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These are families in New Boston and Eliza Townships for which we have only a small amount of information - For other families see Surnames

Miscellaneous Families - New Boston & Eliza Townships
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A few families or individuals touched this area only briefly; often only a single piece of information is found. We will document these families here and hope someone can offer us more information on them. [Email Nadine on About Us Page]
Please note that in some cases we simply are deficient on research on the family!

Sadler, Sinclair & Holden
An ad for the New Boston Foundry ran in the Golden Age April 26, 1854. It is not clear to us whether this is a single individual Sadler Sinclair, or two gentlemen with the last names Sadler and Sinclair. In any event, neither name is found in the 1860 Mercer County Census. By 1855 the New Boston Foundry carried the name of T. K. Holden. Again he is not found in the 1860 census. There are Holdens in other townships but no T. K. It appears the New Boston Foundry might not have been successful!

William Avery
advertised in the New Boston Non-Pareil 3/29/1856 as proprietor of the Railroad Hotel in New Boston. By the 1860 census he is listed as a tailor., age 34, born Vermont; wife Sarah, age 34, born Ohio, daughter Harriet M. Avery, age 16, born Ohio. Sarah is living with the T. Henry Doughty family in New Boston in 1870. His wife's name is Harriet, and we suspect she might have been a sister of Sarah.

John Addison is found in New Boston Township in the 1860 census: John, 53, farmer, born New Jersey; Abba, 45, born Ohio; Mary J., 22, In; Jasper, 16, In; Elizabeth, 11, In. Jasper married Mornelva Pullen, daughter of Elias and Susannah Pullen on 2/6/1865. There was also an Addison marriage in Rock Island County on 2/16/1865 (George H. Addison to Adda Bowker) so there may have been some connection to this Addison family. No other Addisons are found in Mercer County. John and Abigail are still in New Boston Township in 1870. John's birthplace is shown as Ohio in this census. Elizabeth and Mary Jane are still at home and there is a son John E., age 10. Son Jasper and family live nearby (see Pullen page).

We did not find a marriage record in Indiana for John and Abigail, nor do we find marriages in Mercer County except for Jasper and Mornelva.


Cyrus Aldrich bought many parcels of land throughout Mercer County including the W/2NE Section 3 T14NR5W in New Boston Township on 8/4/1853. Much of the land was obtained with bounty warrants and some was purchased at $1.25 per acre. We find no other references to Mr. Aldrich in Mercer County records and suspect he may have been a land speculator.


In 1860 in New Boston Township we find the following census record: Elisha Bird, age 40, laborer, born Virginia; Joshua Agy, 19, laborer, born Ohio; Harrison Agy, 17, laborer, born Ohio; Lucretia Agy, 14, born Ohio; Ithamer Agy, 12, born Ohio; George Agy, 10, born Ohio; Sarah Agy, 6, born Illinois; Samuel Agy, 4, born Illinois; Ruth Bird 10/12, born Illinois. Clarice Hoffman is a descendant of Ruth Bird found in this census record and would very much like to solve the mystery of this family. She tells us that Lydia Griffin married John Agy in Guernsey County, Ohio on 3/16/1837 and the Agy children in the census records are theirs. We found that John Agy purchased the NESE of Section 14 in 16North4West on October 9, 1844, and the NWSE Sec 9 16N5W on April 21, 1855 (both locations in Rock Island County just north of Mercer County).

We find a marriage record for Thadeus Bird and Lydia Agy on 10/7/1857 in Muscastine County, Iowa, just across the river from Mercer County. We find a Thadeus Bird in the 1850 census in Henderson County (next to Mercer County). He too is age 30 so perhaps Thadeus and Elisha Bird are one and the same???? In 1850 Thadeus was married to Mary and had two Smith stepchildren, born Kentucky. It appears that Mary Bird and John Agy both died before 1857 when Thadeus Bird married Lydia Agy in Muscatine County. Despite our best efforts we can find nothing further on Elisha.

Lydia Agy Bird married Amos Fuller (use back button to return here), son of Joseph and Dorcas Blaisdell Fuller, on 2/13/1862 in Muscatine County, Iowa, so apparently Thadeus/Elisha Bird died before that date. We find nothing further on the Agy children in Mercer County, except: Samuel Agy died in 1911 in Mercer County and is buried in the Oak Ridge Cemetery. Ithmar Agy is probably the Arthur Agy in Keithsburg in 1870, age 22, wife Sylvinia, 19; Alfaretty, 3 (f); John, 2; George Agy (brother) 19, farm laborer. Since this family moved out of New Boston Township we do not intend to follow them further. See more on Bird below.


The 1840 census for New Boston Township shows a John Allen age 30-40, wife age 20-30, engaged in trade. Although several John Allens are found in other parts of the county in later censuses there is no obvious connection, so he may have been an itinerant trader who happened to be there when the census was taken.

There was a Dr. J. O. Allen who had the following ad in the March 17, 1847, issue of the New Boston Advertiser: "DR J O ALLEN would respectfully inform the citizens of New Boston and vicinity that he will attend exclusively to the Medical profession. He hopes that number of years devoted to that science put together with moderate charges recommend him to a share of public patronage. Office opposite Drury and Willits store. New Boston Nov 4 1846." Dr. Allen is found in Millersburg in the 1860 census, age 40, physician, born Ohio, wife Mary D., age 34, born Ohio, children: Oliver B.{photo}, age 11, Florida C., age 7, George W., age 5, all born Illinois. Tom Allen shared the photo of Oliver Bruce Allen with us. Tom Allen has a Web Site including information on Joseph Oliver Allen, his brother John Hezekiah Allen (Tom's ancestor) and their parents who are also found in the Millersburg census in 1860: John Allen, 63, merchant, born Ohio; Ruth, age 50, born Ohio; Albert S., age 30, Sydney, age 27, John H (Hezekiah), age 23, all born Ohio; May, age 15, born Pennsylvania.

The Illinois Militia Rolls 1862-1863 list a William Allen in Eliza Township. Again no obvious connection to any other Allen family in the county. He may have been the William Allen who enlisted in the 102nd Illinois Infantry showing his residence as Muscatine, Iowa. There were five William Allens in the 1860 census in Mercer County but none in Eliza or New Boston Townships. A William Allen, age 23, single, laborer, born New York was just across the line in Duncan Township from Eliza and may have been the one on the militia rolls. There was a William Allen family in Richland Grove Township in 1860 but he was age 36 and probably too far away to be on the Eliza Township Militia Roll. This William Allen married Rosanna Sites 8/3/1849 in Rock Island County. They are found in Richland Grove in 1860 with children Mary Ann, Emma L., Susan R., and Rebecca J. Allen. Kathryn Jennings is interested in this family.

Stephen W. Allen married Margaret Jane Murfin in 1861. Their 1870 census record in Eliza Township gives his name as William S. Allen, age 32, born New York. He is probably the William Allen, age 23 in 1860, given in the above paragraph.

