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Alternate Spellings - Pullin, Pullian, Pullim, Pulling (some of these seem to just be mispellings in transcribing records)

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Contacts - Cory Tarrants for the Clarinda Noble Pullen Faler family; Sam Fuller for the Madison Pullen/Jacob Spitznogle family; Robyn Osborn for the Andrew and Mary Jane Pullen Reed family (her husband is the descendant). She has furnished obituaries and census records for the Pullens. Judy Nelms is a descendant of the Madison Pullen family and helped us locate information. Kay Brown of Minnesota sent us information on the William Pullen family. Kay Blaha sent us obituaries and other information on the Dennis Pullen family. Kimberly Little helped us in locating our orphan Joseph Pullen family and we have added to his record below (09/2009)

There is an interesting Joseph Pullen Family Tree online that is composed of children named in the will of Joseph Pullen who died in Union County, Indiana in 1847. He appears to be the father of the some of the Pullens included below. There is a lot of information on this site and it is well referenced.

We have one "orphan" family that we had not been able to place: 1860 Census, Eliza Township: Joseph F. Pullen, 24, farmer, born Indiana; Mary J., 22, In; James M., 4/12, Il. In September 2009 we heard from Kimberly Little whose gr-gr-gr-grandparents were Joseph and Mary Pullen. We were able to find some current information on that indicated that by 1880 this Pullen family had moved to Iowa where Joseph was a butcher and there were additional children: Joseph M., Henry C., Maud L., Ida M., Marian F.(son), William F., Lennie S. (daughter), and Nellie. We were unable to locate a marriage record for Joseph and Mary. There was family tree information that indicated they both died in 1903 in Chanute, Neosho County, Kansas. Some places also indicated that Joseph was born in Ohio and not Indiana and that his parents were Samuel and Hannah Hollingworth Pullen.

Pullen, and its variations, is a fairly common name. In the 1790 Census there were 32 heads of households in Virginia alone, where our families originated. Fortunately, only one or two families seem to have migrated to Union County, Indiana, a stopping place for our families, and there were few other families by this name in Indiana.

By the fact that most of the Pullens located in Eliza Township in Mercer County, and in Drury Township in Rock Island County, just across the County line, we feel they were all closely connected. Several were probably brothers, and others probably first cousins. The progenitor of at least some of them was probably Joseph Pullen who died in Union County, Indiana in 1847. His widow Elizabeth Pullen, 70, born Virginia is living with widow Sarah Pullen, age 25, born Ind and her two children: Sarah E. Pullen, 4, Ind; Joseph E. Pullen, 2, Ind [1850 census Harrison Township, Union County, Indiana]. This is probably Sarah Scott Pullen who married Alexander Pullin in Union County on 3/29/1846 as the marriage date matches the childrens' birthdates. Another potential progenitor for some of the Mercer families is an Elias Pullen married Polly Hampton on 26 Oct 1816 in Botetort Co, Va (VA marriage index 1740-1850) There is an estate for an Elias Pullen in Union County Indiana estate records and the administrator was David Pullen, son. David Pullen, age 51, with wife Martha and several children is in Liberty Township in Union County, Indiana in 1850.

A summary of the names, probable birth dates and settlement locations may be of some help in following the narrative below (all were born in Virginia):
--Dennis Pullen, born about 4/1802, settled Rock Island County
--Madison Pullen, born 4/7/1811, settled Rock Island County
--Elias Pullen, born about 1817, settled Mercer County
--John Pullen, born about 1818, settled Mercer County
--Andrew Pullen, born about 1822, settled Rock Island and Henderson Counties
--Joseph Pullen, born about 1823, settled Mercer County
--William Pullen, born about 1825, settled Mercer County
--James Pullen, born about 1828, settled Mercer County
Joseph, William, and James were perhaps sons of Dennis Pullen. Since we are not sure we have included them at the end of the page rather than under the Dennis Pullen family.

We reiterate that there is no proof all of the above were brothers, even though their birth dates fit in a neat progression.

At least some of the Pullens came early to Illinois. Elias Pullen, according to the History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882 settled on Section 9 in New Boston Township in 1838. That land was still in Pullen ownership on the 1875 plat map. We do not find any records of public land purchase in Illinois for Pullens.

