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Kirlin Families of Mercer County, Illinois

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Alternate Spellings - Kerlin, Kurlin, Kerland, Curlin (Keurlis, Courlin, Karlin in earlier records)

Links - Glancey, Gingles, Mills, Isaiah Willits, Reuben Willits, Levi Willits, Myers, Burlingam, Merritt; 1875 New Boston Township Map (you can follow legal descriptions in the narrative below and see land of David Kirlin in Sec 20 and Jacob Kirlin in Sec 36.)

Contacts - Marge Crabbe, husband is descendant of Jacob Kirlin; Jana-Lee Bair, descendant of Jacob Kirlin; Blanche Johnson, descendant of Samuel Kirlin; Karl Seitz, descendant of a different William Kerlin of Wayne County, Indiana; Judy Van Vleet, researching for a Willits family friend.

Some Kirlin descendants could be eligible for Daughters of the American Revolution Membership. Jana-Lee Bair sent us a copy of her application #A065118 where her membership was proven through John Kerlin, Sr., ancestor of Jacob Kirlin (married to Nancy Mills - see below). If you have questions contact Web Master Nadine, email on the About Us Page. Nadine is also a DAR member (through Mercer County Long family) and can obtain information for you on the Kirlin application.

These families have been extremely difficult to research. They trace back to Indiana where there are evidently several different Kirlin families including those from Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. It is possible the Virginia Kirlins could trace back to Pennsylvania but no definite way to make the connection. We will try to call your attention to where we have made assumptions of relationships, and why, as much real proof is lacking. There are three Kirlin Families in New Boston Township in 1850: Jacob Kirlin, age 30, born Indiana (later censuses give Virginia); Anderson Kirlin, 27, Va; and David Kirlin, 26, Va. We have assumed that the three are brothers, but real proof is lacking other than that their ages form a nice progression and that they probably arrived about the same time in Mercer County. By 1860 two more families arrive: Sarah Jane Kirlin Willits, born 1833, In, and Samuel Kirlin, born 1832, Va, whom we believe to be sister and brother of the first three.

From various hints we believe the Kirlins of Mercer County to be children of William and Lydia Thompson Kirlin who were married January 1, 1818, in Shenandoah County, Virginia (from CD-Rom of Southern Marriages), and migrated to Wayne County, Indiana before 1840. We believe William Kirlin is son of Jacob Kirlin of Shenandoah County, Virginia as his will dated 12 April 1814 names sons Samuel, William, John, and David as well as daughter Elizabeth. This seems credible because of the similarity to the names of the sons of William Kirlin. We find William Kirlin in the 1840 census in Washington Township, Wayne County, Indiana: William Kirlin one free white male 5-10; 2 free white males 10-15; 2 free white males 15-20; 1 free white male 20-30; 1 free white male 50-60; 1 free white female 50-60; 1 free colored female 29-36. We know they lived on the east side of the valley of Green's Fork, and they were members of the Franklin Church (William was a deacon), as were many of the Willitts family (Ref. Wayne County Indiana History, 1872.)

We know they arrived in Wayne County before 1836 as Lydia Kirlin is found in Wayne County Cemetery Records as died 5 Jan 1836. William lived out his life there and is found in the cemetery records as died September 4, 1876 age 86 yr 4 mo 14 dys. William married second to Rachel Field (widow of Levi Willits) on 18 May 1837 in Wayne County. She died 20 March 1851 in Wayne County and is buried beside Levi Willits. She was 57 years old at the marriage and there were no children of this marriage. She is not to be confused with domestic Rachel Kirlin, found with William in later census records who was black and born Virginia. The 1850 census in Washington Township, Wayne County, makes this clear: #327 William Kerland, 57, farmer, born Pa; Rachel, 70, born Pa; Cyrus, 24, born Va; William, 22, born Va; John, 19, Va, Sarah, 17, In; Rachel Kirland, 35, black, born Va. The second Rachel is referred to as a free colored person in 1840. William refers to her as "my colored girl Rachel" in his will where he makes extensive provisions for her.

William Kirlin wrote his will in Wayne County, Indiana, on 5 March 1872, and it is not too helpful as far as proving all his children. He mentions that John Kirlin had previously purchased the interests of his brothers in the family farm so they are not mentioned in the will. Possibly these land records might be found to prove the other children. He mentions only daughter, Hannah Willits, and the children of daughter Sarah Jane Willits, deceased, in his will. The will was still being probated in 1880 and there is a notation on the probate that it was transferred to Fayette County, Indiana. We did not pursue it there as the Wayne County probate records included only amounts of money dispensed and no useful genealogical information.

