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Alternate Spellings - Sabin, Saban, Sabens, Sabine, Sabins, Saybins (the name is consistently spelled Sabin or Sabins in Mercer County records)

Links - Perry, Glidden, Freise, Reed, Irwin, Martin

Contacts - Two people who are descendants of William Sabin of Mercer County have contacted us and helped us with this family. 8/2007 we have heard from Mary Gratton who sent information on some of the family in Iowa.

The various spellings of Sabin are found very early in America. By 1790 there were 74 Heads of Families with the majority found in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, and Massachusetts. The progenitor of the Mercer County Sabins is thought to be William Sabin of Vermont who had a son William Washington Sabin who married Olive Cutler. They had a son William Sabin born 4/16/1812 in Rensselaer County, New York. He married Louisa Simons in New York and they were in Mercer County by 1850. (The surname for Louisa was furnished by a Sabins researcher). There is also some question as to whether her given name was Louise or Louisa - unfortunately the 1850 census has her as Louis!

William and Louisa[e?] Sabin in 1850

William and Louisa Simons Sabin are found in Mercer County in 1850 in Township 14N Range 5W (future New Boston Township): #345 William Sabins, 36, farmer, born New York; Louis[a?][e?] Sabins, 35, born New York; Henry Sabins, 15, laborer, born NY; Lucy B. Sabins, 12, NY; Olive E. Sabin, 9, NY; Charles O. Sabin, 7, NY; Louisa Sabin, 6, NY; William Sabins, 5, NY [Note: the 1860 census has him as age 12, born Il]. An Albert Olin family is at #341 with New York and Vermont connections so they may have come to Mercer together. A purchase of public land is not found in Mercer County for the Sabins. Louisa Sabin died sometime before 1856 in Mercer County but a burial record is not now found for her (see more below on a special section for Mary Caroline Sabin).

William and Nancy Sabin in 1860 and 1870

Widower William Sabin married Nancy Jane Wolfe Perry, widow of Andrew Perry, on 3/9/1856 in Mercer County (license date). There were Wolfe families in Mercer County but there appears to be no connection to Nancy Jane. In the 1880 census she gives her father born Prussia and her mother born Ireland which does not match with the Mercer County Wolfe families. William and Nancy Sabin are found as a blended family in 1860 in New Boston Township: #1829 William Sabin, 45, farmer, born New Jersey (likely an error in transcription); Nancy Sabin, 45, born Ohio; William Perry, 12, born Indiana; Samuel Perry, 8, born Il; Charles Sabin, 14 [17], born Il; William Sabin, 12, Il; Alice Sabin, 10, Il; Sallie Sabin, 8, Il. Nancy Perry's son Eli, age 16, born Il, is working next door as a laborer for the Charles Muhlenberg family. William's son, Charles Sabin, age 17, born NY, is also censused as a laborer working for a Warrington family in New Boston Township. Daughter Louisa Sabin, 16, born NY, is working as a domestic for a Myers family, next door to her sister Lucy (more below) in New Boston Township.

William and Nancy Sabin went to Iowa before 1870 and William is buried in Pioneer's |Cemetery, Pleasant Township, Hardin Co, Iowa [16 April 1212-21 Oct 1875].

Some notes on the Perry family

Nancy Jane Wolfe married Andrew Perry on 2/16/1837 in Wayne County, Indiana, as second wife. Andrew Perry was born about 1797 in Ohio. They are found in LaPorte County, Indiana, New Durham Township, #100 in 1850. There are three children of Andrew and his first wife: Minerva Perry born about 1822; Rachel, about 1829, and Mary, about 1834. Children of Andrew and Nancy Wolfe Perry were Albert, born about 1837 in Indiana; Charles, born about 1838 (may not belong in this family as born Ohio); Lorinda, about 1840; Sally Ann, about 1842, In; Henry, about 1844, In; Eli, about 1845, In; William, about 1848, In, and Samuel, about 1852, Il. We have considerable information on the Perry family and will eventually put up a page for them. Andrew Perry supposedly died in Mercer County but we have not found a burial record for him.

Children of William and Louisa Simons Sabin

Henry Sabin

According to the 1850 census Henry Sabin was born about 1835 in New York. We have found no further record of him and do not know if he died or went West or both before 1860. We have the National Index for 1880 on CD-Rom and do not find him anywhere. This index has many inaccuracies so this is not necessarily definitive information.

