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Contacts - Annette Hampton is descended from Phoebe Alyea Scott, daughter or adopted daughter of George and Ann Scott. She has been of great help in sorting out this family. She would like help in solving the mystery of Phoebe's actual birth parents.

There were many, many Scott families in Mercer County. So far only George Scott, Robert Scott, and Thomas Scott have been found with a connection to our area of study: New Boston and Eliza Townships. Robert Scott of New Boston Township Robert Scott, as nearly as we can determine, did not marry and had no issue. He is found in 1860 in New Boston Township: Robert Scott, 37, farmer, born Ireland. He had three laborers working for him: George Rose, 28, laborer, born Sweden; John Haus, 35, laborer, born Denmark; and William Farr, 17, laborer, born New York. In 1870 Robert Scott, age 45, farmer, born Ireland, is working for a Stielman family in New Boston Township. On January 7, 1874, Robert Scott posted a notice in the Aleldo Weekly Record that he had purchased for back taxes the following parcels of land: 32 acres west of Sturgeon Bay in the SW/4 Sec 24, T14N R6W, assessed to C. H. Maxfield 40 acres SENW Sec 25 T14N R6W, assessed in the name of S. S. Fenton 20 acres S/2NENE Sec 22 T14N R6W, assessed in the name of John France 17 acres 1/2SW/4 Sec 15 T14N R6W, assessed in the name of J.T. S. McChesney 160 acres SE Sec 11 T15N R6W, assessed in the name of E. R. Paine 49 acres W/2NW Sec 26 T14N R6W, assessed in the name of Thomas Willits He had previously purchased for back taxes, on 3-5-1873, the following parcels: SW Sec 27 T15NR6W N/2S/2NE Sec 9 T14N R6W All this land was timberland along the Mississippi River in New Boston and Eliza Townships (See Eliza plat map). The timber may have been depleted, or no longer needed, with the advent of coal burning. We do not know Robert Scott's intent in purchasing this land. In 1880 he was a boarder in New Boston Town and still a farmer. He was age 56, born Il, parents born Ohio. In 1900 he is still in New Boston Township, living alone born Sept 1827, age 72, Ireland, parents born Ireland, immigrated 1840, naturalized, farmer. This is probably the Robert Scott buried in Mannon Cemetery - see bottom of page.

This Robert Scott is not to be confused with Robert Scott who married Mary Colver on 11/23/1861 in Mercer County. That Robert Scott enlisted in Company K of the 22nd Regiment and died 11/7/1861.

George Scott Family

In the 1870 Census in the Town of New Boston we find: George Scott, 60, retired farmer, born Ireland; Fredericka Scott, 38, born Il; Frederick Schram, 7; John Schram, 3. George Scott married widow Frederica Schram on 17 June 1870 in Muscatine, Iowa.

George Scott came early to Mercer County and is found in Township 14North Range 4West (future Millersburg Township) in 1840 as the last listing in the township. George Scott: males - 1 under 5 [Jonas], 1 5-10 [Stephen], 1 30-40 [George]; females - 1 under 5 [unidentified], 1 5-10 [Josephine], 1 20-30 [Ann]. George Scott married Ann Stark 5/8/1834 in Decatur County, Indiana.

Ann Stark Scott appears to be the daughter of Abner Stark, born 9 October 1791, of Shelby County, Kentucky and Decatur County, Indiana. Abner Stark was married to Persis Boone, daughter of Josiah Boone and Persis Hinton. [This information is from a posting on the Internet from "Our Boone Families: Danield Boone's Kinfolk" by Sarah Ridge Rockenfield and from Davis County, Iowa, Cemetery Records] Ann Stark is not listed as the daughter of Abner and Persis Stark but they were married in Kentucky on 20 February 1811, and Ann was born in Kentucky in 1813, apparently eldest daughter. Ann Stark Scott named a son Abner, and is buried in Davis County, Iowa, near Persis Boone Stark, so the information seems a good fit.

George and Ann Scott are found in Township 14 North Range 4 West in Mercer County in the 1850 census: George Scott, 42, farmer, real estate $1000, born Ireland; Ann, 36, born Ky; Stephen Scott, 15, born Indiana; Jonas P. Scott, 13, born Indiana; Phebe A. [Alyea] Scott, age 5, born Illinois; unnamed baby Scott, 1/12, born Il. This begins the mystery of the identity of Phebe Alyea Scott: was she an Alyea child adopted by the Scotts, or was she simply named Alyea after the Alyea family, prominent in New Boston trade? We would simply assume the latter case, except that in later records in Kansas her name is sometimes given as Phebe Alyea, sometimes as Phebe Scott. If anyone has information on this conundrum, we would appreciate hearing from them.