Putting together the Kirlins who came to Mercer County with census records in Indiana we have reconstructed the family as follows: Hannah Kirlin (born abt 1818, Va, m. Charles Willits 7/30/1835 Wayne Co, In); Jacob Kirlin (born about 1820, Va, m. Nancy Jane Mills 11/20/1847 in Mercer County, Illinois); Anderson Kirlin (born 5/1822, Va, m. Mary Jane Willits 10/3/1846 in Mercer County, Il); David Kirlin (born 11/2/1823, Va, m. Mary Ann Myers 2/16/1847, Mercer Co, Il); Cyrus Kirlin (b. Dec 1824, Va, m. Margaret Rupell 9/1/1847, Wayne Co, In); William Kilin (b. about 1828, Va, married Minerva Jane Willits 11/24/1854 Van Buren Co, Ia); John Kirlin (b. 11/29/1830, Va, m. Rebecca Sealock 2/16/1852, Wayne County, In); Samuel Kirlin (b. abt. 1832, Va, m. Nancy Maria Merritt 1/16/1854, Wayne County, In); Sarah Jane Kirlin (b. 7/30/1833, Va, m. Milton Lacey Willits 10/25/1854 in Wayne Co, In. Their family is continued on the Reuben Willits page linked above.) The Willits Family history tells us that a son William Kirlin, born about 1828 (proven in the 1850 census above) married Minerva Jane Willits in Van Buren County, Iowa, 21 November 1854. It is known Minerva was there as daughter of Robert and Sarah Beard Willits but we find no further record of either William or Minerva anywhere. The marriage has credibility as we know William’s father was married to Minerva’s grandmother, after Lydia‘s death. There is more about this connection on the Levi Willits page linked above.

David and Mary Myer Kirlin

There is a short biography of David Kirlin in History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882. It contains several errors, stating that David was born in Shenandoah County, West Virginia, November 2, 1823. West Virginia did not exist in 1823, nor did it ever have a Shenandoah County. The History tells us his parents were William and Lydia Thompson Kirlin and that he was fourth child. This makes us fairly confident that Jacob and Anderson also belong as children of William and Lydia. Census records tell us that David was born in Virginia and that he thought his parents were also born in Virginia. It gives us the clue that the Kirlin family migrated to Wayne County, Indiana. We do find them there in 1840 as reported above. The history tells us he had always been engaged in the furniture trade. Besides his furniture store he had two good farms, one in New Boston township and one in Iowa. He was married February, 1847 to Miss Mary Myers. From census and Mercer County history records we know Mary was daughter of Andrew and Mary Lloyd Myers and that she was born in Pickaway County, Ohio (Myers link at the top of the page).

The History tells us that David and Mary had six children: John A. (deceased at the time of the History in 1882); Dalinda, married to S. C. Burlingame (residing in Taylor Co, Ia); Kate, married to William Dickinson; May, married to O. B. Thompson (Taylor Co, Ia); Abby, married to Dr. A. G. Greigg of Aledo (another error as her husband was A. L. Craig); Edna, married to J. F. McBride of Aledo. The two families living in Taylor County, Iowa, probably present an interesting story - they are both found in the town of Bedford in 1880 engaged in flour manufacturing. Taylor County, Iowa is half way across the state near the Missouri border and we wonder if they responded to advertisements to find the employment?

We suspect that David may have made the furniture that he sold as we know he made coffins for a number of Mercer County people, including one for John Welch, great granduncle of site owner Jill Martin and web master Nadine Holder. At the time he was also acting as undertaker for the town of New Boston (Certificate signed by David Kirlin). He also made a coffin for John Welch's brother Hartwell (receipt for coffin and hearse.) He advertised in the Aledo Weekly Record July 16, 1861 "D. Kirlin coffins for paupers $8." We have come across several references to him assisting in funerals for other Mercer County residents. Advertisement for Furniture Store and Undertaking New Boston Vedette April 16, 1887. We find him in the 1880 census: 1880 New Boston #15 David Kerlin, cabinet maker, 57, Va, parents Va; Mary Kerlin, 57, Oh, parents, Pa.