The Ashbaugh connection with Mercer County was very brief but we are including it as it involves a New Boston newspaper. Butler's History of Kansas includes a brief sketch of H. C. Ashbaugh. It states, "At the age of eleven he commenced learning the printer's trade at West Union, Iowa, continuing at the case a large share of the time until the spring of 1861. September 23, 1861, he enlisted in Company H, Forty-fifth Illinois Infantry, and served in that regiment until the fall of Vicksburg, when he was transferred to the printing department of the army by Gen McPherson, where he remained until nearly the close of the war, afterward settling for a time in Mercer Co, Ill., where he published a paper called the New Boston Herald. In 1865 he went to St. Louis..." Now this leaves a very slim time window for him to have been publisher of the New Boston Herald (See Newspaper page). He later returned to Iowa, publishing various papers there and marrying in Rock Island on 4/27/1870 to Emily Archer. The sketch mentions that his father was Lewis Sells Ashbaugh, a methodist preacher, who died in Wichita, Kansas, June 9, 1881. The History of Mercer County 1882 mentions that L. S. Ashbaugh served as one of the ministers of the Methodist Church in Millersburg Township until 1864. He gave a speech at the 14th annual meeting of the Mercer County Bible Society in 1864 (see Social Life page) This was probably Lewis Sells Ashbaugh, father of H. S. Ashbaugh. In April 1861 the Aledo Weekly Record reported that Dr. Ashbaugh of Millersberg was collecting clothing and money in Ohio and Indiana for the destitute in Kansas, indicating he already had an interest in the state by that time. Lewis was probably also parent of John M. Ashbaugh who is found in the 1860 census in Aledo: John M. Ashbaugh, 35, farmer, born Ohio; Catherine, 33, Va; William H., 19, Ohio; Thephilus, 16, Oh; Lewis, 14, Oh; Josephine, 12,, Oh; John, 10, Il; Abraham, 8, Il; Sarah, 6, Il; Jenny, 5, Il; Joe A., 3, Il. There is more on John Ashbaugh on the Artz Cemetery page. His son William H. is also mentioned there as he is buried there with a G. A. R. marker.

John Asp advertised in the New Boston Non-Pareil 3/29/1856 "House Shop and Lot for Sale. The undersigned offers for sale on very favorable terms a good lot in the town of New Boston, istuated on the corner of Maine and fifth St. The said lot contains a good blacksmith shop and a dwelling house but partly completed. For further particulars, enquire of Geo. W. Warner Esq., or to me upon the premises. JOHN ASP. New Boston, Sept. 30, 1855." John Asp is not found in the 1860 census and must have left the area.

In the 1870 census in New Boston we find #46 Joseph Bailey, 55, gardener, born NY; Sarah, 42, born In; Cyrus, 13, born Il; Elma, 7, born In. Joseph Bailey apparently died before 1880 as Sarah Bailey married John Roberts 21 April 1880 in Mercer County and they are found in New Boston: #274 John Roberts, 69, farmer, born England, parents born England; Sarah W., born Pa, parents born Pa; Cyrus Bailey, 22, step son, Il, Pa, Pa; Mary Roberts, 30, Il, Eng, In; Clara Roberts, 22, Il, Eng, In.

In New Boston in 1880 at #248 we find a Charles A. Bailey, 20, hired hand, born In, parents born New York working on the Johnson Noble farm.

In 1880 at #327 in New Boston we find John Bailey, 57, farmer, Fa, Va, Va; Martha A., 40, Tn, SC, Tn; Wm H, 22, Mo, Va, Tn; George T, 20, Mo, Va, Tn; John C., 18, Il, Va, Tn; Sarah E, 16, Il, Va, Tn; Lola M, 14, Il, Tn; Henry Shike, 22, hired hand, Pa, Pa, Pa.

In the 1860 census taken July 13, 1860, there is a Samuel B. Baker family. Mr. Baker is a carpenter from New York, age 45. He has wife Phebe J. Baker, age 30, New York, and children: James L., age 11, born New York, Laura J., age 8, born Illinois, William B., age 6, Illinois, and Olin S. 6/12, Illinois. The only connection we find for this family is that Isabella Essley, domestic, born Indiana is working for them. We will have a separate page on the Essley family. Otherwise we have no further information on this family.


In 1836 a Richard F. Barrett purchased nearly a whole section of land in the extreme northeast corner of Eliza Township at $1.25 per acre. He is not listed there in the 1840 census and we find no further reference to him. Again, he may have been a land speculator.


The family is found as Bogass in 1850 in New Boston Township: Richard Bogass, 31, farmer, born North Carolina; Fanny A, 26, Va; William K, 8, In; John J., 6, Il; Thomas, 3, Il; Mary Ann, 1, Il. By 1860 they are found in Millersburg as Boggess and in 1870 in Millersburg Township as Baugess. They are not found in 1880 in the Mercer County census although there are Baugess marriages listed in Mercer in the 1880's.


William H. Belcher purchased about 1277 acres of land in Eliza Township in the 1830's, most of it at $1.25 per acre. One parcel was E2NE Sec 2 T15NR5W containing 89.38 acres and purchased 2/1/1837. This would be his home parcel. All the rest was purchased in small parcels directly along the Mississippi River (location at that time period, realizing the bed of the Mississippi has shifted over time). It was purchased in parts of section 22, 21, 10, 28, 15, and 33 in T15N R6W in 1836 and 1837. The exact parcels are listed in Illinois public land records. This would have been timberland and probably Mr. Belcher intended to harvest timber for sale to steamboats on the Mississippi River. We find no mention of him in the 1882 History of Mercer County and by 1840 he had moved on to Boone County, Missouri. He is found in the 1840 census as William H. Belcher, age 30-40 and with a wife age 15-20. He apparently married in Missouri as we do not find a marriage record in Mercer County (of course at that time he might have been married by an itinerant preacher!).

Edmund Belden purchased land in Eliza Township on 6/18/1838: SW Sec 27 15N5W; NWSW14 15N5W; and SESW14 15N5W. We do not find him in any census records in Mercer County. He had paid $1.25 an acre for all these parcels so they were not military warrants. There were a number of Beldens in other townships in Mercer County by 1860 but no way to tell if they were related to Edmund.


In 1870 in New Boston Township at #144, we find Henry E. Stowel, 55, farmer, born Ma; Betsy Stowel, 56, born Ct;Henry E. Stowel, Jr, 20, assisting on farm, born Ma; Maggie Stowel, 13, born Ma; Sarah Bennet, 28, birthplace not shown; Rosetta Bennet, 1, born Il. We would guess that Sarah was a daughter of Henry and Betsy Stowel. We do not find other Bennets in Mercer County but there were several across the river in Muscatine, Iowa, born Massachusetts, and perhaps relatives of Sarah's husband?


The Bergin family is found in Eliza Township in 1860: #2706 James Bergin, 33, farmer, born Ireland; Catharine, 25, born In; Timothy W., 5, born In; Charlotte, 1, born Il. They are in New Boston Township in 1870:#180 (last one listed in the township): James Bergen, 45, farmer, born Ireland; Catharine, 37, In; Wesley, 15, In; Charlotte, 11, In; Joseph, 8, Il; Sarah O, 6, Il; Anna, 4, Il; Thomas, 2, Il; Samuel 1, Il; Martha Hudson, 44, In; Laura Jackson, 11, Il. We did not find an Indiana marriage for James and Charlotte, nor an 1850 census record for James. The family is gone from Mercer County by 1880.


If you are interested in the Bird family, please also read the Agy entry above. Clarice Hoffman is a descendant of Ruth Elmira Bird who was born 3/3/1858 in Mercer County, per a Parker Bible record. She married Stephen Parker and they lived in Bedford Iowa, where Ruth is buried. Ruth is found in the 1860 census in New Boston, Mercer County, with father Elisha Bird and Agy step-brothers and sisters. The problem we wish to solve is the identity of Elisha Bird as the marriage record for Lydia Griffin Agy, mother of Ruth Bird, in 1857 in Muscatine, Iowa, is to Thadeus Bird. We do not know where Lydia Griffin Agy Bird was in 1860; since two of her marriages took place in Muscatine, Iowa, she may have had family connections there and been visiting at the time of the census. There were no Agy or Bird census records in Muscatine, Iowa, in 1850 but we have not checked 1860. Amos and Lydia Griffin Agy Bird Fuller are gone from Mercer County in 1870, probably to Iowa. 10/2001 We have heard from Bill Morrow who is researching the Bird family and he has an Elisha Bird from a much earlier time period in New Jersey.