George and Ann Scott had additional children found in New Boston Cemetery, all on one plot: Josephine B. Scott, daughter of George and Ann Scott, died April 13, 1864, age 29 yr 27 dy; John W. Scott, died October 12, 1842, at 8 PM, aged 4 yr 1mo 1 dy; and Abner D. Scott, died October 12, 1842, at 8 AM, age 1 yr 4m 2 dy. The deaths of the two boys is very poignant; they must have died of disease since they died on the same day. We do not know the whereabouts of Josephine in the 1850 census - she would have been 15 years old and old enough to be working out.

George and Ann Scott are found in Millersburg Township in 1860: George Scott, 52, farmer, real estate $4000, personal property $1100, born Ireland; Ann, 45, born Ky; Phebe A., 15, born Ill; Celia [Orelia], 9, born Ill; and Andrew, 7, born Il. We do not find sons Stephen and Jonas in Mercer County in 1860, nor do we find marriages for them there so they may have gone west.

George and Ann Scott apparently separated or divorced sometime between 1860 and 1870 since George remarried in 1870. Ann Scott is found in the 1870 census in Davis County, Iowa: Ann Scott, 56, farmer, real estate $1600, personal property $500, born Ky; Phebe A. Scott, 26, born Il; Oralie Scott, 19, works on farm and attends school, born Il; Andrew Scott, 17, works on farm and attends school, born Il. Ann Stark Scott, born 1813, died 22 July 1874, and is buried in Dunville Cemetery, Lick Creek Township, Davis County, Iowa. Her mother, Persis Boone, born 1794 Shelby Co, Ky, died 14 Oct, 1875, and is buried near Anne in the Dunville Cemetery.

Daughter (?) Phoebe Alyea Scott married Winston Cromley about 1870 in Davis County, Iowa. Winston Cromley is found in the 1870 census in Davis County: Winston Cromley, 40, works on farm, born Indiana. He is working for a Joseph Maynard family. The Cromleys moved to Kansas.

George Scott and Fredericka Schram had a son, George W. Scott, died January 19, 1874, age 8 months. George, Sr., died January 11, 1886, and he and his small son are buried together in New Boston Cemetery. We do not find George Scott in the 1880 Mercer County census but may have missed him if he was living with someone else. We do not know the fate of Frederica.

Thomas Scott Family

In the 1870 census in the Town of New Boston we find: Thomas Scott, wagonmaker, born Pa; Sarah, 40, born Cn; Ella, 14, born Il; Nevada, 12, Il; Jessie, 8, Il; Ann, 4, Il; Minnie, 1, Il. They are not found in Mercer County in 1860 so came to Mercer from somewhere else in Illinois. We do not find marriages for any of the children in Mercer County so they may not have stayed long.

Scott Cemetery Records in Mercer County

As time permits we will add Scott cemetery records (tombstones from DAR walkdown) to aid researchers
Volume 8 Mercer County Cemetery records
Page 5 - Alexis Cemetery, Suez Township
Everett O. Scott 1818-1890
Margaret, wife of E. O. Scott 1827-1894
Matilda McBride, daughter of E. O. & M. Scott 1853-1886

Pages 67-71 Brown & Meeker Cemetery - North Henderson Township Page 69 - the index is wrong having William Scott on page 71 - he is actually on page 69
William Y. Scott died December 3, 1854 age 48 y 9 m 20 ds
Bessie (or Jessie) Scott died Sept 20, 1864 age 60 yr 9 m 28 ds
Page 70
Michael D. Scott killed by lightning on Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming Ter Sept 5, 1886 age 46 y 10 mo 17 ds
Nancy Scott Nov 22, 1842-Aug 12, 1916
Lewis G. Scott July 7, 1890-Dec 23, 1927
Joseph Scott 1773-Nov 1872 age 99 yrs
Mary, wife of Joseph Scott, Mar 15, 1777-Mar 2, 1857 age 79 yr 11 mo 17 dy (broken stone)
A Brown child separates the two Scott plots - died 1850
Elizabeth Scott, wife of J. C. Scott d Apr 6 1874 age 86 y 2m 11 dy (she was living with Everett Scott in the 1870 census)
Margaret J., wife of A. J. Scott, Jan 21, 1857 age 20 yr 5 mo 22 dy
Russia, wife of J. M. Scott (no date)

Page 77 - Mannon Cemetery, New Boston Township
Robert Scott, son of Edward and Mary Scott, Nov 14, 1923-Aug 4, 1902
(obviously one of these dates is wrong but that is what it says - he was born 1823 and the record is a typo.)