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Under Construction - we have a huge amount of information on this family, thanks to the efforts of Cory Tarrants, a Noble descendant. She has covered all known branches of the family, while we will limit ourselves to those connected to Mercer County. A GedCom of the Noble family has been submitted to by Cory and you can feel confident that excellent research is behind the data. Cory is no longer selling copies of her file book on the Nobles, but you can find the information posted by Cory on World Family Tree and on Rootsweb World Connect. If you don't have an membership use the Rootsweb Site as it is free and accesible and contains the same information. Cory has posted a great deal more information than the usual names and dates.

Jamie Paul has also submitted information - see 3/2011 update for William and Keziah Noble.

In order to reduce confusion we have split the two Mercer County families into two pages: Lewis Noble and family on this page, and Daniel Fry Noble and family on a separate D. F. Noble page.

Alternate Spellings - Noble - None Found; Burgess - Baugess

Links - Daniel Fry Noble, Drury, Dennison, Crapnell, Clark, Cunningham, Danford, Finch, Fleming, Gilmore, Hiers, Larrance, Pryne, Muhlenberg, Rader, Schamerhorn, Shaunce, Bates, Marlatt, Reed, Shields, Sloan, Prouty, Willits, Wilson, Long, Honeyman, Black, Arnold, Ellis, Reynolds

Contacts - Cory Tarrants, Betty Harney for Byron Noble Family, Maryann Johnson for the Andrew Noble Family, Jane Slaughter for the Joseph Edward Noble Family

Photos: Bessie Noble, great granddaughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Burgess Noble and daughter of Joseph Edward and Rosella Shields Noble; Joseph Edward Noble and ladies, grandson of Lewis and Betsy and son of Joseph and Eleanor Lemmons Noble (help please in identifying the ladies!); Joseph Edward and Helen Blake Noble, taken in Belle Plain, Iowa; Joseph Edward Noble, son Omer J. Noble, and grandson Lloyd Mark Noble; Tombstone of Joseph Edward Noble in the Aubry Cemetery in Stilwell, Kansas; Wedding photo of Omer J. Noble and Myrtle Lena Moon, Johnson Co, Ka;Omer Noble, daughter Helen, son Lloyd Mark taken in Kansas City; Lloyd Mark Noble; Helen Noble Dore (photos courtesy Jane Slaughter);

William and Ann Noble

The progenitor of this family is thought to be William Noble born about 1686 and his wife Ann born about 1690 (not yet proven). They had a son William Noble born 7/13/1718. His wife Elizabeth was born about 1712. They had children: David Noble; Simpson Noble; William Noble, Jr.; and Thomas Noble. There may have been more. Because this family is so large we will notice only those connected directly to Mercer County, Illinois, i.e., the David Noble family and descendants.

David Noble (1748-1846)

David Noble was born 2/21/1748 in Anson County, North Carolina, and died 1/10/1824 in Fayette County, Indiana. He married Sarah Fry 6/25/1776 in Anson County, North Carolina. Sarah was born 2/12/1758 in Virginia, and died 11/1846 in Indiana. Sarah is believed to be the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Lewis Fry. David and Sarah Fry Noble had children: Lewis (b. 1777); William (b. bef 1790); Joseph (b bef 1790); Daniel Fry (b. 1787); David (b. bef. 1790); Eleanor (b. bef 1790); James (b. 1791); and Polly (b. 1793). The family is found in the 1800 census in Anderson County, Tennessee. From 1810 to 1830 they were in Fayette & Rush Counties, Indiana, except for Lewis who was in Ohio. Again we will notice only those children connected to Mercer County: Lewis Noble and Daniel Fry Noble. There is some speculation that David served in the Revolutionary War but proof has not been found.

Lewis Noble (1777-1854)

Lewis Noble was born 4/4/1777 in Anson County, North Carolina, and died 11/27/1854 in Mercer County, Illinois. He married Elizabeth Burgess 9/22/1801 in Knox County, Tennessee. She was born 6/9/1781 in Virginia and died 6/15/1859 in Mercer County. Both Lewis and Elizabeth are buried in New Boston Cemetery in Mercer County. Elizabeth wrote her will at New Boston July 20, 1857.

Cory Tarrants forwarded this information found by Terry Noble: Montgomery County land record #205 shows Lewis was issued 150 acres on the Southwest side of the Yadkin River and entered July 7, 1796.

Lewis Noble is listed among the settlers who came to Mercer County in the spring of 1834. He is listed among the settlers who voted in the first election when the County was formed in 1835. The County was laid off into four road districts and Lewis Noble was designated supervisor of the second district. The first road ordered was from New Boston toward Rock Island, and was designated by stakes driven in the prairie and trees blazed through the timber. The road was viewed by E. Gilmore, H. Riggs and Lewis Noble, for which services they received $8 for the three of them. In 1839 a road was surveyed from a bridge on the Edwards River through New Boston and Keithsburg to the county line. Lewis Noble, for three and a half day' vieiwing, received $3.50. (History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882)

Lewis Noble purchased Lot 1 and Lot 2 in Section 16, Township 14 North, Range 5 West on 9/7/1835. The purchase totaled 427 acres. Section 16 in every township was set aside for sale to benefit schools, so the nearly $600 that Lewis paid for the land went for that purpose. That land is still in the Noble family in 1875 on the New Boston plat map.

Lewis and Elizabeth Burgess Noble had children: Sarah Noble (b. 1802); Elizabeth Noble (b. 1804); Joseph Noble (b. 1806); David Noble (b. 1808, d. 1809); Lewis Noble, Jr. (b. 1811); Andrew B. Noble(b. 1812); Nancy Noble (b. 1814); John Summerfield Noble (b. 1816); David Johnson Noble (b. 1818); Joshua Noble (b. 1820); Samuel Noble (born and died 1822); and William B. Noble (b. 1823)

Descendants of Lewis & Betsy Burgess Noble

(1)Sarah Noble (1802-1849)

Sarah Noble was born 11/7/1802 in Tennessee and died 9/17/1849 in Mercer County, Illinois. She married (1) John Hudson 5/13/1818 and (2) Joseph Arnel Dennison, son of William and Rachel John Dennison, on 12/21/1834 in Warren County (precursor of Mercer County). Children of Sarah Noble and John Hudson were John Wesley Hudson and Charity Hudson. Children of Sarah Noble and Joseph Dennison were Angeline Dennison; Elizabeth Helen Dennison; and Nancy Matilda Dennison. (More on the Dennison page).

Children of Sarah Noble and John Hudson
(1)John Wesley Hudson, was born about 1824 and married Rachel Ann Crapnell, daughter of William and Keziah Crapnell, on 10/8/1850 in Mercer County. J. W. had been working as a laborer and is found with Joseph Noble (Sarah's brother) in 1850. Rachel Crapnell Hudson died 9/30/1851, age 28 yrs, 10 mo, 9 dys and is buried in New Boston Cemetery with the Crapnell family. She probably died in childbirth, as many young wives did with their first child. John Wesley married again on May 7, 1854. Marna Wilson kindly sent us the obituary of his wife Anna Reynolds Hudson which gave us the marriage date. It also tells us that John Wesley died in April 1866. There is a marriage license for Mrs. Anna Reynolds Hudson and Archibald Corken on 1/2/1881 in Mercer County, but a marriage is not mentioned in the obituary. The Hudson family is found in New Boston Township in 1860: John W. Hudson, 36, farmer, born Indiana; Anna, age 27 , born Indiana; May, 4; Clara E., 2; Agnes, 1, born Illinois. Anna is found in 1870 in New Boston Township: Anna Hudson, 36, keeping house, born Indiana; May, 14; Clara E., 12; Agnes, 10; Edith, 8; Emily J. (Jennie), 5, all born Illinois. May Hudson married (1)Elwood Mosley on 12/4/1874 and (2) Melville Danford on 3/25/1897 as his second wife. (Melville Cox Danford was married first to Dora Noble, daughter of Sarah Noble's brother David. Their son Robert Melville Danford wrote the Noble/Rader family history published in 1967.)

