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Moore Families of Mercer County, Illinois

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Alternate Spellings - Moore, More

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Contacts - Kathryn Meyer has been most helpful with the George Washington Moore family and much of the research on that family is hers. Margaret Moore Welch is the wife of a great grand uncle of Jill Martin and Nadine Holder, owners of this web site.and we have a lot of information on her already posted. Brad Moore led us to information on Foreman Moore of Mercer Township.

Apologies - There may be many Moore families with the spelling "More" and we have yet to address that at all. In the meantime if you have questions on what we are posting see our email address on the About Us Page.

As usual we will concentrate on families who at one time lived in New Boston and /or Eliza Townships as that is the subject of our Web Site. However, when we come across credible information on other Mercer County Moore families we will include it to help Moore researchers.

Moore families living in Mercer County in 1860 included: George and Margaret Moore of Pennsylvania [Pope Creek #192]; Samuel and Margaret Moore of Pennsylvania [Pope Creek #174]; Peter Moore, 23 of Ohio [Keithsburg #627],; John L. and Hannah Moore of NY and Md [Aledo #1387]; Sarah Moore, 25, of Pa [Aledo#1401]; Frank Moore, 15, of Oh [Millersburg #1450]; George and Jemima Moore of Ohio [New Boston #1691]; Celestia Moore, 17, of Il [New Boston #1913]; Thomas Moore, 14, of Il [Eliza Township #2603]; George and Emma Knapp Moore of In [Eliza #2638]; Martin Moore, 22, of Il [Elize #2655]; Mira Moore, 2, of Il [Eliza #2728]; Jane A. Moore, 17, of Il [Eliza #2748]. There were of course many more in 1850, 1870, etc. and we will include information on them as well.

We have a mystery Moore in New Boston: Aledo Weekly Record, December 29, 1863 “Moore, Ives and Denison, New Boston have one of the largest, if not the largest stock of goods in the County and of course with their unequaled facilities they will not be undersold.” In the 1860 census we find Gideon Ives and Elmore J. Denison as merchants in New Boston close to each other but no Moore nearby and no Moores who were merchants or traders. The store was disbanded by 1865. Who was Mr. Moore? We looked for a nearby Moore who was a merchant in the 1860 census but found none so he must have come slightly later. We might guess that it was John L. Moore, husband of Hannah, below, as their daughter Lurana married a nephew of Elmore J. Denison in 1858 in Mercer County. John was a farmer in the 1860 census but could have joined in the merchant enterprise?

There is a John S. Moore buried in New Boston Cemetery: December 26, 1869, age 56 yrs 1 mo 1 ds. He is close in age to the above John L. Moore but not near enough to assume they are the same person.

Margaret Moore Welch; Mary Ann Moore Bear

Margaret Moore was daughter of James and Mary Moore of Christian County, Illinois. She was not in Mercer County in 1860 but married John Welch in Eliza Township in Mercer County in the mid 1860’s. There is much information on her on the Welch page linked above. If any one knows of this family and how Margaret happened to come to Mercer County we would appreciate that part of the story. Margaret Moore had a sister, Mary Ann Moore, whom we believe married a neighbor of the Welch family: Stephen Bear. Evidence is circumstantial but compelling.

Mira Moore of Eliza Township

There is a curious entry in the 1860 census in Eliza Township: #2728 John Taylor, laborer, 35, born England; Mira Moore, age 2, born Il. We wonder if it is a census error and a few people were left out? We did not find Mira in the 1870 census nor did we find a cemetery record for her. John Taylor seems to still be in Eliza Township in 1870, a carpenter, age 56, born England (note age difference from 1860 - perhaps he was her grandfather?).