Hannah Kirlin Willits

Hannah is named as daughter in the will of William Kirlin. She married Charles Willits 30 July 1835 in Wayne County, Indiana. They soon went to Iowa and are found in the 1840 census in Cedar County, Iowa Territory: Charles Willits 3 males under 5, 1 male 30-40 and 1 female 20-30. Cedar County is just north of Muscatine County and it seems likely Charles and Hannah probably went soon after the Iowa border opened for settlement in 1836. Perhaps they crossed the Mississippi at or near Mercer County and brought back reports of the country there for they had returned to Indiana by 1850 and are found in Jackson, Howard County, Indiana: Charles Willits 40, farmer, born Ohio; Hannah, 32, born Va; Anderson, 12, Iowa; Hugh, 10, Iowa; Sarah, 8, Iowa; Jane, 7, Iowa; Eliza, 5, Iowa; William, 1, Indiana. Apparently one of the young males in 1840 was no longer with them. We do not know the parents of Charles Willits as there were several Willits families in Wayne County in the 1830’s. We know this is the correct family as Hannah Willits of Howard County, Indiana, provided a release and quit claim to John Kerlin of Wayne County for eleven hundred and sixty-six dollars for the northwest quarter of section eight containing 160 acres; 11 acres in the SW cortner of SE/4 Section 5; four acres SE corner of SW/4 Section 5 in Township15N Range 13W on the 26th day of December 1876 (Wayne County Deed Book 66 - page 197). See attached portion of Washington Township in 1875 map of Wayne County, Indiana for the 160 acres belonging to William Kirlin and notice land belonging to John Kirlin in adjoining Section 5.

Anderson and Mary Jane Willits Kirlin

(Aledo Weekly Record, March 27, 1860, advertisement for corn planter invented by Anderson Kirlin) Anderson Kirlin has a particularly interesting history. He was born May 1822 in Virginia according to his 1900 census record in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California. According to family lore he died in 1906 by drowning in the Pacific Ocean. His invention of the corn planter in the above advertisement is interesting as he was a carpenter by trade in his census records.

Anderson Kirlin married Mary Jane Willits, daughter of Brady and Susanna Lacey Willits, on Octobder 3 1846 in Mercer County according to Illinois marriage records (for his ancestry see Isaiah Willits page linked above and look under Isaac Willits children). They are living next door to brother David Kirlin in New Boston Township in 1850: #310 Anderson Kirlin, 27, carpenter, born Va; Mary J, 22, In; Alice, 2, Il. Mary Jane was born 29 August 1826 in Wayne County, Indiana and died 26 April 1876 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery in Mercer County. Some of their history comes from a Willits Family manuscript. They had children: Alice Kirlin (b. 26 Dec 1847, Mercer County, m. A. M. Carnahan); Lilian C. Kirlin (b. 14 Jul 1850, Mercer County, m. Ernest J. Glancey 31 Oct 1878 in Mercer County - Glancey Link above); Charlotte Kirlin (b. July 1853 in Mercer County, m. Ledrew Prouty Willits 9 Jan 1878 in Mercer County); Warren (b. abt 1855 Mercer Co); Jenny Kirlin (b. Jan 1860 in Mercer Co, m. Michael Conway); William B. (b. abt 1868, Mercer County); Nellie Kirlin (b. about 1872 in Kansas, m. John P. Coakley). The Willits family history says they had 10 children and the above are the ones we can identify from marriage and census records.

Ledrew Prouty Willits and Catharine Rebecca Kirlin Willits are both buried in Sun River Cemetery, Cascade County, Montana, as are some of their children: Ledrew Prouty Willits died 2 Dec 1935 and Charlotte Kirlin Willits died 22 Nov 1944. You can go to Findagrave on our Cemetery Records page and search the Sun River Cemetery to see photos of their graves and those of some of their children.

According to the History of Mercer County 1882 Anderson Kirlin formed a partnership with Milton Lacey Willits (son of Reuben - link above) in the spring of 1853 for a lumberyard near New Boston. They continued the business until fall when the partnership was dissolved when Milton started a grocery store. Milton married Anderson's sister, Sarah Jane Kirlin, in October 1854, so apparently the partnership ended amicably. Anderson then partnered in the lumber business with Andrew Gingles as there is an article in the Aledo Weekly Record July 14, 1857: "Mssrs Kirlin & Gingles have a magnificent establishment immediately contiguous to Willits & Hall's lumber pile and are turning it into dressed siding, flooring, sashes, doors and blinds as fast as good steam power and good machinery can do the work." There is also a notation in the Record on 7-15-1857 that Anderson Kirlin was a judge in the Manufactured articles department of the fourth annual Mercer County fair.