(2)Charity Hudson was born about 1822 and married Cyrus C. Clark on 7/19/1840 in Mercer County. She married (2) William C. Schamerhorn on 5/1/1850. Charity and Cyrus Clark had children Rachel A. and John W. Clark. For more on the family see the Schamerhorn page.

(2 & 3)Elizabeth and Nancy J. Noble

Elizabeth Noble (1804-1884) and Nancy J. Noble (1814-Unknown) married Bates brothers. Elizabeth married John Bates on 4/18/1822 and Nancy married Isaac Bates on 3/8/1832, both in Fayette County, Indiana. John and Elizabeth Noble Bates came to Mercer County sometime in the mid-1830's. Isaac (and perhaps Nancy) probably accompanied them, or came shortly thereafter. In 1839 Isaac Bates was paid $2.00 for chaining on the New Boston, Knoxville Road, along with Elizabeth's brother, John Noble. The work was overseen by Elizabeth's father, Lewis Noble. Isaac apparently returned to Indiana and he and Nancy raised their family there. John and Elizabeth remained in Mercer County into the 1860's. Their family is discussed on the Bates page. There is a large Bates file on that indicates John Bates died about 1881 at Oakland, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. This is probably correct as John and Elizabeth are found in Center Township, Pottawatamie County, Iowa, in the 1880 census. Some of their children married in Taylor County, Iowa, indicating they may have stopped there also. (Caution: As many of you know sources are not given for Ancestral File data - it should only be used for hints as to where to look for primary data.)

(4)Joseph Noble (1806-1886)

Joseph Noble was born 3/21/1806 in Ohio, and died 5/13/1886 in Poweshiek County, Iowa. He married Eleanor Lemmons 1/21/1830 in Union County, Indiana. She was born about 1811 in Kentucky. They had children: Mary Margaret, born about 1831, Indiana; Mariah, born about 1835, Il; Sarah, born 2/17/1838, Il; William B., born 10/24/1842, Il; Nancy Malinda, b. about 1844, Il; Cynthia Jane, b. about 1846, Il; Joseph Edward, born 8/24/1849, Il; Irena Alice, b. abt 1852, Il; and Charles H., born about 1856, Il. Joseph and Eleanor Noble are not found in Mercer County in the 1870 census. They are found in the 1880 census in Belle Plaine, Benton County, Iowa: Joseph Noble, 74, born Ohio; Eleanor Noble, 66, born Kentucky. The birthplaces of both their parents is blank.

Children of Joseph and Eleanor Lemmons Noble
(1) Mary Margaret married Jeremiah Falls on 9/14/1851 in Mercer County, as his second wife. He was married first to Elizabeth Marlatt who died in 1849 in Mercer County. Jeremiah and Mary are found in the 1860 census in New Boston Township: Jeremiah Fall, 45, farmer, born Virginia; Mary M., 30, born Indiana; Joseph A., 7, Il; Leonidas, 6, Il, Willie P., 3, Il; Ella J. 6/12, Il. They apparently did not raise the five children Jeremiah had by his previous marriage. Jeremiah and Mary are gone from Mercer County by 1870. Jeremiah apparently died before 1880. Mary is found in Jefferson Township, Poweshiek County, Iowa, in the 1880 census: Mary M. Falls, 47, born Indiana, father born Ohio, mother born Ky; Leonidas A. Falls, farmer, 24, born Il, (father born Virginia); Willie B. Falls, farm laborer, 21, born Il; Alta M. Falls, 16, Il, at school; Iva Irene Falls, 10, born Ia, at school. Next door to them is son [Joseph] Albert Falls, 27, born Il, father born Virginia, mother born Indiana; Emma Falls, wife, age 24, born Il, parents born Massachusetts. We have heard from Susan Buckner, descendant of Alta M. Falls and has a photo of her. She has much information on the Falls side of the family.

(2)Mariah Noble married James R. Cunningham, son of John H. and Margaret Jack Cunningham, on 9/24/1856 in Mercer County. James and Mariah moved to Poweshiek County, Iowa, in 1861. Their history is continued on the Cunningham page.

(3) Sarah Noble married Uriah Clark 6/25/1857 in Mercer County. Uriah was son of Charles and Sarah Clark (we will be putting up a Clark page). Uriah and Sarah are found in Millersburg in the 1860 Census: Uriah Clark, age 24, farmer, born Pennsylvania; Sarah, 23, born In; Margaret, 1, born Illinois. They are gone from Mercer in 1870. They are found in Valley Township, Pottawattamie County, Iowa, in the 1880 census: Uria Clark, farmer, 45, born Pa, parents born Pa; Sarah, wife, 40, born Il, father born Oh, mother born Ky; Ellen Clark, 19, Il; Charles Clark, 17, Il; Kate Clark, 14, Ia; Hattie Clark, 12, Ia; Myrtle Clark, 9, Ia; Grace Clark, 7, Ia; Bertha Clark, 4, Ia. According to Cory Tarrants' Noble history, Sarah died in 1913 in Woodbine, Iowa.

(4) William B. Noble married Mary F. Reed 8/16/1866 in Mercer County, Illinois. Mary was daughter of Harper Reed of Eliza Township. (We will be putting up a Reed page). William and Mary are not found in Mercer County in 1870 and probably accompanied brothers and sisters to Iowa. It is possible that they had no children as they are found in Jefferson Township, Poweshiek County, Iowa, in 1880 not far from sister Mary Noble Falls: William B. Noble, 38, born Il, father born Oh, mother born Ky; Mary F. Noble, wife, 33, born Il, father born SC, mother born In. William B. Noble signed as a witness on the marriage certificate of his brother, Joseph Edward Noble.

(5) Nancy Malinda Noble was born about 1844. We have no further information on Malinda. We previously had erroneous information that she married Daniel Winslow. In checking the 1880 census we find that Daniel and Nancy Winslow next door to J. Edward Noble were age 76, and were actually Daniel and Nancy England Winslow of Mercer County.

(6)Cynthia Jane Noble - no further information at this time.

