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Alternate Spellings - Manan, Manon, Manion

Links - Alyea, Cramer, Wolfe, Cook, Davis, Sanders, Myers, Danford, Long, Pratt, Shirkey, Moore, Bear, Cole, Leech, Cramer, Drury, Larrance, Prouty, Commons, Pat Phelps, descendant of Samuel Rice Mannon, has a Web Site at She has much good information on Samuel's family from bible records.

Contacts - Allen Flewelling has much information on the Mannon family and has posted messages and his email address on the Mannon Family Message Board at (On this page enter Mannon and click surnames to get to the message board. You can then search the Mannon Message Board when it comes up. Allen is descended through John Hartford Manning's daughter Miriam who married John Ryals, Jr.) Sue Collier furnished some further information on Forrest Mannon 6/2008 which we have included below.

We wish to thank Evelyn Kinkade for help on the Mannon family and for sharing the administration of Aaron Mannon. She is not a descendant but had been helping a friend research.

Jamie Paul has helped a great deal with research in 2008 and 2009 and sent us the following cemetery photos: Alice Mannon Larrance (wife of Noah Noble Larrance), Americus Larrance, Clara Mannon Danford (wife of Mozart Danford), Clara Danford Closeup, Clayton Mannon, Cyrus Mannon, Estella Larrance (daughter of Americus and Rebecca Larrance).

We have a little puzzle here for Mannon researchers. We heard from Phyllis J. Bryant, a Nebraska Mannon descendant. She has done research at the Nebraska Historical Society in Lincoln, Nebraska, on her relatives: Forest G. Mannon, James Madison Mannon, and Oscar James Mannon. She was struck by the similarity of the names to those on our Web Page and sent us some pictures to post {James Madison Mannon} and {Oscar J. Madison family}. She is curious if they look like Mercer County Mannons. She tells us that Forest G. Mannon homesteaded in Mannon Valley near Keystone, Nebraska in Keith County. James Madison Manon was born in Washington County, Pa in 1827 and served in the war of the rebellion as a Captain and subsequently moved to Otoe County, Nebraska. Is there anyone out there who can make a connection of these Mannons with the Mannons of Mercer County? Email webmaster Nadine on the About Us Page.

Aaron Mannon Family

Aaron Mannon is the progenitor of the Mercer County Mannons. He was born about 1782 in Maryland and died 11/18/1860 in Mercer County. He is buried in Eliza Cemetery. Evelyn Kinkade sent us the record of his first marriage from Clark County Kentucky Marriage Records: Aaron Manion m Sally Warten 1 Nov 1810. Sally's father was Richard Wharton and both families moved to Wayne County, Indiana, about 1814. Sally is mentioned in her father's will dated 16 November 1842 as Sally S. Mannon, deceased. Both Aaron and his son John named children Richard Wharton Mannon. Sally evidently died before 1830 as on 6/20/1830 Aaron married widow, Miriam Hill, in Wayne County, Indiana. The Hill family were Quakers from North Carolina and we hope to identify Miriam in the Quaker records in Indiana.

Aaron Mannon bought land in the NW1/4 Section 29 T16N R13E in the Cincinnati District of future Wayne County, Indiana, on 8/15/1814. Richard Wharton bought the adjoining SW1/4 of the same section on the same day. They were located very near other families who also came to Mercer County.

Aaron and Sally Wharton Mannon had children: Richard Wharton Mannon, born about 1811, Kentucky; John Hartford Mannon, born about 1813, Kentucky; Cyrus T. Mannon, born 4/5/1816, Wayne County, Indiana; Samuel Rice Mannon, born about 1818, Wayne County, Indiana; Amos Preston Mannon, born about 1820, Wayne County, In; James M. Mannon, born 9/16/1823, Wayne Co, In; and Zerrilda E. Mannon, born about 1827, Wayne Co, In.

There is a curious story about son Richard Wharton Mannon given by Allen Flewelling on the Mannon Family Message Board (link above). According to family lore Richard left the family early, eventually going to California in the gold rush with an uncle, James Mannon. While he was away the family immigrated to Mercer County, Illinois, and he did not reconnect with them until he was an old man. We have not been able to locate Richard anywhere in the country in the 1850 census, with or without "uncle" James. (We are searching on, and while they have all the 1850 census images online, their indexing leaves much to be desired!)

