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Stephen and Nancy Adams Noland Family

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Includes comments on the Smith Family of Ohio Grove Township.

Alternate Spellings - Noland, Nolan, Nolin, Nolen

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Contacts - Stephany Smith Gonser is a descendant of the Noland and Smith families and has been helpful to us, providing enough information that we have been able to sort out the Smith family. Stephany would be very interested in learning the ancestry of William and Elizabeth Smith who came early to Mercer County. If you can help contact Web Master Nadine Holder {email on the About Us Page}.

The History of Mercer County, 1882, gives us some background information on Stephen and Nancy Adams Noland in a sketch of their son-in-law Lemuel Gustin (p. 479). The History tells us "Her [Catherine Noland Gustin] father, Stephen Noland, was born in 1801, and raised in Kentucky near Cumberland Mountain. He moved at a very early day to Wayne County, Indiana, where he lived on the twelve mile purchase when the Indians were bad. He was on the frontier in the War of 1812, and lived partly in a fort or blockhouse, traded with the Indians, etc. There is a stream in Indiana called Noland's fork, the name deriving from the Nolands. Mr. Noland and wife, Nancy E. (Adams), a native of Ohio, lived in Madison county, Indiana, from 1823 to 1856, when they settled in Mercer County, Illinois. Mrs. Noland died July 20, 1877. In 1856 Mr. and Mrs. Gustin came with the Nolands to Mercer county, Illinois, settling for a time in Eliza Township." Other children of Stephen and Nancy also settled for a time in Eliza Township and hence we are including a Noland page on our site.

The above brief history appears to be fairly correct. Stephen Noland once gives his birthplace as North Carolina and other times as Kentucky in census records, and his brother, Brazelton Noland, was born in Kentucky about 1805 so the family did apparently reside there for a short period of time. The blockhouse story in Wayne County is consistent with stories from other Wayne County residents whose descendants later came to Mercer County. In fact, the blockhouse was probably that of Thomas Beard. Thomas's brother Patrick Beard had several descendants who came to Mercer County. Anyone interested in the blockhouse story can read it in the Wayne County Indiana History 1872 or we have transcribed it on our Woodward Web Site on the Thomas Beard page.

Nolands Fork is found on the U. S. Geological Survey GNIS system, being a stream crossing into Wayne, Randolph and Fayette Counties in Indiana. Daniel Noland purchased land in the NW/4 Sec 10 T15NR13E (2nd p.m.) in Wayne County on 11-20-1811. A section of a map is linked showing the approximate location of the Noland land and of the Beard Blockhouse. The Beards had arrived about a month before the Nolands and one of their first tasks was to coordinate the building of a blockhouse for the protection of settlers. Note that Daniel's land was on a minor branch of Nolands Fork. The Nolands are found in Wayne County in the 1820 census where Stephen Noland, father Daniel Noland, Sr., and Daniel Noland, Jr. are all listed. Stephen Noland is living just three doors from the Abram Adams family (Nancy's parents). When one thinks of the logistics of going courting after a hard day of labor, it is not too surprising that young men married "the girl next door."

Stephen and Nancy Adams Noland took out a marriage license in Indiana on 9/12/1820 but apparently had gone to housekeeping sometime prior (a not unusual situation on the frontier where preachers were few and far between and trips to a court house for a license were major undertakings). The 1820 census record for Stephen includes 1 male to 45, 1 female to 45, and 1 female under 10. If the two females were indeed Nancy and a daughter, the daughter apparently did not survive.

Daniel Noland purchased the W/2SW of Sec 10 Township 19N Range 8 East in Madison County, Indiana on 10/20/1824. Stephen Noland purchased the W/2NW Sec 18 T18NR8E on 4/10/1824. Why did they leave Wayne County? Wayne County in the early days was a veritable swamp land so was plagued by many diseases. Poisonous plants grew there as well, poisoning people through the milk of cattle who ate the plants. Stephen's brother Brazelton and James purchased land in Madison County in 1825 and 1826 respectively. Several files on the World Family Tree indicate that Daniel Noland died in 1829 in Madison County. That may be correct as he is not found in the 1830 census.