Dennis Pullen Family

Dennis Pullen married first to Nancy [surname Kingen?] who was born about 1805 in Virginia and died 9/23/1844 in Rock Island County. A marriage is not found in Indiana but the web site referenced under contacts lists a marriage in Virginia. Dennis married second to Mrs. Jane Coulter on 9/15/1854 in Rock Island County.

Dennis Pullen is found in the 1840 Census in Union County, Indiana: Dennis Pullen, males, 1 30-40, 1 15-20, 1 10-15, 1 5-10, 1 under 5; females, 1 30-40, 3 5-10, 2 under 5.

Dennis Pullen is found in Drury Township in Rock Island County in the 1850 census, household #1792: Dennis Pullen, 49, born Virginia; Nancy, 17; Martha, 15; Harriett, 13, David 10; Virginia, 9. Harriett Pullen, widow of Madison, is found directly next door as household #1793 and Dennis's daughter Harriett was probably her namesake. We therefore are fairly sure that Dennis and Madison were brothers. Dennis's wife, Nancy, who died 9/23/1844, age 29 years, is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery in Mercer County. Dennis died 2/5/1887, age 84 years, 10 months, and is buried next to Nancy.

Note that there are four probable male children in the 1840 census and only one male child identified in 1850. We say "probable" as there might have been young men assisting on his farm that were not his sons and would be listed in the 1840 census. The web site above lists sons Joseph, William, and James for Dennis who could be these children.

For possible parentage of Dennis Pullen see the Joseph Pullen Family Tree online under contacts above.

Mary Jane Pullen Reed

Dennis and Nancy Pullen had another daughter, Mary Jane, not listed above in the 1850 census. Mary Jane married Andrew Jackson Reed, son of Jacob and Mary Smith Reed, on 5/2/1855 in Mercer County. Robyn Osborn's husband is a descendant of Andrew Reed and his second wife, Martha Shaw. She found the obituary of Mary Jane Pullen and tells us it states that she was the daughter of Dennis and Nancy Pullen (link to obituaries of Andrew Reed and Mary Jane Pullen Reed on IlGenWeb Mercer County Web site) Mary Jane Pullen Reed was born 1/2/1832 in Indiana and died 8/22/1911 in Mercer County. She would therefore have been 18 years old at the time of the 1850 census and was probably censused in another household as a domestic. It was common for young unmarried girls in that time period to live in other households to learn special domestic skills not available in their own home. While they did usually do household chores in exchange for room and board they were not servants by any means. This would have been especially important for Mary Jane since her mother was deceased. Children of Andrew Jackson and Mary Jane Pullen Reed were: Warren Shed Reed; James A. Reed; Jessie Reed; Virginia Reed; Frederick Reed; and Kate Reed. Andrew and Mary Jane briefly went to Kansas as son Frederick was born there in 1873, but they returned to Mercer and are both buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. (a note about Warren Shed Reed - there was a very popular teacher in Mercer County named Warren Shed and a number of children of various families are named for him with no biological connection.)

Nancy Pullen Davis

Daughter Nancy Pullen, was born 9/24/1833 in Indiana and died 1/25/1859 in Mercer County. She is buried in Davis Cemetery in New Boston Township. She married Alexander Davis, son of Adam Davis and Lydia Commons Davis, 7/16/1858, in Mercer County. They had one child, Harry Davis, born 12/15/1858 and died 3/2/1859. Nancy evidently died as a result of the childbirth.

Harriett Pullen Jackson

Daughter, Harriett Pullen, born about 1837 in Indiana, married Brunson Jackson, son of Dempsey and Mary Jackson, 12/19/1857, in Mercer County. They are found in the 1860 census in Eliza Township with two children, Charles Jackson, born about 1858 and Thomas Jackson born 5/1860. They are not found in the 1870 census in Mercer County. Charles Jackson married Mary Etta Honeyman, daughter of George Washington & Caroline Coe Honeyman, 12/31/1885 in Mercer County. Charles (1858-1949) and Mary (1868-1937)Jackson are buried in New Boston Cemetery.

