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Andrew Long, age 18, fought at the Battle of Princeton (above). He joined Washington at Trenton on December 26, 1776 just after the famous "crossing." Many, many soldiers returned home after their first 90 days service but Andrew responded to Washington's call to reenlist.

Spelling Variations - Long: Lang, Laing, Lange, Longus; Santee: Sentee, Senter, Sandy

Links - Honeyman, Pratt, Mannon, Malaby, Pauley, Noble, Huston, Retherford, Finch, Long Family Papers

Contacts - Both Jill Martin and Nadine Holder (See About Us for email) are descended from the Longs through the David Honeyman/Isabella Long family. Nadine has been accepted into the DAR based on the Andrew Long family. Nora Kay Long is a descendant of Hugh Alexander Long of Mercer County and kindly furnished the photograph linked at the bottom of the page. Lois Retherford's husband is a descendant of James Alexander Retherford of Mercer County and is assisting us with that family. Alice Pierce is a descendant of William Long, son of Andrew & Jemima Santee Long. We have heard from Tom Durkin, a descendant of Andrew's brother, Alexander Long, who accompanied Andrew to Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

We have a puzzle that perhaps can be solved by Long descendants visiting this site: Timothy Tripp is a descendant of John Long of Franklin County TN who married in Greene County, Tn in 1807. The Franklin County Tn tax list of 1812 lists a John, William, and Alexander Long as tax payers. John Long also named a son Andrew and a son William. The names are intriguing and since Timothy believes they may have come from Pennsylvania there may be a connection to our Longs.

Long Families in Pennsylvania

The progenitor of several Mercer County families was Andrew Long, born May 10, 1758, in Warrington Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Andrew was son of William & Elizabeth Henderson Long of Bucks County, and grandson of Andrew and Isabel Miller Long, who immigrated from Scotland with Isabel's parents William and Isabel Miller. The Longs settled on 400 acres along Neshaminy Creek in Bucks County that Andrew and Isabel purchased May 27, 1735 for 256 pounds. They apparently arrived earlier in Pennsylvania, as son William was born about 1727 in Bucks County. William Long was taxed on 1 slave, 2 horses, 6 cattle and 20 sheep, a grist and saw mill, and 240 acres of land in 1775. William served in the Warrington Association of Revolutionaries in 1775. William and Elizabeth Henderson Long had children Alexander, Andrew, William, Hugh, John, and Isabella. Researching this family is difficult as each generation had several children of the same name.

Andrew, son of William & Elizabeth Henderson Long, served in the Revolutionary War (see Long family papers for descriptions of his service as given in pension applications). After the War he, and his brother Alexander, joined many soldiers crossing over the mountains to Western Pennsylvania. Also on the Long Family Papers page is an abstract of the will of William Long, confirming that the Andrew and Alexander Long who went to Fayette County, Pennsylvania, were his sons. The 1790 census for Fayette County lists Alexander Long's household as two males over 16 and 2 slaves in Tyrone Township. Andrew Long is listed as a single male in adjoining Bullskin Township.

In Fayette County, Pennsylvania, Andrew Long married Jemima Santee on October 18, 1794. (The marriage date is given in Jemima's pension application from Mercer County which is also on the Long Family Papers page.) Jemima was born March 24, 1777, in Washington County, Pennsylvania. We have included some comments about her possible family from the Genealogy of the Santee Family in America, Ellis M. Santee, M. D. (Privately published, 1927)at the bottom of the page. Jemima is not listed in this history but George Santee was the only one migrating to Western Pennsylvania and is most likely her father. Andrew and Jemima Santee Long had children: Phoebe, Elizabeth, John, Isabella, Andrew H., Mary Ann, William, Sarah, Jane, Rebecca, and Hugh Alexander. All were born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

Sometime before 1800, Andrew's brother, Alexander Long, married Mary Strickler, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Stewart Strickler. The children of Alexander and Mary Strickler Long were David, Jacob, Frances, Elizabeth, Sarah, Isabella, and Alexander Long, all born in Fayette County.