There is considerable information on Stephen and Nancy Adams Noland on World Family Tree, much of it quite wrong. One site put up by Erick Lee seems to have information that squares fairly well with the facts. Unfortunately the information is limited and a source is not given. He gives both Stephen and Nancy as born 1801 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Nancy, at least, consistently gives her birthplace as North Carolina in census records and we know from research on our own family that there was a much respected Brazelton family in Rowan County, for whom both a brother and a son of Stephen Noland were named. We do not believe there was a Brazelton relationship, but it was not uncommon for children to be named for neighbors or prominent families in the area. The children listed by Lee are: Daniel Noland born 1821 Wayne County, Indiana; Catherine Eleanor Noland, born 1824 Madison County, Indiana; Sarah Noland, born 1826 Madison Co; Rebecca Noland, 1828, Madison Co; Abraham Noland, 1830, Madison Co; Brazelton Noland, 1833, Madison Co; John Adams Noland, 1835, Madison Co; Jesse Noland, 1837, Madison Co; Stephen Noland, 1838, Madison Co; Elizabeth Noland, 1842, Madison Co and Nancy Noland, 1842, Madison Co [twins]; Eliza Eleanor Noland, 1847, Madison Co. The birthplaces square well with the Mercer County History which has them going to Madison County in 1823 and with the land purchases in 1824.

The 1850 census is the first to include the names of all members of a household. We find Stephen and Nancy in Madison County, Union Township, in 1850: #778 Stephen Noland, 49, farmer, farm valued $3000, born NC; Nancy Ellen, 48, born NC; Rebecca, 20, born In; Abraham, 19, In; Brazelton, 17, In; John, 15, In; Stephen, 11, In; Nancy, 9, In; Elizabeth, 9, In. Daniel Noland is found next door: #779 Daniel Noland, 28, farmer, born In; Amanda, 22, Va; Lucinda, 3, In. Catherine, as mentioned above, married Lemuel Gustin about 1847 according to the Mercer County History, and they too are found in Madison County in 1850. This leaves Sarah, Jesse, and Eliza unaccounted for in the list above. We will give more details on the children we have located below.

Stephen Noland's brother, Brazelton Noland, also went to Madison County and is found not far from Stephen in the 1850 census. Brazelton had married Nancy Russell on 12/30/1824 in Wayne County: #722 Brazelton Noland, 45, merchant, Ky; Nancy, 48, NC; Jackson, 21, Ind; Stephen, 18, In; Henry, 10, In; Mary Russell, 24, Ohio. Another son is found in Madison County: #727 William Noland, 26, farmer, In; Anna, 27, Oh; William, 4, In; James, 2, In; Anna, 1/12, In; Jane McClanahan, 47, Pa. Brazelton's birthplace of Kentucky supports the story that Stephen may have been raised in Kentucky. Also it will be noted below that Stephen gives his birthplace as Kentucky in both the 1860 and 1870 census records.

There is another Noland grouping in Madison County, Indiana in 1850. There is a blended family composed of Comers and Nolands. We find a marriage for a Mary Ann Noland to John Comer in Davies County, Indiana on 4/9/1840. The family in Madison Co: #710 John Comer, 47, farmer, NC; Mary, 38; NC; Thomas, Comer, 73, Ohio; George Noland, 16, In; Green Noland, 14, In; Christopher Noland, 11, In; Margaret Noland, 7, In; Johnny Comer, 13, In; Susanna Comer, 7, In; Huldah Comer, 4, In; Stephen Comer, 1. Mary Ann Noland was obviously a Noland widow. The Comer son named Stephen indicates to us that Mary Ann might have been previously married to a brother of Stephen and Brazelton Noland.

According to the Mercer History the Noland family moved to Mercer County about 1856. They are found in Eliza Township in 1860: Stephen Noland, 59, Ky; Nancy E., 58, NC; Stephen, 21, In; Nancy E., 19, In; Mary E., 19, In; Eliza E., 13, In. Curiously Eliza was not found in the 1850 census with the family so we are a little up in the air as to whether she was an actual daughter, another relative, or a girl taken in to work.