Robert and Deborah Willits Moore

We learn of Robert and Deborah Willits Moore from an article about John Glancey in History of Mercer County 1882 , page 292. The article tells us that Mrs. John Glancey’s [Susan Moore] father’s name was Robert Moore, Scotch-Irish, her mother’s maiden name was Deborah Willits, of English descent, and having formerly lived in York County, Pennsylvania, moved from that state to Ohio, and then to Indiana in 1812. From information we have developed about the Willits family we know that Deborah was daughter of Isaiah and Susannah Boone Willits.. Robert and Deborah Willits Moore had children: Thomas Moore, born about 1795, Pennsylvania, married Harriett Willits, 30 Mar 1821 in Wayne County, Indiana; James Moore, born about 1798, Pennsylvania, married Elizabeth Camp 19 Jan 1837 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio; John Moore, born about 1799, Pennsylvania, married Susan Unknown; Jane Moore, born about 1802, Pennsylvania, married (1) James Drury, 18 Feb 1819 in Wayne Co, In and (2) Robert Deever 29 Oct 1829 in Union County, In; Isaac Moore, born about 1804, Pennsylvania, married (1) Belinda Willits 13 Dec 1825, and (2) Catharine Unknown about 1850 in Mercer County; George Moore, born 5 October 1807, Pickaway Co, Ohio, married (1) Sarah Williams 25 Jul 1833 in Henderson Co, In, and (2) Jemima Roy 5 Jul 1838 in Hendricks Co, In; Susan Moore, born 18 March 1809, married John Glancey 27 April 1826 in Wayne County, In.

More on the Children of Robert and Deborah Willits Moore and Misc. Moore Families

Thomas and Harriett Willits Moore of New Boston Township

Thomas Moore and family are found in Township 15N Range 5W (future Eliza Township) next to brother James Moore: Thomas Moore, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 40-50. We are not sure of the identity of the young female. Thomas and Harriet Willits Moore are found in Township 14 North Range 5 West (future New Boston Township) in 1850: #418 Thomas Moore, 55, farmer, born Pa; Harriett Moore, 53, Pa; Thomas Moore Jr., 4, Il; Susan Moore, 2, Il; William Moreland, 10, In. By 1860 Thomas and Harriett had returned to Wayne County, Indiana: Thomas Moore, 65, gardener, born Pa; Harriett, 63, born Pa.

Thomas, Jr. remained behind in Mercer County and is found with the George and Caroline Glancy family in 1860: #2603 George Glancy, 33, farmer, In; Caroline Glancy, 27, Ky; Thomas Moore, 14, Il. George and Caroline Glancy had some children in the 1850’s who died and never seemed to have additional children of their own but took care of a number of other people’s children. Thomas Moore, Jr. who was with them in 1860 is related to them, however, as George Glancy’s mother’s name was Susan Moore Glancy, wife of John Glancy mentioned above. We found nothing further on Thomas Moore, Jr. who apparently left Mercer County before 1870. Susan Moore, age 12 was living with aunt Jane Moore Drury Deavers in 1860 (more below).

James and Elizabeth Camp Moore; Susan Moore Glancy

James Moore married Elizabeth Camp 19 January 1837 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio - marriage record found in probate court records by another researcher. They were in Mercer County by 1840, living next to Thomas Moore: James Moore 1 male under 5, 1 male 30-40 and 1 female 20-30. The young male is probably Peter Moore, 23, laborer, born Ohio, working for the Joseph Glancy family in 1860. James Moore is living in Township 15 North Range 5 West in 1850 (future Eliza Township). #625 James Moore, 52, laborer, born Pa; Martin Moore, 11, Il; and Everett Moore, 9, Il. Another possible child was Jane Moore, age 17, working as a domestic for the John Glancy family in 1860. John Glancy was a neighbor of Thomas and James Moore in 1840 in Eliza Township and was married to their sister Susan Moore (see the Glancey page for more on this family). Elizabeth was evidently deceased and hence the farming out of various children to relatives.

John and Susan Moore; John L. and Hannah Moore

John Moore is found next to brother George Moore in the 1840 census in Township 15 North Range 5 W (future Eliza Township): 1 male 10-15, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 30-40, 1 female 50-60. By 1850 they were in Township 14 North Range 5 West, New Boston Township: #355 John Moore, 51? 57?, farmer, Pa; Susan, 57, Pa; William, 20, farmer, In. We do not know who the other young male with them in 1840 was. They had left Mercer by 1860 and the names are too common to trace them further.