Lucy Sabin Glidden

Lucy B. Sabin was born about 1838 in New York, and married Clark C. Glidden on 10/18/1854 in Mercer County. He was son of William and Florella Glidden of New Boston Township, Mercer County. Clark and Lucy are found in the 1860 census in New Boston Township: #1784 Clark Glidden, age 27, laborer, born Ohio; Lucy, we, born NY; William Glidden, 5, born Il. They are not found in the 1870 census in Mercer County. In 1880 they are in Tipton, Hardin County, Iowa: Clark C. Glidden, 48, born Oh, father born Me, mother born NY; Luca[y] Glidden, wife, 42, born NY, father born Vt, mother born NY; Ida Glidden 18, born Il; Ralph, 13, born Il; Mary McConnelong, teacher, 35, born Wi, parents born Ireland. Son William Glidden is in Sherman, Hardin County, Iowa: William, farmer, age 24, father born Ohio, mother born NY; Cora Glidden, wife, 19, born Il, parents birthplace not given. There is someone age 51, born NY, male, with them but the name is unreadable.

Olive Sabin McDonald

Olive E. Sabin was born 10/1/1841 in New York and died 7/9/1918 in Mercer County. She is buried beside her husband in Eliza Creek Cemetery (dates are from tombstone). She is age 9 in the 1850 census with William and Louisa. Olive married James McDonald 12/25/1860 in Mercer County. He was born 11/26/1828 in Pennsylvania and died 3/16/1905 in Mercer County. He is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery next to his wife. He is not in Mercer County in the 1860 census so we do not know his parents. James McDonald served in the Civil War. He enlisted in Co H 84th Illinois Regiment, August 4, 1862 at New Boston, mustered in September 1, 1862 and mustered out June 8, 1865. James and Olive are not found in Mercer County in 1870 and were apparently in Iowa. They are back in Mercer County in 1880 and are found in Perryton: James McDonald, 51, born Pa, parents born Pa; Olive, 38, born NY, parents born NY; Arthur, son, 12, born Il; Arabella, 10, born Ia; Jennie, 6, born Ia. They also had a son Charles E. McDonald born 7/6/1866 and died 3/22/1867 and buried in Sugar Grove Cemetery in Mercer County. They also had a daughter Emily E. McDonald born 8/4/1879 and died 1/13/1880 in Mercer County and buried in Sugar Grove Cemetery. Son Arthur McDonald married Nancy Freise on 9/21/1892 in Mercer County. She was daughter of Charles and Julia Kemp Freise of Mercer County. Daughter Jennie McDonald was born 9/17/1873 and died 6/3/1957 in Mercer County (burial Eliza Creek Cemetery). She married Edgar H. Irwin on 12/25/1889 in Mercer County. He was son of Alexander and Frances Reed Irwin, born 3/22/1869 and died 7/23/1955 (burial Eliza Creek Cemetery). We will be putting up both a Reed and an Irwin page.

Charles and Eliza Martin Sabin

Son Charles O. Sabin was born 1/11/1842 in New York and died 6/18/1877 in Mercer County (burial New Boston Cemetery). He married (Mrs.) Eliza Martin on 9/26/1876 in Mercer County. She was born 2/10/1841 in Franklin County, Ohio, and died 3/11/1917 in Mercer County (burial New Boston Cemetery as Eliza Hayes between Charles O. Sabin and her first husband Jay Martin).

In the 1880 census Eliza Martin is listed with a daughter Famy[Fanny?] Martin, age 3. Eliza had apparently taken back her Martin name. 1880 New Boston, Mercer County: Eliza Martin, keeping house, 39, born Ohio, parents born NJ; Grant Martin, son, 17, born Il, father born Eng, mother born Oh; Jenni Martin, daughter, 11, born Il, father born Eng, mother born Ohio; Famy Martin, 3, born Il, father born NY, mother born Oh (thus likely daughter of Charles Sabin). Jay Martin was born 6/12/1825 in England and died 1/4/1871 in Mercer County. He married a Louisa sometime before 1854 and then married Eliza sometime after 7/1865. There is a rather convoluted history of Eliza Martin in the History of Mercer County 1882,page 296, which cheerfully mixes up her two husbands. It tells us that Mrs. Eliza Martin, wife of the late sergeant J. Martin, was born in Franklin County, Ohio, and went from there to Burlington, Iowa, in company with her sister in 1859 (we do not know the surname of the two sisters.) It then gives the two marriages in reverse order. Jay Martin was chosen first sergeant of his company, 124th Vol. Inf. and the battles he participated in are listed. It then says he died in 1870 leaving four children to lament his death: Albert J., Laura, Grant, and Jenny. Albert J., Laura, and Grant were children of Jay's first wife and Jenny was a daughter of Eliza and Jay (born 1869). Jay and Eliza Martin had another son Fred, born 6/5/1866 and died 8/4/1873 (burial New Boston Cemetery). This history does not mention the daughter Famy [Fanny?] Martin born about 1877 in Mercer, hence we are fairly certain she was daughter of Charles Sabin.

