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Alternate Spellings - Loots, Luttes, Lutes, Luts, Lutze; the name is sometime seen as Lutzen when referring to female members, adding the "en" feminine German suffix. (A Rock Island Lutzen marriage is cross referenced to Luetjens, but we have not previously seen this spelling in Lutes research)

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Contacts - Jan Dunlap has researched the Isaiah and Katharine DeGraff family in Nebraska. We have heard from Jeff Adams who sent us a nice piece of history on Isaac and Jonathan Lutz and identified their parent as Christopher Lutz. If anyone can help Jeff with further identification on Christopher Lutz contact us at Nadine Holder, Web Master on the About Us Page [Note: Webmaster Nadine Holder is a Lutes/Lutz descendant (not of these families) and has researched the family all across the United States but has been unsuccessful in connecting the Mercer County Lutz families to any of them. Generally the Lutz ancestors came from Switzerland where there is much documentation in the middle ages. They then moved to the Wurtemburg area of Germany (probably during religious clearances) where over 200 families were found about the time immigration to America began in the 1700s. In the 1790 census there were 67 Lutz heads of household in America with the majority of them located in Pennsylvania].

Isaac & Jonathan Lutes Families

Aledo Weekly Record, May 30, 1877 FLOUR MILL AND FARM FOR SALE
"On Edwards River 7 miles from New Boston and 5 from Millersberg at a bargain. The mill is set up with improved machinery and is one of the best mills in the county and is doing good businesss. The mill contains four run of stone and is three stores high. I will also sell my farm of about 160 acres in connection with the mill. There is on the place a good dwelling house containing seven rooms, a good smoke house, good barn and everything in good order about the premises. Also a small tenant house near the mill. The farm is well watered having a strong spring running through the place. The mill and land will be sold subject to a lease of 5 years at rental of $2355 per annum. Purchaser to draw rent from time of purchase. Terms $3000 down, balance may run 15 years at 10% interest or longer if desired. June 31, 1877 Isaac Lutz, Joy, Ill"

Isaac Lutz had apparently retired to Joy, Illinois, at this time. The location of his residence while he was running the mill can be seen in Section 1 on the New Boston 1875 plat map.

Jeff Adams sent us the following from the History of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, Luther Reily Kelker, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1907:
"Levi D. Lutz, of Hummlestown, was born January 3, 1829, on the old Lutz homestead, in Derry township, and is a son of John Lutz, and a grandson of Christopher Lutz, who was born in Germany, whence he emigrated to the United states, settling near Sinking Springs, Berks County, Pennsylvania, where he led the life of a farmer. Christopher Lutz was the father of the following children: John, of whom later. William, blacksmith of Shafferstown, Pennsylvania. ISAAC, MILLER OF ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS, MARRIED AND REARED A FAMILY. JONAS [JONATHAN], A FARMER OF ILLINOIS, ALSO MARRIED AND REARED A FAMILY. Two daughters who married and left decedents [descendants]."

From other information Jeff has a birthdate of January 15, 1804 for Isaac Lutz and October 8, 1806 for Jonathan Lutz, sons of Christopher Lutz, which match well with Isaac and Jonathan of Mercer County. Since the Lutz brothers came to Mercer County in 1836 (according to the Mercer County History), just shortly after the formation of Mercer County, we believe the family understood that they went to Rock Island County, since the name "Mercer" was not yet much in use.

The History of Mercer County, 1882 tells us that Isaac Lutz settled in New Boston Township in 1836. In 1838 he began the erection of a grist mill on Edwards River, in Section 1. In 1882 the mill still belonged to some of the heirs of Isaac Lutz so apparently his sale was not successful.