Anderson apparently had little success with his corn planter venture and also difficulty with his lumber business as the Aledo Weekly Record, July 16, 1861, advertises a Sheriff's sale in favor of William D. Smith against Anderson Kirlin and Andrew Gingles. The sale was to be the NW/4 Sec 17 New Boston Township, the S/2 lot 1, block 3 in New Boston and E/2 Lot 1, Block 8 in New Boston Town (see original survey of the Town of New Boston for the location of Blocks 3 and 8). In addition on January 25, 1865 Isaac Edwards purchased for back taxes Anderson Kirlin's Lot 2, Sec 24, in Township 14N Range 6W. (On 5/14/1861 Anderson is listed on a back tax list for $2.93 on the W/2 and E/h of the W/2 S/2 NE Sec 15 T14N R6W.)This township was the area of timber along the Mississippi River west of New Boston where people obtained their lumber and firewood. As a carpenter and lumberman this would have been very important to Anderson Kirlin and a hard loss, though he may still have retained the Section 15 land.

The Willits family history tells us that Anderson moved to Rock Island County north of Mercer and then to Kansas in 1868. We find the family in 1870 in Topeka Township, Shawnee County, Kansas: #112 Anderson Kirlin, 47, carpenter, born Va; Mary J., 44, In; Lillie, 22, Il; Charlotte, 17, Il; Warren, 14, Il; Jennie, 12, Il; William, 3, Il.

The family had apparently returned to Mercer County by 1875 as there is a note in the Aledo Weekly Record that in August 1875, Miss Lillie Kirlin of New Boston attended Teachers Normal School. She then married Ernest Glancey, youngest son of Joseph and Elizabeth Jack Glancey 31 October 1878 in Mercer County. She was listed as a school teacher in the 1880 census and they had no children. Lillian died before 1897 when Ernest remarried (see Glancey link above). We also know that Mary Jane Willits Kirlin, wife of Anderson died 26 April 1876 in Mercer County and is buried in New Boston Cemetery.

In 1880 Anderson Kirlin and his son-in-law Ledrew Willits are in Newark, Kearney County, Nebraska: #33 Edmund Dungan, 27, farmer, born Il, father Oh, mother Pa; Rhoda [Reynolds] Dungan, 27, Il, parents born Ohio; Myrtle, 3, Ne, Il, Oh; Fred, 1, Ne, Il, Oh; Anderson Kirlin, 59, employee, carpenter builder, born W. Va, father Pa, mother W. Va; Ledrew Willits, 35, farm laborer, born Il, father In, mother Il. (this census record tells us Anderson might be the source of the error in the Mercer County History that David Kirlin was born in West Virginia?). The Dungan family was from Rock Island County and perhaps Anderson had become acquainted with them when his family lived briefly in Rock Island County before they went to Kansas. Anderson is also listed in Mercer County in the 1880 census but would guess that he was listed as head of household and not actually there: #301 Anderson Curlin, 53, carpenter, born In, parents born Virginia; Jenny, 22, Il, In, In, keeping house; William B, 12, Il, In, In; Nellie, 8, Ks, In, In; Lottie Willits, 36, daughter, staying here, Il, In, In; Glen Roy Willits, 1, grandson, Il, Il, Il. Lottie is Charlotte Kirlin who married Ledrew Willits, son of John E. and Mary Catharine Frick Willits, 9 Jan 1878 in Mercer County. We have no further information on the ancestry of Ledrew.

By 1900 Anderson was in California, living next door to his son-in-law Michael Conway: 1900 Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California 8 Surf Street residence #88 family #107 Michael Conway Nov 1863, 36, married 10 yr, Ir, Ir, Ir im 1895 laundryman; Jenny Jan 1860 3 born 3 liv Il In NY; Nellie J dau Dec 1893 Ca Ir Il; Bessie Feb 1895, 5;Mary R Aug 1897, 2. Family #108 Anderson Kirlin, born May 1822, 78, widower, In Ny NY, landlord; John P. Coakley son in law Sep 1861 35, married 9 yr Pa Ir Ir laundryman; Nellie A Coakley, granddau July 1891 8 Ca Pa I; Hazel M Coakley, Dec 1894 5, Ca Pa Il; Mary Mumbly servant Oct 1874 25 Ma Ir Ir domestic. The Willits family manuscript tells us That Anderson died 21 June 1906 by drowning.