There was another John Moore in Township 14 North Range 4 West in 1850: John L. Moore, 36, farmer, born Md; Hannah, 30, NY; Francis M, 9, Il; Lurancy, 6, Il; Rebecca, 4, Il; John T, 1, Il but this family does not match the 1840 record where John is next to George. Laurancy, age 6 was Lurana Moore who married Henry Denison in 1858 (see the Denison page for information.) In 1860 they are found in Aledo: #1387 John L. Moore, 48, farmer, born Md; Hannah, 45, NY; Francis M., 19, Il; Rebecca L, 15, Il; George W, 9, Il. John evidently was deceased by 1870 as we find in New Boston Town: #101 Hannah Moore, 52, born NY, keeping house; George Moore, 19, born Il, laborer. Frank M. Moore served in Co E 9th Ill Infantry. We do not find him in the Illinois Adjutant General’s report but he is listed on the Soldier’s Monument in Aledo as killed in the Civil War. Rebecca Moore married Oliver Jack, son of John S. Jack, on 9/13/1861. They are not in Mercer County in 1870.

Jane Moore Drury Deever

Jane Moore married James Drury, son of William and Rachel Willits Drury, on 18 February 1819 in Wayne County, Indiana (see the Drury page.) They are in Wayne County in 1820: 1 male 16-26, 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-18. James was evidently deceased by 1830. Jane Drury married Robert Deever 10/29/1829 in Union County, Indiana and he was apparently deceased by 1850. 1850 Washington Township, Wayne County, Indiana: 394 Jane Deaver, 48, Pa; Thomas, 19, In, farmer; Susan, 18, In ; Hannah, 17, In; Paulina, 12, In ;William, 9, In; Wallace, 8, In; Sarah Jane, 5, In. In 1860 Pontsook Twp, Hancock Co, Il: 2500 Jane Diver, 62 Pa - no occupations for any; William, 20, In; Murry, 17, In; Sarah J, 15, In; Susan Moore, 12, Il (daughter of James Moore, brother of Jane).

George and Jemima Roy Moore of New Boston

According to the History of Mercer County 1882 George Moore was born 5 October 1807 in Pickaway County, Ohio. He moved with his parents to Wayne County, Indiana in 1814 and afterward worked at the carpenter and wheelwright trades until his marriage, when he moved to Mercer County. This is somewhat shortened as George married Jemima Roy on 5 July 1838 in Hendricks County, Indiana (the date is apparently transcribed incorrectly as George and Jemima’s first child, Sarah Jane Moore, was born about 1833 in Hendricks County.) Hendricks County is halfway across the state from Wayne County so there was apparently an interim migration there. The Mercer County History tells us they had children Sarah Jane, Helen L, Arminta E, Clara, and Robert C., living and Ella Clarissa deceased. In 1850 they are found in Mercer County Township 14N 5W (New Boston): #367 George Moore, 43, farmer, Oh; Jemima, 36, Oh; Sarah Jane, 18, In; Helen L, 11, Il; George L, 11, Il; Arminta, 8, Il. Daughter Clara was apparently missed in the census. She would have been 5 years old. Daughter Ella Clarissa is apparently the Ella G., daughter of George and J. L. Moore died Aug 29, 1836 aged 1 yr 2 ms 21 ds. (born 8 Jun 1835) who is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

Sarah Jane Moore married James Mannon on 6 January 1859 in Mercer County and there is more about their family on the Mannon page. In a biography of Lyman Scudder it states he was married to Helen L. Moore, daughter of George and Jemima Moore of New Boston. She was born in Eliza Township…on May 10, 1837. Her tombstone also gives 1837 as birthdate (more below.) There is more about Lyman and Helen on the Scudder page. Leslie George Moore was born 14 January 1839 in Mercer County and died 14 Jan 1862 at St. Louis, Missouri, where he was serving in the 2nd Iowa Cavalry. There is a Civil War marker for him in the Mannon Cemetery. Daughter Arminta Moore married August Mason 27 March 1876 in Mercer County and there is more on the Mason page. Clara J. Moore born about 1845 died in 1926 in Mercer County and is buried in Mannon Cemetery. Son Robert C. Moore was still with the family in 1870 but we find no Mercer marriage for him and he is not in the county in 1880.