There is a sketch of O. C. Lutz in the History: "The subject of this sketch, O. C. Lutz, was born in Mercer County, Illinois, March 14, 1845, and is next to the youngest child of Isaac and Lydia (Light) Lutz. His father came to Mercer County in 1836 and settled in New Boston township, where he resided until his death, which took place in October, 1879. His mother died September, 1879, at the age of seventy-four. His father was seventy-eight years of age at his death [note the slight inconsistencies compared to the cemetery record above - since both county histories and cemetery records are apt to be incorrect we do not know which information is correct.] O. C.'s father built the first grist mill in the county about 1838. In 1858 he built a large and commodius mill near the site of the old one. ...The first real estate he [O.C.] owned was eighty acres in Eliza township. This he sold in 1873 and went to York County, Nebraska... . In March, 1881, he bought the mill estate of his father's in Mercer County, Illinois, and returned in October of the same year, and has refitted the mill and is now prepared to compete with any other mill in the country. November 1, 1871, he was married to Miss Permelia, daughter of Henry and Permelia Hampton. She was born October 12, 1854. They have had two children. In connection with his mill property he owns 167 acres of land. Mr. Lutz is a republican and cast his first vote for Lincoln."

We find Isaac Lutz in the 1840 Census in Township 14 North Range 5 West (future New Boston Township): Isaac Lutz, 1 male and 1 female 30-40, 3 females 5-10, and 1 male, under 5. Next to Isaac is Jonathan Lutz, 1 male 30-40, 1 female 20-30, and 1 male, under 5. Isaac and Jonathan were no doubt brothers and sons of Christopher Lutz and came together from Pennsylvania to Mercer County.

Jonathan Lutz married Elizabeth Reynolds on 8/26/1837 in Mercer County. Jonathan and Elizabeth are found in Township 15N, Range 1W (Richland Grove) in 1850: #892 Jonathan Lutz, 43, laborer, born Pa; Elizabeth, 40, born NY; Nancy Pearson, 15, Oh; Thornton Ruth(?), 31, laborer, Indiana, so it appears that Jonathan and Elizabeth had no children. Jonathan purchased a small parcel of timberland, about 25 acres, in Section 15, Township 14 North Range 6 West (along the Mississippi River) on 12/27/1850. Typically these small patches of timber were used for lumber and firewood.

In the 1850 Census in Township 14N, Range 5W (New Boston) we find: Isaac Lutz, 45, miller, property $3000, born Pa; Lydia, 43, Pa; Carolina, 19, Pa; Emaline, 17, In; Lucinda, 15, Il; Vincent, 11, Il; Lydia Ann, 9, Il; Isaiah, 7, Il; Oscar [O.C. in the sketch above], 5, Il; Leroy, 1/12, Il. Isaac had purchased his parcel of land, containing about 155 acres in Section 1 New Boston Township on 9-13-1839.

Daughter Emaline Lutz married Lucius LLoyd on 3 July 1853 in Muscatine, Iowa. Emaline shortly died and Lucius remarried to Mary Cunningham on 1/14/1857 in Mercer County. Emaline died January 11, 1855, age 21 yr, 11 mo, 27 dys, and is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery next to her parents. She probably died in childbirth as so many young women of that time did. Lucius and Mary only had a one year old daughter in 1860 so apparently Emaline and Lloyd had no living children together.

Isaac Lutz is found in the 1860 census in New Boston Township: Isaac, 56, Miller, Pa; Vincent, 22, Il, farmer; Lydia, 50, Pa; Lucinda, 24, In; Lydia A., 20, Il, Isaiah, 18, Il; Oscar, 16, Il; LeRoy 10, Il. Note that Lucinda's birthplace is given as Indiana, as was Emaline's in the 1850 census, so the Lutz family paused for awhile in Indiana before coming on to Mercer County as did many families.

In 1864 Isaac Lutz placed an ad in the Aledo Weekly Record: " A good miller wanted! The subscriber wishes to hire a good miller, also a good work hand. Apply soon, at my mill between New Boston and Millersburg. 2/16/1864 Isaac Lutz, New Boston, Il."

