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Leech Cemetery in Section 1, Eliza Township, Mercer County, (see Eliza Township Map for location). See another photo on the Cemeteries page that shows the good condition of the cemetery

Cemetery - From Mercer County Cemetery Records by the DAR "the first burial on these grounds was of an unknown child of an immigrant. When Virginia Leech, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (sic) passed away on October 2, 1846, they reserved one acre from their farm for the cemetery."

Alternate Spellings - Leech, Leach, Leich

Links - Susan Parks kindly furnished us her research on the Leach/Leech family and it is attached at the end of the page, Drury, Mannon, Beverlin, Fisher , Murfin, Pratt, Jackson, Sloan, Reynolds,

Contacts - Susan Parks, Carolyn Dowd, Jan Dunlap, Roger Greenough. Also John Welch, gr-gr-uncle of Web Master Nadine Holder, at one time leased the Leech farm in Section 1 in Eliza Township in the 1800's (See Eliza Township Map).

We are happy to have Susan Parks research on the Leech family attached at the bottom of the page. Notice that it is indexed. Be aware that she does not give sources so it is difficult to assess the validity of the lines. We have recently heard from someone who also has Leech research and shows George Leech as the parent of Valentine Leech rather than James Leech, so beware.

We will add our own information here. Since this family is not our own, our research is limited to census records, marriage records, cemetery records, and the History of Mercer County 1882. Please be aware of the inaccuracies that can occur in all these kinds of records. We have used copies of original census pages, but the census takers often made errors, or information might be given by a neighbor, or a young child, or someone else who did not have correct information. We have used the Illinois and Indiana marriage indexes but they are transcriptions and thus prone to error. Also, particularly the Illinois index often gives date of the license and not date of marriage. The cemetery tombstones were read in the 1960's by the DAR and were never formally published as they were full of errors, partly from difficulty in reading the tombstones, and partly by errors in transcribing handwriting taken in the field. Often tombstones give date of death and age of the person instead of birthdate and deathdate. We have used an online birthday calculator to arrive at birthdates and we wonder how accurate that is as we do not know how the original ages were calculated by family members (for instance did they take leap year into account, etc.) This was such a common practice that we suspect people used almanacs of the time for the calculations.

Some of our information comes from the History of Mercer County 1882, "Eliza Township," page 294-6, so we urge caution as County Histories are notoriously inaccurate. Usually information was provided by a family member who paid a fee to be noticed in the History. The biography is of John Humphries Leech so we assume it was given by someone in his family. Below is a synopsis which provides some fascinating history of what migration was like in the 1830's and 1840's. Comments in parentheses are ours.

John Humphries Leech was born April 8, 1811, in Monroe County, now West Virginia. His parents were Chichester and Margaret Humphries Leech. Chichester was born in Culpepper, Virginia, son of Andrew and Elizabeth Leech, of English origin. Losing his father early, his mother married a Burns and moved west to Monroe County (this doesn't square with the statement that John was born in Monroe County!). Chichester had two uncles in the Revolution, George and Valentine, who went to Georgia and were never heard of again (Note: the history of Valentine and George is given in Susan Park's research attached and they apparently went to Ohio.)

Margaret Humphries Leech was the daughter of John and Catharine Dickson Humphries of Ireland who lived near the Cow Pasture River in Virginia. The claim is then made that John Humphries mother was the only daughter of Sir Toby Butler, the only daughter of the Lord Mayor of London (such statements are always very suspect until proven!). John Humphries married Catharine Dickison, moved to West Virginia, and obtained a warrant on 1000 acres of land where he raised a family of ten children: John, James, William, Samuel, Richard, Robert, Elizabeth, Isabel (Carlton), Margaret (Leech), and Martha.

In 1832 Chichester Leech and a family of nine children, all single but Samuel, started for Madison County, Indiana, on which journey they lost one of the family. On the fourth morning of their journey they met thirty-five droves of hogs being driven from Kentucky to the markets of Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Richmond. The journey was an exceedingly hazardous one, it having rained almost incessantly and the muddy roads were almost impassable. On the first day of December (1832) they arrived at Henry Warner's in Wayne County (Indiana) where they went into a log cabin for the winter. Here they found times good; wheat 50 cents per bushel; corn 37 1/2; pork $3 per hundred; day's wages, 37 1/2 cents; rail-making, 37 1/2 cents per hundred (this apparently refers to fence rails as it was way too early for the railroad!). When the spring opened up the party started for Madison County, forty miles distant, which place they reached in a week's travel. (Spring apparently opened up a little late as daughter Elizabeth was married in Wayne County in June 1833.)