Jacob and Nancy Jane Mills Kirlin

Jacob Kirlin was born about 1820 in Virginia and died 19 August 1882 in Hiawatha, Brown County, Kansas. He married Nancy Jane Mills, daughter of Samuel and Catharine Mills, on 19 November 1847 in Millersburg, Mercer County, Illinois. Nancy was born about 1826 in Ohio and died 16 March 1908 in Beattie, Marshall County, Kansas. Jana Lee Bair tells us Jacob was killed on an Indian Reservation . Daughter Alma Kirlin Crabbe’s husband Alvin at one time had a store on an Indian Reservation so this is quite probable.

Jacob and Nancy are found in New Boston Township in 1850: #416 Jacob Kirlin, 30, farmer, born In; Nancy, 23, Oh; Linden 2/12 Il; Isabelle Cambridge, 26, Ohio; Kirlin, 4/12, Il (obviously named for the Kirlin family so perhaps Isabelle was a sister of Nancy?). In 1860 #1658 Jacob Kirlin, 40, farmer, born Pa; Nancy, 32, Ohio; Linden, 11, Il Elva, 9, Il; William, 7, Il; Alba [Alma], 4, Il ; Daniel Miller, 21, laborer, Indiana. Jacob is listed on the May 14 1861 Tax List as owing back taxes: in Township 14 North Range 5 West : SW SE Sec 35 40 acres, $4.88 S/hf SW Sec 36, 80 acres $9.26; S/2 SE Sec 36 80 acres $9.76. These tax lists in this time period were long as people were cash poor. They usually came up with the taxes and did not lose their land except in unusual circumstances (see Anderson Kirlin above). Jacob is shown as still owning the Section 36 land on the 1875 New Boston Plat Map. The family is found in 1870 New Boston Township: #164 Jacob Kirlin, 50, farmer, Va; Nancy Jane, 43, Oh; Linden, 21, assisting on farm, Il; Elva, 18, Il; William Curtis, 16, Il; Alma, 14, Il; Kay (m) 10, Il ; Ivan, 7, Il, Hattie, 4, Il. In March 1877 Jacob was elected Assessor for New Boston, but by 1880 they had moved to Kansas.

1880 Irving Brown County, Kansas: #90 Jacob Kirlin, 65, farmer, Va, Va, Va; Nancy J, 55, Oh Va Oh; Elva, 29, Il, Va Oh; Curtis, 27, farmer, Il Va Oh; Leanne, 20, Oh, Va, Oh, daughter in law; Kay, 20, son, Il Va Oh; Ivan, 17, Il, Va, Oh; Hattie, 14, dau Il Va Oh. Next door: #91 Linden Kirlin, 31 , farmer Il Va Oh; Blanch E, 24, Il, In, Il ; Maud, 7, Il, Il, Il; Ward, 5, Il, Il, Il; Clair, 3, Il, Il, Il; Alvin Crab, 32, brother in law, Oh, parents not listed; Alma 22, sister, Il, Va, Oh. This is a rich source of information. The move was disastrous as Jacob was killed there in 1882. Son William Curtis is married; son Linden is married; and daughter Alma is married. We do not find the marriage of William Curtis in Illinois so perhaps they married in Kansas.

By 1900 most of the family members are found in Beattie City, Guittard Township, Marshall County, Kansas. #14 is widow: Nancy J. Kirlin, born Mar 1825, age 75, widow, born Oh, father Va, mother Ohio, 7 children born, 6 living, own free and clear; Elva Kirlin, single, born Jul 1851, age 48, born Il, no occupation. #97 is Linden Kirlin and #98 is Kirlin's son Ward (more below). #99 Jacob Matson, liveryman, and with him William C. Kirlin, boarder, born July 1852, 47, marriage not given, Il, In, Oh, hostler. In 1910 William C. and Elva are living together in Beattie City, William C. is marked as divorced. Nancy died on March 16, 1908 and an obituary was published in Brown County World March 20, 1908. Nancy was evidently returned to Brown County to be buried beside her husband as they are both in an older part of the cemetery.

Son Ivan is also in Beattie City in 1900 #121 Robert Shields, born Aug 1823, 76, married 34 yr, landlord, In, Pa, Pa; Margaret, Oct 1829, 70, no children born, In, NY, Oh; Ivan Kerlin, nephew, June 1863, married 9 yrs, farmer, Margaret, niece, April 1865, 2 children born, 2 living, In, In, In; Clem, nephew, Sept 1892, 7, Ks, Il, In; Mable, May 1894, 6, Ks; William McReynolds, boarder, March 1898, 2, born Ks, parents In. This led us to #120 where we found Hattie Kirlin: M. W. McReynolds, July 1854, 55, married 3 years, pharmacist, In, Va, Pa, own home free and clear; Hattie, wife, Dec 1865, 34, 1 child born, 1 living, Il, In, Oh. We have no idea why the child might have been living with brother Ivan.