(7) Joseph Edward Noble married Helen L. Blake 9/27/1871 in Poweshiek County, Iowa, according to Powshiek County Iowa History (see photo). Helen was daughter of George and Susan Crittenden Blake, born about 1855 in Iowa, and died about 1880 in Iowa. Helen was still alive in Jefferson County, Poweshiek County, Iowa at the time of the 1880 census: J. Edmond Noble, 30, born Il; father born Ohio, mother born Ky; Hellen L. Noble, wife, 25, born Ia, parents born Kentucky; Omer J. Noble, son, 6, Ia. Helen soon died of consumption. Joseph Edward Noble then married Rosella Shields, daughter of Richard and Sally Wilson Shields 11/3/1881 in Mercer County. The marriage record gives his name as Joseph Edmond and her name as Rose Ella. We have seen Edward and Edmond used interchangably in other families; however Joseph's tombstone {photo} gives his name as Edward. Jane Slaughter is our contact for this family and has furnished us with several photos. There is also information on this family in The Noble/Rader Families... . A photo of Joseph Edward shows him with two women, unknown. It could be a sister and his mother, or it could be one of his wives and her mother. Could anyone shed any light on this? Jane also sent us an obituary for Richard Shields that indicates he was living with his daughter, Mrs. Ed. Noble, at the time of his death (9/20/1901) in Stilwell, Kansas, where they had made their home "for some time." Joseph and Rosella had a beautiful daughter Bessie {photo}, born 2/13/1884, died 10/24/1896, Stilwell, Kansas. Omer Noble, son of J. Edward and Helen Blake Noble was born March 1874 in Belle Plaine, Iowa, and died October 1922, in Kansas City, Kansas. He was a letter carrier for the Kansas City post office (see photo). He died of an injury to his leg at the age of 49. Omer was married to Myrtle Lena Moon (see wedding photo from descendant Jane Slaughter. Omer and Myrtle had children Lloyd Mark (photo) and Helen Marcia (photo). Jane sent a nice three generation photo of Joseph Edward, Omer, and Lloyd.

(8)Irene Alice Noble - Irena was living at home, age 18, in 1870 in Poweshiek County, Iowa. Jane Slaughter tells us she married Millard Blake and moved to Belle Plaine, Iowa. Millard Blake was brother of Helen Blake Noble. She is with her parents in 1880 as Alice A. Blake and has a son Vernie, age 5.

(9)Charles H. Noble - Charles died 11/11/1926 and is buried in Winslow Cemetery, Row 5, Poweshiek County, Iowa, Jefferson Township, Section 11.

(5)Lewis Noble, Jr. (1811-1889)

Lewis Noble, Jr., was born 3/8/1811 in Ohio, and died 3/29/1889 in Mercer County, Illinois. He married Matilda Willits 12/15/1831 in Wayne County, Indiana. Matilda was daughter of Jesse and Susanna Van Horn Willits, who also came to Mercer County, and was born 3/12/1809 in Ohio. Jesse Willits and Lewis Noble, Jr., probably came from Indiana together as the History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882 says that both families settled on Section 32 in Eliza Township. The 1875 plat map of Eliza Township is barely readable, but it looks as though descendants of both families still lived on that township in 1875.

The Mercer County History says "Lewis Noble and family settled on section 32, where he built a house and improved a farm, which he afterward sold, and moved to Decatur County, Iowa." Another page in the Mercer County History says that Joseph, John S. and Lewis Noble came in the spring of the year 1834...planted sod corn, and went back in the fall and brought out their families. The Willits family came in the fall of 1834. Public land records show Lewis Noble purchasing the W2NW of Section 32 in Eliza Township for $1.25 per acre on 4/5/1836.

The family is found in the 1860 census in Eliza Township: Lewis Noble, 50, farmer, born Ohio; Matilda, 51, born Oh; William W., 24, Il; Abram B. [Laban B.], 22, Il; Vanhorn, 20, Il; Elizabeth J., 16, Il; Lewis A., 12, Il; Joshua 6, Il. In 1870 in Eliza Township: Lewis Noble, farmer, 60, Oh; Matilda, 61, Oh; Laban B., 31, farmer, Il; VanHorn, 29, farmer, Il; Jane, 26, Il; Lewis Albert, 21, assisting on farm, Il; Joshua W., 16, assisting on farm, Il.

The move to Decatur County, Iowa, is confirmed in the 1880 census where they are found in Burrell Township: Lewis Noble, farmer, 70, Oh, father born NC, mother born Va; Matilda, wife, 71, born Ohio; parents born Pennsylvania; Joshua W. Noble, works on farm, 25, born Il.

Children of Lewis Noble and Matilda Willits Noble
(1)Willits Noble was born 1/4/1834 in Indiana and died 4/18/1850 in Mercer County. He is buried in Eliza Cemetery.

(2)William Wallace Noble was born 3/12/1836 in Mercer County and died 8/4/1928, probably in Iowa. He is shown at home with his parents in the 1860 census in Eliza Township. He married Sarah Ann Black 8/26/1860 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Black page but have not identified her parents as yet). William and Sarah had a son George who died 3/15/1864 in Mercer County. They are not found in Mercer County in 1870. In 1880 they are in Burrell Township, Decatur County, Iowa, not far from Lewis and Matilda, and near Richard Black, probable brother of Sarah: William W. Noble, farmer, 43, born Il, parents born In; Sarah Ann Noble, wife, 37, born In, father born Va, mother born In; Elva, 17, at school, Il; Almeda, 15, at school, Il; Evert, 13, helps on farm, Il; Bert, 11, at school, Iowa; Jennie, 8, Iowa, at school; Lewis, 6, at school, Ia; John, 4, Ia; Guy, 1, Ia. Cory Tarrant's history of the family lists three more children for them: Arlie Lucas Noble; Eugene Noble; and Mildred Noble, evidently born after 1880.

(3)Laben Burgess Noble was born 11/16/1839 in Eliza Township and died 4/14/1893. He is shown at home with his parents in Eliza Township in 1860 though his name is given as Abram B Noble. Laban Noble served in the Civil War, mustering out as a corporal in the 9th Consolidated Infantry, Company G, in July 1865. He enlisted from New Boston on August 20, 1861, and reenlisted as a veteran on November 18, 1863, in Company G of the 27th Illinois Infantry. He is listed as Lewis B. Noble in the Adjutant General's report but is listed as Laban Noble in the Muster Roll for Company G, 27th Ill Inf in an Aledo Weekly Record newspaper article dated Oct. 8, 1861. The History of Mercer County, 1882 tells us he was wounded at the Battle of Kenesaw Mountain. This is confirmed in a letter about the battle where he is listed as Corporal B. Noble. He is listed in the 1914 Past and Present of Mercer County as receiving a $6 pension in New Boston Township in 1884. He married Irabell Stephens of Adams County, Iowa, in 1873. They had four children: Archer L., Elsie M., Don L., and Ethel J., all of whom were residing at home in 1882 when the Mercer County History was written. They are found in the 1880 census in Eliza Township: L. B. Noble, farmer, 40, born Il, parents born Indiana; Isabella Noble, 28, born Il, parents born Ireland; Archie L. Noble, 5, Il; Elsie Mary Noble, 4, Il; Dan Laban Noble, 1, born Iowa.