Stephen and Nancy are found in Ohio Grove Township in 1870: #37 Stephen Nolan, 68, farmer, Ky; Nancy E., 68, NC; Nancy E., 28, In; Mary E., 28, In; John N., 16, In. John is no doubt a relative other than a son, or could be a bound boy.

Nancy Adams Noland died July 20, 1877, age 75 yr, 8 mo, 3 dy, and is buried in McClure Cemetery. Stephen's son-in-law William H. H. Smith and family were living with him in 1880. We do not know how long this arrangement continued but Stephen died January 31, 1895, age 93 yr, 6 mo, 27 dy and is buried in McClure Cemetery beside Nancy.

It is sometimes helpful in research to try to understand whether family and ancestry were discussed in the home. In looking through the 1880 census records included below note that the children didn't seem to have a real clue as to the birthplaces of their parents. Sometimes then it helps to verify or discount information submitted by the children later to local county histories.

Children of Stephen and Nancy Adams Noland

Daniel Noland

As was customary, the first born son was named for his grandfather. We find a marriage for a David Noland to Sarah Amanda Dissboye on 8/31/1845 in Delaware Co (adjacent to Madison Co) and that marriage fits the 1850 census for Daniel Noland: Madison Co #779 Daniel Noland, 28, farmer, In; Amanda, 22; Lucinda, 3, In. Perhaps his name was David Daniel or Daniel David Noland. Daniel remained behined in Indiana and is found in the 1880 census still in Union County: Daniel Noland, 59, born In, father born NC, mother Oh; Amanda S. Noland, 53, Va, father born France, mother unknown; William A. Noland, son, 24, born In.

Catherine Noland Gustin

Daughter Catherine Noland married Lemuel Gustin about 1847 according to the Mercer County History. We did not find this marriage in Indiana but we do find them in Madison Co in 1850: #787 Lemuel Gustin, 26, born Oh; Katharine, 26, born In; Nancy Ellen, 2, In; Elizabeth 5/12, In. They are next door to Lemuel Gustin's parents, Samuel and Elizabeth Gustin: #786 Samuel Gustin, 58, born Pa; Elizabeth, 57, born Ky; Jemima, 21; Susanna, 17, Franklin, 14, Martha, 17. In 1860 Lemuel and Catherine are found in Eliza Township: #2639 Lemuel Gustine, 36, farmer, born Oh; Catherine, 36, In; Nancy E. 12, In; Elizabeth, 10, In; Margaret A., 9, In; Rebecca, 6, In; Susanna, 4, In; Martha 3/12, In; Samuel, age 50, born Pa (was this his father and the age in error or was it a brother?).

The History of Mercer County tells us that Lemuel purchased sixty acres in Sec, 2, Ohio Grove Township in 1868. They are found in Ohio Grove Township in 1870: #38 (next door to Stephen Noland) Lemuel Gustin, 46, farmer, born Oh; Catherine, 46, In; Ann, 18, In; Rebecca, 16, In; Susan, 13, Il; Lura A., 5, Il. Apparently Martha Gustin had died.

They are still in Ohio grove Township in 1880: Lemuel Gustin, 56, born Ohio, father Pa, mother Ky; Catherine, In, father Ky, mother NC; Susie Gustin, 23, Il; Loura A. Gustin, 15, Il; Charles Kile, other, 5, Il, father NY, mother Il. We are not sure who Charles Kile is - there were Kile/Smith connections but could not tie him in there.

Rebecca Noland Duffield

Rebecca Noland married David M. Duffield 7/11/1858 in Mercer County as his third wife. We do not know his parentage. David married first to Celica Drury, daughter of Isaac and Hannah Drury, on 1/3/1850 in Rock Island County. They had one son Addison Duffield, born about 1850, who died young. David's second wife was Rachel M. Grimes, daughter of Henrietta Dryden Wilson and stepdaughter of Allen Wilson, on 3/16/1854 in Mercer County. She is identified as his wife on her tombstone in Shields Cemetery (died 3/17/1856). They had one child Louisa Duffield, born about 1855.

