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This is not an in depth page on this family. There was only a brief contact with the subject of our Site - Eliza and New Boston Townships in Mercer County, Illinois. They soon moved on to Rock Island County. We are making a separate page for them however as there were connections with the Drury Family that was prominent in Eliza Township and Rock Island County. Spellings we have found are LeQuat and LeQuatte but one can only imagine the many variations found in various records. There is a LeQuat Genealogy available in several public libraries but we have not seen it: Shadrach Lequat, Delaware to Illinois, and his descendants / compiled by Dorothy (LeQuatte) DeMers. Modesto, CA (1508 Crestview Dr., Modesto 95355) D.L. DeMers, 1989

There is a tombstone for Frank and Mettie LeQuatte in Eliza Creek Cemetery - Jim Greenwell kindly sent us a photo. More on Frank and Mettie under the Mathew LeQuat family below.

The Lequat families probably came west via Marion County, Indiana, where some Lequat marriages are found. Mathew Lequatt married Sarah Morrow on 10/9/1840 in Marion County and is later found in Drury Township, Rock Island County with connections to the Shadrack Lequat family.

The first record in Mercer County is when Shadrick Lequat purchased 80 acres in W2SE of Section 21, Township 15N Range 5W on 4/2/1838. This was in future Eliza Township. However by 1840 Shadrack Lequat is found in Rock Island County: 1 male 60-70, 2 males 20-30, 1 male 15-20, 1 male under 5, 1 female 40-50, and 1 female 15-20. There are a number of burials found in the Drury-Reynolds Cemetery, but none for Shadrack or his wife. All of the burials are as LeQuatte so we suspect this is generally the spelling that the family adopted.(Note: We have used a "Birthday Calculator" for those tombstones where a death date and age are given. We wonder how accurate that is - how did our ancestors come up with those ages? Did they properly take leap year into account, or not? This is just a "heads up" that you may see some variations in birth dates in other records.)

Mathew and Sarah Morrow LeQuat Family

Mathew and Sarah Morrow LeQuat are found in 1850 in Drury Township in Rock Island County: #1795 Mathew Luquatt, 31, farmer, born Ohio; Sarah, 32, Ohio; James, 8, Il; Wm. 7, Il; Jeremiah, 6, Il; Sarah J., 2, Il; S. A. Parker, 11, Indiana. The naming of a son Jeremiah points to Mathew being brother of Jeremiah LeQuatte who was married to Charlotte Drury (see below).

In 1860 Mathew and Sarah are in T16NR5W [Drury] in Rock Island County: #166 Mathew Lequatt, 41, laborer, born Ohio; Sarah M., 41, wife, Ohio; William, 17, assisting on farm; Jeremiah, 16, Il; Sarah Jane 12, Il.

Because of spelling difficulties with the name we have been unable to locate marriage records for some of the children of Mathew and Sarah. Sons William and Jeremiah married sisters in Muscatine County, Iowa. Phebe P. Ripley married Wm. Lagnatt 3 Oct 1861 and Roxey Ripley married Jeremiah Legnatt 8/11/1862. Phebe and Roxana are found in 1860 in Drury Township in Rock Island County: Stephen J. Ripley, 42, farmer, born Oh; Maria, 42, born Ct; David L., 20, Oh; Phebe P., 18, Oh; Roxa J., 16, Oh; Henry B., 12, Oh; Noah W., 6, Ia.

William Lequatt

Son William Lequott enlisted as a private in Co I, 28th Ill Infantry Consolidated during the Civil War. His residence at the time was in Edgington, Rock Island County. He died during the Civil War as his widow Phebe LeQuatte applied for a pension on 22 August 1865 (Cert #90095) and on June 27, 1873, she applied as Phebe Gambrel, guardian for a minor (Cert #163455).

Mrs. Phebe Lequatt married Eli Gambrel on 1/26/1873 in Rock Island County. They were living in Drury Township in 1880: #186 Eli Gambrel, 37, farmer, born In; Phebe, 38, wife, Oh; Frank Laquatte, 17, stepson, works on farm, born Il, father born Il, mother born Oh. Frank Laquatte married Metta [Palmetta] Drury, daughter of James A. and Jane Randolph Drury, and granddaughter of John and Mary Reynolds Drury, on 11/5/1891 in Muscatine County, Iowa. Frank and Metta are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery in Mercer County: (Frank 9/3/1862-_____; Mettie (3/5/1870-12/15/1905). Frank's death date may be blank because he is not buried there and the tombstone was made when Mettie died. The tombstone is quite readable (see link at top of the page to photo). There is an interesting note (unproven) in a World Family Tree file that he disappeared in 1913. Perhaps there is a newspaper article somewhere that might contain information.