In 1850 in New Boston Township we find #344 Lewis Blake, 25, laborer, born In; Matilda, 20, Maine; Priscilla, 2, Il; Samuel 3/12, Il. Matilda Ann Batchelor (daughter of Mary Blaisdell Batchelor) married Lewis Blake 12/2/1847 in Mercer County. In Eliza Township in 1850 is found #673 George Blake, 47, farmer, born Va; Susan, 27, In, David, 22, laborer, Wilson, 17, laborer, Cordelia, 16, Irwin, 14, Virginia, 9, Evaline, 7, Matilda, 6, all born In and Zach Taylor, 2, born Il. George Blake may have been parent of Lewis as well. Lewis Blake moved to Jefferson Township in Poweshiek County, Iowa and there is a brief biography found there: Lewis Blake was born May 16, 1823 in Washington, Indiana where he engaged in farming and the manufacture of wagons until 1843 when he moved to Illinois. His first marriage was to Matilda A. Batchelor a native of Maine in Mercer County. They had six children (list does not include Samuel who may have died young?): Priscilla; George B; Thornton J; Thomas J, Mary (died 1869), C. B. (died 1852). Mrs. Blake died May 16, 1869 after a lingering illness. Mr. Blake then married Mary McClelland in 1871 and they had three children: Elizabeth, Andrew, and John (died 1878).


In the 1850 census #332 there is a William Bowlin family. He is age 34, a laborer, born North Carolina. Wife Elizabeth is 34, born North Carolina. There is a daughter Delilah, 8, born Indiana, and Catura(?), 5, born Indiana. William Y. Bowlan married Elizabeth Jackson 4/5/1838 in Hancock County, Indiana. Sarah Ann Bowlan married Pleasant Jackson 10/9/1845 in Hancock County and they too came to Mercer County. Both families were gone from Mercer by the 1860 census and may have returned to Indiana.


In an article in the Aledo Weekly Record, April 5, 1864, there is a list of new recruits for the 102nd Infantry. Listed among them is Robert Boyle of "New Boston." If this is the Robert Boyle listed with a Miller family in Millersburg Township in 1860 he would have been a mere 14 or 15 years old.

In 1870 in New Boston at #116 we find Thomas H. Brass, 45, born Oh, physician; Susan Brass, 34, born Ct; Kittee Mark, 13,Il (adopted); Jared H. Trask, 62, born NY; Frances Trask, 60, born Ct. Jared and Frances Trask are parents of Susan Brass. Thomas and Susan adopted a boy born about 1879 and he was named Edwin Bras. There is also a mention of a marriage of Mary E. Willett to a Gustavus S. Trask on 6/9/1864 but we do not find him in the 1860 or 1870 census. Mary E. Willett Trask married Thomas N. Brass 5/25/1887 in Henderson County, Susan having died 5/1/1886 in Mercer County. Thomas died 6/26/1891 in Mercer County and is buried in New Boston Cemetery as is Susan.

In 1870 in New Boston at #4 we also find Charles W. Brass, 43, lawyer, born Ohio; Hannah M., 36, Oh; Clarence C., 9, Iowa; Harry S., 7, Iowa; Ralph C., 4, Iowa; George F., 2, born Iowa. We would guess Charles was probably brother to Thomas H. Brass as Thomas is found near Charles and family in Louisa County, Iowa in 1860. There is a brief biography of Charles W. Bras in the History of Mercer County 1882 telling us he was born in Lake County Ohio May 16, 1828 as the fourth child of Thomas and Ann Norton Bras. He came west with his parents in 1837 settling in Louisa County, Iowa where he worked with his father until of age. He then learned the mason's trade and was engaged in this until 1850, when he went overland to California, enduring all the hardships connected with an overland trip across hundreds of miles of a wilderness, where rain nevr falls and vegetation does not exist. After arriving in California he clerked in a store one year, after which he was engaged in mining and running a pack-train. He returned to Louisa county, Iowa in 1853 and was in business there until 1868, when he came to New Boston, where he opened up a law office, and has been in business ever since. September 1853 he was married to Miss Hannah M. Dennott. They have four children: Clarence C., Harry L., Ralph C,m Charlotte E.... He has served eleven years as justice of the peace, and has been a Mason over sixteen years. We find a burial record for Hannah Mary Bras in Mallory Cemetery, Louisa County, Iowa in lot 2 and a notation she was Mrs. Charles W. Bras. She died 14 August 1895. Charles is buried there with her having died 11 August 1892. His tombstone indicates he served in Co H 45th Ia Inf as a Sergt.

There were several Burns families at various times in Mercer County. In the 1860 census we find a single man, Thomas Burns, from Ireland, working in Hamlet, and a large family belonging to William Burns of Kentucky living in Millersburg Township.

In 1870 William and family are living in Abington Township and Thomas has married and has a family living in Perryton Township. Of interest to us are new families in New Boston and Eliza Townships.

In the 1870 census Harriett W. Burns, age 37, born New York, is working as a housekeeper in the household of Milton Lacey Willits, widower. On 4/30/1871 Milton Willits married Harriet Burns. We know nothing more about her except that in the 1880 census she gives her father as born New York and her mother as born Massachusetts. In that day and age of rail travel it would not have been unusual for a single woman to travel from New York to Illinois to seek employment and a husband. She is called Hattie in the 1880 census and she and Milton have no additional children. Milton's children Clinton, Elias, and Della are living with them.

A possible relative of Harriett may be Andrew Burns, found in the 1870 census in New Boston Township, not far from the Willits family. We suspect the tie because Andrew Burns had a daughter Harriett, 23, living with him, as well as sons Alexander, 22, William, 21, and a probable grandson, Josiah, age 3. Andrew Burns was a 57 year old widower, born Ohio. We suspect the Ohio birthplace may have been an error as all the children except Josiah were born in Pennsylvania. Andrew's wife, Rebecca, died 12/24/1869, age 65 y, 9m and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. Andrew died in 1896 and is buried near Rebecca. In 1870, not far away in Eliza Township, is Charles Burns, age 33, farmer, also born Pennsylvania, and probably a son of Andrew and Rebecca. Charles has wife Eura, age 32, born Indiana, stepdaughter Sarah A. Pierson, 9, born Illinois, daughter Mary, 3, and son Grant, 2, born Illinois. This family is a good example of spelling problems when researching families. Charles married Mrs. Ura Pearson on 9/14/1865 in Mercer County. We find Ewra Stout married William A. Pierson on 3/6/1859 in Mercer County and Sarah would have been their daughter. We could not find the Pierson/Pearson family under any spelling in the 1860 Mercer County census. Andrew and Rebecca Burn's daughter, Harriet Burns, married Isaac Fender on 8/7/1873. Son Alexander married Lizzie H. Halstead on 2/13/1878. This was Hannah Elizabeth Halstead, daughter of Levi and Anna M. Halstead of New Boston Township. Alexander (1847-1922) and Hanna E. Burns 1856-?) are buried beside his parents in New Boston Cemetery. Charles and Eura are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

Joseph Campbell and family are found in 1850 in Township 14NRange5W (New Boston Township) #410 Campbell, Joseph, 62, farmer, b NY; Phebe, 45, b NY; James L, 18, b In; Francis M (male), 12, b In; Ede D (female), 14, b In; Indiana, 10, b In; America, 7, b In; Margaret, 4, b Il. The Campbells had an additional daughter Elizabeth who married Jacob Hartman. Note Elizabeth was born New Jersey and that in the 1860 and 1870 censuses Joseph and Phebe's birthplaces are given as New Jersey so the New York birthplace given in 1850 may not be correct.