(4)Van Horn Albert Noble was named for Matilda Willits Noble's mother, Susannah Van Horn Willits. He was born 2/10/1841 and died 12/8/1881 and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Van A. Noble was recruited into Company G, 27th Illinois Infantry on August 13, 1862. He had previously been enlisted in Company K, 26th Illinois Infantry. He was mustered into the 27th on December 19, 1862, and transferred to Company G, 9th Illinois Consolidated Infantry. He was mustered out as a private from Company G, 9th Consolidated on July 9, 1865, as was his brother Laban B. Noble. Van A. Noble married Mary Emma Ellis 11/22/1871 in Mercer County. She was born about 1850 in Pennsylvania and was the daughter of Jones and Martha A. Ellis (we will be putting up an Ellis page). Van and Mary are found in the 1880 census in Burrell Township, Decatur County, Iowa, next to Lewis and Matilda: V. A. Noble, 39, farmer, Il, parents born In; M. E. Noble, 30, born Pa, parents born Pa; Bessie S. Noble, 7, Il; Faresta Noble (daughter), 3, born Ia; J. V. A. Noble, 6 mo, born Ia. Van's death must have been sudden and tragic and we do not know for sure if he died on a visit to Mercer County or his body was shipped to Mercer. He may have died of disease as so many Civil War participants did (see our Medicine and Disease page); and there is some possibility that he is not even buried in Mercer County. Several Civil War participants have tombstones in Mercer County that are actually not buried there.

(5)Elizabeth Jane Noble was born 10/24/1844 in Mercer County. She married James N. Reynolds 1/29/1873 in Mercer County. We have started a Reynolds page, but have not yet identified James's parents. He was working for a Mulford family in Eliza Township in 1870, age 24, born Ohio. They are not found in Illinois in 1880 but we have not yet checked other locations.

(6)Lewis Albert Noble was born 11/18/1849 in Mercer County. He was living at home in 1870, age 21, assisting on the farm. He died 8/10/1876 according to the Noble/Rader History, apparently unmarried.

(7)S. Milton Noble was born 3/8/1851 and died 6/11/1852. He is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

(8)Joshua W. Noble was born 2/1/1854 in Mercer County and died 5/24/1891. He was living at home in 1870, age 16, assisting on farm. He was still at home with his parents in 1880 in Decatur County, Iowa. According to the Noble/Rader History he died 5/24/1891.

(6)Andrew B. Noble (1812-1887)

Andrew B. Noble was born 4/20/1812 in Fayette County, Indiana, and died 2/2/1887 in Harvey County, Kansas. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Newton, Harvey County, Kansas. He married (1) Vashti Sutton 9/19/1833. Vashti died 8/29/1849 in Mercer County, Illinois, and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. (The 1880 census records of Vashti's children indicate she was born in Kentucky). Andrew married (2) Sarah A. Madley on 10/7/1850 in Mercer County. They are found in New Boston Township in 1860: Andrew B. Noble, 48, farmer, born Indiana; Sarah A. Noble, 51, born New York; Franklin B. Noble, 18, born Il; Lewis Noble, 16, born Il; John W. Noble, 14, Il; Sarah E. Noble, 12, Il. Andrew B. Noble took over operation of the New Boston Ferry in 1862. They are not found in Mercer County in 1870 but are found in Emma Township, Harvey County, Kansas in 1880: B. A. Noble, 68, born Indiana, father born NC, mother born Va; A. Sarah Noble, wife, 70, born New Jersey, father born Pa, mother born Delaware. They are not living near any Mercer County families that we recognize, nor near any of their children. Most of their children are found in Kansas in 1880, however, as well as grandchild, Zella Noble.

Children of Andrew and Vashti Sutton Noble
(1)J. Rowland Noble, born about 1836 in Indiana and died 5/19/1907 in Harvey County, Kansas. He married Susan Rader, daughter of Abraham and Catherine Rader, on 11/29/1857 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Rader page). Susan was born 8/3/1831 in Indiana, died 8/10/1912 in Mercer County and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. J. Rowland Noble died 5/19/1907 in Harvey County Kansas and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery at Newton, Kansas, so Susan evidently returned to Mercer County after his death. Roland and Susan are found in New Boston Township in 1860: Roland Noble, 25, farmer, born Indiana; Susan, 25, born Indiana; Zell, 2, born Il; unknown female 3/12, born Il. They are gone from Mercer by 1870. They are found in Toolsborough, Louisa County, Iowa, in the 1880 census (just across the River from Mercer County): Roland Noble, 44, born In, father In, mother Ky; Susan Noble, 48, In, parents born Va; Warren E. Noble, 19, Il; Burt M. Noble, 14, Il; Clayton B. Noble, 8, Ia; Clara S. Noble, 8, Iowa. Son Fred Noble, age 15, is found in 1880 among many students in a school (probably a college as many of the students were 20 or more) in Lewis, Pottawatamie County, Iowa). Maryann Johnson (email above) furnished the obituary of Susan Rader Noble from the Aledo Times Record of August 15, 1912 which gave additional information on the children and Maryann furnished additional information on children and grandchildren.

Rowland and Susan Rader Noble had children: Zella, born 1859; Warren E. Noble (born 2/11/1862, died 5/9/1888, buried New Boston Cemetery); Minnie Noble (born 11/29/1859, died 4/1/1889 - perhaps the "unknown female" in the 1860 census but otherwise not found); Fred Noble (born 3/25/1865, died 10/16/1896, buried New Boston Cemetery); Burt Maynard Noble (b. about 1866, went to Dakota); Clayton Rollins Noble and Clara S. Noble (twins - b. 3/1872).

Daughter Zella Noble is found working as a servant in a restaurant in Newton, Kansas, in 1880, age 21, born Il. She probably went to Kansas with her grandparents. The restaurant where she worked was next door to a large hotel. According to the Noble Rader History she married John Weber 7/4/1880 in Harvey County, Kansas. We did not find a John Weber nearby in 1880 of an appropriate age to be the John Weber that she married. Maryann Johnson tells us they had five children and Zella died one week after the birth of the last one. She is buried at West Plains, Missouri.

Burt Maynard Noble is mentioned in Susan Rader Noble's obituary as living near Watertown, South Dakota in 1912. He is possibly the parent of Omer H. Noble who is found in the 1918 Prairie Farmer's Relibable Directory on Section 21 of New Boston Township. His wife's name is Gladys Golff. They have a child Cuba Noble. A Clyde Noble is also buried in Greenmound Cemetery (1925-1941) with Omer born 1894 and Glayds 1895 on the same stone (no death date filled in for either). The 1918 Directory gives Omer's father as M. Fleming Noble and this may be Burt Maynard Fleming Noble as Susan Rader's sister was Nancy Fleming, who would have been Burt's aunt. We would really appreciate it if any descendant could shed light on whether Burt M. Noble and M. Fleming Noble are one and the same.

Clayton Rollins Noble was born March 1872 in Iowa. He married Hattie Deeds on 9/21/1898 in Mercer County. She was born 1/1880 in Iowa. The 1900 census gives her father as born Indiana, and mother born Iowa. Child listed in the census is Marie Noble, born 2/1899. Clayton and Hattie may have had a son born just after the 1900 census. The 1918 Farmer's Directory for Mercer County give Clayton Noble and wife Cora J. Jones Noble. Again we would appreciate any help verifying this.

(2)Isaiah Noble, born about 1840, married Mary Stowell on 2/12/1866 in Mercer County. Isaiah was working as a laborer for the John Fry family of Ohio in New Boston Township in 1860 (were they perhaps Fry relatives?) We do not find Isaiah and Mary in the 1870 census nor have we located them anywhere in the 1880 census.

(3)Benjamin Franklin Noble, born about 1842, served in Company G of the 124th Infantry during the Civil War. He died 7/22/1865 at Vicksburg, Mississippi, and is listed on the Soldier's Monument in Aledo.