In the 1870 Census, in addition to Isaac and Lydia, Isaiah, Lucinda and Leroy in the household, there is a laborer, Patrick Riley, age 35, born Ireland. Isaac's sons were growing up and leaving home so he needed additional help.

Son Oscar Lutz (of the History sketch above) is on his own in Eliza Township in the 1870 census: Oscar Lutz, 24, farmer, born Il. With him is a Kile family: Abram Kile, 26, farmer, born Ohio; Lydia Ann, 27, Il; Nina May, 3, Il. Despite the slight age difference, this is Oscar's sister, Lydia Ann, who married Abraham Kile on 6/19/1866 in Mercer County. Oscar married Permelia Hampton on 1 November 1871 in Muscatine, Iowa. Oscar and Parmelia are found in York County, Nebraska in the 1880 census: Oscar Lutz, 35, born Il, parents born Pa; Parmelia, 25, born Il, parents born Va; Oley (daughter), 3, born Nebraska. We did not find the Abram Kile family in 1880.

Son Isaiah Lutz married Catharine DeGraff on 10/24/1871 in Rock Island County. Jan Dunlap has researched this family extensively in Nebraska. She tells us that Kate and Isaiah Lutz moved to Polk County, near Stromsburg, Nebraska in 1873/4. In 1890 they moved to Fullerton, Nebraska and in the spring of 1903 they moved to Arcardia, Nebraska. They had children: Connie (son, died infancy); Guy Arnold; Ralph; Ormand Ray; Edna; Lyle; Vere; Percy Vern; Mable Pearl; and Lawrence Dean. We were unable to locate them in the 1880 census in Nebraska. Isaiah died in 1921 at his home near Arcadia, Ne and Kate died in 1913 at Arcadia, Nebraska. Both are buried in the Arcadia cemetery.

Son Vincent Lutz married Louisa Gay on 10/19/1867 in Rock Island County. They are living in Millersburg Township in 1870: Vincent I. Lutz, 31, farmer, Il; Louisa, 25, Il; Elmore Clyde, 1, Il. They are still in Millersburg in 1880. They have no additional children but have two boarders and a hired hand with them. Son Clyde E. Lutz married Jenny Gibson on 5/10/1888.

Daughter Lucinda married William Diehl on 3/14/1872 in Mercer County. They are found in Millersburg in 1880: William Deal, farmer, 35, born Pa, parents born Pa; Lucinda, 44, In, parents born Pa; Eddie E. Deal, 6, Il; Ida Bell Deal, 4, Il.

Son LeRoy married Rose A. Garmer, daughter of Moses Garmer, on 6/8/1873 in Mercer County. Leroy L. Lutz and his wife Rosa are buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery with Isaac and Lydia. Leroy: 5/16/1850-9/29/1926; Rosa A., his wife: 12/6/1857-3/26/1911.

John S. Lutz Family

In 300 Pioneer Illinois Families we find information on the John S. Lutz family that settled in Mercer County in 1866. The family is found in Ohio Grove Township as the James S. Lutz family: James S., age 33, Clergyman, born Pa; Martha M., 28, Il; Martha F., age 2, Il.

According to the Pioneer Families information, John was the son of George and Martha Patton Lutz and was born 18 October 1837 in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. Since they did not live in our area of study we would not include them, but we want Lutz descendants to be aware there was another non-related (as far as we know) family in the area. In addition, John S. Lutz married Martha Norbury Thornton , daughter of Hiram Willett and Elizabeth Frick Norbury Thornton, on 5/11/1869 in Mercer County.

John and Martha Thornton Lutz had children: Martha Thornton, born 1870; Elizabeth Norbury, born 1871; Mary Ruth and George Gillett born 1876; John Willet, born 1882; and Anna, born 1885 (this information is from Pioneer Families and has not been verified by us). George Lutz married Pauline A Beisswenger 7/9/1892 in Rock Island County [this would be a little young for this George Lutz so may not be the right one.] Martha Thornton Lutz [Jr.] married John Sipes Price in Rock Island County on 9/3/1895.