There is an interesting story about George Moore in his biography indicating he crossed the plains to Oregon in 1852 along with other parties. The journey took five months. They stayed first at Yam Hill County, Oregon and then went to southern Oregon where they stayed until February 20, 1853 and then back to Yam Hill until October 7. They left Port Louis, Oregon, on board a steamer and went by way of San Francisco and the Isthmus of Darien [Panama?] to New York, then up the Hudson to Buffalo, then to Chicago, coming home on December 8, 1853. The family is in New Boston Township in 1860: George Moore, 53, farmer Oh; Jemima, 47, Il (incorrect); Ellen [Helen], 23, Il; Leslie, 21, Il; Arminta, 18, Il; Clarinda [Clara], 16, Il; and Robert, 13.

George Washington and Emma Knapp Moore of Eliza Township

We have much information on this family thanks to Kathryn Meyer and much of the research in this section is hers.

George W. Moore.was son of Elias Moore (b. 29 May 1776, Virginia; d. 12 Jun 1839, Buffalo, Scott, IA) and Elizabeth Stapleton (b. 1 May 1795, Virginia or Ohio; d. 5 Jul 1876, Buffalo, Scott, IA). George W. Moore was born: 1820 in Indiana, died: 12 July 1898, Everett, Snohomish Co, WA. He was one (the oldest?) of 10 siblings, including Lewis, Francis/Frances, Antha/Anthe, Levi, Johnathan S., Marion, Jackson E., and Elias Moore. Information about the family can be found in the biography of Jackson E. Moore, in The History of Scott County, (Chicago: Interstate Publishing, 1882), p. 1002.

George W. Moore married Emma Knapp, daughter of Daniel and Sally Myra Knapp on 1 April 1845 in Muscatine County, Iowa. The 1850 census shows George (age 29) in Dist. 4, Scott County, Iowa, living with his wife Emma (23), and sons Hiram S. (2) and John A. (1). The 1860 census shows George W. Moore in Eliza, Mercer Co, IL, farming, with real estate valued at 2000 and personal property at 680. His wife Emma died in 1865 (there is more about her on the Knapp page.) Sometime between 1865 and 1870 George married a widow, Jane Corwin. . The 1870 census shows George and 7 of his 8 living children (the oldest, Hiram, is absent), living next door to his former brother-in-law Henry Knapp. 1870: G. Washington Moore, 49, farmer, In; Jane Moore, 50, NY; F Marion, 19, farmer, Il; Mary, 17, Il; Ann, 16, Il; Elizabeth, 13, Il; Nancy, 9, Il; Daniel 7, Il; Lewis, 4, Il. Three Corwin children are with them in 1870: Alice, 19, born NY; Charles, 17, born New York, and Frank, 10, born Iowa

According to The Illustrated History of the Big Bend Country, “Mr. Moore served in an Illinois regiment during the Civil War. He removed to St. Clair County in 1869, came west to California, and died in Everett, Washington in 1896.” At least one of the dates in this statement is incorrect, as George was still in Illinois in 1870, but he must have moved to St. Clair County, MO, shortly after the census was taken, and three of his daughters (Anna, Mary, and Myra) met their husbands there. George is buried in Spring Creek Cemetery, Lincoln County, WA, near the family of his daughter Anna Moore Heath.

George did indeed serve in the Civil War in the 58th Illinois Infantry Consolidated. He applied for a pension from Washington and received Certificate #123,247. There is more about George W. Moore in the biography of his son Marion below.

More on the children of George Washington Moore

Hiram S. Moore

Hiram was born: 15 Mar 1857, Iowa, and died: 14 Feb 1922. He lived in Reardan, Lincoln, WA, for many years. He went west to California with his father and brother F. Marion Moore in the early 1870s, and with them, he settled in Lincoln County, WA, in 1885. The 1910 census describes him as a widower, but no record of a wife can be found. Several of his nephews, now dead, said that Hiram never married. They also described him as always wearing a large diamond stick pin, and said that, when their uncle Hiram died, he “had enough mining stocks to paper a house.”

