, 8, Il; Irene Scudder, 67, NJ. Irene is Irene McDowell Scudder, widow of Enos Scudder, and mother of Lyman.

1880 census, New Boston: Lyman Scudder, farmer and bookkeeper, 50, born NY, father NY, mother NJ; Helen, wife, 42, Il, parents In; Ed H. Scudder, son, 18, Il, father nY, mother Il; Mary A. Scudder [adopted], 21, born Ia, parents born Ohio.

New Boston: Russell Scudder, fire insurance agent, 48, NY, parents NY; Elizabeth, 41, Il, parents Pa; Theodore, 19, Il, father NY, mother Il; Ward R. Scudder, 13, Il; Jean, son, 6, Il; Fay, son, 1, Il.

Following are burials in New Boston Cemetery for this family (tombstones read by the DAR in the 1960‘s):
Vol 2, Page 18
Irene Scudder died Jan 4, 1867 age 84 yrs 2 mo 6 dy (note from census above that she was alive in 1870 so the date was evidently misread as 1867 when it was 1887 according to her age at death.
Enos Scudder died June 29, 1869 age 69 yr 8 mo 7 dy
Fannie E., wife of L. H. Scudder died May 8, 1865 age 27 yr 9 mo 15 ds
Vol 2, Page 50
Lyman H. Scudder Co G 124th Ill Vol Inf 1829-1915
Helen L. Scudder, his wife, 1837-1922
Edmund H. Scudder, February 15, 1862-April 23, 1918.