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Rooth Families - Mercer County

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Alternate Spellings - Rooth, Ruth

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Contacts - In 2005 we heard from George Sheats who was helping his uncle Fred Rooth with information on his grandfather Edward. We tried to return cemetery information to him but unfortunately the email address he gave us did not work.

Rooth Families - Mercer County

This is actually one family headed by Edward Rooth, Jr., but he married twice, once to Alice V. Beard on 6/2/1887 and then to Melissa Pratt on 9/18/1894. Alice Beard appears to be daughter of Jacob and Eliza Sloan Beard. At least the ages match. Melissa Pratt may be the daughter of John and Mary Ferguson Pratt though there is some age discrepancy.

Edward Booth Jr. is found with his father Edward Rooth in 1880 in District 180 of New Boston Township: Edward Ruth, 40 boarder, sawyer, born Massachusetts, father born Scotland, mother born Massachusetts; Edward, Jr., 18, boarder, sawyer, born Massachusetts and parents born Massachusetts.

The two Edwards are boarding with an Elijah Mendell family: Elijah Mendell, 29, mill engineer, born Indiana, parents born Indiana; Adelia, 27, born Wisconsin, father born Canada, mother born Il; John 7, son, born Iowa, father In, mother Mo. Note that since John's mother was born Missouri, Adelia is likely a second wife?

There is no 1890 census information available but we know that first wife Alice Beard died in 1892 because she is buried in Mannon Cemetery and her tombstone reads "Alice Rooth 1865-1892." There is an E. Rooth stone there but no dates on it as Edward is not buried there. There is a daughter Pearl Rooth, February 2, 1890-July 25, 1891, buried next to Alice.

In the 1900 census in District 75, New Boston, we find #93 Edward Rooth, Sept 1863, age 36, married 12 yr, farmer, born Massachusetts, father born Massachusetts and mother born Ireland; Melissa, May 1860, 40 years old, married 12 years, born Il, parents born Indiana; Carrie, Jan 1889 (this would be another daughter of Edward and Alice), 11, born Il, father born Massachusetts, mother born Illinois; James, June 1895, 4, born Il, father born Mass, mother Il; John, May 1898, 2, Il, Ma, Il; Louis Litwiler, servant, Sept 1874, 25, born Ia, parents born Iowa, farm laborer.

Edward and Melissa are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery along with another son Fred who was born after the census was taken in 1900. The tombstones read: Edward Rooth, Sept 12, 1862-Jan 15, 1948; Melissa Rooth Aug 23, 1861-June 13, 1937; Fred Rooth Sept 24, 1900-Dec 19, 1918.

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