J.(John) H. Leech apprenticed himself to C. T. Hoover, a cabinet maker of Pendleton. At this place malarial fever was very prevalent and the family suffered terribly, the father falling victim in the spring of 1835. They stayed on in Madison County where they suffered the financial crash of 1837. (There were several land purchases in Madison County by different family members, so they apparently had the intention to remain there.) In the fall of 1842 they moved on to Mercer County, Illinois, landing on Section 31 (see Eliza Township map). In the early part of 1839 Mr. Leech was married to Elener R. Sibley, by which marriage they had eight children: James W., Marianna H., Leander M., 9th Iowa Cavalry, Corydon, Adolphus M., Sarah E., Virginia C., and Mary B.

The History continues: The three brothers, William, Andrew, and J. H., live but a few miles apart in Eliza Township. William Leech was born in Monroe County, Virginia, in 1821, and came to Mercer County at the age of 21 where he was married in Eliza Township to Miss Eliza Spirling. Viewing his fine residence now one would hardly suppose that he came to this country with but half a dollar in his pocket.

Andrew Leech was born in Virginia in 1819, and when he left that state for Indiana was but 12 years old. After his arrival in Mercer County he first bought eighty acres before he was married to Miss Matilda Spirling, born December 25, 1830. From this union they had born to them: Daniel, William, Eliza J., Delphia A., George R., Mary E., Ulysses G., Susan F., and D. A. Leech. His daughter, Eliza J., married S. W. Anderson, who died Oct 22, 1873. George married Maggie Sloan December 16, 1878. Delphia died June 27, 1867. (Andrew did purchase public land in Eliza Township on 12/31/1845, NWNE Sec 13 and SWSE Sec 12, 40 acres each for $1.25 per acre on 12/31/1845. He also purchased the NWSE Sec 12 on 7/18/1853.)

Garet Leech of Mercer County

Curiously, in the Leech cemetery is buried one Garet Leech, died December 10, 1857, age 75 yr 11 mo 1 dy. He is of an age to be a brother of Chichester Leech, and is buried next to minor children of Samuel Leech and Elizabeth Leech Beverlin, so is likely uncle to the Chichester Leech children. We find no census record for him in 1820, 1830,1840 or 1850 anywhere. Possibly he was single and lived with other families all his life and as such would not appear in the census indices.

More on the Children of Chichester and Margaret Leech

The children of Chichester and Margaret Leech are listed in the research of Susan Parks attached (link at top of page). They are: Samuel; Elizabeth; Katherine; John Humphreys Leech; Martha Leech; Isabel Leech; Andrew Leech; William Humphreys Leech; Margaret Leech.

The 1820 Monroe County, Virginia census supports the list of children: Chichester Leech, 1 male 26-45 [Chichester], 1 male 10-16 [Samuel], 2 males under 10 [John and Andrew]; 1 female 26-45 [Margaret], 1 female 16-18 [perhaps a servant?], 2 females 10-16 [Katherine, Elizabeth], 2 children under 10 [Margaret and Isabel]. There were no people listed in the accompanying slave schedule for them. They are still in Monroe County, Virginia in 1830 and son Samuel is married and next door. There were two other Leech families nearby, Nathaniel and Joshua, who may or may not be related. Chichester Leech is supposed to have died in 1835 before the Leech families moved to Mercer. Wife Margaret Leech however is found next to son Andrew in 1850 in Eliza Township: #654 Margaret Leech, 68, born Virginia; Margaret Leech, 27, born Virginia.

More of the Leech families are clustered in Eliza Township in the 1850 census: #642 John H. Leech and family; #644 Aaron and Martha Leech Fisher and family; #645 Samuel Leech and family; #646 Samuel and Elizabeth Leech Mannon; #647 Daniel Sperlin family (three Sperlins married three Leechs); #653 Andrew Leech and family; #665 Robert and Elizabeth Leech Beverlin and family. Neither the Levi and Isabel Leech Jackson family nor the Thomas and Katherine Leech Murfin family are found in Eliza Township in 1850 or anywhere else in 1850. Their 1860 census records indicate they had children born in Illinois before 1850 so we suspect they were just missed in the census. More on the families below.