David and Elizabeth Duncan Pullen

Son David Pullen, born 3/3/1839, in Indiana, married Elizabeth Duncan 4/21/1860 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Duncan page, though at present we do not know the parents of Elizabeth - her stepfather Michael Miller gave permission at their marriage per a record found by Kay Blaha). We feel David is probably the namesake of David Pullen who was executor of Elias Pullen's will in Union County, Indiana. David and Elizabeth were living in Drury Twp, Rock Island County in 1860: David Pullen, 21, born In, farm laborer, Elizabeth, 18, born Il. They had a daughter Ella born 4/1863 who died 10/14/1881; a daughter Effa, died 11/6/1865, age 7 months, 25 days; both buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Elizabeth Duncan Pullen was born 5/14/1842 and died 4/7/1902, and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. David's name is on the headstone, born 3/3/1839, but with no death date, so he may not actually be buried there. He died 8 March 1921 in Rock Island County per an obituary found by Kay Blaha in the Aledo Times Record, March 17, 1921. At the time of his death he was living with his daughter Ada Miller [Mrs. Fred Miller] in Rock Island County. Also living was daughter Minnie [Mrs. Ira Reynolds].

David's obituary also mentioned a son Everett. In 1870 in Drury Township in Rock Island County we found: #39 David Pullen, 31, farmer, born In; Elizabeth, 28, Il; Minnie, 9, Il; Ella, 7, Il; Evert, 4, Il. We found a marriage record for Everett Pullen and Clarinda Noble, daughter of Ira and Caroline Reed Noble, on 6/22/1887, in Muscatine County, Iowa. We feel this Everett is the son of David and Elizabeth Duncan Pullen, as he was born 8/20/1866. He died 3/12/1897 and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery with David, Elizabeth, and the two daughters. Everett and Clarinda Noble Pullen had the following children: Nola Pullen, born 9/27/1888, died 3/2/1889; David Earl Pullen, born 11/10/1889, died 7/23/1890; Ralph Pullen, born 6/23/1892, died 8/15/1892; all buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Daughter Eva Caroline Pullen, born 10/12/1894, married Joseph Boyd McCormick on 11/11/1916 in Rock Island County, Illinois. Son Frank Pullen, born 8/31/1891, married Mary McCormick on 9/10/1919. Son Walter Pullen, born 12/23/1897, was never married, and was also a bit of a scoundrel. Caroline Noble Pullen remarried to Ebenezer Faler and had additional family (more on the Noble page).

Virginia Pullen McGreer

Daughter, Virginia Pullen, born about 1841, in Indiana, married Lewis McGreer, son of John and Rebecca Miller McGreer, 5/7/1860 in Mercer County. They had children Lee McGreer, born about 1863; Elbert McGreer, born about 1869; and Hattie McGreer born about 1871. Elbert McGreer married Emma Vannatta 3/18/1891 in Muscatine County, Iowa. Both Elbert and Emma are buried in Drury Reynolds Cemetery in Rock Island County.

Dennis and Jane Coulter Pullen

Robyn Osborn sent additional census records on the family of Dennis Pullen. In 1860 in Rock Island County, post office Merica: Dennis Pullen, 58, farmer, born Va; Jane, 40, wife, born Pa; Joseph Orlando Spencer, 10, born Ohio; Franklin P. Coulter, 6, born Il. Joseph and Franklin were apparently sons of the new wife, Jane and became Dennis Pullen's stepsons. Next door in 1860: David Pullen, 21, farm laborer, 20, born In; Elizabeth, wife, 18, born Ill.

In Drury Township in 1880: Dennis Pullen, 77, farmer, born Va; parents born Va; Jane Pullen, wife, 60, born Oh, parents born Pa; Franklin P. Colter, stepson, 26, born Il, parents born Ohio, works on farm.