John A. Moore

John was born 22 December 1848 in Iowa and died 12 June 1853, in Mercer County. He is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

Marion Francis Moore

From The Illustrated History of the Big Bend Country: “MARION F. MOORE, one of the eminently successful farmers of Lincoln county, now retired and residing at Reardan, was born near Davenport, Iowa, October 22, 1850. His parents were George and Emma (Knapp) Moore, the father a native of Pennsylvania and a pioneer of Iowa. They were married in Illinois where the mother died in 1866. The father passed away in 1898 in Everett, Washington. In 1865, he enlisted in an Illinois Infantry regiment and was engaged in numerous skirmishes with the Confederates, receiving an honorable discharge the conclusion of the war. In 1864, …[he] left home and engaged with the Southern Pacific Railroad Company as a surveyor, remaining with that company about thirteen years, during which period he was assistant engineer. He worked in the San Bernardino tunnel and was in advance of the Southern Pacific railroad through to Texas. In 1885, he came to the state of Washington and located eight and one-half miles north of the present site of Reardan, where he has at present a section and a quarter of land, a five-room house, good buildings, wind-mill and tank…In 1902, he removed to Reardan and purchased a twelve-room house surrounded by five lots in one of the best portions of Reardan…[He] was the second child in a family of eight, two of whom are residents of Washington. He has been a member of the I.O.O.F. Mr. Moore is classed as one of the progressive, substantial citizens of the county and a liberal supporter of all public improvements..

Marion Francis Moore married Eva Dell Edwards, daughter of Simpson Asbury and Jane Foltz Edwards 2 February 1887. Eva Dell came west in a covered wagon at the age of 10 and wrote an account of her trip before she died: “Memories of A Pioneer” which is in the Archives in Holland Library at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.

Anna Moore Heath

Anna (Annie, Ann) married William J. Heath January 1874 in St. Claire Co., Mo. There is a biography of William Heath in The Illustrated History of the Big Bend Country..

WILLIA.M J. HEATH came to his present home nine miles northeast of Mondovi October, 1880, bringing his wife and four children, and all his belongings all the way from California by means of a four-horse team and wagon. At the time of this advent in Lincoln county there were no roads and only a few white settlers. His nearest post office was at Spokane, a distance of thirty-five miles. Indians were in the vast majority over the whites, but never in Mr. Heath's experience caused anv serious trouble. He settled on a. homestead of 160 acres but as he became able added to this, and his sons as they grew to manhood acquired land, until now they together own 960 acres of good land, most of which is under cultivation, well stocked and well improved.

During the summer of 1882 five families, comprising the neighborhood, organized a school district in which the Heath family still live. Mrs. Heath taught the first school in her own house, and afterward, two other families alternated in teaching for five years, when the district built a log school house.

Born June 30, 1852, in Lawrence county, Illinois, Mr. Heath spent his early life on a farm, went with his parents to St. Clair county, Missouri, in 1868 and was there married, in January, 1874, to Annie E. Moore, a native of Mercer county, Illinois. Soon after their marriage they came west to Stanislaus county, California. There Mr. Heath was employed on a stock farm for four years, when they came to this state. Mr. Heath's parents, both of whom are dead, were Judge Ashel and Mary (Wright) Heath, natives of Suffolk county, Indiana, and Ripley county, Illinois, respectively. Judge Heath was a pioneer immigrant to Lawrence county, Illinois, whence he removed to St Clair county, Missouri, in which county he was a judge for several years. He lived the remainder of his life in that state. The brothers and sisters of William J. Heath are: Lafayette, in Seattle; John S., in Missouri; Jennie Beckman and Holbert Heath, both of Missouri. Three brothers, Robert, Milton, and Sherman, are dead. ...A long life of honest industry and fair dealing has established for Mr. and Mrs. Heath the esteem of neighbors and fellow citizens.

George W. Moore, Jr.

George W. was born 28 July 1856 in Mercer County, Illinois and died 18 January 1857. He is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

Myra Elizabeth Moore Long

Myra was born 11 December 1859 in Muscatine, Scott County, Iowa. She married Robert Henderson Long, son of Thomas and Minerva Tomlin Long on 18 May 1914 in Des Moines, Iowa.

From the History of Adams County Iowa (1984): Robert Henry Long was born in April 1852 and died March 24, 1908 in Adams County. His wife Myra…died May 28, 1914 at Methodist Hospital in Des Moines. To this union 14 children were born, 4 daughters and 10 sons, 2 of whom died in infancy. (We have not included the information from the history on the children as it extends beyond 1900 - which we do not include on this site due to the possibility of identity theft. There were also some errors in the information about the children.)