Samuel Leech

Samuel Leech is found in Eliza Township (T15NR5W) in 1850: #645 Samuel Leech, 44, born Virginia; Elenor, 41, Va; John F., 10, In; Andrew, 8, Il; Emily, 3, Il; Frances S. 2/12, Il. Note that the Cemetery history gives his wife's name as Elizabeth but it is consistently shown as Elenor in census records. Daughter Elizabeth married Samuel Mannon on April 22, 1849 and they are next door in 1850: #646 Samuel Mannon, 32, In; Elizabeth, 19, Va; Rebecca J., 2/12, Il. Another daughter, Virginia, died Oct 2, 1846, age 1 yr 3mo 2 dy, and is buried on the Leech farm in what became Leech Cemetery. Curiously, the 1850 census schedule of deaths during the year lists a Virginia E. Leech, died October of a lung disorder. Was this another daughter Virginia of Samuel's or did she belong in another Leech family? It was often the custom to name another child after one who died but there is no Virginia mentioned in any of the 1850 Leech census records. Daughter Margaret Jane married Isaiah Drury in Mercer County on November 24, 1846. Isaiah was son of Isaac and Hannah Drury and there is more about them on the Drury page.

By 1860 Samuel and family had moved on to Liberty Township, Putnam County, Missouri, where they are found in the census: Samuel Leech, 54, farmer, farm valued $3000, born Va; Elenor, 50, Va; John F., 20, In; Andrew, 18, Il; Emily, 12, Il; Susan F., 10, Il.

In 1870 they are found in Prairie City, Bates County, Missouri: #22 John Malloy, 50, farmer, born Va; Nicholas, 21, In; Henry, 20, In; Sam Leach, 64, farmer, Va; Elener, 60, Va; Emily, 21, Il; Susan, 20, Il; Wesley Robison, 21, farmer, Ia. Son Andrew Leach is #34: Andrew Leach, 28, farmer, Il; Mary F., 28, Mo; Samuel, 9, Mo; William, 6, Mo; Josephus, 4, Mo; Jennie, 3, Mo. Samuel apparenlty died between 1870 and 1880 as Ellenor is living with son Andrew in Rockville, Bates County, Missouri in 1880. Her father was born Scotland, mother born Va.

Elizabeth Leech Beverlin

Elizabeth Leech married Robert Beverlin on 6/13/1833 in Wayne County, Indiana. The marriage time and place agree with the time the Leech family stayed in Wayne County, Indiana, on their way to Madison County. They are found in 1850 in Mercer County, Township 15N, Range 5 W: #665 Robert Beverlin, 41, farmer, born Ohio; Elizabeth, 42, born Va; William, 14, Il; Margaret, 12, Il; Francis (male), 11, Il; Mary, 9, Il; Thomas, 7, Il; Martha, 5, Il; Elizabeth, 4, Il; Robert A., 1, Il. (The Beverlin page has more information on them and more information on the children. Note that many of these children were actually born in Indiana and the census is in error on some of the births.)

Katherine Leech Murfin

Katherine Leech married Thomas Holland Murfin March 10, 1836 in Hancock County, Indiana. Hancock County directly adjoins Madison County on the south; hence this information does not disagree with the Leech family living in Madison County. See the Murfin page for further information on this family.

John Humphreys Leech

A general biography of John Humphreys/Humphries Leech is given in the Mercer County History as excerpted above. He married Eleanor R. Sibley on 1/31/1839 in Hamilton County, Indiana as verified in the Indiana Marriage Index. They are found in 1850 in Township 15N, Range 5W (future Eliza Township): #642 John Leech, 39, farmer, born Virginia; Ellen, 36, born Maryland; Maria Ann, 9, Indiana; James W., 7, Il; Leonidas, 4, Il; Corodon, 2, Il; Adolphus 6/12, Il. The children's birthplaces support the date of the move to Mercer County as about 1842.

They are in Eliza Township in 1860: #2710 John H. Leech, 49, farmer, born Virginia; Eleanor, 47, Md; Marinda, 19, In; James W., 17, Il; Leonidas M., 15, Il; Corida, 12, Il; Adolphus, 10, Il; Elizabeth S., 7, Il; Virginia C., 5, Il; Martha B., 2, Il. They are directly next door to brother William Leech and family.