Madison Pullen Family

Harriett Pullen, widow of Madison, is found in Drury Township in Rock Island County in the 1850 census, household #1793, adjacent to the Dennis Pullen family above: Harriett Pullen, 32, born Ohio; Esther, 12, Il; Eli, 10, Il; Leander, 8, Il; Lewis, 6, Il; Emeline, 4, Il. We believe she may be Harriet Miller who married James [Madison?] Pullen in Union County, Indiana on 11/22/1836. The date certainly fits and Harriet and Madison are buried in the Miller Cemetery in Section 5, Eliza Township, in Mercer County, indicating possible Miller family connections. The McGreers also came from Union County, Indiana, and settled near the Pullens in Eliza Township, just across the Rock Island County line. John McGreer married Rebecca Miller in Union County, Indiana, 6/23/1836, and it is possible she is Harriett's sister. (We will be putting up a Miller page but have not yet completed a significant amount of research.) Madison Pullen was born 4/7/1811 and died 7/31/1847 when only 36 years old. Harriett was born 10/4/1818 and died 8/17/1887. Marna Wilson has posted a biography of Madison and Harriet and their son Eli on the Mercer County Message Board (make sure Mercer Board is selected and type in Madison Pullen under "search.") (ref. Past and Present of Rock Island Illinois, 1877). The list of children in the 1850 census record appears to be complete.

Esther (?) Elizabeth Pullen Spitznogle

We find no further reference to daughter Esther, but she is exactly the same age (born about 1838) as Elizabeth Pullen who married Lorenzo Spitznogle, 12/25/1856, in Mercer County, so we believe her name may have been Esther Elizabeth.

Eli Pullen

Son Eli was born 10/17/1840 and died 1/8/1894, and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. He married Mary Garrity 8/23/1871 in Muscatine County, Iowa.

Leander Pullen

Son Leander Pullen was born about 1842. He married Louisa Whaley, daughter of William and Julia Whaley, on 1/25/1865 in Mercer County. They had a daughter Ida Pullen, born about 1869. We have not checked the 1880 census.

Lewis Pullen

Judy Nelms finally located his marriage record (mistranscribed as Prillin): Lewis Pullen married Sally Gibson March 1, 1866, in Muscatine County, Iowa. Now we need to know the parents of Sally Gibson! We find Lewis in the 1880 census in Drury Township, Rock Island County: Lewis Pullen, 36, farmer, Il; Sarah A., 30, Ia; Sadie, 13; Chester, 10, Il; Josephine 7, Ia; Electia, 5, Il; Madison, 2, Il. Judy Nelms sent us a copy of the marriage certificate of Sadie Pullen who married Fred Warner Foster December 14, 1889 in Drury Township, Rock Island County. We followed up further on Lewis and found him living in the town of Leon, Decatur County, Iowa in 1900: #26 Lewis Pullen, born Sept 1844, age 55, married 34 years, born Il, father Pa, mother In, drayman; Sarah A. Pullen, born Aug 1848, age 51, born Iowa, father New York, mother Ohio; Madison Pullen, born Sept 1877, age 22, Il, Il, Ia, carpenter; Nola G. Ullen born June 1887, age 13, Il, Il, Ia, at school. Lewis Pullen is buried in the Leon Cemetery (1844-1921); Sarah is buried in the Leon cemetery (1848-1915): daughter Nola is buried in the Leon Cemetery (1889-1903); son Chester is buried in the Leon Cemetery (died 18 May 1934).

Emeline Pullen Spitznogle

Daughter Emeline Pullen was born about 1846. She married Jacob Spitznogle, son of George and Nancy Spitznogle, on 8/8/1865 in Mercer County, Illinois. Jacob's brother was Lorenzo who was probably married to Emeline's sister. Sam Fuller tells us she is buried in Miller Cemetery in Eliza Township, Mercer County, but the grave is unmarked. We do not find a record for Jacob and Emeline in 1870 in Mercer County. They were probably living in Muscatine County, Iowa, and we have not yet checked those records. (See Spitznogle page for children and for Jacob's obituary).

Andrew Pullen Family

Andrew Pullen married Martha Jane Reynolds, 1/22/1843, in Rock Island County, Illinois (we will be putting up a Reynolds page as there were many connections to Mercer County. Martha Jane may have been daughter of James & Rosa Reynolds who lived very near the Pullens in Drury Township).

We find Andrew and Martha Jane in Henderson County (next to Mercer Co) in 1850 T12NR4W #800: Andrew Pullen, 29, born Va; Martha J., 25, born In; Susannah, 6, Il; James, 4, Il; Albert, 2, Il; Sarah E., 4/12, Il.