In the fall of 1833 Andrew Long returned to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in order to comply with requirements of the Act of June 7, 1832, for obtaining a pension for his service in the Revolutionary War (See Long family papers). Andrew was then 76 years old and had to travel on horseback in that time period. His brother John still lived in Bucks County.

The Move to Indiana

Sometime between 1828 and 1830 a wagon train moved out from Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and started west on the Cumberland Road. The families in the train included the Longs, Pratts, Malabys, Retherfords, and Honeymans. The parties in the wagon train are found in the 1830 census in Union County, Indiana. Children of Andrew and Jemima Santee Long on that journey included:

--Phoebe Long, born June 6, 1795, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania; married William Retherford, Jr., June 15, 1815, in Fayette County. (A Retherford page will be added, but some temporary information has been added below)

--Elizabeth Long, born August 5, 1797 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, married James Smith, December 30, 1830, in Fayette County, Indiana (adjoins Union County).

--John Long, born June 21, 1799, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania; married Mary Hutson, May 16, 1824, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

--Isabella Long, born September 15, 1801, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania; married David Honeyman as second wife September 10, 1824, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

--Andrew H. Long, born January 21, 1804, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania; married Timandra Sparks, May 20, 1827, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

--Mary Ann Long, born December 8, 1807, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania; married Rezin Pratt November 5, 1828, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

--William Long, born February 18, 1810, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania married Sarah Ferguson July 29, 1832, in Union County, Indiana.

--Sarah Long, born August 13, 1812, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, married Robert Malaby, October 16, 1831, in Union County, Indiana.

--Jane Long, born May 5, 1815, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania (three marriages, see below).

--Rebecca Long, born May 20, 1818, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, married Samuel Mannon, April 28, 1839, in Mercer County, Illinois

--Hugh Alexander Long, born April 25, 1823 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, married Adeline Halsey on November 19, 1846, in Henderson County, Illinois (adjoining Mercer County.)

There is no evidence that any of brother Alexander Long's family were on this wagon train.

The wagon train passed through Miami County, Ohio, where David Honeyman's parents stopped and settled with some of their sons who had arrived there before 1820. The train then arrived sometime before the 1830 census was taken in Union County, Indiana. Andrew Long is found in Union County in 1830: 1 male 70-80, 3 males 20-30, 1 male 5-10; 1 female 50-60, 1 female 30-40, 4 females 15-20, 1 female 10-15, 1 female under 5. Records for other members of the family are given below under the children.

Andrew Long died in Union County, Indiana, on November 16, 1835, and is buried in the Brownsville Cemetery. Andrew Long died intestate but his estate inventory is of record (See Long family papers). One of the books in Andrew's estate was American Military Biography. We obtained this book on interlibrary loan to see what his interest was and find his Uncle Hugh Long mentioned in the book. There may have been others that he knew personally through his Revolutionary War service.

More on the Children of Andrew and Jemima Santee Long

Elizabeth Long Smith

Daughter Elizabeth Long married James Smith, December 30, 1830, in Fayette County, Indiana (adjoins Union County). James Smith was named as an heir in Andrew Long's estate settlement, but we have not been able to follow this family further as the names are too common. As far as we know they did not go to Mercer County, Illinois.