In 1860 David and Rebecca are living next door to Stephen Noland in Eliza Township: #1660 David M. Duffield, 38, farmer, born Pa; Rebecca, 32, In; Louisa J., 5, Il; William B., 1, Il.

The Past and Present of Mercer County (1914) gives us some more information on David Duffield and son William. William Duffield was actively engaged in the mercantile business in Eliza and Peterville for 19 years and then retired to Aledo. He was born in Eliza Township April 15, 1859. His father David was born near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in 1822. David learned the plasterer's trade and came to Illinois in 1847, locating in Mercer County and working at his trade for a number of years, but later locating on a farm in Eliza Township. In the spring of 1867 he moved to Ohio Grove Township and then in 1869 to Duncan Township, later returning to Ohio Grove.

In 1870 in Duncan Township: #153 D. M. Duffield, 48, farmer, born Pa; Rebecca. 42, In; William B., 11, Il; Martha I, 6, Il; Addison I. Duffield, 20, born Pa. Nearby (#157) is a George Duffield, 23, farmer, Pa; Salina, 25, Il; Clara E., 1, Il. Martha and William are the two children born of Rebecca. The Addison Duffield record is curious. We thought at first it was David's son Addison born 1850 but further research showed him to be son of George Duffield of Bedford County, Pennsylvania, likely David's brother. Son William graduated from Bryant & Stratton Commercial College in Davenport, Iowa, in 1882 and then returned to the home farm. He later bought a stock of goods at Eliza and for six years conducted a prosperous business and later at Petersville. In August 1897 he married Miss Mabel Frankenfield, a daughter of F. J. Frankenfield, who was for some time a well known farmer of Eliza township, before moving to Floyd County, Iowa. William and Mabel had two children, Floyd and Roy.

David and Rebecca are in Mercer Township in 1880: David Duffield, 57, retired farmer, born Pa, parents born Pa; Rebecca Duffield, 51, born In, father In, mother Oh; Martha C. Duffield, 16, Il.

David Duffield (July 26, 1822-April 20, 1901) and Rebecca Noland Duffield (Nov 6, 1828-July 30, 1914) are both buried in the McClure Cemetery.

There are two other Duffields in Mercer County in 1870 in New Boston. They are working as housekeepers in a hotel run by the Wier family: Sarah Duffield, 37, born Virginia, and Madora Duffield (probably her daughter), 15, born Il. We do not know the relationship (if any) to the other Duffields.

Abraham Noland

Abraham Noland, age 19, is with Stephen and Nancy in the 1850 census in Madison Co, Indiana, but we find nothing for him in Mercer County in 1860. Perhaps he remained behind in Madison County. We do not find him anywhere in the 1880 census.

Brazelton Noland

Near Stephen and Nancy in 1860 in Eliza Township is son Brazelton: #2676 Brazelton Noland, 27, farmer, born Indiana; Elizabeth, 25, In; Mary, 7, In; Nancy J., 5, Il; Stephen, 2, Il, Louisa, 2/12, born Il. We do not find a marriage for Brazelton and Elizabeth in Indiana. Brazelton and Elizabeth had a daughter Caroline who died April 22, 1862, age 2 yr 2 mo, 17 dy and is buried in McClure Cemetery. The statistics of Caroline match Louisa from the 1860 census.

In 1870: in Eliza Township: #2 Brazelton Nolin, 37, farmer, In; Elizabeth, 35, In; Nancy J., 13, Il; Stephen W., 12, Il; Sylvester, 8, Il. Brazelton's daughter Nancy J. Noland married William H. Smith on 3/7/1875 in Mercer County (see information on the Smith family below with the sisters of Brazelton).

Brazelton went to Kansas sometime before 1880 and they are found in Sugar Creek Township, Miami County, Kansas: Barton Noland, farmer, 47, born In, father Ky, mother SC; Elizabeth, 45, In, parents born Va; Sylvester, works on farm 18, Il; Herbert Edwards, works on farm, 19, England.