Nancy Jane Moore Leck; Daniel Moore, and Lewis Moore

Nancy Moore was born 15 June 1861, married William Leck and lived in Lincoln County Washington for many years. They had six children.

Daniel Moore was born about 1863 in Illinois and settled in British Columbia in about 1909.

Lewis A. Moore was born about 1865 in Mercer County and settled in Minnesota about 1909.

Foreman Moore and Joseph Moore of Mercer Township

The History of Mercer County 1882 contains a biography of Joseph B. Moore, cabinet maker and furniture dealer, of Aledo. His parents are given as Foreman and Anna Worley Moore. Foreman in turn was son of a Joseph Moore and was born in Mason County, Kentucky, June 20, 1792. They went to Scioto County, Ohio in about 1798 (Note: it was actually Adams County at that time as Scioto was not set off until 1803.) Foreman and son Joseph came west to Mercer County in 1865. Joseph is found in 1870 in Mercer Township: Joseph B. Moore, 43, farmer, born Oh; Margaret, 41, Oh; Robert K, 18, Oh, Mary C, 15 Oh. Joseph had married Margaret McCall in 1850 in Ohio. They had another child John W., who died in infancy. Joseph Moore farmed for ten years near Aledo and started his business in Aledo in 1875. He filled the office of the trustee of the town of Aledo for five years and was president of the board part of the time.

Foreman Moore is found in Aledo in 1870: #162 Forman Moore, 77, retired farmer, born Ky; Rebecca B. Moore, 52 born Kentucky. Anna Worley Moore had died about 1849 in Ohio and Foreman Moore married Mrs. Rebecca Hoobler about 1850 in Ohio. He had married Ana Worley about 1814 and they had nine children: Patience, Rebecca, Leroy, Charles, Scienda, Joseph, John, Jedediah, and Asbury. Scienda, John,Jedediah and Asbury were deceased before 1882. Mr. Moore had been a licensed exhorter in the Methodist Church for over 40 years. He received a government pension for service in the war of 1812. The Cemetery records for Mercer County show: Vol 5, Page 23 Foreman Moore died Oct 21, 1883, aged 92 y 5 mo; Rebecca, wife of F. Moore, died Feb 1, 1884, age 66y 3 mo.

Brad Moore is a descendant of Foreman Moore's son Leroy and tells us Leroy was a sheriff in Mercer County for two terms. We find him in Mercer Township in 1870: #141 Leroy L. Moore, 50, farmer, born Oh; Sarah, 46, born Oh; Hester, 26, born Ky; John B., 20, assisting on farm, born Ky; Rebecca, 17, born Ky; William E., 14, born Il; Owen E, 12, born Il; Leroy F, 8, born Il; Sarah E, 4, born Il.

Moore Cemetery Records in Mercer County

We will add these as we have occasion to look them up. They are from the DAR walk down of the cemeteries in the 1960’s.

St. Mary’s Cemetery, Alexis
Volume 8, Page 81 Joseph Moore November 14, 1823-March 21, 1906
Margaret Moore, his wife, December 25, 1830-July 11, 1908
Hannah Moore March 3, 1867-Sept 22, 1891
Page 82
William J. Moore Aug 5, 1863-Dec 22, 1929
Mary E. Moore December 18, 1859-March 25, 1912
Julia Moore Robertson 1865-1942
Edward Robertson 1868-1948
Margaret Moore Severs 1861-1939

Greenmound Cemetery, Keithsburg
Vol 4, Page 58 Mary Moore 1849-1922
Page 60
Alfred M. Moore Co B 65th Ill Inf. (n.d.) The notation of no dates is from the tombstone reader
Sarah E. Moore 1856-1941
James L. Moore Illinois Tec 4 Btry C 149 Field Arty Bn (this is a James of a later date - WWI? no dates listed)
Vol 4, page 95
Alfred Moore 1876-1957
Anna Moore 1873-1956
L. P. Moore 1867-_____
Ella M., his wife [next to L.P.], 1872-1915
Virgil Moore April 26 1903-Sept 8, 1925
Volume 4, page 71
Clyde Moore 1868-1950
John Moore Co H 12 Ill Inf (n.d.)
Johnie, son of J. & A. Moore, drowned June 23, 18__

Updates: 6/8/2008 Added information about Foreman and Joseph Moore of Mercer County.