Sarah Long Malaby Doxsee

: Daughter Sarah Long married Robert Malaby, October 16, 1831, in Union County, Indiana. Robert and Sarah Long Malaby had two children: John L. Malaby, born 1832 in Indiana, and died April 30, 1856, in Mercer County, Illinois, burial in Eliza Creek Cemetery; William Malaby, born 1834 in Indiana, and died December 31, 1862, at Stone River, Tennessee, while serving as a Corporal in Company G, 27th Illinois Volunteer Infantry (New Boston [Illinois] Sharpshooters.) Robert Malaby died in Union County, Indiana, sometime before the probate of Andrew Long's will in February 1837. Sarah and her children went to Mercer County, Illinois, sometime before 1846, as Sarah married Alfred Doxsee, March 13, 1846, in Mercer County. Alfred and Sarah Long Malaby Doxsee had two children, Harriett Doxsee, born about 1847, and Sarah Doxsee, born about 1853. They also raised William Doxsee, apparently a son of Alfred and a first wife, born about 1840. Alfred and Sarah Long Malaby Doxsee are found in the 1850 census in Mercer County in Township 15N Range 1W (future Highland Grove). They are found in the 1860 Rock Island County, Illinois, census in Coal Valley Village. One of Sarah's descendants confirmed Andrew's Revolutionary War service in her DAR application and membership.

William Long

Son William Long married Sarah Ferguson July 29, 1832, in Union County, Indiana. She was daughter of William and Judith Walker Ferguson. William married (2) Margaret Mahaffey November 20, 1858, in Mahaska County, Iowa, and in May 1862 they migrated to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Eventually most of the family settled in Seattle, Washington. William and Sarah Ferguson Long had children Andrew, Judith, William, John, George, Sarah and Robert Long. Robert Long kept extensive information on the family including many photographs. His information solved many puzzles for us including Andrew Long's parentage. Alice Pierce has the Robert Long information and will be happy to share. While several of the Long family members went to Mercer County, Illinois, we have no evidence that William stopped there on his way to Iowa, except perhaps for a short visit.

Jane Long Malaby Noble Honeyman

Daughter Jane Long married Andrew Malaby, May 12, 1833, in Union County, Indiana. We do not know if he was brother to Sarah's husband Robert Malaby, as we have no further information on the Malaby family, other than knowing they also came from Western Pennsylvania. Andrew and Jane Long Malaby had three children: John S. Malaby, born about 1834 in Indiana, married Salina Mannon March 2, 1854, in Mercer County (John died 4/20/1856); Viella Malaby, married a Huston; and Sarah Jane Malaby, born September 1837 in Indiana, married February 2, 1854, to James Pauley in Mercer County. (A page for Pauley will be added.) A photo of Viella Malaby was in the possession of Sarah Essley Welch of Mercer County and they were probably childhood friends. Viella is named in the will of step sister Isabella Honeyman as Viella M. Huston, but we have been unable to locate any record of a marriage for her or any census information that is applicable. Andrew Malaby also died young, sometime after the probate of Andrew Long's will in February 1837. Jane and her children went to Mercer County along with other members of the family.

On May 25, 1844 Jane Long Malaby married John Summerfield Noble, son of Lewis and Elizabeth Burgess Noble, in Mercer County. John and Jane Long Malaby Noble had three children: Albert B. Noble, born about 1850; Lewis Alfred Noble, born about 1853, married Amanda Finch, daughter of Pettis and Esther Rader Finch, in Mercer County (more on the Finch page); and Charles W. Noble, born about 1855 and died before the 1870 census. John Noble died January 29, 1856, in Mercer County, and Jane Long Malaby Noble returned to Union County, Indiana, to marry her widowed brother-in-law David Honeyman.

David and Jane Long Malaby Noble Honeyman had one child, Isabella Honeyman (more on her on the Honeyman page). We find Jane Long Malaby Noble Honeyman in the 1880 census, living with her son Albert B. Noble: 3rd Ward, Marhsalltown, Marshall County, Iowa; Albert B. Noble, business college, 31, born Il, father born Indiana, mother born Pa; Frans J. L. Noble, wife, 21, born Wi (parent's birthplace not given); Mark C. Noble, son, 1, born Iowa; Jane Noble, mother, 65, born Pennsylvania, parents born Pennsylvania. We find it interesting her Honeyman name is not given unless it was simply an error by the census taker.