There is a marriage license for Marianne H. Leech and George Sperlin on 3/30/1862 in Mercer County. George Sperlin was son of Daniel and Ann Sperlin. George and Marianne are found in Eliza Township in 1870: #25 George Spurlin, 35, farmer, born In; Marianne, 29, born In; William, 3, Il.

In 1870 John and his children are divided into two households, still in Eliza Township: #33 John H. Leech, 59, farmer, born Va; Eleanor R. Leech, 56, born Maryland. #34 Leonidas M. Leech, 23, farmer, Il; Corridon T., 22, Il; Adolphus M., 20; Elizabeth S., 17, Il; Virginia C., 24, Il; Mary B., 12, Il; Daniel Billings, 20, farm laborer, born NC.

Martha Leech Fisher

Martha was born about 1814 in Virginia and died February 13, 1872 in Forest Prairie Township, Meeker, MN. She married Aaron S. Fisher March 8, 1834 in Madison County, Indiana, son of Aaron and Dorothy Obenchain Fisher. They are found in 1850 in Eliza Township: #644, Aaron Fisher, 33, Ohio; Martha A., 33, Va; Elizabeth, 12, In; Aaron R., 10, Il; Eliza E., 8, Il; William C. 6, Il; Mary E., 2/12, Il. They are still in Eliza Township in 1860: #2626 Aaron Fisher, 45, farmer, born Ohio; Martha, 45, Va; Elizabeth, 23, In; Aaron B., 0, Il; Eliza A., 18, Il; William, 16, Il. Mary E. did not survive. There is more on this family in Susan Parks research and on the Fisher family page. MORE TO COME

Research by Susan Park

Leech Family by Susan Park

Descendants of James Leach

- Page 1

Generation No. 1

1. James1 Leach He married [_______] [_______].
Children of James Leach and [_______] [_______] are:
2 i. Bartlett2 Leach.
+ 3 ii. Valentine Leach, born January 07, 1755 in VA; died September 20, 1821 in Pickaway County, OH.
+ 4 iii. George Leach, born August 01, 1757 in Fauquier County, VA; died March 12, 1838 in Jackson County, OH.
+ 5 iv. Andrew Leach, born Abt. 1760; died Bef. 1785.
6 v. Burdette Leach, born August 03, 1763 in Fauquier County, VA; died May 07, 1835 in Franklin County, GA. He married Judith Cook February 04, 1798 in Wilkes County, GA.
7 vi. James Leach, born Abt. 1765.
8 vii. Thomas Leach, born April 1765 in Prince William County, VA.

Generation No. 2

3. Valentine2 Leach (James1) was born January 07, 1755 in VA, and died September 20, 1821 in Pickaway County, OH. He married Mary Furrow June 23, 1785 in Fauquier County, VA. She was born August 1769 in VA, and died August 11, 1829 in Pickaway County, OH.
Children of Valentine Leach and Mary Furrow are:
9 i. LeRoy3 Leach, born June 18, 1786.
10 ii. Scharllottie Leach, born February 22, 1788. She married Jessie Kemp.
+ 11 iii. Peter Leach, born October 20, 1790 in Fauquier County, VA; died Aft. 1858 in Fauquier County, VA.
12 iv. Thornton Leach, born November 08, 1792. He married Nancy White.
13 v. Elizabeth Leach, born March 01, 1797. She married Otho Williams.
14 vi. Dorothy Leach, born February 08, 1799. She married [_______] Rowles.
15 vii. Nancy Leach, born July 02, 1801. She married Jeremiah Thomas.
16 viii. Benjamin Leach, born November 02, 1803. He married Sarah Bostwick.
17 ix. Robert Leach, born January 07, 1805. He married Eliza Thomas.
18 x. Leticia Clesta Leach, born June 18, 1811.
4. George2 Leach (James1) was born August 01, 1757 in Fauquier County, VA, and died March 12, 1838 in
Jackson County, OH. He married Nancy Ann Bigbee December 27, 1785 in Fauquier County, VA. She died July 22, 1856 in Jackson County, OH.
Children of George Leach and Nancy Bigbee are:
19 i. Fanny3 Leach, born December 08, 1786. She married Robert H. Page.
20 ii. Susanna Leach, born 1788.
21 iii. Lewis Leach, born May 01, 1793.
22 iv. Thomas W. Leach, born February 17, 1797.
23 v. Mary Leach, born February 04, 1804.
24 vi. George Leach, born February 04, 1809.
5. Andrew2 Leach (James1) was born Abt. 1760, and died Bef. 1785. He married Elizabeth [_______].
Child of Andrew Leach and Elizabeth [_______] is:
+25 i. Chichester3 Leech, born in Culpeper, Culpeper, VA; died 1835 in Madison County, IN.