We do not find any marriages for the Campbell children in Mercer County. We find the Campbells in 1860 in Bedford Township, Lincoln County, Missouri: #400 Joseph B. Campbell, 71, farmer, born New Jersey; Phoeby, 54, New Jersey; Francis M., 22, farmer, Indiana; America, 15, Indiana.

Jacob and Elizabeth Campbell Hartman are found next door to the Joseph Campbell family in 1850: Township 14 North Range 5 West: #411 Jacob Hartman, 32, born Ohio; Elizabeth [Campbell], 28, born New Jersey; Matilda, 10, born In; Franklin, 8, born In; Lucinda, 5, born Il; unnamed female, 1, Il; Randolph Kiegg, 42, laborer, born NY (see Kieg below).

In 1860 the Jacob Hartman family is found in Troy, Lincoln County, Missouri: #522 Jacob Hartman, 45, farmer, born Ohio; Elizabeth, 38, born New Jersey; Matilda A., 19, In; D. R. Franklin, 18, In; Lucinda, 15, Il; Monticello (female), 11, Il; James L., 6, Iowa; F. A. (female), 2, Mo; Willis B., 8/12 Missouri.

Susan Summers of Indiana married Alexander Cash, probably in Jasper County, Indiana, and is found with him in Marion, Jasper County, Indiana in 1850: #83 Alexander Cash, 44, New York; Susan, 25, In; Orlando, 2, In; George W., 7/12, In, plus several laborers etc. Alexander died in the mid-1850's and Mrs. Susan Cash married Achilles J. Hallowell June 14, 1857 in Mercer County (see Hallowell below) and at that time had two additional Cash children, Thomas, born Il, and John J., 6, born Il as listed in the New Boston Township census in 1860. We have not yet followed the Cash children further.

While this family is connected with Keithsburg and not with New Boston or Eliza Townships (the subject of our web site) we are including it here as we received an interesting request from a descendant and perhaps someone out there can help: "My ancestor Louis N Charbonneau was one of the first on Huron Island.. I know him and his wife are in the cemetery at Keithsburg and have visited there several times as I just live over in Iowa (Wapello now) I was wondering if you had any pictures or know where I could find any of the island back in the late 1800s when it was all settled and cleared etc... I rode over the island in a light plane several times back in the 1950s and you could still tell by the trees how some fields had been laid out... thanks for any information... Roger Charbonneau, Wapello Ia"
If you can help email us on the About Us Page

We do not find a listing for the Charbonneau's in the 1960's walkdown of Greenmound Cemetery. We do find them in the 1860 census near Keithsburg: #852 Lewis Charboneax, 22, laborer, born Canada West; Parmelia J. Charboneax, 22, born Ohio; Latrillo Charboneax, 1, Il. With them are Samis (Samuel)Bassett, 25, born Canada West and Susan, 16, born Il. Lewis Charbeno married Parmelia J. Evans on 12/02/1857 in Mercer County. Samuel Bassett (see Bassett page) was married to Susanna Evans and Parmelia and Susanna were sisters according to descendant Dixie List.


There are some small bits of information about the Dawson family to be found in the 1882 History of Mercer County. Isaac Dawson apparently came to the county in about 1834, probably doing what his neighbors did: plant corn and then in the fall going back to Indiana for his family. He is listed as a carpenter. Mercer County had a total population of settlers of 27 in that year. He is listed as voting in the 1835 election in Mercer County. Under Eliza Township Isaac Dawson is again listed as coming in 1834 and settling on what was now (1882) the August Schrader place. He sold the land to Martin Cook in 1851 and moved to Iowa. There is an interesting bit also about sons George and Isaac Dawson who heard of the arrival of the Bear family from the East and thinking to frighten them, "and accordingly prepared their toilets in true Indian style, painted their faces with blood root, and, to give them a more hideous look, they bedaubed their hair with yellow clay, in which style they suddenly rushed upon the emigrant party." The family is found at #666 in Township 15N Range 5W (future Eliza Township) in the 1850 census: Isaac Dawson, 52, born Pa; Sarah, 53, born Ky; Martha, 18, born In; and Samuel, 13, born Il.


We find some Deckers in New Boston Township in 1870 but by 1880 some of them had moved on to Warren County, Iowa. The 1870 census has: #67 Benjamin Decker, 54, farmer, born Pa; Nancy, born Va; Benjamin, Jr., 20, assisting on farm, born In; Thomas, 15; Elizabeth, 13. At #69 we find Elisha Decker, 30, farmer, born Il (?); Mary, 28, born In; Dolly Ann, 1, born Il. A Jacob Hoagland family is with them. These families are not found in Mercer County in 1860 or 1880. There are other Deckers in other townships in 1870. Curiously in the 1882 History of Mercer County a Benjamin Decker is mentioned as husband of Fannie McPherren and arriving in 1835 with the McPherren family from Muskingum County, Ohio. The 1882 History mentions that at the time of the writing of the history that Benjamin Decker was dead and his wife Fannie owned a farm in Ohio Grove. We do not know the connection with this Decker and the above mentioned Deckers.


There is a single clue in New Boston Cemetery to this family: "Frank, son of M O & M L Delphey died Jan 20, 1894, aged 2 ys 2 mo 14 dys." We find his parents in Clayton, Iowa in 1900: #158 M O Delphey, born Feb 1860, age 40, married 11 years, born Md, parents born Md; Minnie L., Mar 1864, 36, born Gy, parents, born Gy; Emma H, born Nov, 1889, Il; Viola M, Mar 1895, 5, Ia; Harvey M, Nov 1898, 1, Ia. So shortly after the death of young Frank the family moved on to Iowa. From the 1860 census in Middleburg, Carroll Co, Md we learn that Milton Delphey's parents were John and Ann Delphy. By 1870 Ann was widowed and Milton was living with her in Frederick County, Maryland, age 20, laborer.


"Jacob Dively who lived on the river north of New Boston was frozen to death on the way from Muscatine to his residence Saturday a week..." Aledo Weekly Record, 1/8/1861.

The Dodson family came to Mercer County in about 1848, settling in Township 13 North Range 4 West where they are found in the 1850 census: #98 B. S. Dodson, 34, farmer, born Ky; Scyntha, 24, In; Jonathan, 6, In; Mary Jane, 4, In; and Harriett, 2, Ill; #111 Abisha Dodson, 50, farmer, born Ky; Eunice, 48, born Ky; Comfort, 20, In; Vioni, 18, In; John, 16, In; Robert, 14, In; Abisha, Jr., 11, In. We were of the opinion that Abisha was perhaps parent of B. S. Dodson, but Paula Pyne, who is researching this family, tells us that she has seen research indicating that B. S. Dodson was son of Jonathan James Dodson and Rebecca West. Jonathan in turn was the son of Jonathan and Mary Ashcraft Dodson, who were also parents of Abisha. Thus Abisha would be uncle of B. S. Dodson. We did not find B. S. Dodson in 1860 but by 1870 he had moved to Township 12 North Range 4 West in Henderson County, next door to Mercer County. Blansett S. Dodson had married Cynthia Ann Lanman 6 April 1843 in Perry County, Indiana according to Indiana marriage records. Abisha Dodson had married Nicey Walker 23 July 1822 in Perry County, Indiana.

