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Louis and Sophia Schrader Family

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Alternate Spellings - Schrader, Shrader

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Contacts - Rose Muhlenburg tells us that Sophia was Sofia Charlotte Annitnette Muhlenberg, sister of Charles Muhlenburg, born April 29, 1804.

According to a Muhlenburg family history, Louis Shrader and family came with the Muhlenburg family to America, landing at New Orleans. They would have then proceeded up the Mississippi River directly to Mercer County. Since many of the German families came about the same time (early 1850's) there may have been several that came together. The 1900 census for Augustus Schrader gives his date of immigration as 1852.

In the 1860 census we find Lewis Shrader in New Boston Township: #1682 Lewis Shrader, 58, farmer, born Hanover; Sophia, age 57, born Hanover. Next door at 1681 is son Augustus Shrader, 23, farmer, born Hanover, wife Amelia, 19, born Hanover, and daughter Sophia, age 6/12. Augustus had married Amelia Shafer on May 9, 1858 in Mercer County. Rose Muhlenberg has her as the daughter of Charles and Henrietta Spolader Schaeffer.

Lewis also had a daughter Caroline who married Henry Brockett on August 31, 1856 in Mercer County. They are in New Boston Township next to Robert and Caroline Shafer in 1860: #1678 Henry Brockett, 28, farmer, born Hanover, Caroline, 26, born Germany, Unknown [Emma in the 1870 census] Brockett, 1, born Il.

There appears to be another daughter Charlotte who is buried in Shields cemetery next to Lewis and next to children of Augustus: Charlotte Shrader born 3 December 1839, died 14 October 1863. She is not found in the 1860 census so perhaps followed the family later?

By 1870 the families had moved to Eliza Township: #120 Lewis Shrader, 67, farmer, born Hanover; Sophia, 66, born Hanover; John Taylor, 56, carpenter, born England; Gustus Graberg, 25, farm laborer, born Sweden. (Perhaps they were still building a home due to the presence of the carpenter?) #119 August Shrader, 39, farmer, born Hanover; Amelia, 28, Hanover, Sophia, 9, Il; Flora, 7, Il; Lewis, 5, Il, Henry, 1, Il. #142 Henry Brockett, 39, farmer, born Ct; Caroline, 33, born Hanover; Emma, 13, born Il. The location of the Schrader land can be seen in Section 28 on the 1875 Eliza Township Plat.. John Taylor owned land just north of the Schrader’s is why we think he was building for the Schrader’s in the 1870 census.

Lewis Schrader died 12 March 1875 and is buried in Shields Cemetery, age 72 yr 2 mo 21 dy. Sophia is not listed in the cemetery records, though she is probably buried in Shields Cemetery.

Augustus and Amelia are found in Eliza Township in 1880: #118 Augustus Schrader, 49, farmer, born Hanover, parents born Hanover, Amelia, 38, born Hanover, parents born Hanover, Sophia, 20, born Il; Flora C., 17, born Il; Louis C., 15, Il; David A, 4, Il; Aaron Hurley, 33, farm laborer; Mary McNall, 17, domestic servant; Truman Louck, 21, farm laborer. Son Henry listed in the 1870 census had died 14 June 1875 and is buried in the Shields Cemetery. Augustus and Amelia had another son Ledro, born August 1880 per the 1900 census.

Augustus died 3 February 1803, age 72 yr 1 mo 7 dy and Amelia died 24 April 1920, age 78 yr 5 mo 14 dy and both are buried in Shields Cemetery. Amelia is buried near her probable mother Henrietta, wife of Charles Shaper, died Nov 7, 1879, age 72 yr 7 mo 27 dy.

We find the following marriages for children of Augustus and Amelia: David A. Schrader married Louise J. Colberg 2/3/1897 Mercer County; Lewis C. Schrader married Jennie J. Huston, 9/12/1888 Mercer County; Flora C. Schrader married Clinton Bear [son of Jacob and Jemima Bear] 9/10/1884 Mercer County.

There is a monument in Shields Cemetery listing children of A. & A. Schrader: Henry W., died 6/14/1875 age 5 yr, 2 mo 14 dy; Mary J., died 6/30/1875 age 11 yr 11 mo 26 dy. They probably died of disease given the close death dates. Curiously Mary J is not listed in the 1870 census and appears to be a twin of Flora. Daughter Sophia apparently died unmarried in 1889 (tombstone reading says died 5/15/1839 age 29 yrs 4m 5 dys which was a misreading and the 1880 census would make her death 1889).