Aaron Mannon is found in the 1830 census of Wayne County, Indiana: 1 male 40-50 [Aaron], 1 15-20 [Cyrus], 1 5-10 [Samuel]; 1 female 30-40 [Miriam], 1 15-20 [Miriam's daughter Ahenoan?], 1 under 5 [Zerrilda]. On September 26, 1830 son, John Hartford Mannon, married Miriam Hill Mannon's daughter, Ahenoan Hill, in Wayne County.

Aaron and Miriam Hill Mannon had children: Salinda Mannon, born about 1831, Wayne Co, In; and Sylvester Mannon, born about 1832, Wayne Co, In. They also raised granddaughter, Sarah Ellen Mannon (more below under Samuel Rice Mannon family). Daughter Salina Mannon was single and living at home in the 1870 Census. We do not find a marriage for her in Mercer County. Granddaughter Ellen was working as a domestic in the James Pauley household in New Boston Township in 1860, and we find no further record of her. Sarah Jane Pauley was a cousin of Ellen's. Son Sylvester Mannon married Nancy Jane Davis on 9/24/1857 but apparently died before 1859 when Nancy remarried.

A sketch of son James Mannon in the History of Mercer County 1882 tells us that the Mannon family went to Mercer County about 1836. The family is found there in the 1840 Census: Aaron Mannon, 1 male 50-60 [Aaron], 2 15-20 [Amos and James], 1 female 40-50 [Miriam], 1 10-15 [Zerilda], 1 5-10 [Salinda]. Sons John and Samuel are nearby.

In 1850 we find the following in Eliza Township: Aaron Mannon, 67, farmer, farm valued $1500, born Maryland; Mariam, 58, born NC; Selena, 19, In; Sylvester, 18, farmer, In; Sarah E., 9, Il (granddaughter). The location of Aaron's land can be seen in Section 32 in Eliza Township on the Eliza plat map. In 1860, daughter Salina, 29, is still living at home. Miriam's son, Reuben Hill, 48, is living with them. Aaron is 77 and Mariam is 67. Aaron died on 11/18/1860, shortly after the census was taken. We do not find a record for a tombstone for Mariam so do not know her death date.

Evelyn Kinkade sent us copies of the administration of Aaron Mannon's estate and as time permits we will post it here. Sons Cyrus and James Mannon were administrators of the estate. Aaron did not leave a will but there is a signed statement by his children as to his wishes for his effects. We will try to scan this document so descendants can see the original signatures.

John Hartford Mannon Family

John Hartford Mannon married Ahenoan Hill on September 26, 1830 in Wayne County, Indiana. They came with their parents to Mercer County and are found in the 1840 census near them in future Eliza Township (T15NR5W): John Mannon, 2 males 20-30 [John and brother Cyrus?], 1 male 5-10 [probably John's brother Sylvester], 1 female 20-30 [Ahenoan], 1 female 5-10 [Elizabeth], 3 females under 5 [Salinda, Nancy, Martha]. The History of Mercer County 1882 tells us John H. Mannon and Rezin Pratt built the first grist mill in Eliza Township about 1837. It disappeared as there was not sufficient water to continue running it.

John and Ahenoan Hill Mannon had children: Elizabeth Mannon, born about 1833, Wayne Co, In; Salinda? Sarah? [Sallie] Mannon, born about 1835, Wayne Co, In; Nancy R. Mannon, born about 1837, Mercer County, Il; Martha J. Mannon, born about 1840, Mercer Co, Il; Mariam Mannon, born about 1842, Mercer Co, Il; Richard Wharton Mannon, born about 1846, Mercer Co, Il; Pliny N. Mannon, born about 1848, Il, and Maria Mannon, born about 1854, Il.

John and Ahenoan Mannon are found in the 1850 census in T15NR5W [future Eliza Township]: John Mannon, 37, farmer, farm valued $600, born Ky; Ahenoan, 36, NC; Elizabeth, 17, In; Sally[? name has been scratched through and written over], 15, In; Nancy R., 13, Il; Martha J., 10, Il; Mariam, 8, Il; Amelia A., 6, Il; Richard W., 4, Il; Pliny N. [male], 2, Il. John apparently had a good relationship with his stepmother Mariam, enough to name a child after her. We think it possible that Sally was a nickname for Sarah, named after John's own mother. Her marriage record, however, is as Salinda, so she may have been named for John's sister.