We include the Dodsons on this site because, Jonathan, son of Blansett S. Dodson, is found in Eliza Township in 1900: #54 Jonathan Dodson, farmer, born Mar 1844, In, parents born In; Hester A., May 1845, 8 children born, 8 living, born Ohio, father Ky, mother Va; Harry C., Sept 1883, 16, Il; Lester G., Sept 1887, 12, Il; Fred G, Jan 1891, Il. Jonathan Dodsonís obituary 1 August 1912 references a sister Miss Ollie Dodson of Nampa, Idaho. Buried in Aledo Cemetery we find an Ollie Dodson 1881-1905 and husband Harry Dodson 1883-1944, along with Minnie M. Dodson 1889-1962. Harry Dodson was son of Jonathan Dodson and grandson of Blansett S. Dodson. This Ollie Dodson was Ollie C. Runborn who married Harry Dodson June 3, 1903 in Warren County (next door to Mercer). The Minnie that is with them is a sister of Ollie Rutner who probably married Harry after Ollie died as they are found as husband and wife in the 1910 census in Aledo.

Aledo Weekly Record, 3/15/1864, "Fresh Fish at L. H. GARARD'S FISHERY NEW BOSTON BAY With a well regulated fishery and many year's experience I will try to supply the street with a good quality of fresh fish. Eastern rags positively not taken. Wholesale prices - rough fish $1.25 cwt, cat fish $3.00 cwt, fine fish $5.00 cwt. New Boston 3/29/1864." We find no further record of L. H. Garard in Mercer County. He may have been the J. F. Garard (since J's & L's look alike in old handwriting) who married Leonara Kidder 6 April 1864 in Muscatine, Iowa. We find a William Garard in the 1870 census for New Boston: William H. Garard, 36, engineer on boat, born Ohio, wife Anna, 29, born Kentucky, Annie, 8, born Indiana, Fanny F., 13, born Illinois. Fanny being listed after Annie, and born Illinois, would dicate she was some other relative, perhaps a niece. Fannie F. Garard married Eddie L. Drury 5/3/1877. He was Edward S. Drury, son of William and Vashti Lewis Drury, born about 1857 in Mercer County. Edward and Fannie Drury had a daughter Clair Drury, born about 1878. William and Anna Garard lived out their lives in Mercer County and are buried in New Boston Cemetery, along with a daughter Hattie, born 3/16/1859 and died 9/12/1869. William's dates are 1834-1916 and Anna's are 1842-1916. *There may have been another son, Augustus Garard, as there is a marriage listed for Ellen Endicott and Augustus Garard on 5/22/1873 in Henderson County (just south of Mercer). There is a cemetery record for Augustus in Greenmound Cemetery which we will check.

Achilles J. Hallowell married Mrs. Susan Cash (see Cash above) June 14, 1857 in Mercer County. They are found in New Boston Township in 1860: #1714 Achilles J. Hallowell, 44, farmer, born Pa; Susan, 35, born In; George Cash, 10, In; Thomas Cash, 8, Il; John J. Cash, 6, Il; Samuel Hallowell, 23, laborer, Il; and Maria Hallowell, 19, teacher, In. Son Samuel Hallowell is buried in New Boston Cemetery (died Dec 26, 1873, aged 36 ys, 11 mo). Achilles Hallowell died sometime before 1880 and Mrs. Susan Summers Cash Hallowell married Amos Prouty February 25, 1880 in Mercer County. We have not yet researched the Hallowell family further.

Harroun (Alternate spelling "Harraun")
Joseph Elliott Harroun was born in Crawford County, Pennsylvania. He married Margaret A. Willits, daughter of William & Chariah Drury Willits, in 1855 in Mercer County, Illinois. Joseph taught school at the Pryne school-house, two miles east of New Boston in the winter of 1853. He studied at Lombard University at Galesburg, Illinois, prior to coming to Mercer. He taught school again in New Boston in 1876. After his marriage he edited the Wapello, Iowa, Intelligencer and then returned to Aledo where he erected the first building, in which he opened and kept the first boardinghouse. He was first postmaster of Aledo, and carried the mail around in his hat. He also served as county superintendent of schools. He served in the Civil War in the 102nd Illinois Volunteers. He enlisted from Knox County on August 14, 1862 in Company F of the 102nd. He was transferred to Company K where he was promoted to First Sergeant and then First Lieutenant. He was a First Lieutenant in Company K by March 13, 1865, and was mustered out June 6, 1865. In 1880 he received the appointment of clerk of the district court of Cassia County, Idaho Territory and removed to Albion in that county. Children were: Adella (Delilah) T. Harroun (married Sanford Huston); Dora C. (married Govert Stephens); Luella (buried Aledo Cemetery); William Corwin; Ada (buried Aledo Cemetery); and Jessie. William and Jessie accompanied their parents to Idaho. There is a fine article about this family in the History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882.

From the May 30, 1877 issue of the Aledo Weekly Record: "Now is your Time - Al Hilbert, Daguerreian Artist, has opened a Gallery over Lytle's Drug Store, New Boston and when you visit that city, drop in and get your 'phiz' taken. He is prepared to take the largest man or the smallest child and in the highest style of the art." He apparently did take some photographs in New Boston as a collector has a carte de viste done by him with the studio imprint in New Boston. He is not found in the 1870 census in Mercer County and is gone by 1880. He married Clara C. Swayze on 4/24/1879 in Tazewell County, Illinois (borders Peoria County). They are then found in 1880 in Fairfield, Jefferson County, Iowa: Albert Hilbert, 32, born Ohio, photo artist, father born Md, mother Oh; Unknown Hilbert, wife, 23, born Il, mother born Vt; Daughter Hilbert, 4 months, born Iowa. The same photo collector has a photo dated 1893 with a studio imprint of 421 N. Adams in Peoria, Illinois. We would be very interested if anyone has photos taken by Hilbert or has any further information on him. {email on About Us Page}

In the Town of New Boston in 1870 we find: Joseph Jacka, 31, coal dealer, born England; Ann Jacka, 32, born England; Mary Ann Jacka, 12, born Illinois; Joseph Jacka, Jr., 8, Il; Livinia Jacka, 7, Il; William C. Jacka, 2, Il. They had two additional children, John, born 1866, died 1867; and another John born 1859, died after 1860 in McDonough County. The Jacka family was in McDonough County, Illinois, in Tennessee Township in 1860 when the census was taken (page 682). We do not find a burial for the younger John in New Boston Cemetery so might guess they came to New Boston just shortly before the 1870 census.

We have been in contact with Alan Jacka who tells us from family lore that Joseph Jacka was killed in a coal mine accident in Henry County, Illinois, near Galva, in the early to mid 1870's. Iowa Cemetery records show him buried in Shay Cemetery in Benton in Ringgold County, Iowa: Joseph Jacka, died 6 July 1875, age 40, so he did die at an early age. Alan Jacka would be very interested in finding out about coal mining in Henry County and especially any information about an accident in the early 1870's. Alan sent us information on the Jacka family similar to information posted on's World Family Tree which gives two additional children: Birdie E. Jacka and Albert Henry Jacka. Ann Jacka's maiden name was Toy and she remarried 4/4/1877 to Nelson Lewis in Grant Township in Iowa. Daughter Levenia Jacka married Clifford Lewis, son of Nelson Lewis. Mary Ann Jacka married Francis M. Lovitt in Iowa. Joseph, Jr., married Elizabeth Ouderkirk & Nellie M. Greer. William C. Jacka married Sarah Webster and Christina Hoppis. Birdie Jacka married William Schoepf. Albert Henry Jacka, Alan's ancestor, married Martha Jane Webster We have not followed this family further as they were in New Boston only a short time.