Generation No. 3

11. Peter3 Leach (Valentine2, James1) was born October 20, 1790 in Fauquier County, VA, and died Aft. 1858 in Fauquier County, VA. He married Mary White 1813. She was born 1795 in VA, and died 1856 in VA.
Child of Peter Leach and Mary White is:
+ 26 i. Daniel4 Leach, born October 20, 1827; died October 10, 1910.
25. Chichester3 Leech (Andrew2 Leach, James1) was born in Culpeper, Culpeper, VA, and died 1835 in Madison County, IN. He married Margaret Humphreys July 30, 1805 in Monroe County, VA, daughter of John Humphreys and Catherine Dickinson. She was born January 09, 1782, and died December 10, 1857 in Mercer County, IL.
Children of Chichester Leech and Margaret Humphreys are:
+ 27 i. Samuel4 Leech, born 1806 in Monroe County, VA; died May 25, 1892 in Mercer County, IL.
+ 28 ii. Elizabeth Leech, born Abt. 1807 in VA.
+ 29 iii. Katherine Leech, born Abt. 1808 in VA.
+ 30 iv. John Humphreys Leech, born April 08, 1811 in Monroe County, VA; died March 1884 in Mercer County, IL.
+ 31 v. Martha Leech, born 1814 in VA; died February 13, 1872 in Forest Prairie Township, Meeker, MN.
+ 32 vi. Isabel Leech, born April 19, 1816 in VA; died April 16, 1856 in Mercer County, IL.
+ 33 vii. Andrew Leech, born February 25, 1819 in VA; died May 25, 1892 in Mercer County, IL.
34 viii. William Humphreys Leech, born April 01, 1821 in Monroe County, VA; died January 24, 1894 in Mercer County, IL. He married Eliza Sperlin September 05, 1848 in Mercer County, IL
. 35 ix. Margaret Leech, born 1825 in VA. She married Ezekiel Evans February 18, 1855 in Mercer County, IL