Evelyn Kinkade furnished a copy of the Putnam County, Missouri, census where this family is found in 1860: J. H. Manan, 48, Ky; Ahenoam, 47, NC; Mariam, 16, Il; Adaline, 14, Il; Richard, 12, Il, Pliny, 10, Il; Maria, 6, Il. The birth of Maria in Illinois indicates the Mannons went to Missouri some time after 1854.

Daughter Elizabeth Mannon married William H. Sanders, on 1/29/1854, in Mercer County. They are not found in the 1860 census and may have accompanied Elizabeth's parents to Missouri.

A Salinda Mannon married John S. Malaby, son of Andrew and Jane Long Malaby on 3/2/1854 in Mercer County. We believe Salinda and Sallie of the census may be one and the same as this is the only possible Mannon marriage partner of the right age for John Malaby. There were several connections between the Longs and Mannons. Rezin Pratt, John's partner in the mill in Eliza Township, was married to a Long. John Mannon's brother Samuel married a Long and their daughter, Sarah Ellen worked for a Pauley family where the wife was also a daughter of Andrew and Jane Long Malaby. At any rate, John Malaby died on 4/30/1856 and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery in Mercer County. Another marriage for Salinda is not found in Mercer County and she is not in the 1860 census. She probably accompanied her parents to Missouri, if indeed she is the daughter of John Mannon.

Cyrus Mannon Family

Cyrus T. Mannon was born 4/5/1816 in Wayne County, Indiana, and died 4/28/1879 in Mercer County, Illinois. He is buried in New Boston Cemetery. There apparently was a Mannon Family Bible taken to Kansas by son-in-law Henry Prouty. That Bible gives a birthdate of 1815 for Cyrus. Since both tombstone and bible records can be unreliable it is impossible to know which is correct. The Bible gives Cyrus's marriage place as Clinton, Ohio, but the marriage record is found in Mercer County.

Cyrus Mannon married Jane Meirs on 4/14/1842 in Mercer County. She was daughter of Andrew and Mary Lloyd Myers. Jane was born 12/15/1818 in Pickaway County, Ohio, and died 1912 in Mercer County and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. The Mannon Bible says she died in Whittier California, but if she did she was brought back to Illinois for burial. After the death of Cyrus she went to live with or visit relatives in Kansas. She is found next door to Henry Prouty (who married her daughter Elvira) in the 1880 census in Harvey County, Kansas. She is with her sister Margaret Myers Commons.

Cyrus and Jane Myers Mannon had children: Oscar P. Mannon, born about 1843, Il; Amanda Alice Mannon, born about 1845, Il; Clayton and Clara J. Mannon, born 3/4/1850, Il; Arthur W. Mannon, born about 1852, Il; and Elvira Mannon, born 9/1/1854, Il.

Cyrus and Jane Myers Mannon are found in the 1850 census in T14N R4W [future Millersburg Township]: Cyrus T. Mannon, 34, farmer, born In; Jane, 33, Oh; Oscar, 7, Il; Amanda A., 5, Il; Clayton and Clara, 7/12, Il.

In the 1860 census Cyrus and Jane are living next door to her parents in New Boston Township: Cyrus, 44, farmer, In; Jane, 32, Oh; Oscar, 17, Il; Amanda A., 15, Clayton, 11; Clara, 11; Arthur, 7; Elvira, 5, all born Illinois.

Son Oscar P. Mannon was born about 1843 in Mercer County. He died 1933 in Mercer County and is buried in Aledo Cemetery. He married Sarah E. Winger, daughter of Richard and Margaret Winger, on 1/1/1880 in Mercer County. Sarah was born about 1853, died 1934 and is buried next to Oscar in Aledo cemetery. There is a small article in the Aledo Weekly Record, August 25, 1875: "Mr. O. P. Mannon went to California about a year ago. He has returned to Mercer County to make his home." Jamie Paul sent us a family article that indicated they had children: Lena, born 1880; Harry 1882; Alice 1884; Gwen 1886; and Leona 1892. We then found them in New Boston in 1900: #124 Oscar P. Mannon, Jan 1843, Il, In, Oh 57, married 20 years, farrier; Sarah E., Nov 1854, 45, 5 children born, 5 living, Il, Oh, Oh; Lena, Nov 1880, 19, Ks; Harry, July 1882, 17, Il; Alice May 1884, 16, Il; Gwen, Apr 1886, Il; Leona Apr 1892, Il.