John Adams Noland

Nearby in Eliza Township in 1860, another son of Stephen and Nancy: #1641 John Noland, 25, In; Nancy, 20, In; Charles A., 1, Il. John Noland married Nancy Cummins on 6/26/1858 in Mercer County. We do not know her parentage. In the 1870 census Charles A. is not found but John and Nancy have Amanda, 9, Mary E., 6, and Bessey, 1, all born Illinois.

John and Nancy Cummins Noland went to Kansas during the 1870's. They are found in Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas in 1880: John A. Noland, 45, born In, parents born Ky; Nancy Noland, 38, In; parents Va; Amanda Noland, 19, Il; Mary Noland, 16, Il; Minnie Noland, 10, Il; Jennie Noland, 3, Ks; Alfred Noland, 6 mo, Ks.

Stephen Noland, Jr.

Son Stephen married Mary S. Dissboye on 6/17/1869 in Mercer County. She is shown as 16 years old in the 1870 census with Stephen, in Eliza Township #3, and no children shown. Notice the surname - the same as the wife of brother Daniel Noland; perhaps a sister or other relative of Daniel's wife? They are found in Duncan Township, Mercer County, in 1880: Stephan Noland, 40, born In; father Ky, mother Oh; May Noland, 24, In, parents born Indiana; Albert Noland, 9, Il; Noland Noland, 7, Il; Ella Noland, 5, Il; Lizzie Noland, 2, Il; William Noland, farmer, 21, born Il,father born Pa, mother born In; Will Carethoris, works on farm, 29, Il; Clara Sheriff, housekeeper, 22, Il. The William Noland, age 21, with father born Pa is indeed interesting if correct. When time permits we will check the actual 1880 census and see if the name was indeed Noland or whether the transcriber just carried down the Noland name.

Eliza Noland Beam

Daughter (?) Eliza E. Nolan married James W. Beam on 12/30/1865 in Mercer County. They are found in the 1870 census in Ohio Grove Township: #36 James W. Beam, 27, farmer, born In; Eliza E., 23, In; William A., 3; and Stephen E., 2, both born Illinois. The naming of a son Stephen seems to indicate that Eliza was indeed a daughter of Stephen and Nancy, although if she was a bound girl she might still have chosen to honor them with the name. The 1880 census record for them adds further confusion: Jackson Township, Jones County, Iowa: James Beam, 38, born In, parents born Va; Eliza Beam, 33, In, parents born In; William Beam, 13, Il; Stephen Beam, 12, Il; Dela Beam, 10, Il; Frank Beam, 5, Il. Eliza's parents are given as born Indiana but she may not have known there birthplace or the information may have been given by someone else.

Noland and Smith Connections

Mary and Nancy and Nancy Noland Smith

Stephen's daughter Mary Elizabeth Noland married John Y. Smith on 1/1/1874. Stehen's daughter Nancy E. Noland married William H. H. Smith on 11/30/1876. Brazelton's daughter Nancy Noland married William H. Smith on 3/7/1875.

The three families are found in Mercer County in 1880:
(1) Suez Township, page 470B: John Y. Smith, farmer, 36, born Il, parents born Oh; Mary E. Smith, keeping house, 39, born In, father born Ky, mother born NC; Luella Smith, 5, Il; Frank Smith, 3, Il, Austa M. Smith, 1 month, Il.
(2) Ohio Grove Township, page 392D: Stephen Noland, farmer, 78, born Ky, father born Ohio, mother born NC; William Smith, son-in-law, farmer, 39, born Ohio, father born Ohio, mother born NC; Nancy Smith, keeping house, 39, In, father born Ky, mother born SC; Stephen A. Smith, grandson, 2, Il; Lura M. Smith, granddaughter, 1 mo, Il; George Smith, 30, born Il, farm laborer, father born Ohio, mother born In (this may be William H. H. Smith's brother George Smith although the age is not quite right). William H. H. Smith and Nancy also had a son Jessie H, who died Feb 17, 1883, age 2 mo, 23 dys and is buried in McClure Cemetery.
(3) Mercer Township, page 334C: William H. Smith, farming, 26, Il, parents born Oh; Nancy J. Smith, housekkeeping, 23, born Il, parents born In; Jesse A. Smith, 4, Il; Minnie E. Smith, 6 mo, Il; Aaron H. Smith, farming, 17, Il; father born Ohio, mother born NJ (this is a son of Jacob Smith, grandson of George Smith who was uncle to John Y and William H. H. Smith - see below under Smith 1870 census records) (confused yet?)