Generation No. 4

26. Daniel4 Leach (Peter3, Valentine2, James1) was born October 20, 1827, and died October 10, 1910. He married Dolly Lane July 11, 1872 in Madison County, OH. She was born 1840.
Child of Daniel Leach and Dolly Lane is:
36 i. Alvin5 Leach, born July 09, 1875 in Madison County, IN; died 1952 in Fayette County, OH. He married Minnie Gertrude Burchnell April 06, 1904; born April 12, 1876; died September 24, 1918 in Franklin County, OH.
27. Samuel4 Leech (Chichester3, Andrew2 Leach, James1) was born 1806 in Monroe County, VA, and died May 25, 1892 in Mercer County, IL. He married Elizabeth [_______] in VA. She was born 1809 in VA.
Children of Samuel Leech and Elizabeth [_______] are:
37 i. Margaret Jane5 Leech, born Abt. 1829 in VA. She married Isaiah Drury November 24, 1846 in Mercer County, IL.
38 ii. Elizabeth C. Leech, born Abt. 1831 in VA. She married Samuel Mannon April 22, 1849 in Mercer County, IL.
39 iii. John F. Leech, born Abt. 1840 in Indiana
40 iv. Andrew Leech, born Abt. 1842 in Mercer County, IL.
41 v. Virginia Leech, born Abt. 1845 in Mercer County, IL; died October 02, 1846 in Aledo, Mercer, IL.
More About Virginia Leech: Burial: Aledo, Mercer, IL
42 vi. Emily Leech, born Abt. 1847 in Mercer County, IL.
43 vii. Francis L. Leech, born May 1850 in Mercer County, IL.
28. Elizabeth4 Leech (Chichester3, Andrew2 Leach, James1) was born Abt. 1807 in VA. She married Robert Beverlin on 6/13/1833 in Wayne County, In. He was born Abt. 1808 in OH.
Children of Elizabeth Leech and Robert Beverlin are:
44 i. William5 Beverlin, born Abt. 1836 in Williamsburg, Hamilton, IN.
45 ii. Margaret Beverlin, born Abt. 1838 in Williamsburg, Hamilton, IN.
46 iii. Francis Beverlin, born Abt. 1839 in Williamsburg, Hamilton, IN.
47 iv. Mary Ellen Beverlin, born April 24, 1841 in Williamsburg, Hamilton, IN. She married John T. Reed Abt. 1861 in Rock Island County, IL.
48 v. Thomas J. Beverlin, born 1843 in Williamsburg, Hamilton, IN. He married Mary L. Dennison; born 1847 in IL.
49 vi. Martha J. Beverlin, born 1845 in Williamsburg, Hamilton, IN.
50 vii. Elizabeth C. Beverlin, born 1847 in Mercer County, IL.
51 viii. Robert A. Beverlin, born 1849 in Mercer County, IL.
52 ix. Samuel Beverlin, born 1850 in Mercer County, IL.
29. Katherine4 Leech (Chichester3, Andrew2 Leach, James1) was born Abt. 1808 in VA. She married Thomas Holland Murfin March 10, 1836 in Hancock County, IN. He was born 1808 in OH.
Children of Katherine Leech and Thomas Murfin are:
53 i. John H.5 Murfin, born 1837 in IL.
54 ii. Joseph Murfin, born 1842 in IL.
55 iii. Mary Ann Murfin, born 1843 in IL.
56 iv. Margaret Jane Murfin, born 1845 in IL.
57 v. Thomas D. Murfin, born 1847 in IL.
58 vi. Sarah Murfin, born 1849 in IL.
30. John Humphreys4 Leech (Chichester3, Andrew2 Leach, James1) was born April 08, 1811 in Monroe County, VA, and died March 1884 in Mercer County, IL. He married Eleanor Robinson Selby January 31, 1839 in Noblesville, Hamilton, IN. She was born February 20, 1814 in Snow Hill, Worcester, MD, and died June 27, 1897 in Humboldt, Richardson, NE.
Children of John Leech and Eleanor Selby are:
59 i. Marymna Hunter5 Leech, born November 24, 1840 in Madison County, IN; died September 04, 1875 in Mercer County, IL. She married George Sperlin March 30, 1862 in Mercer County, IL; born in IN; died May 23, 1882 in Oak Run, Shasta, CA.
60 ii. James Washington Leech, born February 02, 1843 in Mercer County, IL; died June 24, 1875 in Mercer County, IL. He married Laura Gillet in Mercer County, IL.
61 iii. Leonidas Monroe Leech, born July 13, 1845 in Mercer County, IL; died May 22, 1937 in Humboldt, Richardson, NE. He married Georgia Bridgeford February 20, 1875; born March 04, 1853 in College Corners, Butler, OH; died September 08, 1919 in Humboldt, Richardson, NE
62 iv. Corydon Taylor Leech, born March 30, 1848 in Eliza Township, Mercer, IL; died November 24, 1920 in Westerville, Custer, NE. He married Anna D. Risley September 03, 1874 in Mercer County, IL; born March 31, 1852 in New Boston, Mercer, IL; died August 23, 1924 in Broken Bow, Custer, NE.
More About Corydon Taylor Leech: Burial: November 28, 1920, Westerville, Custer, NE
More About Anna D. Risley: Burial: August 24, 1924, Westerville, Custer, NE
63 v. Adolphus Murr Leech, born December 20, 1849 in Mercer County, IL; died March 19, 1935. He married Fiora Pratt March 18, 1879 in Muscatine County, Ia; born December 07, 1853 in New Boston, Mercer, IL; died December 03, 1909.