Daughter Amanda Alice Mannon was born about 1845 in Mercer County and died 3/3/1869 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. She married Noah Noble Larrance, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Swafford Larrance, on 11/28/1864. They had children Maude C. Larrance born about 1866 and Rose Alice Larrance, born about 1868. Rose Larrance married her cousin U. S. Grant Commons, son of Enos and Margaret Myers Commons, in Kansas.

Son Clayton Mannon, born 3/4/1850 in Mercer County, died 3/24/1872 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. His twin sister Clara J. Mannon married Mozart Danford, son of Mary Alyea Danford Willits on 7/23/1871 in Mercer County. Clara died on 7/16/1876 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. We do not find Mozart Dannon in the 1880 census but Jamie Paul tells us they had a daughter, Clara Bessie, born June 20, 1874. She was taken by her grandmother (Mary Alyea Danford Willits)and reared to womanhood, living part of the time with her Aunt Flora Willits in Neponeet, Illinois (we could verify none of this by census records.) There is information about Mozart Danford in "The Nobles and the Raders" by Robert Melville Danford 1967. It gives William Danford, born March 21, 1807 in Butler Couty, Iowa; died July 27, 1850 enroute to California by ox-train aged 43 years, 4 months and six days. William Danford married Mary Alyea Sept 13, 1845 in New Boston. She was born May 31, 1823 in Butler County Ohio and died October 24, 1883 at the Willits Homestead on the Bluff, New Boston, aged 60 years, 4 months and 23 days. The children of this union were William Beverly Danford, born June 19, 1846; Melville Cox Danford, born Sept 22, 1847 in New Boston; Joseph Alyea Danford, born Dec 5, 1848 in New Boston and Mozart Danford, born March 16, 1850 New Boston and died April 1931 in Berkeley, California, aged 81 years and about 1 month. They are found in 1850 in the Town of New Boston: #300 William Danford, 42, farmer, born Oh; Mary, 27, Ohio; William, 4, Louisiana; Melville, 2, Il; Joseph A, 1, Il; and Mozart 6/12, Il. (Note: there is some error here as of course Joseph A and Mozart could not be born that close together!). Mary Alyea Danford remarried 3/10/1852 to William Willits.

Clara Bessie Danford married 1st to R. P. Hinman of Newton, Il, divorcing in 1899. She took a nursing course in Chicago and became a trained nurse. She remarried June 10, 1906 in Indiana to Roy Haselwood. They are found in Chicago in 1910, married 3 years, Bessie, no children born, no occupation.

Son Arthur W. Mannon was born about 1852 in Mercer County. He died in 1926 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. He married Anna Neff, daughter of Christian and Catherine Wolfe Neff, on 10/4/1880. Anna was born about 1858, died 1936 and is buried next to her husband in New Boston Cemetery. According to a New Boston news article: A. W. Mannon built a house in the 1870's where Grace Histed, his daughter, lived. She was mayor of New Boston from 1956 to 1958 - the first female mayor in the state of Illinois.

Most of what we previously had came from New Boston Cemetery records and tells a rather sad tale: Troy Mannon, born 1881, died 1884; Floyd Mannon, born 1885, died 1938; Guy Mannon, born 1888, died 1918; Fred Mannon, born 1889, died 1921; Troy Mannon (2) born 3/26/1892, died 9/12/1894 (we do not know the parentage of this Troy); Maye S. Mannon, born 1898, died 1947 (This is evidently Amanda Maye Stipp Mannon, who married Forrest Mannon in about 1929); Forrest G. Mannon, born 1898 (died 1965); Grace Mannon, born unknown, married unknown Histed. From the 1900 census we get a better picture of the actual children. #333 New Boston Town: Arthur Mannon, born July 1852, married 19 years, merchant, general store, own home free and clear, born In, father Va, mother Oh; Anna, Jan 1858, 9 children born, 8 living, born In, parents born In; Lura Fay July 1883, 16, Il; Floyd A, Dec 1885, 14, Il; Guy Q, Jan 1888, 12, Iowa; Fred L, Jun 1889, 10, Il; Goldie C, Jan 1892, 8, Il; Grace, Feb 1895, 5; Forest, May 1898, 2, Il; Mark, 7/12, Oct 1899, Il. Daughter Grace married Sylvester {Syl} Histed about 1921 according to the 1930 census.