In the 1850 census in New Boston Township we find Randolph Kiegg, 42, laborer, born New York, working for a Hartman family. In the 1860 census for New Boston Township we find Household #1910: Edward B. Lee, 30, Clerk, born Ohio; Minerva L. Lee, 29, born New York; Gertrude Lee, 8, born New York; Randolph Keig, 60, born New York. We find that Edward Lee married Minerva L. Libby on 11/26/1857 in Mercer County. We do not find a likely parent for Minerva in the 1860 Mercer County census, but see the Fuller/Libby family page for a possibility. None of these individuals are found in the 1870 census.

Randolph Keig probably had some type of business in New Boston and Edward Lee was probably his clerk. We find the following notice in the Aledo Weekly Record on 6/28/1864: "SHERIFF'S SALE Ex. No. 4167 By virtue of a fi. fa. Execution and Fee Bill to me directed from the clerk of the circuit court of Mercer County, in the State of Illinois, in favor of Isaac N. Bassett, Elias Willits, and John R. Bassett, and against Randolph Keig, I have levied upon the following described property, to-wit: Lot number three (3) in block number eight (8) in the town (now city) of New Boston, in Mercer county, Illinois, as the property of the said Randolph Keig, which I shall offer at public sale, at the door of the Court House, in Aledo, in said county on the 20th day of July, A. D. 1864, between the hour of nine o'clock, A. M., and sunset of said day, to wit: at the hour of 2 o'clock, P. M., for cash in hand, to satisfy said execution. /s/ O. A. Bridgford, Sheriff of Mercer County, Ill., Aledo, June 28, 1864" Evidently the group left Mercer County after this loss.

Randolph Kieg returned to Mercer County and was admitted to the Almshouse on May 3, 1887. His health was good and he was admitted for "old age." He died there in October 1887, cause of death given as "old age." He would then have been buried in the poor farm cemetery with no stone.

We are including the Kelloggs under Miscellaneous Families as we have had difficulty finding information about them, and there is only one part of the family connected to our Townships. In the 1840 census there were two traders, Charles and Martin M. Kellogg in Township 14NR5W (future New Boston Township). Martin's family included 1 male age 50-60, 2 10-15, and 1 5-10; 1 female 40-50, and 2 10-15. Charles had one male 20-30 and 1 female 40-50 and 1 female 10-15. By 1850 the traders were gone. In 1860 and 1870 there was a James Kellogg family in Ohio Grove township and their history is covered in the History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882.

Our interest lies in William Marvin Kellogg who is buried in New Boston Cemetery. We have had assistance on the Kellogg family from Chris Dixon, descendant of Helen Kellogg & Earl Dixon. William Marvin Kellogg was born 3/19/1851 in Austerlitz, Columbia County, New York, and died 8/22/1936 in New Boston, Mercer County, Illinois. He was son of Dennis and Emeline Kellogg, and grandson of Elisha and Olive Mallory Kellogg of Litchfield County, Connecticut. William resided in Knox County, Illinois, and married Mary Alma Collins 5/15/1884 in neighboring Mercer County. Mary was born 4/3/1859 in Fairfield, Jefferson County, Iowa, daughter of William and Susan Turner Collins, and when about seven years old was adopted by Lyman Scudder. William and Mary resided in Oneida, Knox County, Illinois, where daughter Leota M. Kellogg was born on 4/17/1887. Leota married Charles Welch in 1918 in New Boston. Charles Welch was son of John and Ellen Ring Welch of Mercer County. Daughter Helen Loraine Kellogg was born 8/15/1890 and married Earl Monroe Dixon 6/30/1910 in Mercer County. He was son of Frank and Josephine Hartwig Dixon (we will be putting up a Dixon page). Mary Collins Kellogg died at the home of her daughter, Leota Welch, on 3/8/1945, and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. Chris Dixon posted her obituary on rootsweb.

William Kellogg's occupation was paper hanging, painting, and carpentry. He was a member of the Mississippi Valley Spiritualist Association of Clinton, Iowa (for more on spiritualism see our Social Life page.) Chris Dixon sent us a photo of William and Mary Kellogg and Earl and Helen Kellogg Dixon taken in Clinton, Iowa.


We find Abram Lingafelter in 1900 in New Boston Township: #99 Abram Lingafelter, born Sept 1835, 64, married 31 years, born Ohio, parents born Pennsylvania, farmer, renting; Elizabeth, born November 1840, 59, four children born, four living, born Ohio, parents born Ohio; John, born December 1869, 30, born Il, parents born Ohio, farm laborer; Richard, born March 1878, 22, Il, farm laborer; Edward Beard (son of Jacob and Eliza Sloan (Beard), boarder, born Sept 1861, 38, Il, In, Pa, landlord; Joe Robinson, born March 1859, 41, Il, parents born Il, farm laborer (no further Robinson info). Abram Lingafelter married Elizabeth E. Moore, 25 February 1869 in Mercer County (we do not know Elizabeth's parentage - she is not in Mercer in 1860). In addition to sons John and Richard living at home in 1900, they had children Frank Lingafelter, born about 1875, Il and Retta J. Lingafelter, born about 1873 in Illinois. Retta had married Oliver O. Mays, 4 July 1895, in Mercer County.

Abram Lingafelter was son of John and Eve Lingafelter. In 1860 John and Eve were found in Millersburg Township: John Lingafelter, 54, farmer, born Pa; Eve, 52, born Pa; William, 25, born Pa; Abraham, 21, born Oh; David, 19, born Ohio; Jemima, 13, Ohio. In 1880 John and Eve were still in Millersburg Township (indexed as Longafelter): John Lingafelter, 76, farmer, born Pa, father Va, mother Md; Eve, 70, Pa, father Pa, mother Md; Jemia, 29, Oh, Pa, Pa; Thomas (possibley son of Jemima?),8, Il, father In, mother Oh. Curiously the 1860 census indicates Abram was born about 1839 but he evidently adopted his brother William's birthdate as all other censuses indicate he was the same age as William with a birthdate of September 1835 (perhaps he was actually twin of William?).

Brother William Lingafelter married Sarah Olive Emmons, daughter of John and Eliza Shields Emmons. Sarah was born about 1843 and died in 1898. She was living with Abel and Sarah Shields in 1860 in Keithsburg. William and Sarah Emmons Lingafelter had children: Mary, born about 1868, Il; Ella, born Feb 1871, Il; Samuel W., born January 1876, Il; and Guy Lingafelter, born Dec 1878, Il. We found the following in Davis Cemetery in New Boston Township: William Lingafelter GAR 1835-1900; Sarah O., wife of Wm. Lingafelter 1842-1898; Children of Wm. & Sarah O. Lingafelter: Ida 9 months (n.d.); and Mary E., 14 years (n.d.). The Grand Army of the Republic indicates William served in the Union Army during the Civil War but we have not followed up on this.

To see Lingafelter Burials at Peniel Cemetery, go to Findagrave. To see burials at Davis Cemetery, go to Findagrave (thanks to Lois Retherford for this.)


This family barely makes it into our list but they were living in New Boston, New Boston Township in 1900: #353 John Maddox, born March 1844, age 56, married 25 years, day laborer, born Virginia, parents born Virginia; Mildred, born December 1838, age 61, married 25 years, five children born, 3 living, born Ohio, parents born Virginia; Arthur J. Maddox, born December 1875, Il, day laborer; Kate, born February 1879. The family was living in Millersburg in 1880 and was of the same composition. We have heard from George Fulton who tells us that Arthur J. Maddox married Effie May Rollins, daughter of Lydia Roberts and Edward Rollins on 25 March 1903.

McGreer, McGrier

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McMannus (McManus)

Members of the McMannus family are found in New Boston and Eliza Townships in the 1850 Census: T14NR5W Robert McMannus, 38, farmer, born Ohio; Louisa, 31, born Indiana; Mary Jane, 10, In; Lucinda, 8, In; Levi, 5, Ill; Dorinda, 1, Ill. The family apparently came to Mercer County between 1842 and 1845. Mary Jane married E. Martindale Kinnamon 7/21/1856 (we will be putting up a Kinnamon page).