There is a small article in the Aledo Weekly Record March 21, 1877, stating that Andrew Pullen was in Portland, Oregon, making more ships masts than they could use. We do find him in Willamette, Multinomah County, Oregon in 1880: Andrew Pullen, 58, born Va, father born England, mother born Va; M. Jane Pullen, 59, born Va (parents not given); Ida Pullen, 19, born Or; William Pullen, 16, Or; Andrew Pullen, 14, Or; Joshua Pullen, 24, Il; Edith Pullen, gdaugh, 5, Or; Andrew G. Pullen, gson, 4, Or; Olive Pullen, gdau, 6m, Or. Apparently Joshua was a widower and these were his children - his age may be in error.

John Pullen Family

We have little information on John Pullen as he does not show up in Mercer County until the 1870 census. He is working for a McGolsey family in North Henderson Township, as a laborer. He is age 52, born Virginia. He may have been the John Pullen who married Jane Pullen on 3/29/1843 in Union County, Indiana. On a nearby farm in North Henderson Township in 1870 we find Albert Pullen, age 19, born Indiana, working as a farmer for a Calvin Williams family. Albert is possibly son of John (or he could be the Albert above under Andrew?). Because of the ages and locations we believe John Pullen came to Mercer County because he had relatives there. More research is needed.

Elias Pullen Family

Elias Pullen was born about 1817 in Virginia. He came to Mercer County about 1838 and married Susana Cunningham 5/18/1845 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Cunningham page but have little information on the family). Elias and Susan are found in New Boston Township in the 1850 census (9/25/1850): Elias Pullen, 33, farmer, born Virginia; Susan, 22, born Indiana; Mornelva, 3, born Il; Mary Jenett, 2, born Il.

The location of Elias's farm can be seen on the 1875 plat map of New Boston Township in Section 8 & 9. He is not far from Joseph Pullen and family in Eliza Township, probably his brother (see below). In the 1860 census Elias and Susan have added children: Clinton, 9; Blanche, 7; Maggie, 4; and Hollis 1. In the 1870 census Elias is a widower, with Clinton, Blanche, Maggie, and Hollis at home and an additional son Clyde, age 8. Susannah Cunningham Pullen died 12/12/1863, age 37 years, 7 months, 9 days, perhaps as a result of the childbirth. She is buried in Shields Cemetery in New Boston Township, next to Elias who died 10/25/1890, age 74 years, 20 days. There are two mentions in the Aledo Weekly Record of the death of Elias. In the Friday, October 30, 1890, issue, "Mr. E. Pullen died Saturday." And in the November 14, 1890 issue, "Elias Pullen's will was admitted to probate last Monday, sons Clyde and Hollis, executors."

Mornelva Pullen Addison

Daughter Mornelva Pullen was born about 1847 in Illinois. She married Jasper N. Addison, son of John and Abigail Addison, 2/6/1865 in Mercer County, Illinois. Mornelva and Jasper are living in New Boston Township near his parents in 1870: Jasper N. Addison, 26, farmer, born Indiana; Mornelva, 23, born Il; Willie Claire (M), 4, born Il. We have not yet checked the 1880 census. John and Abigail Addison were both born Ohio (although 1860 census says NJ for John). They had daughters Elizabeth and Mary Jane, and another son John E. Addison.

Mary Jenett Willits

Daughter Mary Jenett was born 11/13/1848 in Mercer County. She married John Eskridge Willits, son of Jesse and Mary Shields Willits, and grandson of Samuel and Mary Gossage Willits on 8/30/1866, in Mercer County. Mary died 12/21/1937 (see obituary on Mercer County Message Board (be sure Mercer Board is selected in the search option and type in Mary Willits), courtesy Marna Wilson). John Willits died 7/13/1906, and both are buried in Shields Cemetery in New Boston Township. John and Mary had children: Gracie (died 4/28/1867), Bertie (born 9/19/1869), Guy (born 4/17/1875, died 11/6/1879), and Sankey R. (born 10/23/1881, died 7/28/1883). The children are also buried in Shields Cemetery. Son Bertie F. Willits married Nellie Trask 2/8/1893 in Mercer County. Nellie was born 1/6/1873 and died 2/15/1930 and is buried in Mannon Cometery.