Daughter Elvira Mannon was born 9/1/1854 (per Mannon Bible) in Mercer County. She married Henry Wallace Prouty on 7/23/1871 in Mercer County and they soon went to Harvey County, Kansas (see Prouty page).

Samuel Mannon Family

Samuel Rice Mannon was born about 1818 in Indiana. He married Rebecca Long, daughter of Andrew and Jemima Santee Long, on 4/28/1839 in Mercer County. Patty Phelps tells us that Sarah Ellen Mannon was their child. Census records tell us that Sarah Ellen was raised by her Mannon grandparents. The 1840 census in Eliza Township shows: Samuel R. Mannon, 1 male 20-30, 1 male under 5; 2 females 20-30, 1 female under 5. We do not know the identity of the second female in the household and whether the children were hers. Rezin Pratt who had the grist mill in partnership with Samuel's brother, John Mannon, was guardian of Rebecca Long, and that is likely how Samuel and Rebecca met.

Samuel Mannon married (2) Catharine Baker on 10/24/1844 in Mercer County. He married again to Elizabeth C. Leech, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Leech, on 4/22/1849 in Mercer County (We have up a Leech page and Elizabeth is found on Susan Parks research page attached to it). Patty Phelps tells us that Samuel and Catharine had a daughter who died shortly before Catherine. Samuel is found in the 1850 census with third wife Elizabeth and one daughter Rebecca J. Mannon, born 8/1850. It was not uncommon to name a child by a second or third wife after a first wife.

We have heard from Patty Phelps (see link to her web site at top of the page), a descendant of Samuel Rice Mannon, and have learned that he married a fourth time, in 1857 and probably in Iowa according to census records. They are found in the 1880 census in Starr Township, Cloud County, Kansas: Samuel R. Mannon, 62, born Indiana, father born Maryland, mother born Ky; Amelia A. Mannon, 42, born West Virginia, father born Ohio, mother born West Viorginia; Samuel W. Mannon, son, 21 born Iowa; Aaron F. Mannon, son, 19, born Iowa; Elizabeth C. Mannon, daughter, 13, Ia; Isaac C. Mannon, 1, born Kansas. Patty is descended from daughter Elizabeth Caroline. There is much more on her web site which is still under construction (12/2002).

Amos Preston Mannon Family

Preston Mannon was born about 1820 in Wayne County, Indiana. He married Sarah Elizabeth Shirkey 6/22/1843 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Shirkey page). Their first son, Aaron Mannon, was born 3 of 1844 and died 8/23/1861 and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Their second son, Albert, was born 10/1845 and died 12/15/1847 and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Son Frank Mannon was born about 1853.

In the 1850 census Amos and Sarah are found in future Eliza Township: Amos P. Mannon, 30, farmer, born Indiana; Sarah E., 27, Va; Aaron, 6, Il. With them is Franklin Mannon, 25, born Virginia. We believe this may instead have been Franklin Shirkey, brother of Sarah Elizabeth as we find no further record of a Franklin Mannon of that age. A Franklin, age 25, would have fit perfectly into the Aaron Mannon family so we are not sure about this. The 1870 census finds them still in Eliza Township: Prestion Mannon, 49, farmer, In; Elizabeth, 47, Va; Frank E. Mannon, 17, assisting on farm. We have not checked the 1880 census for Frank but we do not find a marriage record for him in Mercer County so he may have left the area.

When Patrick Shirkey died in 1847, Preston Mannon was administrator of his estate, thus we believe Sarah Elizabeth was daughter of Patrick Shirkey.

James M. Mannon Family

James M. Mannon was born 9/16/1823 in Wayne County, Indiana, and died 5/4/1901 in Mercer County, Illinois, and is buried in Aledo Cemetery. There is a sketch of James Mannon in the History of Mercer County, 1882, and several items about his service in the Civil War. Since James was alive at that time we can probably safely assume that he furnished the information.