Jeremiah LeQuatte

Mathew and Sarah's son Jeremiah also served in the Civil War in Co A, 7th Iowa Infantry. He applied for a pension on Feb 3, 1885 (Cert #392455) and his widow Roxey R. LeQuatte applied for a pension on Oct 13, 1923 (Cert #792831). Jeremiah and Roxey are found in 1870 in Buchanan Township, Atchison County, Missouri (many states offerred land deals to returning soldiers): #91 Jer. Lequatt, 28, farmer, born Il; Roxana R., 25, Oh; James H., 7, Il; Jeremiah W., 5, Il; Sarah M., 3, Il.

Jeremiah and Roxey are found back in Rock Island County in 1880: #232 Jeremiah Lequatte, 37, farmer, born Il; Roxey, 35, wife, born Oh, father born NY; James H., 17, Il; Jerry W., 15, Il; Sarah M., 12, Il; Phebe J. 7, Mo; Frank S., 2, Il. Son Jerry married Lizzie May Tyler on 12/16/1885; daughter Sarah M. married William B. Duffield 3/9/1887 in Rock Island County, son of David and Rebecca Noland Duffield. Daughter Phebe married William O. Forgy 3/2/1892 in Rock Island County.

Jeremaih and Charlotte Drury LeQuat Family

Jeremiah Lequat married Sharlott [Charlotte] Drury on 10/26/1843 in Rock Island County. Charlotte was daughter of Isaiah and Priscilla Reynolds Drury. Jane Lequat married Charlotte's brother, Stewart Reynolds Drury, on 3/13/1846. Jane was born about 1816 in Virginia according to the 1850 census so we are not entirely sure if she was a Lequat daughter or a Lequat widow.

Jeremiah and Charlotte LeQuatte are found in T16N R5W [Drury] in Rock Island County in 1860: Jeremiah Lequatt, 38, farmer, In; Charlotte, 35, In; Hiram Bersie Lequatte, 15, Il; Nancy Priscilla Lequatte, 13, Il; Mary Charlotte , 12, Il; William Albert Lequatte, 9, Ia; Sarah Helen Lequatte, 7, Il; Ed Lequatte,3, Il. There is a note on the census that Ed was his full name. They had another son Frank Lequatte, b. 12/14/1854, d. 9/17/1855, and buried in Drury Reynolds Cemetery. Son William Albert is buried in Drury Reynolds Cemetery with a death date of 4 April 1859, age 17 yr 8 ms 28 ds. Since he was alive in the census the tombstone date may be in error - this is not unusual as sometimes tombstones were placed much later and the date was not correctly remembered.

Jeremiah and Charlotte Lequatte are found in Drury Township, Rock Island County in 1870: Jeremiah Lequatte, 48, farmer, born Ohio; Charlotte, 45, born Indiana; Hiram B., 25, born Il; Sarah H., 17, Il; Edd, 13, Il; Mary C. Morris, 21, daughter, at home. Mary was evidently a widow as she is still at home as Mary Morris in the 1880 census. We did not find a marriage record for Mary (undoubtedly a spelling problem!).

Daughter Nancy P. LeQuatte had married William W. Hartman on 2/22/1870 in Rock Island County. They are in Buffalo Prairie Township in Rock Island County in 1870 and cousin Oscar Drury, son of Silas and Malinda Drury, age 18, is working on their farm. William and Nancy are found in the 1880 census in Second Ward, Muscatine, Muscatine County, Iowa: William W. Hartman, 41, stock buyer, born Indiana, father born North Carolina, mother born Indiana; Nancy, 35, born Il, parents born Indiana; Charlotte A. Hartman, 9, Il; Kate H. Hartman, 2, born Iowa.

Son Hiram Bersid Lequatte served in the Civil War - Co I, 140th Ill Inf (100 days in 1864). He then married Susan Mary Head on 6/11/1872 in Rock Island County. They had children: Timothy; John Albert (b. 1/12/1875, d. 3/3/1875); Florence Head; Sarah Charlotte b. 1/9/1878, d. 1/30/1878); Eva Louise; Susan Margaret (b. 8/9/1881, d. 8/14/1882). There may have been more. Florence and Eva Louise evidently never married as they are buried in Drury Cemetery in Rock Island County: Florence Head LeQuatte (12/12/1876-12/29/1912); Eva Louise (8/20/1879-4/21/1923). Son Timothy married Nellie G. Dunn on 23 May 1892 in Muscatine County.

Daughter Sarah H. Lequatte married Simeon K. Howe on 12/23/1874 in Rock Island County. In 1880 they are found in the Second Ward, Muscatine, Muscatine County, Iowa: Simeon K. Howe, 44, farmer, born Ohio; Sarah, 30, Il; Edward, 5, Iowa.

Son Edward Lequatte married Lizzie T. Harris on 12/27/1882 in Muscatine County, Iowa.

Jeremiah and Charlotte T. LeQuatte are buried in Drury Reynolds Cemetery in Rock Island County: Jeremiah (10/17/1821-9/29/1898) and Charlotte (7/2/1823-8/4/1893).