In 1850 in T15N5W with a Stanton family that apparently arrived about 1840-41: Ruth McMannus, 25, born Ohio; Lavina, 5, born Illinois. This was Ruth Hoover who married William McMannus on 1/23/1845 in Mercer County. William McMannus was deceased before 1850. Ruth Hoover McMannus married Charles Southern 8/16/1851 and they resided near Viola (we will be putting up a Hoover page). Daughter Lovina McMannus married Sumner B. Knox on 9/15/1864 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Knox page).

In the 1860 census in New Boston: Robert McManus, 50, farmer, Oh; Louisa, 57, In; Lucinda, 19, In; Levi, 16, Il; Rebecca, 18, Il (where was she in 1850?), Dorinta, 11, Il; Oliver, 8, Il; John, 4, Il. There is a John McMannis, 19, from Ireland in Preemption Township, which tells us the name is possibly Irish. Lucinda married George Sloan 10/14/1860 and (2) Mathew McQuade 12/25/1871. Rebecca married Jasper Riggs 4/25/1864 (we will be putting up a Riggs page).

In 1870 there are McMannus families in Preemption, Keithsburg, and Richland Grove Townships but none seem to belong to the two families above.


There was a large McMullen family that arrived in Mercer County sometime before 1837 but they lived in Richland Grove and Rivoli Townships. They were descendants and other relatives of Hugh and Ursula McMullen of New York. There is an interesting McMullen Family Web Site that contains much information about the family. Our area of interest in New Boston is from a 1900 Census record in New Boston Township: William McFarland, farm laborer, born 6/1872 in Iowa, parents born Ireland and Iowa; Effie McFarland, born 11/1876, Ill, parents born Ohio and Pa; Merle McMullen, born 12/1893, Iowa; Harris McMullen, born 3/1898, Iowa. Merle and Harris are listed as step children of William McFarland; their parents born Iowa and Illinois. We have been unable to locate a McMullen marriage for Effie or the McFarland marriage in either Illinois or Iowa. Any help in identifying this family would be much appreciated. They may or may not be connected to the other McMullens of Mercer County. There were also a number of McMullen families in Iowa that may be their connection.

Mallet (Malett)

In the 1860 census there were three orphan Mallet children in Mercer County: Adelia Mallet, 16, born Ohio, with the Robert Sloan family in New Boston; Jerome Mallet, age 13, born New York, with the Thomas Philips family in Hamlet; and Albert Mallet, age 10, born Illinois, with the Lehle Evans family in Eliza Township. There were two marriages in 1858 and 1859 in Rock Island County which may have been more of the same family. There was a fairly sizable contingent of Mallets in Rock Island County and eventually we may try to find the connection to these children. In 1870 Albert is in Duncan Township with a wife Harriett, age 19, but we do not find a marriage record for them. Jerome is not found in the 1870 census. Adelia Mallet married Wiley F. Jackson, son of John Jackson, 1/1/1866 in Mercer County. They are not found in the 1870 census.

Another Mercer County connection was the marriage of Adam Mallett of Rock Island County to Leah Barlett Terrill of Eliza Township on 7/15/1862 in Rock Island County. There is more about Adam and family on the Barlett/Terrill page.


There are ten census records in Mercer County in 1860 including either Mitchell families or individuals. Two are from Virginia and the balance appear to have come to Illinois from Pennsylvania via Ohio. There are two families in Sunbeam (Isaac & F. T.); three in Viola (two Johns and one James); one James in Pope Creek; three individuals in Millersburg (2 Johns & a Sarah; one John and Sarah are teachers)

The only Mitchell family found in New Boston Township in 1860 is Isaac Mitchell, 52, farmer, born Virginia. Isaac is married to Mary Endicott of Kentucky. They have children Franklin, Martha and Joseph living with them, but the census errs in giving their surname as Mitchell, as they are children and stepchildren of Mary Endicott. The Isaac Mitchell mentioned in the paragraph above, living in Sunbeam, age 37, born Virginia, is too old to be a son of this Isaac but perhaps he is a cousin. The Isaac Mitchell/Mary Endicott family is documented further on the Endicott/Mitchell page.


Tobias Mosier was born 8/10/1822 in Pennsylvania, and died 12/10/1910 in Mercer County. His wife, Samantha, was born 3/4/1832 in Pennsylvania and died 11/15/1905 in Mercer County. Both are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Tobias and Samantha are first found in Eliza Township in the 1860 census: Tobias, age 37, farmer; Samantha, age 28; Cordelia, 12; Sylvester, 7; and Catherine, 5, all born Pennsylvania. As with so many families in Eliza Township in 1860 they were listed twice in the census and their duplicate record shows Sylvester and Catherine born Illinois, so we are not sure of the date of their arrival in Mercer County. We do not find land records for them. By the 1870 census they had added another child, Elmore, age 5. Daughter Cordelia married Perry Whaley (see Whaley family below) on 7/2/1863 and they were living next door to Tobias and Samantha in 1870. Daughter Catherine Mosier married Washington Irwin, son of John Cook and Mary Prentice Irwin, 4/16/1871 in Mercer County (we will be putting up an Irwin page). Son Elmore married first to Jessie (maiden name unknown) who died in 1893 and is buried beside Elmore in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Elmore married second to Emoranda Beverlin (Robbins) 12/15/1897 (we will be putting up a Beverlin page). Elmore died in 1932 and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

Gregg Clark is a descendant of Perry and Cordelia Mosier Whaley and sent us some interesting additional information on the Mosier family: "The Mosier family of Mercer County, Il, all are descendants of a group of sixteen individuals that came to Pennsylvania on the ship 'Adventure' on the 23rd of September 1732." Tobias Mosier is listed as Dobias Moser, age 30, and he is the great grandfather of the Tobias Mosier of Mercer County. Dobias/Tobias had a son Tobias Moser who served in the Revolutionary War. He in turn had a son Tobias who was parent of the Mercer County Tobias. The youngest Tobias had a halfbrother Jonas Mosier who died in Mercer County 9/23/1845 age 41 yr 22, dy and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. He had a wife Nancy who died 3/6/1888 age 75 yr 1 mo 8 dy and is also buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. We will expand this to a separate page for the Mosiers when time permits.

There is an additional Mosier family in North Henderson Township in 1860. Head of household is William Mosier, age 44, born Maryland, so there may or may not be a connection with the Tobias Mosier family. Wife is Nancy, born New Jersey, and children Charles, Joanna, Minerva, Emma, David, Rose, and John. Since this family is not in our area of study we have not followed them further. A descendant tells us they moved to Bourbon County, Kansas and remained there.


In the 1860 census in Eliza Township we find:#2622 Walter Smathers,37, carpenter, born In; Lizzie, 21, In; Wilbur, 3, In; Dora, 2, In; Logan Smathers, 40, laborer, In; Margaret, 18, In; Jane, 12, In; Abram Smathers, 24, laborer, In. Apparently Walter, Logan and Abram were brothers and Margaret and perhaps Jane were sisters. We were unable to locate any further information on them in 1850 anywhere and they were gone from Mercer County by 1870. Margaret Lavina Smethers married John H. Murfin in 1861 in Mercer County. (There are a few more notes about Smathers/Smothers possibilities under John & Lavina Murfin on the Murfin page.)


In an article dated 3/5/1861 in the Aledo Weekly Record: "E. Stafford former editor of the New Boston NonPariel & Reporter, Chairman of the Republican Committee, is now commercial editor of the sterling Republican paper The Missouri Democrat. He will labor for republicanism in Missouri." There are some Stafford families in other townships in Mercer County in the 1860 census but none with obvious connections to an E. Stafford.