(4)Lewis Noble, born about 1844 (Dec. 21, 1843. according to descendant Lily Mattix), died 5/28/1915 in Harvey County, Kansas. He is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery at Newton, Kansas. Lewis was at home in 1860, age 16. He enlisted in Company B, 65th Illinois Infantry, from New Boston on March 8, 1862. He mustered out April 18, 1865. Lewis Noble married Louise Strong on 12 September 1869 in Louisa County, Iowa. They are found in Emma Township, Harvey County, Kansas, in the 1880 census: Louis Noble, 37, Il, father born In, mother born Ky; L. Frances Noble, 32, born Iowa, father born Indiana, mother born Ohio; Myron Noble, 9, born Il; Styles Noble, 8, Il; E. Sarah Noble, 5, Ks; Estelle Noble, 5 months, Kansas. An A. J. Jones, carpenter, 26, born Iowa, parents born Ohio, is with them, listed as cousin [probably cousin of Frances]. Francis L. Noble applied for a widow's pension in Kansas in June 1915, verifying the death date for Lewis given in the Noble/Rader History. Lewis had applied for and received a pension (application 946319, certificate 647901) but the date is unreadable. Anyone desiring detailed information on the family would do well to order the pension records.

(5)John Wesley Noble, born about 1846, died 1/27/1914, buried Greenmound Cemetery, Newton, Kansas. He married Mary Hudson 6/12/1874 in Harvey County, Kansas. He enlisted in Company F of the 140th Ill Inf regiment on May 12, 1864 and mustered out on October 29, 1864. He enlisted with his cousin, Albert F. Noble (see William B. Noble family below) who was not so lucky and died at Memphis, Tennessee, in July 1864. John and Mary are found in 1880 in Emma Township, Harvey County, Kansas: W. J. Noble, farmer, 32, born Il, father born In, mother born Ky; Mary Noble, wife, 26, born Ohio, parents born Ohio; daughter Corma [Cora?] L. Noble, 2, born Ks. Their neighbors are Simon Prouty and Enos Commons, formerly of Mercer County.

(6) Sarah E. Noble, born about 1848, married John Murry Prouty, son of Amos and Mary Stone Prouty, on 1/27/1865 in Mercer County, Illinois. The story of the Prouty wagon train journey to Kansas is told on the Prouty page. John and Sarah Noble Prouty had a daughter Ettie, age 2, in the 1870 census in New Boston Township. They had a son, Amos G. Prouty, born 1884 in Harvey County, Kansas. They are found in Macow Township, Harvey County, Kansas in 1880: John M. Prouty, 35, born Il; Sarah E. Prouty, 31, born Il, parents born Ky [actually only her mother was]; Etta M. Prouty, 12, Il; Grace V. Prouty, 6, Ks. They were living next door to Pullens, Proutys, and Commons families, formerly from Mercer County.

(7)John Summerfield Noble (1816-1856) John Summerfield Noble was born 4/19/1816 in Indiana and died January 29, 1856, in Mercer County. He is buried in New Boston Cemetery. He married Jane Long Malaby 5/23/1844 in Mercer County. She was born 5/5/1815 in Pennsylvania, daughter of Andrew and Jemima Santee Long. This family is difficult to unravel as census records are virtually a comedy of errors. The 1850 census for John and Jane Noble incorrectly gives the surname of the first two children as Long - they are John Malaby, born about 1834, Indiana, and Sarah Jane Malaby, born about 1837, children of Jane and her first husband, Andrew Malaby. 1850 census record in New Boston Township (T14NR5W): John S. Noble, 34, farmer, born Indiana; Jane Noble, 35, born Pa; John Noble, 16, born Indiana; Sarah Jane Noble, 13, born Il; Albert Noble, 1, born Il. After John Summerfield Noble's death, Jane Long Malaby Noble returned to Indiana and married her widowed brother-in-law, David Honeyman on 9/24/1857. In the 1870 census they are back in Mercer County and Lewis A. Noble, son of Jane and John S. Noble, is listed as Lewis A. Honeyman, age 8. He is actually Lewis A. Noble, age 18. The relationships become more clear in papers that Jane Long Malaby Noble Honeyman filed as guardian of her daughter Isabelle Honeyman (deceased) in 1878 in Mercer County. Heirs of Isabelle Honeyman included her half-sister Sarah Malaby Pauley; and half-brothers, A. B. Noble, and [Lewis]Alfred Noble. The 1860 census in Union County, Indiana, correctly lists the three Noble children with David and Jane Honeyman, that is, including another son Charles W. Noble, born about 1855 in Mercer County. Charles is not with them in the 1870 census and apparently died.

Children of John Summerfield and Jane Long Malaby Noble
(1)Albert B. Noble, born about 1849, Mercer County, Illinois. Albert B. Noble is found in the town of New Boston in 1870, working as a store clerk for H. B. Southward, grocer (see Southward family in Miscellaneous Families). In the 1880 census Jane Long Malaby Noble Honeyman is found in the 3rd Ward, Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa, living with son Albert and family: Albert B. Noble, 31, attending business college; born Il, father born In, mother born Pa; Frans J. L. Noble, wife, 21, born Wisconsin, parent's birthplace not given; Mark C. Noble, son, 1, born Iowa; Jane Noble [Honeyman], 65, born Pennsylvania, parents born Pennsylvania. Jane had received money from David Honeyman's estate and was no doubt supporting the family while Albert attended college.

(2)Lewis Alfred Noble was born 5/31/1852 in Mercer County and died 11/25/1918 according to the Noble/Rader History. He married Amanda Vanwinkle Finch 3/2/1876 in Mercer County, daughter of Pettis and Esther Rader Finch. They had children: Harry Noble (b. 3/14/1878, d. 2/25/1879), Orr Wesley Noble (b. 8/1/1879, d. 5/15/1925, married Elizabeth Bloomfield); Jennie Myrtle Noble (b. 9/4/1886, married (1)James Burron Edwards, (2) Riley J. Montgomery. Louis and Amanda are found in the 1880 census in Washington Township, Marshall County, Iowa: Louis A. Noble, farmer, 28, born Il, father born Pa; Amanda Noble, wife, 22, born Il, parent's birthplace not given; Orr W. Noble, son, 10 months, born Iowa. With them are Alvin Butler, laborer, 15, born Ia, and Ollie Overton {f}, teacher, 19, born Iowa.

(3)Charles W. Noble, born about 1855, Mercer County, Illinois. Died before 1870 Mercer County census. We are not sure if he died in Indiana or Illinois or on the road between.

(8)David Johnson Noble (1818-1897)

David Johnson Noble was born 5/1/1818 in Fayette County, Indiana, and died 12/11/1897 in Mercer County, Illinois. He is buried in New Boston Cemetery. He married Sarah (Sally) Rader 7/5/1840 in Mercer County. Sally was born 3/4/1818 in Rockingham County, Virginia, daughter of Abraham and Catherine Beam Rader (we will be putting up a Rader page). She died 1/27/1891 in Mercer County and is also buried in New Boston Cemetery. In addition to their own children, David and Sarah raised orphans, Dana and Cora Rader, probably children of John Rader of Rockingham County, Virginia, who died in 1867. David belonged to the Methodist Church and took an active part in temperance. According to the History of Mercer County 1882 he received 70 acres of land in Section 16, New Boston Township from his father and added the NW/4 Sec 22 and NE/4 Sec 21. They had a commodious residence on this property. His land can be seen on the 1875 New Boston plat map.