Eliza Sabin married one James Hayes 28 January 1885 in Muscatine County, Iowa. They are found in Drury Township, Rock Island County (just north of Mercer) in 1900: James Hayes, born June 1822, 77, married 15 years, born Ireland, parents born Ireland; Eliza Hayes, born Feb 1837, age 63, married 15 years, 5 children born, 4 living, born Ohio, parents born New Jersey; Bertha Reynolds, servant, March 1881, 19, born Il, parents born Il; Fred Miller, born April 1873, 27, Il, Gy, Eng, farm laborer. Even though Eliza's birthdate is quite a bit younger than that indicated on her tombstone, it seems quite likely this is her.

Louisa Sabin Lewis? Shaw?

Louisa Sabin was born about 1844 in New York, according to both the 1850 and the 1860 census. There is a marriage (or at least a license) for Louisa Sabin in Mercer County to John F. Lewis on 3/26/1864. Researchers, however, tell us she is buried as Louisa Shaw in Hardin County, Iowa (14 Feb 1850-18 March 1877). We are unable to identify her in the 1880 census by either name so this could be the correct burial and name. It was not unusual for women (and sometimes men) to shave their birth information by a few years. An ancestor of your Web Master shaved her age by 5 years in every single census. Someone wanted to set the record straight and put both her birthdate and true age on her tombstone!

William Sabin

William Sabin was born about 1848 in Illinois according to the 1860 census. William Sabin is in Grinnell, Poweshiek County, Iowa, in the 1880 census: William Sabin, works on railroad, 31, born Il, parents born NY; Marcella Sabin, wife, 27, born Iowa, father Pa, mother Ohio; Edith L. Sabin, daughter, 6, born Iowa; Walter H. Sabin, son, 4, born Ia; Gertrude H. Sabin, daughter, 1, born Iowa; Isaac E. Low, works on railroad, brother [in-law] 17, born Iowa, father born Pa, mother born Ohio. A descendant tells us William married Marcella Low(e) in Winterset, Iowa. They are both buried in Hinsdale Valley, Montana.

Alice Sabin

Alice Sabin was born about 1850 in Illinois. This rather argues for Louisa (above) NOT being born in 1850 as she was born New York. We do not have a possible marriage name for Alice so have no further information on her.

Sallie Sabin

Sallie Sabin was born about 1852 in Illinois. A surname of Trueblood is given by one of the Sabin researchers. There is no Sallie Trueblood in Hardin County, Iowa in 1880, but there is one of the right age in Guide Rock, Webster, Nebraska in 1880: Walter Trueblood, farmer, 32, born Iowa, parents born Indiana; Sallie Trueblood, 28, born Il, parents born Maine[?]; George Trueblood, son, 8, born Ia; Levi Trueblood, 6, Ia; May Trueblood, 2, Iowa. We do not know if this is the correct one but she is the only one found of the right age and birthplace in the 1880 National Index.

Child of Louisa Sabin? Child of Nancy Sabin?