The Smith Family of Ohio Grove Township

John Y. and William H. H. Smith were brothers and were sons of William and Elizabeth Smith. William H. Smith was son of their cousin Solomon Smith. Putting together clues from the obituary of Solomon Smith, the obituary of John Y. Smith (furnished by Stephany Smith Gonser and transcribed at the end of the page), and from a sketch of William H. H. Smith in the History of Mercer County 1882 we have been able to reconstruct much of the Smith family from census records in Mercer County.

The History of Mercer County, 1882, p. 477, tells us that William H. H. Smith, born July 2, 1840 in Muskingum County, Ohio, was a son of William Smith. The Smith family came to Mercer County in 1847. When father William died, William H. H. Smith went to live with his cousin, George A. Smith, until he was ten years of age. "He was then bound out to W. M. Miller, with whom he staid till the war broke out. He enlisted August 9, 1861, in company E, 9th Ill. Vol. Inf., and took part in the battles of Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Corinth, Atlanta; was taken sick and sent to Marietta, Georgia, and thence to Nashville, where he remained until the spring of 1865. He then rejoined his command at Pocataligo, North Carolina. He then followed Johnston till the latter surrendered. Mr. Smith then went to Washington, and thence to Louisville, Kentucky, and was mustered out at Springfield, Illinois, July 25, 1865. He has since spent five years in the west. In 1870 he made his home in Mercer county. In 1881 he bought forty-eight acres of land, and is now settled on it. Mr. Smith was considerably injured in health in the war service. He was married November 30, 1878, to Nancy E., daughter of Stephen Noland. They have two children: Stephen A., and Lura M. Mr. Smith is entirely a republican."

County histories are pretty notorious for incorrect information so it is well to check the facts as much as possible. Checking the Illinois Marriage Index we find that the marriage occurred November 30, 1876 not 1878. In the 1850 census we find William Smith, age 10, so the 1840 birthdate seems to hold though it gives his birthplace as Illinois (however it is given as Ohio in the 1860 census). He was at home with his mother in 1850 but they were living just adjacent to George Smith, father of George A. Smith, the cousin with whom William supposedly stayed until age 10. William H. H. Smith did enlist in Company E of the 9th Illinois Infantry on August 6, 1861 from Sunbeam in Mercer County. He then reenlisted as a veteran in Co E of the 9th Consolidated Infantry on March 25, 1864 at Chicago, Illinois and was mustered out on July 9, 1865 (Adjutant General's Report, State of Illinois). For anyone interested on following up on the movements of the 9th Infantry, the history of the 9th Illinois Infantry is given on IlGenWeb’s Mercer County Web Site.

The obituary of John Y. Smith mentions that he had two brothers, William H. H. Smith and George B. Smith of Corning, Iowa, as well as three brothers deceased. The Solomon Smith obituary tells us Solomon was born in Muskingum County, Ohio in November 1822; moved to Marion County in 1846 and came to Mercer County in 1851. It mentions his four children: Mrs. Harriet Kile of Ohio Grove; Mrs. Emma McGaughey of Colorado; Mrs. Belinda Diehl and William H. Smith of Indian Territory. It also mentions his two brothers, George A. Smith and Jacob Smith of Aledo and two sisters, Mrs. Harriet Hammond of Ohio and Mrs. Effie Boyle of Mercer County. The George A. Smith mentioned as Solomon's brother is the cousin George A. Smith that William H. H. Smith lived with as a child. Solomon Smith died in Mercer County January 23, 1899, age 76 yr, 2 mo, 3 dy and is buried in McClure Cemetery (his obituary is probably more accurate and would make the death date January 26, 1899).