David and Sarah Noble are found in New Boston Township in 1870: David J. Noble, 52, farmer, born In; Sarah Noble, 52, born Va; Harvey Noble, son, 20, assisting on farm; Nathan Noble, 19, assisting on farm; Sarah E. Noble, 17; Dora Noble; 15; Robert V. Noble, 12; James J. Noble, 10; Joseph D. Rader, 10; all born Illinois; Cora Rader, 8, born Ks; Edward Moseley, 54, farm laborer, Ky; Harry Howard, 23, farm laborer, NY. Three other children: Melissa, John Monroe, and Leroy were already married and away from home. Another son David Leslie, born about 1847, died 7/13/1852 and was buried in New Boston Cemetery.

They are still in New Boston in 1880: Johnson D. Noble, 62, born In, father born NC, mother born Va; Sarah Noble, 62, born Virginia, parents born Virginia; Malissa Noble [actually Malissa Noble Fleming], 37, Il; Robert V., 22, Il; Iola H. Noble, daughter-in-law, 22, In, parents born In; James J., 20, Il; Cora Rader, niece, 18, born Ks; Flora Noble, granddaughter, 12, Mn, father born Il, mother born Vt; Leman J. Noble, grandson, 10, Mn; John A. Murchn(sic), 27, born Sweden, works on farm, parents born Sweden; Thomas Watson, 23, Il, parents born Ireland, works on farm; Charles A. Bailey, 20, In, parents born NY, works on farm. The two grandchildren were children of John Monroe Noble (more below).

Children of David Johnson and Sally Rader Noble
(1)Melissa Noble was born 12/4/1842 in Mercer County and died 1/29/1831 in Joy, Mercer County, and is buried in New Boston Cemetery as Malissa Noble Fleming. She married Frederick Ice Fleming on 11/2/1865 after his return from the Civil War. He was born 3/5/1841 in Indiana, son of John William and Angeline Cellars Fleming (we will be putting up a Fleming page). Frederick Fleming died 2/25/1867 in Mercer County and was buried in New Boston Cemetery (another casualty of the Civil War). Frederick enlisted August 13, 1862 and was transferred to Co E, 9th Consolidated Infantry on Dec 19, 1862. He was absent sick at the mustering out of the organization (July 1865). We do not find Melissa in the 1870 census in Mercer County but she did attend a Teacher's Institute in Mercer County in August 1875 as Mrs. Melissa N. Fleming (see schools page). She is back at home with her parents in 1880. There are some rather curious Civil War pension records for Frederick Fleming. He apparently applied for a pension July 24, 1865 (application #78911) that was not granted as there is no certificate number. Then Melissa applied for a pension as guardian for Frederick Fleming. The date appears to be 1870 and if so she perhaps had a son Frederick, deceased by 1880. If the date is read wrong she might have applied as guardian for husband Frederick if he was too ill to do so himself. The application number is 191957 and the certificate number is 153938 for anyone who wants to follow up on this.

(2)John Monroe Noble was born 5/17/1844 in Mercer County, Illinois, and died 7/10/1923 in Albion, Michigan, according to the Noble/Rader History. He married first Elizabeth Gibbs, born 5/14/1851 in Orwell, Vermont, and died 10/29/1917 in Champlin, Minnesota. John Monroe and Elizabeth divorced and John Monroe married (2)Mary Edith Hill on 11/27/1878 in Dakota Territory. She was born 3/1/1860 in Morgan County, Ohio, and died 5/19/1915 in Centreville, South Dakota, according to the History. The Noble Rader History says that John Monroe went to Dakota Territory in 1873 and homesteaded adjacent to brother Nathan Noble. John Monroe and Elizabeth Gibbs Noble had children: El Flora Noble, born 4/2/1868; Leman Johnson Noble, born 5/19/1870; and Melissa (Metta) Noble, born 12/9/1872, all in Crystal Lake, Minnesota. Flora and Leman are living with their grandparents, David Johnson and Sarah Noble in the 1880 census in Mercer County which verifies the Minnesota birthplaces and dates. Melissa apparently went with her mother as she married (Alfred Gumbrill) and had a family in Minnesota. Flora married John Knispel in Dakota Territory in 1884 so she apparently joined her father. Leman also married in Dakota in 1895.

John Monroe and second wife Mary are found in Delaware Township in Lincoln County, Dakota Territory in 1880 (not far from Nathan Noble): John M. Noble, farmer, 36, born Il; father born In, mother born Va; Mary Noble, 20, born Ohio, father born Va, mother born Pa; Arthur Noble, 1 month, born Dakota Terr. John and Mary had additional children: Effie, David Jean, Clara, Ethel, Ray Emerson, Laura, Ruth, William Earl, and Dwight Monroe, all born Dakota Territory (Noble/Rader History). Son Arthur married and lived in Michigan, so John Monroe was probably with him when he died.

(3)Leroy Noble was born 2/9/1846 in Mercer County and died 2/26/1932 in Joy, Mercer County, according to the Noble/Rader History. He married Rachel Hollingsworth on 1/10/1870 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Hollingsworth page but so far have not identified Rachel's parents). Rachel was born 1/8/1842 in Richmond, Indiana, and died 10/11/1897 in Mercer County. Her parents apparently came from Wayne County, Indiana, as did so many Mercer County families. Leroy and Rachel had a daughter Edith, born 2/27/1871, died 8/30/1873 and buried in New Boston Cemetery. They are found in the 1880 census in the town of New Boston: Lee Roy Noble, farmer, 34, born Il, father ? mother born Va; Rachel, wife, 38, born In, father born South Carolina, mother born Ohio; Sarah E. Noble, 7, born Il; Ruth, 5, Il; Roy, 4, Il. According to the Noble/Rader History they had another son, Meredith David, born 6/12/1883.

(4)David Leslie Noble, born 1847, died 7/13/1852, Mercer County.

(5)Harvey S. Noble was born 8/26/1849 in Mercer County and died 1/28/1934 in Mitchell, South Dakota according to the Noble/Rader History. He married (1) Caroline Muhlenburg 4/11/1872, daughter of Charles and Sophia Muhlenburg. Caroline was born 12/10/1846 and died 8/12/1873 in Mercer County and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. She may have died in childbirth as so many young brides did in that time period. Harvey married (2) Luella Jane Bowden on 2/19/1874 in Mercer County. She was born 6/5/1850 in Wabash, Indiana, and died 6/5/1937 in Mitchell, South Dakota. The Noble/Rader History gives their children as: Bessie Belle Noble; Dora Noble (b 5/9/1876); David Johnson Noble (b. 10/8/1883); Sara Noble (b. 3/1/1886). Bessie Belle Noble married Charles Pryne Gilmore, grandson of Walter and Sarah Pryne, on 1/31/1889 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Gilmore page - Charles was son of John A. and Alice Pryne Gilmore but was raised by the Prynes as his mother died bearing him). In 1880 Harvey and Luella are found in New Boston: Harvey Noble, farmer, 30, born Il, father born In, mother born Va; Luella Noble, 30, born Indiana, parents born Indiana; Bessie B. Noble, daughter, 11, born Iowa; Dora, 4, born Il. We verified Bessie's age and birthplace in the actual census. It is curious she was age 11, born Iowa, as that would make her neither child of Caroline or Luella. Harvey was at home with his parents in 1870 and it seems she would have been with him if she was his daughter. The Noble/Rader History does not give a birthdate for her. There is much more on the descendants of Harvey in Cory Tarrant's book.