Mary Caroline Sabin

Now we come to a mystery daughter, Mary Caroline Sabin, not found with the family in 1860, but born 12/16/1854 in Illinois according to her obituary furnished to us by a descendant. The obituary gives her as daughter of William and Nancy Sabin but it doesn't quite fit with the marriage date of William and Nancy - this is not especially unusual as many times, particularly in this time period, people took up housekeeping by necessity when small children were involved and then got a license and married when a preacher was available. Census records don't help us, as both Louisa and Nancy had children born 1852 and could have produced another child in 1854. A lot hinges on the death dates of Louisa Sabin and Andrew Perry but we have no information on the death of either one. The only other clue pointing toward Louisa as parent is the 1880 census where Mary Caroline gives both her parents born New York (Nancy Wolfe was born in Indiana). In a way not finding Mary Caroline in the 1860 census with William and Nancy is also a clue. If Louisa died at her birth, the baby would have had to be taken in by a woman who could nurse her for the requisite two years. Since William and Nancy had a large combined family of Sabin and Perry children, Mary Caroline might have remained with the family who cared for her until William and Nancy left for Iowa (she is found with them in Iowa in 1870, age 14). There is also a very real possibility that the 1860 census simply errs in not reporting Mary Caroline as a daughter. Even if she was enumerated with William and Nancy it would not prove who was her mother. We would really, really like to hear from anyone who might shed some light on this mystery (WebMaster Nadine's email on About Us Page). Mary Caroline Sabin married Thomas Jefferson Johnson on 6/24/1872 in Eldora, Hardin County, Iowa. He was born about 1851 in Iowa and died 2/18/1910. They are found in Center, Smith County, Kansas in 1880: Thomas J. Johnson, farmer, 29, born Iowa, father born Va, mother born Ohio; Mary C. Johnson, wife, 23, born Il, parents born NY; Harley T. Johnson, son, 4, born Ia; Olive H. Johnson, daughter, 1, born Iowa. Note that both the 1870 and 1880 census give Mary Caroline with an age that would indicate she was born 1856 or 1857 which would be more consistent with Nancy being the mother. It is possible the 1854 birthdate is wrong or has been mistranscribed.

Mary Caroline's obituary was published in The Donnybrook Courier Thursday 6 April 1937 "Pioneer Woman of Stave Township is Laid to Rest." Unfortunately neither Donnybrook or Stave Township gives us a clue as to the actual location of death as to county or state. She died Tuesday, March 30, 1937, at the age of 82. "Mary Caroline Sabin, daughter of William and Nancy Sabin, was born December 16, 1854 in the State of Illinois." "She was married on June 24, 1872 to Thomas J. Johnson of Eldora Ia. Her husband preceeded her in death having passed away on February 12, 1910. Nine children were born to them." "Mrs. Johnson is survived by five children, viz Harley of Crestwynd Sask, Ossie at home, Lewis of Weyburn Sask. Ward of Eau Claire, Wisonsin, and Clint at home, four children passed on before her - Olive, Margaret, Wallace, and Claud." She was buried in Aurelia Cemetery along with her husband. (This probably places the location in Buena Vista County, Iowa?) (Thanks to Teena for providing the obituary).

Children of William and Nancy Wolfe Perry Sabin

In addition to the possible daughter Mary Caroline Sabin discussed above, Nancy Sabin is found living with son Miles Sabin in 1880 in Eldora, Hardin County, Iowa: Miles Sabin, farmer, 21, born Il, father born NY, mother born In; Jane Sabin, wife, 22, born Iowa, father born WV, mother born Ohio; Clark Sabin, son, 9 mo, born Iowa; Nancy Sabin, mother, widow, born Indiana, father born Prussia, mother born Ireland; Anna Walton, stepdaughter, 5, born Iowa; Wilson Walton, stepson, 2, born Iowa; Viola Perry, niece, 11, born Iowa. There could have been more children. Both William (4/16/1812-10/2/1875) and Nancy (2/14/1821-6/8/1889) are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery, Pleasant Township, Hardin County, Iowa.

Miscellaneous Sabins in Mercer County

Charles P. Sabin

There is a Charles Sabin born May 5, 1877, died November 18, 1905 buried in New Boston Cemetery. He appears to be son of William and Margaret Sabin found in Oquawka, Henderson County, Illinois in 1880 (Henderson County is next to Mercer County): William Sabin, stone and brick mason, age 52, borne Lippe Detmold, parents born Lippe Detmold; Margaret Sabin, wife, 48, born Baden, parents born Baden. All the children are born Illinois: John, 19; Fred, 15; Willie, 14; Matilda, 12; Minnie, 8; and Charles, 3, who appears to be this Charles.

Arthur F. Sabin

There is an Arthur F. Sabin listed on the Soldier's Monument in Aledo. He served in Company A of the 102nd Illinois Infantry. He enlisted from North Henderson Township on August 10, 1862 and was killed at Resaca, Georgia, May 15, 1864. We do not know if there is a connection to the other Sabin families listed above.

7/21/2007 Made some corrections to the Charles and Eliza Martin Sabin history.