We know that William Smith, Sr. did die before 1850 as his widow Elizabeth is found in Township 13N Range 3W(future Ohio Grove) in the 1850 census: #191 Elizabeth Smith, 41, born New Jersey; John Smith, 6, born Il; George Smith, 4, born Il; William Smith, 10, born Il. The three sons given are confirmed by the information in the obituary of John Y. Smith, and prove that this is the correct Elizabeth Smith. Next door to Elizabeth Smith: #190 George Smith, 51, farmer, born Pa; Phebe, 49, Pa; Elizabeth, 18, Oh; James, 16, farmer, Oh; Nancy, 15, Ohio; Mary J., 12, Il; Margaret J. 10, Il; Samuel, 8; Rebecca Smith, 80, born New York. Next to him: #189 George Smith, farmer, 24, born Pa; Eliza Smith, 22, born New York. This George Smith is found in Sunbeam in 1860: #480 George A. Smith, farmer, 33, born Ohio; Eliza, 31, born NY; Mary E., 11, Il; James E., 9, Il; Rebecca J., 7, Il; Henrietta, 4, Il; Charles, 2, Il. Nearby was his father:#487 George Smith, farmer, 61, born Pa; Phebe, 59, Pa; James M., 26, Oh; Samuel, 18, Il; Mary I. Abercombrie, 11, Il; Edward Abercombrie, 26, Pa; Ezra Carpenter, 23, laborer, Vt. This then is the "cousin" George A. Smith that William H. H. Smith lived with before he was ten and makes the connection that George Smith, Sr., was brother of William Smith, deceased, whose widow was Elizabeth. The Rebecca Smith, age 80, born NY, with George, Sr., in 1850 was then the mother of both George and William Smith of Ohio Grove. George Smith came early to Ohio Grove and is found in the 1840 census: George Smith, 1 male 40-50 (George); 1 male 10-15 (George A.); 1 male 5-10 (James; 1 female 30-40 (Phebe); 1 female 10-15 (?); 2 females 5-10 (Elizabeth and ?); two females under 5 (Nancy and Mary J.). Mother Rebecca is not with them and we suspect she may have come to Mercer County with William and Elizabeth in 1847. We checked both Muskingum County, Ohio, and Schuyler County, Illinois for a likely William and Elizabeth Smith family - we found four families but they did not fit this one. Rebecca Smith is not found in Mercer in 1860 and was likely deceased.

In 1860 we find Elizabeth Smith and son George living in Aledo with her nephew Solomon Smith (of the obituary above): #1253 Solimon Smith, 37, farmer, born Ohio; Eliza Smith, 51, born NJ; Elizabeth, 12, born Oh; Emily, 11, Oh; Belinda, 8, Il; William, 6, Il; George, 13, Il. The birthplaces and dates of Solomon's children support the obituary statement that he came to Mercer County about 1851. Solomon had married Minerva Hand in 1846 in Marion County, Ohio and she died 1/25/1856 in Mercer County and is buried in McClure Cemetery. Elizabeth Smith likely moved in about that time to care for Solomon's family. Elizabeth's son William H. H. Smith is found in 1860 in Pope Creek, working for a James Brown family #186: William H. Smith, 20, laborer, born Ohio. We have thus found no proof of his being bound out to a W. M. Miller "with whom he stayed until the war broke out". There was a W. M. Miller in Mercer County in 1860 but he lived in Millersburg.

In 1870 we find Elizabeth in Ohio Grove Township: #182 Elizabeth Smith, 60, keeping house, born NJ; John Y. Smith, 26 farmer, Il; Nelson J. Markee, 49, farmer, born Ohio. William H. H. Smith had not returned to Mercer County by the time of the 1870 census. The Mercer History County only tells us he spent five years "in the west." Kansas would be a likely place to look as Kansas gave very good land incentives to veterans of the Civil War. Many settlers however could not stand the heat, drought, and grasshoppers and returned to Mercer County.