Clinton and Alice Prouty Pullen

Son Clinton Pullen was born about 1851. He married Alice Jane Prouty, daughter of Amos and Mary Stone Prouty, on 7/27/1871 in Mercer County. Clinton and son Lee, born about 1874 in Kansas, are found in Macon Township, Harvey County, Kansas in 1880, living with the Lewis A. Prouty family. Lewis was husband of Clinton's sister Blanche (see below). Alice Jane Prouty probably died in childbirth.

Sylvia Blanche Pullen Prouty

Daughter Sylvia Blanche Pullen was born about 1853. She married Lewis A. Prouty, son of Amos and Mary Stone Prouty, on 7/28/1871 in Mercer County, Illinois. (Since the dates given in the Illinois Marriage Index are license dates and not marriage dates, we think it probable that Clinton and Alice Jane and Lewis and Sylvia Blanche probably had a double wedding ceremony on 7/28/1871.) Lewis and Blanche Pullen Prouty had children: Bertha H., born about 1873, Illinois; Valla B., born about 1878, Kansas, and an unnamed child born 5/1880 in Kansas.

Margaret Pullen Honeyman

Daughter Margaret Pullen was born about 1855. She married Roland W. Honeyman, son of William Jackson and Martha Swallow Honeyman, on 2/6/1879 in Mercer County. They are living with Elias Pullen in the 1880 census, and are next door to Roland's uncle, George Washington Honeyman. Hollis and Clyde Pullen are still at home with Elias, so bride Margaret was keeping house for four men. We have no children listed for this couple.

Hollis and Minnie Dellal Willits Pullen

Son Hollis Pullen was born about 1859. He married Minnie Della Willits, daughter of Milton and Sarah Kirlin Willits, 8/5/1885 in Mercer County. A Willits researcher tells us she died 4/2/1936 in Altadena, Los Angeles County, California, but we have no further information on Hollis or any children.

Clyde Pullen

We do not find a marriage for Clyde Pullen in Mercer County or in Muscatine County, Iowa.

Joseph Pullen Family

Joseph Pullen was born about 1823 in Virginia. He married Frances Angeline Reed on 3/21/1850 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Reed page and have much information on them). As many families were, this family was counted twice in the 1860 Eliza Township census. We are putting up both records here as it is an object lesson in problems encountered in using census records as data: Household 2611 - Joseph Pullim, 39, laborer, born Indiana; Angeline, 28, born Illinois; Sarah, 8, Il; Emily, 6, Il; Household 2698 - Joseph Pullim, 40, laborer, born Maryland; Frances, 28, born Maryland; Elvira, 10, Il; Mary 6, Il. Unless you were doing extensive research you might never guess this was one and the same family. Some of the information is better in the 1870 Eliza Township census record: Joseph Pullen, 47, farmer, born Virginia; Frances A., 37, In; Mary, 15, Il; Wilburn, 6, Il; Clara Jane, 2, Il.

The children of Joseph and Frances were: Sarah Elvira, born about 1850, Il; Mary Emily, born about 1854, Il; Wilburn, born about 1864; Clara Jane, born about 1868. We have not yet checked the 1880 census (for obvious reasons all the families on most pages on this site should be checked in primary records such as wills, probates, death records, etc., to verify the census information. We have only done that for families we are directly related to - the rest of the pages are meant to be a gathering place for descendants to exchange information and post their research when they give us permission.)

Sarah Elvira Pullen Fortner

Daughter Sarah Elvira Pullen was born about 1850 in Illinois The census records yield variously about 1848, 1850 and 1852 as birth dates - we have used 1850 as the best probable match for her marriage date, as the 1848 date also includes an error in her birthplace. She married Thomas Fortner 11/4/1865 in Mercer County, Illinois. They are found in the 1870 census in Millersburg Township: Thomas Fortner, 30, farm laborer, born New Jersey(?); Sarah, 22, In; Charles, 3, Il; Emily, 1, Il.