John Long

Son John Long is found in Union County, Indiana near other family members in 1830: 1 male 30-40, 1 under 5; 1 female 30-40, 1 female 5-10, 1 female under 5. John was probably the first of the family to go to Mercer County. The History of Mercer County, 1882 states "...Mercer was...organized into a separate County in 1835, and soon after the organization was effected we find that John Long was appointed, April 13, 1835, by the county commissioners' court to the office of school commissioner...John Long served...until December 5, 1835." (See Schools for more on the duties of school commissioners.) The History mentions John Long as one of the prominent early settlers of the west end of the county. He is also mentioned as voting in the first election in 1835, and as selected to serve as a grand juror for the firt term of the circuit court. We have no further information, as the names John & Mary Long are far to common to identify this particular family. They are not found in the 1840 Mercer County census but may have returned to Indiana after Andrew's death. Gloryl Parchert in Jimtown Mystery mentions there were two John Longs in Rock Island County in 1845, the "bad" John Long connected to the murder of Colonel Davenport and the "good" John Long. We were unable to identify the second John Long in census records, but he may have been ours (we hope he was the "good" one!.)

Mary Long Pratt

Andrew's widow, Jemima Santee Long, probably went to Mercer County with the Rezin and Mary Long Pratt family in 1836. The History of Mercer County, 1882 states that "Rezin Pratt came from Indiana to Mercer county in 1836. He first bought in section 30 [Eliza Township], and subsequently bought land adjoining. He then returned to Indiana the same season for his family." In the 1840 census Rezin's household includes one female, age 70 to 80. This was no doubt Jemima. The 1850 and 1860 censuses show a male, Jeremiah Long, in the Rezin Pratt household with Jemima's age statistics. This was no doubt Jemima. We have a photograph of her in her old age and wrapped up in her shawl, she no doubt looked like a male and was so censused. We know she was in Mercer County in 1855 when she applied for her pension (See Long family papers.) Curiously Jemima is also censused with son Hugh Alexander in Iowa in 1860 - perhaps it was only a visit. Jemima Long died in Mercer County, December 8, 1864, at the ripe age of 87. She is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery with members of the Pratt family.

Rezin Pratt was appointed guardian of Andrew Long's children, Rebecca Long and Hugh Alexander Long, in August 1836, and he no doubt took them back with him to Mercer County.

Rebecca Long Mannon

Daughter Rebecca Long married Samuel R. Mannon on April 28, 1839, and died November 8, 1841 in Mercer County. An unnamed daughter is buried with her so she probably died in childbirth.

Hugh Alexander Long

Son Hugh Alexander Long married Adeline Halsey on November 19, 1846, in Henderson County, Illinois (adjoining Mercer County.) In 1850 they are living next to Rezin Pratt in Mercer County: #608 T14NR5W Hugh A. Long, 27, farmer, Pa; Adeline, 26, Oh; James S. Long, 2, Il; William W. Long, 1, Il; Alice Long 1/12, Il. Nora Kay Long has much information on this family including photos and would love to hear from descendants. Her line is from Hugh and Adeline's son William Washington Long who migrated to Clay County, South Dakota. Jane Long Malaby Noble Honeyman's daughter, Isabelle Honeyman, died on a trip to Dakota Territory on June 22, 1877 and is buried in Clay County. Perhaps she went to visit her cousins. (More on the Honeyman page). Norah Wyatt Eisenour, a Honeyman researcher, tells us that the following can be found in the 1870 Clay County, South Dakota census: (the two numbers are household and family numbers) James S. Long, (621, 559), age 22, farm laborer, born Illinois; Hugh A. Long, (622 530), age 47, farmer, born Pennsylvania, Adaline Long, 47, born Ohio; Asro Long, 18, born Illinois; John Long, 14, born Iowa; Viola J. Long, 12, born Iowa; Mary E. Long, 10, born Iowa.