Dr. Thomas Stanway, physician, is found in the 1870 census in New Boston Town, age 39. He has wife Elizabeth, age 35, born Connecticut and two servants, Charles Carleson, age 25, laborer, and Sarah Hanson, age 29, housekeeper. He is not found in the 1860 census but we know he came shortly after 1860 as he participated in a meeting of doctors to set fees in 1861 (See Medicine page).


R. Thomas, Post Master, placed an ad in the New Boston Non-Pareil 3/29/1856 detailing the arrivals and departures of mails to and from New Boston ( Click). This is no doubt the Richard Thomas found in the 1860 census as merchant, as he would have done the mail handling in his store. R. Thomas did business as The New Boston Cash Store, located next to Dr. Harrell's office in New Boston (Click for ad). Richard, age 40, and wife Sarah, age 36, both born Indiana, are found next door to Michael Poffenbarger's blacksmith shop in New Boston. By 1870 Richard and Sarah are still living in New Boston Town but his occupation is listed as farmer. No children are listed for them in either census.

There are some other Thomas families in Mercer County that may or may not have been related to Richard and Sarah. In 1860, there is a John Thomas, no occupation, age 28, born Indiana, living with a Hays family in Sunbeam. There is a George W. Thomas, age 24, born Indiana, no occupation, living with a Wickett family in Keithsburg. There is a William F. Thomas, age 25, blacksmith, born Pennsylvania, and a Mary E. Thomas, age 21, domestic, born Illinois, living with a Cox family in Oxford. William married Mary E. Cox on 5/22/1860 in Mercer County. In 1870 there are three other Thomas families besides Richard and Sarah but they are all outside New Boston Township and have no connection that we can see with Richard and Sarah.


There were two Trusler families in New Boston Township who may have been related to Amanda Trusler, wife of Robert Sloan. Amanda was born 10/5/1811 in Maryland and came to Mercer County via Zanesville, Ohio.

Harrison Trusler
was born about 1820 in Ohio, and his parents were born in Maryland. Harrison is found in the 1860, 1870, and 1880 census in New Boston Township. In 1880: Harrison Trusler, 60, farmer,, born Ohio, parents born Maryland; Susan, 70, born Ohio, parents born unknown; James Riley, 18, adopted son, born Illinois, parents born Illinois.

James M. Trusler
was born about 1815 in Ohio. James is found in New Boston Township in the 1850 census: James M. Trusler, 35, farmer, born Ohio; Hannah, 30, born Ohio; Rebecca, 12; Martha, 10; William L., 8; James M. Jr., 1; all born Illinois. A William Arnold, age 12, born Pennsylvania, is with the family. In 1860 James and Hannah have added children : John W., age 10; Rachel L., 8; Laura V., 6; and Viola 6/12. They are living next door to Jacob and Barbara Sloan Looser. Barbara was daughter of Amanda Trusler Sloan and may have been James M. Trusler's niece. In the 1875 New Boston Township plat map it can be seen that the Trusler family and the Looser family owned adjoing property in Sections 6 and 7, also next to the Robert Sloan property. Daughter Rebecca married Charles H. Tolle, 11/7/1858 in Mercer County (A Tolle page will be added). Daughter Martha married James Gibson 9/5/1872 in Mercer County. Son William married Matilda Johnston 10/10/1872 in Mercer County. James M. (Jr.?) married Mrs. Margaret Preston McGuffy 4/6/1875 in Rock Island County. When we have done more research on the Trusler family we will add their own page.


There is an A. F. Waterman prominent in the proceedings of the Eliza Teachers' Institute in 1859 (see Schools page). The History of Mercer County, 1882 lists A. F. Waterman as town Clerk of New Boston for two years but we find no census record for him. On September 17, 1860, Amos Waterman married Hester E. Willits, daughter of Dudley & Mary Roby Willits. Amos T. Waterman is mentioned in Perryton Township in the Mercer County History as elected school commissioner November 5, 1861. "Mr. Waterman had formerly been engaged in teaching, but was at the time of his service a young practicing attorney of more than ordinary brilliancy. His administration of the office was creditable to himself and serviceable to the educational interests of the people. His examinations were conducted with more than ordinary care, thus securing a better grade of teachers, and giving a new impetus toward a higher excellence in teaching. It appears that all these references might be to the same person, but his whereabouts in the 1860 census is a mystery. There were Waterman families living in Rock Island County, but Amos or A. F. is not found among them. There is also a Charles M. Waterman who married Maggie Welliver on 9/5/1865 in Mercer County but he is also not found in the 1860 or 1870 census. Amos Waterman and wife Hester are found in the 1870 census in the town of New Boston: Amos Waterman, 30, Lawyer, born Pennsylvania; Hester Waterman, 32, born Indiana; Kate Waterman, 8; Mary Waterman, 6; Luther Waterman, 1, all born Illinois. If Amos and A. F. are the same person he would have been only 19 years old at the time of the Eliza Teachers' Institute, but then being elected school commissioner at the age of 21 and a practicing attorney at age 21 were feats in themselves.

We received a request for information in 2005 from Terry Hallaren and did a brief bit of research which we are reporting here. Burial information is found in New Boston Cemetery, Vol 2, page 47 of Mercer County Cemetery records. It lists Henry Weidling 1829-1902, then on one stone Henry Weidling 1859-1885 and Charlie Weidling 1861-1892, then Margaretha Weidling 1842-1915, then Wife of ____ Weidling died December 23, 1870 age 45 yr 5 mo 22 dy. The last one is probably a first wife of Henry Weidling. Unfortunately there are many spellings used for this family but we could find nothing for them in the 1860 or 1870 census under any spelling we could imagine.

In the 1880 New Boston Census we find Henry Widling (indexed as Midling), 51, Miller, born Hessen Cassel, father born Hanover, mother born Hesse Cassel. With him are Henry, 21, works on farm, born Il, father born Hessen Cassel, mother Hamburg City; Charlie 19, works on farm, born Il, father Hessen Cassel, mother Hamburg City; Gerry (son), 15, works on farm, same births; Lizzie, 17, daughter, keeps house, same births. Henry had one more son, William H., born about 1858 and married Barbara Ella McQuade 4/6/1881 in Mercer County. William is found in North Dakota in 1920.

In 1900 Henry and Margaretha were living in New Boston City: Henry Weidling, Miller, born Sept 1829, born Germany, parents born Germany; Margaretha, born June 1842, Germany, parents born Germany; Lizzie, born November 1865, age 34, born Il, parents born Germany; Adda, born January 1882, age 18, born Il, parents born Germany.

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We have an Alma Bush married to a William Pullen on the Pullen page. Kay Blaha sent us an obituary for Alma that gives her name as Alma Bush Whitacre though her marriage record was clearly as Alma Bush. We found her in Mercer County in 1850: T15NR5W (future Eliza Township)
#672 Marshall Whitacre, 40, farmer, born Va
Martha, 40, born Ohio
Almira Bush, 14, born Indiana
James Whitacre, 32, laborer, born Ohio (brother of Marshall?)
Evaline Whitacre, 24, born Ohio
Palmer Whitacre, 5, In
Sanford Whitacre, 3, In
Mary E Whitacre, 2, In
We suspect that Martha Whitacre was previously married to a Bush but could not find a marriage record in either Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois, nor could we find a marriage record for James Whitacre and Evaline (of course many marriage records are missing). If anyone has knowledge of this family and the Bush relationship please contact us on the About Us page. The Whitacre family was gone from Mercer County in 1870.

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