64 vi. Elizabeth Sarah Leech, born January 16, 1853 in Mercer County, IL; died January 28, 1913 in Humboldt, Richardson, NE. She married (1) Charles Lewis Brockway April 11, 1876 in Humboldt, Richardson, NE; born July 06, 1850 in Homer, Cortland, NY; died October 05, 1925 in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha, SD. She married (2) Samuel Seits August 09, 1893; born in IA; died 1916 in NE.
65 vii. Virginia Caroline Leech, born August 17, 1855 in Mercer County, IL; died May 30, 1926 in Thayer, Neosho, KS. She married John Franklin Baker March 03, 1881 in Nemaha County, NE; born July 14, 1852 in Carey, Wyandot, OH; died November 19, 1936 in Coffeyville, Montgomery, KS.
66 viii. Mary Bertha Leech, born April 18, 1858 in Mercer County, IL; died October 21, 1888 in Phillips County, KS. She married George Benson Clark February 24, 1887. More About Mary Bertha Leech: Burial: Humboldt, Richardson, NE
31. Martha4 Leech (Chichester3, Andrew2 Leach, James1) was born 1814 in VA, and died February 13, 1872 in Forest Prairie Township, Meeker, MN. She married Aaron S. Fisher March 08, 1834 in Madison County, IN, son of Aaron Fisher and Dorothy Obenchain. He was born August 03, 1815 in VA.
Children of Martha Leech and Aaron Fisher are:
67 i. Sarah Ann5 Fisher, born March 22, 1835 in IN; died September 24, 1837 in IN.
68 ii. Elizabeth Margaret Fisher, born August 17, 1837 in Lebanon, Boone, IN; died May 01, 1915 in Meeker County, MN. She married (1) Peter Woods. She married (2) John Y. Wynings January 27, 1857 in Mercer County, IL.
69 iii. Aaron Richard Fisher, born June 03, 1839 in IL; died October 01, 1908 in Watkins, Meeker, MN. He married Jemima Palmer 1861 in Waterville, LeSueur, MN; born April 15, 1844 in Richland County, OH; died March 01, 1922 in Watkins, Meeker, MN.
70 iv. Eliza Ellen Fisher, born October 04, 1842 in IL; died April 24, 1920 in Litchfield, Meeker, MN. She married Joe Hagen.
71 v. William Chichester Fisher, born October 24, 1844 in IL; died April 18, 1922 in MN. He married Mary Snell.
72 vi. Andrew Monroe Fisher, born September 23, 1847; died October 17, 1856 in IL.
73 vii. Mary Evlin Fisher, born March 19, 1850; died September 10, 1853 in IL.
74 viii. Ester Jane Fisher, born April 11, 1851; died April 11, 1851 in IL.
32. Isabel4 Leech (Chichester3, Andrew2 Leach, James1) was born April 19, 1816 in VA, and died April 16, 1856 in Mercer County, IL. She married Levi Jackson March 03, 1836 in Hancock County, IN. He was born 1814 in NC.
Children of Isabel Leech and Levi Jackson are:
75 i. Samuel5 Jackson, born April 20, 1837 in IN; died March 30, 1856 in Mercer County, IL.
76 ii. Cornelius Jackson, born 1844.
77 iii. Lucretia Jackson, born 1846.
78 iv. Louisa Jackson, born 1846.
79 v. Lovina Jackson, born 1850.
80 vi. Sarah Jackson, born 1853.
81 vii. Isabella Jackson, born 1855.
33. Andrew4 Leech (Chichester3, Andrew2 Leach, James1) was born February 25, 1819 in VA, and died May 25, 1892 in Mercer County, IL. He married Mathilda Sperlin June 01, 1848 in Mercer County, IL. She was born December 25, 1830 in IN, and died August 02, 1908 in Rock Island, Rock Island, IL.
More About Mathilda Sperlin: Burial: Aledo, Mercer, IL
Children of Andrew Leech and Mathilda Sperlin are:
82 i. Daniel5 Leech, born June 01, 1849 in Mercer County, IL; died October 16, 1850 in Mercer County, IL.
83 ii. William W. Leech, born August 21, 1850 in Mercer County, IL; died August 10, 1853 in Mercer County, IL.
84 iii. Eliza Jane Leech, born 1853 in Mercer County, IL; died October 22, 1893 in Mercer County, IL. She married Sanford W. Anderson August 30, 1871 in Muscatine County, IA.
85 iv. Margaret E. Leech, born March 12, 1855 in Mercer County, IL; died Abt. 1928 in Chicago, Cook, IL. She married Orlando C. Cline June 24, 1886 in Mercer County, IL; died 1916.
86 v. George R. Leech, born Abt. 1856 in Mercer County, IL. He married Margaret Sloan December 26, 1878 in Muscatine County, IA.
87 vi. Delphia A. Leech, born July 1857 in Mercer County, IL; died June 27, 1869 in Mercer County, IL.
88 vii. Mary Elizabeth Leech, born 1860 in Mercer County, IL.
89 viii. Ulysses Grant Leech, born April 30, 1864 in Mercer County, IL; died December 07, 1931 in Illinois City, Rock Island, IL. He married Hattie Reynolds September 22, 1887 in Mercer County, IL; born Abt. 1871; died Abt. 1959 in Mercer County, IL.
90 ix. Susan F. Leech, born April 1870 in Mercer County, IL; died May 23, 1871 in Mercer County, IL.