Solomon Smith is also found in 1870 in Ohio Grove Township: #195 Solomon Smith, 46, farmer, Oh; Emily M, 20, Oh; Belinda C., 19, Oh; William H., 16, born Il (this is the William H. Smith who married Nancy J. Noland, daughter of Brazelton Noland on 3/7/1875 in Mercer County). Daughter Emily married a McGaughey and went to Colorado. Daughter Belinda married Norris L. Dihel on 10/2/1872 in Mercer County (more below under Jacob Smith). When Solomon died in 1899 they were living in Indian Territory (Oklahoma). William H. Smith who married Nancy J. Noland was also living in Indian Territory in 1899.

Solomon Smith died at the home of his daughter Harriet Kile, according to his obituary. Harriet Elizabeth had married William N. Kile on 4/19/1866 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Kile page but do not currently know his parents). They were gone from Mercer County in 1870 but were in Mercer County in 1880. Harriet Kile was living in Suez Township in Mercer County next to John Y. Smith. He was probably assisting with her support. She styled herself as widow, age 32, born Ohio, parents born Ohio. Children were Minerva Kile, 12, Il; Frank, 9, Il; Emma, 7, Il, Louella, 5, Il. William Kile however was working in Keithsburg for a Brewer family and styled himself as divorced. Harriet Kile is buried in McClure Cemetery (1848-1937).

By 1870 Jacob Smith, whom Solomon Smith names as a brother, has arrived in Mercer County and is living in Suez Township: #144 Jacob Smith, 42, farmer, born Ohio; Margaret, 34, born NJ; Orville, 21, Oh; Arletta R, 19, Oh; Artemus R, 18, farmer, Oh; Charlotte A, 16, Oh; Mary J, 14, Il; Aaron H, 8, Il; Oliver A, 7, Il; John C, 6, Il; James E, 5, Il; Clara A, 3, Il; Cheziah (male), 2, Il. A cautionary note here: Jacob Smith married Margaretta S. Henry on 9/10/1861 so she is a second wife and mother only of the children starting with Aaron. Tamar, wife of Jacob Smith died 5/6/1858 in Mercer County and is buried in the McClure cemetery. Despite this death, we do not find Jacob in the 1860 census in Mercer County.

Son Orville Smith married Mary Halstead, daughter of Isaiah and Mary Halstead on 3/24/1880 in Mercer County. They are living with uncle Solomon Smith in Ohio Grove Township in 1880: Solomon Smith, 58, Oh, parents born Oh; Orville C. Smith, nephew, 31, born Oh, parents born Oh; Mary E. Smith, 18, born Il, parents born Ohio; Oliver Smith, 16, nephew, Il, father born Oh, mother born NJ.

Daughter Arletta married Elijah Hartsell 8/22/1871 in Mercer County and they are not found in Mercer in 1880. We do not find marriages for the other children in Mercer County.

Obituary of John Y. Smith

John Y. Smith, son of Wm. and Elizabeth Smith, was born near Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois, January 29th, 1844, and died at his home in Aledo on west Eighth Street, June 12th, 1910, at 2 o’clock p.m., aged 66 years, 4 months and 13 days. He was united in marriage with Mary E. Noland, January 1st, 1874. To this union five children were born, all of them survive him, namely: Mrs. Luella Conn, Frank H., Mrs. Austa Sherer, Mrs. Laura Terry and Glenn R. at home. During his last illness all his children were with him, except Mrs. Sherer, and she had been with him until two weeks ago. Mr. Smith had been confined to his home since January of this year. About six weeks ago he was taken to Galesburg and had his arm amputated in the hope of regaining his health. He improved for a while but the last two weeks he failed rapidly. He suffered intensely during all of his last illness. Mr. Smith was converted during Rev. Sunday’s meetings here and united with the M.E. church of this city. He is survived by his wife and the five children; also two brothers, W.H.H. Smith of this city, and George B. of Corning, Iowa; also seven grandchildren, and a number of nieces and nephews. His parents and three brothers have preceded him to the better world. Funeral services were held at the M.E. church this afternoon at 2 o’clock, conducted by Rev. T.S. Pittenger. Interment was in the Aledo Cemetery.

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