James Mannon married Rebecca Shirkey, daughter of Patrick Shirkey, on April 6, 1849 (Illinois marriage records give 1848 as the year) in Mercer County. Rebecca was sister of Sarah Elizabeth who married James's brother Preston, above. James and Rebecca are found in the 1850 census in Eliza Township: James Mannon, 26, farmer, In; Rebecca, 34, Va. Rebecca died September 5, 1857 and is buried in Eliza Cemetery. There were apparently no children of this marriage.

James Mannon married Sarah Jane Moore, daughter of George and Jemima Moore, on January 6, 1859. The Mercer County History gives their children as Bertha B., George M.,. James M., Levi E., and Charles N. Another child Leslie was born 11/6/1865, died 11/9/1865 and is buried in the Mannon Cemetery. Charles N. Mannon was born 8/5/1873 and died 9/2/1879 and is buried in the Mannon Cemetery. We have little information on the other children but have not pursued the 1880 and 1900 census records as yet.

Daughter Bertha B. Mannon, born 3/1860 married Carlton J. Bear on 10/19/1882 in Mercer County. Son Levi Mannon apparently married Winnie E. Brooks as her tombstone gives her as husband of Levi. She died 1929 and is buried in Aledo Cemetery.

James Mannon was elected sheriff of Mercer County on the republican ticket. The 1860 census shows him in Aledo as sheriff, age 37, with wife Sarah J., age 27, and daughter Bertha, age 4/12.

According to the Mercer County History, James Mannon enlisted in Company K of the 102nd Ill Volunteer Infantry and was elected captain, then major, and later Lieutenant Colonel. His career is a little hard to follow in the Adjutant General's Report for Illinois. Company K enlistment and mustering took place on September 2, 1862 with Captain H. Rodgers Sanderson as Captain. There is no mention of James Mannon in Company K. We do however find him listed as major of the 102nd Infantry, enlisted and mustered on September 23, 1862, so we feel his tenure as captain was probably missed in the Adjutant General's Report. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on March 4, 1863, at Bowling Green, Kentucky. He fought at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain (see Part 3 Civil War Resources for a description of the Battle and links to a history of the 102nd). The Mercer County History says that Lt. Col. Mannon was ill that day but was on the field. The 102nd marched to Atlanta on September 16, 1864.

Lt. Col. Mannon resigned on September 15, 1864. His history in Mercer County says he was in all of the fighting in Sherman's march to the sea coast, until the siege of Atlanta, when pressed by home interests he resigned and came home. There may have been difficulty in making a living on the farm as soon after he returned he joined Anthony Burdick in the mercantile business in New Boston. They did a large business for three years when Mr. Mannon purchased the interest of Mr. Burdick and continued the business two years longer. He then again bought a farm five miles northeast of New Boston. The land appears to be in Section 4 on the New Boston Township plat map.

Zerrilda Mannon Cole Cramer Family

Zerrilda's name is spelled many different ways in different records. We have used the spelling as shown in her marriage to Edward Cole on 4/6/1848 in Mercer County. They are found in New Boston Township in 1850: Edward Cole, 27, farmer, born England; Zerrella, 23, born Indiana; Levi Lewis Cole, 5/12, born Il. Edward Cole died sometime before 1857.

Mrs. Gerilda Cole married Richard S. Cramer, son of William and Sarah Shute Cramer, on 2/8/1857 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Cramer page). When Richard Cramer came to Mercer County in 1856 he stayed with the James Mannon family and met Zerrilda. Richard Cramer was an abolitionist and a spiritualist. He and Zerilda had one child, Lotta, born about 1860, according to the 1870 census. The History of Mercer County 1882 says they had no children, so the daughter apparently died before 1882.

Son Levi Lewis Cole married Edna Drury , daughter of Courtney and Cynthia Ann Willits Drury, 2/15/1872 in Mercer County. We have not yet followed this family further.

9/23/2008 We have received help from Jamie Paul and made a major update to the Oscar P. Mannon family above and also corrected a previous error there.
3/2009 Jamie Paul sent us some tombstone photos which we have linked under contacts above.