Phoebe Long Retherford

Daughter Phoebe Long Retherford stayed in Union County, Indiana, with her husband William Retherford. William Retherford bought many items at Andrew Long's estate sale. His name is given as William, Jr. in each transaction. William and Phebe Long Retherford had known children Alexander, and Martha as found in census records in 1850 and later. Identifying their children has been problematic. From census records before 1850 it appears that William Retherford had a first marriage that produced a son and a daughter and that Phoebe and William had only daughters until the birth of Alexander in 1831, so lacking married names for the daughters, we have not been able to locate them. William "Ratherford" is found two doors from David Honeyman in 1830 in Union County, Indiana: 1 male 50-60, 1 male 15-20; 1 male 30-40, 1 female 15-20, 2 females 10-15, 2 females 5-10, and 2 females under 5. The next child was James Alexander born 1831. We apologize for having James and Alexander listed separately on the site before - they are one and the same as proven by James Alexander's tombstone in Mannon Cemetery (1831-1917). Bearing in mind that William and Phoebe married in 1815 it seems likely that the oldest male child and oldest female child in the 1830 census are children of William's by a first marriage. We suspect (but cannot prove) that the oldest son was William Retherford, born Nov 5, 1810 in Pennsylvania, and who migrated to New Boston Township at an early date. We hope to sort this out before preparing a Retherford page for the site. William Retherford, Sr., was quite a bit older than Phoebe according to the 1830 census and died before 1850 as we find Phoebe in 1850 in Washington Township, Decatur County, Indiana: #38 Phebe Retherford, 52, born Pa; Alexander, 19, In; Martha C., 13, In. Phoebe Long Retherford married Robert Swann January 12, 1854, in Union County, Indiana, and she and daughter Martha are found with him in 1860.

William and Phoebe's son, Alexander Retherford, also migrated to Mercer County, but not until 1864 when he accompanied the Honeyman family. Alexander was living on the farm of his cousin Sarah Honeyman Eikenbary in the 1860 census in Union County, Indiana, evidently assisting her after the death of her husband, Zachariah Eikenbary. He married Mary West on 27 November 1862 in Union County. They are then found in New Boston Township in 1870: James Retherford, 37, farmer, born In; Mary, 27, In; William, 5, In; Jane, 3, In; George, 1, In. In later censuses he is listed as Alex or Alexander. <3>Isabella Long Honeyman The descendants of daughter Isabella Long Honeyman are chronicled on the Honeyman page. They too migrated to Mercer County in 1864, probably at the urging of Jane Long Malably Noble Honeyman whose children had remained in Mercer County when she returned to marry David Honeyman.

Andrew H. Long

Son Andrew H. Long was listed as missing and presumed dead when father Andrew's will was probated in 1837. The name Andrew Long is too common to identify him at any other location through land and census records. His widow, Timandra Long, bought items at Andrew's estate sale. The estate was also charged by one Jacob Imel for the care of widow Timandra and two children (See Long family papers). We have not been able to establish a relationship link between Timandra and the Imel family. There may not have been one as Imel charged room and board for the time he took care of them. We have been able to identify only one of the children of Andrew and Timandra Sparks Long as Hamilton Long, born before 1830, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. We have no further information on him. A marriage license was applied for for Timandra Long and John P. Thompson on April 4, 1837, in Union County, Indiana. This is probably the same John Thompson who bought items at Andrew Long's estate sale. We have not located a John Thompson with wife Timandra in any census and do not know if the marriage went forth.

Additional Information

As mentioned earlier, the Long family is very difficult to research as it was a common name. We would be happy to share information with anyone as we also have a small amount of information on other relatives of Andrew Long. His uncles Andrew and Hugh Long both also served in the Revolutionary War. We have a copy of the will of uncle Captain Andrew Long and would gladly pass it along to descendants. Nadine has recently been inducted into the DAR based on the service of Andrew Long (Member #847399) As part of the application we were able to correct some previously submitted DAR information. In particular Andrew was listed as Andrew, Jr. in early applications when he was actually the son of William Long and was not a "Jr."