Index of Individuals

[_______] -; [_______]: 1; Elizabeth: 1; Elizabeth: 2;
Anderson - Sanford W.: 4;
Baker - John Franklin: 4;
Beverlin - Elizabeth C.: 3; Francis: 3; Margaret: 3; Martha J.: 3; Mary Ellen: 3; Robert: 3; Robert A.: 3; Samuel: 3; Thomas J.: 3; William: 3;
Bigbee - Nancy Ann: 1;
Bostwick - Sarah: 1;
Bridgeford - Georgia: 3;
Brockway - Charles Lewis: 3;
Burchnell - Minnie Gertrude: 2;
Clark - George Benson: 4;
Cline - Orlando C.: 4;
Cook - Judith: 1;
Dennison - Mary L.: 3;
Dickinson - Catherine: 2;
Drury - Isaac: 2;
Evans - Ezekiel: 2;
Fisher - Aaron: 4; Aaron Richard: 4; Aaron S.: 4; Andrew Monroe: 4; Eliza Ellen: 4; Elizabeth Margaret: 4; Ester Jane: 4; Mary Evlin: 4; Sarah Ann: 4; William Chichester: 4;
Furrow - Mary: 1;
Gillet - Laura: 3; Hagen - Joe: 4;
Humphreys - John: 2; Margaret: 2;
Jackson - Cornelius: 4; Isabella: 4; Levi: 4; Louisa: 4; Lovina: 4; Lucretia: 4; Samuel: 4; Sarah: 4;
Kemp - Jessie: 1;
Lane - Dolly: 2;
Leach - Alvin: 2; Andrew: 1-4; Bartlett: 1; Benjamin: 1; Burdette: 1; Daniel: 2; Dorothy: 1; Elizabeth: 1; Fanny: 1; George: 1; George: 1; James: 1-4; James: 1; LeRoy: 1; Leticia Clesta: 1; Lewis: 1; Mary: 1; Nancy: 1; Peter: 1, 2; Robert: 1; Scharllottie: 1; Susanna: 1; Thomas: 1; Thomas W.: 1; Thornton: 1; Valentine: 1, 2;
Leech - Adolphus Murr: 3; Andrew: 2, 4; Andrew: 2; Chichester: 1-4; Corydon Taylor: 3; Daniel: 4; Delphia A.: 5; Eliza Jane: 4; Elizabeth: 2, 3; Elizabeth C.: 2; Elizabeth Sarah: 3; Emily: 2; Francis L.: 2; George R.: 5; Isabel: 2, 4; James Washington: 3; John F.: 2; John Humphreys: 2, 3; Katherine: 2, 3; Leonidas Monroe: 3; Margaret: 2; Margaret E.: 4; Margaret Jane: 2; Martha: 2, 4; Mary Bertha: 4; Mary Elizabeth: 5; Marymna Hunter: 3; Samuel: 2; Susan F.: 5; Ulysses Grant: 5; Virginia: 2; Virginia Caroline: 4; William Humphreys: 2; William W.: 4;
Mannon - Samuel: 2;
Murfin - John H.: 3; Joseph: 3; Margaret Jane: 3; Mary Ann: 3; Sarah: 3; Thomas D.: 3; Thomas Holland: 3;
Obenchain - Dorothy: 4;
Page - Robert H.: 1;
Palmer - Jemima: 4;
Pratt - Fiora: 3;
Reed - John T.: 3;
Reynolds - Hattie: 5;
Risley - Anna D.: 3;
Rowles - [_______]: 1;
Seits - Samuel: 3;
Selby - Eleanor Robinson: 3;
Sloan - Margaret: 5;
Snell - Mary: 4; Sperlin -
Eliza: 2; George: 3; Mathilda: 4; Thomas -
Eliza: 1; Jeremiah: 1;
White - Mary: 2; Nancy: 1;
Williams - Otho: 1;
Woods - Peter: 4;
Wynings - John Y.: 4 ;