(6)Nathan Noble was born 6/17/1851 in Mercer County and died 9/15/1928 at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota according to the Noble/Rader History. He married Alida Pryne, daughter of Walter and Sarah Kibbey Pryne, on 10/17/1872 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Pryne page). Alida was aunt of Charles Pryne Gilmore who married Bessie Noble, daughter of Harvey. Alida was born 11/7/1851 in Mercer County and died 9/13/1929 and is buried beside her husband in Woonsocket, South Dakota. Nathan and Alida left immediately after their marriage and homesteaded in Dakota Territory. They are found there in Delaware Township, Lincoln County, not far from brother John M. Noble (above): Nathan Noble, farmer, 28, born Il, father born In, mother born Va; Alida Noble, 28, born Il, father born NY, mother born In; William P. Noble, 6, Dakota; Charles D. Noble, 5, Dakota; Hattie Noble, 3, Dakota; Edith Noble, 1, Dakota. There is wonderful history of their trip to Dakota and their life there in Cory Tarrant's book. An additional child, Ralph Carlton Noble, born 11/21/1885 is listed there as well as descendants of Nathan's children.

(7) Sarah Elizabeth Noble was born 5/31/1853 in New Boston Township and died 2/12/1933 in Portland, Oregon, according to the Noble Rader History. She married Joseph Augustus Goding 4/14/1872 in New Boston Township, son of Amos and Lucinda Goding. Joseph was born 2/2/1848 near Farmington, Franklin County, Maine. Joseph Goding came to Mercer County in 1870 and began teaching in the "Brickyard" schoolhouse in New Boston. After his marriage he returned to Maine and farmed two seasons, teaching in the winter. In 1874 he returned to Mercer and was principal of Millersburg Public Schools. He also was in partnership with H. B. Frazier in dry goods. They were living in Canton, South Dakota in 1890. Their children from the Noble/Rader History: Lena Goding, born 7/3/1873, Bean's Corner, Maine, died 11/14/1937, Portland, Oregon; Clara Goding, born 6/7/1875; Bertha Goding, born 8/2/1877, Viola, Mercer County; Della Goding, born 3/26/1879, Viola; Maurice Ray Goding, born 8/6/1881, Viola; Joseph Arthur Goding, born 6/14/1888, Mercer County.

(8) Dora Noble was born 4/11/1855 and died 8/24/1894 in Mercer County. She married Melville Cox Danford February 24, 1876 at New Boston (we will be putting up a Danford page). They had children: Florence Danford (b.4/19/1877, d. 9/13/1881); Robert Melville Danford (b. 7/7/1879); Fred Dwight Danford (b. 11/19/1882); Thornton Noble Danford (b. 12/11/1891). Son Robert Melville Danford is the author of the Noble/Rader History. As noted above under Charity Noble Hudson, Melville Cox Danford married second to May Hudson on 3/35/1897.

(9) Robert V. Noble was born 9/22/1857 and died 5/12/1928 at Robinson, Tennessee, according to the Noble/Rader History. He married (1)Iola Hollingsworth April 22, 1880, and they are living with his parents in the 1880 census. Iola was born 1857 and died 1889. She is buried in the Aledo Cemetery. Robert and Iola Hollingsworth Noble had children: Charles David Noble (b. 2/12/1881); Alice (b. 1/21/1884); Mabel Hollingsworth Noble (b. 3/11/1885). Robert Noble married (2) Laura Lemon on April 6, 1892. Robert Noble's obituary states that he was survived by two daughters, Mrs. Ralph Willits, of New Boston and Mrs. Stacy Adams of Knoxville, Tennessee (Mabel Hollingsworth Noble married Stacy Grainger Adams June 24, 1923 in Chattanooga, Tennessee). Daughter Alice married Ralph Willits 3/8/1906 in Keithsburg. There is more on descendants in Corry Tarrant's book including a description of the railroad accident that killed son Charles David Noble in 1913 in Tennessee.

(10) James Johnson Noble was born 10/23/1859 in Mercer County, and died 5/19/1951 at Davenport, Iowa, according to the Noble/Rader History. He is buried in New Boston Cemetery in Mercer County. James Johnson Noble married Minerva McNall on 12 May 1883 in Muscatine County, Iowa. Minerva was born 1865, died 1928 in Mercer County, and is buried in the New Boston Cemetery. They had children: Otis Johnson Noble (b. 7/5/1888); Russell H. Noble (b. 9/25/1893 d. 1/25/1894) and Helen Noble.

(9)Joshua Noble (1820-Unknown)

Joshua Noble was born 3/14/1820 in Indiana. He married (1)Elizabeth Nash on 2/23/1843 (in Greene County, Illinois, per Illinois Marriage Records. Joshua appeared to be at home with Lewis in 1840 in Mercer County so we do not know the reason for the Greene County marriage. Greene County is quite a ways down river from Mercer). Elizabeth was born about 1822 in Kentucky and died 6/5/1859, according to the Noble/Rader History. Joshua married (2) Eliza Jane Hiers, daughter of Jacob Hiers, on 5/8/1859 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Hiers page). Joshua and Eliza Hiers Noble are found in New Boston Township in 1860 next door to brother David Johnson Noble: Joshua Noble, farmer, 40, born Indiana; Eliza J. Noble, 32, born Ohio; Philetus Noble, 13, born Il; Lucinda J. Noble, 12, born Il; Mary E. Noble, 10, born Il; Nancy, 8, Born Il; Jasper Noble, 6, born Il; Liva Noble, 4, born Il; John E. Noble, 4/12, born Il. These are all apparently children of Joshua and Elizabeth Nash except for John E. Noble. The 1870 census sorts them by parentage in the town of New Boston: Joshua Noble, 49, pump repairer, born Indiana; Eliza J. Noble, 42, born Ohio; John Ebert, 10; Jacob H., 8, Eddie S., 5; Minnie R., 2; then children of first wife: Andrew J. Noble, 15; Levi Noble, 13, and Nancy A. Noble, 18. Next door to them is Lewis A. Noble, 23, day laborer, wife Martha I. Noble, 21, and Edith M. Noble, age 1. In the 1880 census they are found in New Boston: Joshua Noble, well digger, 60, born Indiana, father born NC, mother born Va; Eliza J. Noble, wife, 55, born Indiana, parents born New York; Elbert J. Noble, 20, born Il; Jacob H. Noble, 17, born Illinois; Minnie D. Noble, 12, born Illinois. Jacob Heirs, father-in-law, is living with them, boarder, age 74, born New York. The census records leave us with some conundrums which we will discuss below in the list of children of each wife.