Photo purported to be of Andrew & Jemima Santee Long??
Since the styles in this photo did not support it being Andrew and Jemima - Andrew died 1835 and Jemima 1864 - we had the photo dated by Family Chronicles. They verified that the clothing and hair styles are 1880's or 1890's in style. We would appreciate information from anyone who knows who these people actually are (email Nadine on the about Us Page). Also see photo known to be of Jemima taken before her death and note there is no resemblance to the woman in the "AndrewJemima" photo.

Comments on the Family of Jemima Santee Long

The reference given above for the Santee Family is a thoughtful study of the origins of the Santee family and several myths are exploded. Doctor Santee first published in 1899 and then republished in 1927 so he had studied the family for many years. Here are some pertinent excerpts.

Origins of the Santee Family

The popular tradition of French Huguenot origin cannot be proven. Hutton's Emigrants gives a Robert Sandy having been banished from England to the Island of Barbadoes in 1685 for complicity in Monmouth's Rebellion, and says that large numbers of these banished Englishmen later came to America.

Part of the difficulty in researching the Santee family is in early spellings: Sandy, Sandi, Sandie, Sandee, Sendy, Sendee, Sendie, Sendi, Sentie. Dr. Santee has found all these variations in families known to be related to the Santees that he studied.

Revolutionary War Ancestor John Santee

Dr. Santee gives ancestor John as "likely descendant of Robert". John Santee is listed as Captain of Militia in several Revolutionary War records, sometimes 6th Battalion, sometimes 8th Battalion - whether it is the same John is not clear. Dr. Santee then gives the likely progression of the ancestry of John as Elias Santee - Isaac - #1 John. Among the sons of John he lists #505 George Santee and we are relatively certain this is the father of our Jemima Santee Long. Dr. Santee was also descended from #1 John, via his son Valentine and his son John. We have attached a photo of Dr. Santee's grandfather, Elijah Santee.

Further information on George Santee, son of John

Dr. Santee lists the following tax records for George Santee:
From Taxes Third Series, Vol XX page 364 George Santee, Tyrone Twp, Cumberland Co. Tax on two cattle, 1780
Page 489 George Santee, Tyrone Twp, Cumberland Co. Tax on 1 horse, 3 cattle, 1781
Vol XXII page 724 George Santee, Cumberland Twp, Washington Co. Effective supply tax, 1781 300 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, 4 sheep, 360 value.
Of many branches of the Santee family George is the only one shown moving to westrn Pennsylvania, to Washington County, which borders on Fayette County, where Andrew and Jemima Santee Long were married.

We followed up on this tip in census records:
Pennsylvania 1790 census

Santee, George, Washington Co 1 male 16+ 3 males 16- 4 females, 0 slaves
Washington County is in far west Pennsylvania and adjoins Fayette County on its southeast boundary. Other Santees of that generation are in Northampton and Luzerne Counties to the east.

Pennsylvania 1800 census
Santee, George German Twp, Fayette Co, George Santee 2 males 16-25, 1 male 45+, 1 female 16-25 1 female 45+
Long, Andrew 1 male -10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 26-44, 2 females under 10, 1 female 16-25
Names are alphabetized so canít tell where they lived in the county relative to each other

Pennsylvania 1810 census Santee, George not found - no 1810 Ohio census available to see if George followed his son George Jr. to Ohio
Long, Andrew 2 males under 10, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 26-44, 2 females under 10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 45+

From Dr. Ellis Santee chart: #1 John Santee (Fought in the Revolutionary War) #505 George Santee had son #506 George born 1788 married Mary Merriman and died 2/12/1844 in Petersburg Ohio
George Santee #505 is listed as the one paying taxes as above
Since Jemima was born 24 Mar 1777 she could be sister of #506 George and daughter of #505 George? The location and time period are definitely right.

Updates: 3/6/2007 Added comments on the Santee Family

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