William Pullen Family

William Pullen was born about 1825. We have a single census record which gives his birthplace as Indiana. According to other census records it was actually Virginia. In 1860 the family is living in Millersburg with a single man, William Ritter, age 35, farmer, born Virginia (perhaps he was a widowed brother-in-law, or the Pullens might simply have been tenant farmers.) William Pullen married Alma Bush 11/13/1852 in Mercer County. They had children: Monroe, born about 1854; Harvey, born about 1857; Martha, born about 1859. The family is not found in Mercer County in 1870. Kay Blaha tells us they moved to Minnesota. She sent us obituaries from Ridgely, Nicollet County, Minnesota for William and Alma along with a list of more of their children. From Alma's obituary: "She was the mother of ten children, nine of whom are living: James Monroe of Minneapolis; Harvey of Portland, Ore.; Mrs. William Donley, Stockton, Mrs. Thomas Donley of Campbell, Minn.; Mrs. A. F. Pickle of Ridgely township; Lee of Minneapolis; Frank of Fairfax; Mrs. John Frohrip of Morgan; William of Fairfax." We have heard from a Frohrip descendant who says Alma's daughter Vietta was married to John Frohrip.

The obituary for Alma gives her name as Alma Bush Whitacre, but the marriage record is definitely Alma Bush. We found her in Mercer County in 1850: T15NR5W (future Eliza Township)
#672 Marshall Whitacre, 40, farmer, born Va
Martha, 40, born Ohio
Almira Bush, 14, born Indiana
James Whitacre, 32, laborer, born Ohio (brother of Marshall?)
Evaline Whitacre, 24, born Ohio
Palmer Whitacre, 5, In
Sanford Whitacre, 3, In
Mary E Whitacre, 2, In
We suspect that Martha Whitacre was previously married to a Bush but could not find a marriage record in either Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois (of course many marriage records are missing). If anyone has knowledge of this family and the Bush relationship please contact us on the About Us page.

We have been unable to determine the parentage of William Pullen. He fits neatly (by birthdate) into a Joseph Pullen family; however there is a family tree online (linked under contacts above) giving the children of Joseph Pullen in the order named in his will. Typically the children would be named in order of their age in a will and that would make Joseph's William Pullen quite a bit older than this one. William might also have been grandson of Joseph and son of Dennis Pullen of Rock Island County who has a son 15-20 in the 1840 census. We were unable to find William in 1850 and have no further clues as to his actual parentage.

James Pullen Family

James Pullen was born about 1828 in Virginia. He is found in the 1870 census in New Boston Township, very near the Elias Pullen family: James Pullen, 42, farmer, born Virginia; Margaret , 33, born Indiana; Amanda, 18, Indiana; Emma, 11, Illinois; Cora, 7, Illinois; Brittia, 1, Illinois. Given Amanda's age, James and Margaret were probably married about 1851 and we only have easy access to Indiana marriage records up to 1850. They had another child, Francisco, born 1/9/1855 and died 9/23/1865 in Mercer County. Margaret died 1/15/1874 and is buried in Shields Cemetery with Francisco.

James Pullen is listed on the New Boston Militia Rolls of 1862-1863 and is the only Pullen name we find listed in either New Boston or Eliza Townships. Since several Pullens were between 18 and 45 we find this rather curious, but we have not checked the Rock Island County rolls.

Cora Elmeda Pullen Easter

Daughter Cora Elmeda Pullen was born about 1863 and married Edward Porter Easter on 9/9/1885 in Mercer County. In the History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882, there is a notation that Cora graduated Aledo High School in 1882. She had taken science courses. We wonder if that was unusual for that date for a girl.

We have no further information on these Pullen families and would be grateful for any information anyone can add. When time permits we will check more of the 1880 census and check Civil War records in detail. We have not found any Pullens who served from Eliza or New Boston Townships, but perhaps some served from Rock Island County. We would be very interested in Civil War information; perhaps the family were Peace Democrats as several Mercer families were (see Civil War page).

3/10/ and 3/16/2008 Added information on the William and Alma Bush Pullen family. Added an online link under contacts for possible parentage of Dennis Pullen.
Added marriage record for Lewis and Sally Gibson Pullen.
9/25/2009 Added information on the "orphan" Joseph Pullen family.