Children of Joshua and Elizabeth Nash Noble
(1)Philetus Noble, age 13, 1860 census. Lewis A. Noble, age 23, 1870 census. The Noble/Rader History reversed the order of the two wives, thus creating some problems with the children. It lists a child of Joshua and Eliza Hiers as David P. Noble, born 1844. Then it lists a child of Joshua and Elizabeth Nash as Lewis Paul Noble, born November 26, 1845. No Lewis Noble, age 13, is found in the 1860 census; no David P. Noble, age 23, is found in the 1870 census. It would be our guess that Lewis A. Noble, age 23, in the 1870 census and listed as Lewis Paul Noble in the Noble/Rader History may be the Philetus Noble listed as 13 in the 1860 census. Lewis P. Noble (sic) married Martha J. Arnold on 12/31/1865 in Mercer County, according to Illinois marriage records. The fact they were living next door to Joshua in 1870 argues that he was son of Joshua. We have yet to check the 1880 census for either David or Lewis - this may shed some light.

(2) Lucinda J. Noble, age 12, 1860 census. Lucinda J. Noble married William H. Ferguson, on 4/5/1870. We will be putting up a Ferguson page but do not currently know the parentage of William. They are found in the 1870 census in New Boston: William H. Ferguson, 29, billiard rooms, born New York; Lucinda J. Ferguson, 22, born Illinois. We have not checked the 1880 census for children as yet. The occupation of "billiard rooms" is interesting and we would like to know more. They are listed next to James Bell, grocer, Henry Seavers, shoemaker, Albert Tipton, druggist, John Peterson, merchant, Andrew Johnson, tailor, and Wilson Lusk, jeweler, indicating the "billiard rooms" were probably right in downtown New Boston.

(3) Mary E. Noble, 10, 1860 census. We do not find Mary in the 1870 census nor do we find a likely marriage record for her in Illinois or Iowa.

<4> Nancy A. Noble, age 8, 1860, age 18, 1870 census. Nancy A. Noble married Noah Noble Larrance on 3/30/1871 in Mercer County. He was son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Swafford Larrance, born about 1835 in Henry County, Indiana. There is more about this family on the Larrance page.

(5) Jasper vs Andrew Jackson Noble - Jasper Noble, 6, 1860 census. Andrew J. Noble, 15, 1870 census. These could conceivably be the same person as we know the 1860 census was taken later in the year than the 1870 census, in other words in the second census, Andrew's birthday may not yet have come about. It is likely his name was Andrew Jackson Noble and that the 1860 census errs. (12/2008 a descendant Stacy A. Noble-Johnson tells us that he is indeed actually Andrew Jackson Noble and the 1860 census errs. If you are interested in this line and would like to contact Stacy send an email to Web Master Nadine on the About Us page and we will forward it on to Stacy.) We do not find a marriage record for Andrew Jackson Noble in Illinois or Iowa. We have not pursued the 1880 census. Photo of Andrew Jackson and family from Stacy Noble (Front Row (L-R): Peter (holding Garland Jackson), Andrew Jackson, Missouri Holliman; Back Row (L-R): Alfred, Ike, Melissa, Mary.)

(6) Liva Noble, female, 4, in 1860 census. Levi Noble, male, 13, 1870 census. It is likely this is one and the same person. We have no further information.

Children of Joshua and Eliza Hiers Noble
(1) John Elbert Noble, age 4 mos, 1860 census, age 10, 1870 census, age 20, 1880 census. We do not find a marriage record for him in Mercer County.

(2) Jacob H. Noble, age 8, 1870 census, age 17, 1880 census. No doubt named for his grandfather Jacob Hiers. We do not find a marriage record for Jacob in Mercer County.

(3) Eddie S. Noble, age 5, 1870 census, not found 1880. Eddie S. Noble probably died before the 1870 census.

(4) Minnie Noble, age 2, 1870 census, age 12 1880 census. We do not find a marriage record for her in Mercer County.

(10)William B. Noble (1823-1849)

William B. Noble was born 10/19/1823 in Indiana, and died 9/3/1849 in Mercer County, Illinois. He married (1)Keziah Crapnell, daughter of William and Keziah Crapnell, on 12/18/1843 in Mercer County. Keziah was born 12/14/1825 in England and died 10/29/1846 in Mercer County. William and Keziah Noble are buried in New Boston Cemetery. He married (2) Harriett B. McNevin 7/16/1848 in Mercer County. We will enventually be putting up a McNevin page as they lived in Eliza Township. We do not find a remarriage for Harriett, nor do we find her in the 1860 census so we do not know if there was a child by that marriage. If there was not a child who survived then William B. Noble had no descendants beyond his children with Keziah. 3/2011 Jamie Paul tells us of finding an "Infant Daughter Noble" buried between William and Keziah Noble so is a possible additional child. The birth date is unreadable but the death date is Aug 16, 1845. Since the child is unnamed we assume she died at birth or was born dead?

Children of William B. and Keziah Crapnell Noble
(1) Emily J. Noble was born 4/21/1844 and died 1/24/1906 in Mercer County, Illinois. She is buried in New Boston Cemetery. She was living with grandfather William Crapnell in the 1850, 1860, and 1870 censuses. She was living with uncle William Crapnell, Jr., and aunt, Ellen Crapnell, in 1880 so apparently never married.

(2)Alfred Fred Noble was born 1846 and died during the Civil War at Memphis, Tennessee. He too was living with William Crapnell in 1850 and 1860. He enlisted on 5/12/1864 in Company F of the 140th Illinois Infantry and died of wounds at Memphis, Tennessee on 7/24/1864. He was originally buried at Memphis but was moved to the Mississippi River National Cemetery in Tennessee on the Memphis and Ohio Railroad intersection with the Memphis and Raleigh plank road - 6 miles from Memphis. He is listed on the National Roll of Honor and on the Soldiers' Monument in Aledo. He enlisted for 100 days along with his cousin, John Wesley Noble. The History of Mercer County errs in stating that Company F of the 140th saw no action until August 8th at Lafayette where Alfred F. Noble of New Boston was mortally wounded. A letter was published in the Aledo Weekly Record on July 13, 1864, signed H. S. (probably Sgt. Harrison Scott). He reported a picket skirmish in which a number of Mercer boys were engaged, including Fred Noble "They had proceeded about two miles from camp, marching through a timber country, with rail fence on either side, with thick undergrowth, when they were fired upon by a band of guerrillas lying in ambush, supposed to be from 75 to 100 in number. The result was the wounding of Fred Noble, in thre places: one shot through the neck, the breaking of one arm, and one shot thro' the body supposed to be fatal. The latter wound was inflicted after he was taken prisoner; they presented a pistol to his head for the purpose of blowing out his brains - he entreated them to spare his life - the pistol was withdrawn when up stepped another fiend of h__l, and discharged his piece as above stated, through the body of as brave a boy as ever shouldered a knapsack, Poor Fred!"

The date of this story compared with the death date in the Adjutant General's Report and on his tombstone indicate that his wound was not fatal on the day of the skirmish but that he died later of wounds, probably in the Memphis hospital. Other Mercer County boys in that fateful skirmish were Charles Davis, E. A. Rollins, R. Mitchell, M. T. Mitchell, Reuben Willits, Lew Swafford, John Green, Robert Brakey, Milton Jones, and Levi McManus. Milton Jones and Robert Brakey received flesh wounds and Lewis Swafford, their drummer, was taken prisoner.

Updates: 03/02/2011 Added a possible third child to the family of William and Keziah Noble thanks to information from Jamie Paul. 12/11/2008 A descendant of Andrew Jackson Noble has confirmed that the Jasper Noble listed as a son of Joshua Noble in the 1860 census is indeed actually Andrew Jackson Noble.