Kay Kirlin is also in Marshall County, Kansas in 1900, but in Rock County: Kay Kirlin, born Dec 1860, 39, married 19 years, born Il, father In, mother Oh, farmer; Olive E., March 1860, 40, 2 children born, 2 living, Pa, NY, Pa, school teacher; Beaulah G., May 1883, 17, Ks, Il, Pa, at school; Gladys M., Sept 1888, 11, Ks, Il, Pa, at school.

We find son Linden in 1900 Beattie City, Guittard, Marshall County, Kansas, rent: #97 Linden Kirlin, Sept 1848, 51, m 28 yr, Il, In, Oh occupation Inventor ( elevator); Blanche E, July 1853, 46, 28, 5, 5, Il Oh In; Eva M July 1872, 27, Ia, Il, Il, teacher; Ernest C, June 1877, 22, Il, Il, Il farmer; Jacob O June 1881 Ks Il Il at school; Grace B May 1884 16 Ks Il Il at school. The name of the elevator that he invented is listed in the census but is not readable. Next door is son Ward: #98 Ward G. Kirlin, born Apr 1875, 25, married 2 years, commercial traveler, Il, Il, Il; Letitia, born Feb 1877, 23, 1 child born, 1 living, Ia, Va, Pa; Kenneth K. Oct 1899, 8/12, born Ks. Linden Kirlin had married Blanche E [Estelle] Mitchell, daughter of Isaac and Susan Glancey Mitchell, on January 14, 1872, in Mercer County. In 1880 they were in Brown County, Kansas, next to father Jacob Kirlin:# 91 Linden Kirlin, 31 , farmer Il Va Oh; Blanch E, 24, Il, In, Il; Maud, 7, Il, Il, Il; Ward, 5, Il, Il, Il ; Clair, 3, Il, Il, Il; Alvin Crab, 32, brother-in-law, Oh, parents not listed; Alma 22, sister, Il, Va, Oh.

Jana Lee Bair sent us Linden’s history from History of Marshall County, Kansas, by Emma E. Forter, 1917 B. F. Bowen & Co Inc Indianapolis: "well known inventor of farm machinery and one of the most substantial farmers of Guittard township - native of Ill but a resident of Kansas since 1879 and of Marshall Co since 1883 except time in Kansas City where he was head of the Kirlin Cultivator Co. He was born in Mercer County Sept 21, 1848, son of Jacob and Nancy Jane Mills Kirlin." There is a great deal of information in the history about his career as an inventor. He was extremely successful and his products were sold country wide. His patents included a shock absorber for Ford automobiles, known as the "Kirlin Road Smoother" in 1915.

Jacob and Nancy’s daughter Alma married Alvin Carnahan Crabbe, son of George Washington and Sarah Jane Carnahan Crabbe, on December 9, 1875 in Mercer County and they are found in 1880 living with Alma’s brother Linden in Brown County, Kansas (above). George Washington Crabbe was a tailor from Monmouth, Warren County, Illinois. By 1880 he was living in Eliza Township: #238 George W. Crab, 67, Taylor, Oh, Pa, Pa; Sarah, 59, Oh, Ire, Ire; Clara B., 25, dressmaker, Oh, Pa, Oh; William G., 17, printer, Il, Pa, Oh; Lillie M, 13, Il, Pa, Oh.

By 1900 Alvin and Alma had moved to Minnesota: 1900 Minneapolis Ward 2 Hennepin, Minnesota, rent, #501 Alvin Crabbe Aug 1846, 53, married 24 yrs, Oh Pa Oh, clerk in dry goods store, Mrs. Alvin Crabbe Apr 1836, 44, married 24 6 born 4 living Il In Oh (she is listed as Alma in the 1910 census); George N, son, Oct 1884, 18, student Ks Oh Il; Sarah N, Nov 1885, 14, Ks Oh Il, student; Harold K Oct 1891, 8 ,Minn Oh Il, student; Byron, May 1894, 6, Minn Oh Il, school boy. This family is the ancestry of both Marjorie Crabbe’s husband and of Jana Lee Bair.

Cyrus and Margaret J. Rupell Kirlin

We will include brief information on Cyrus though he went to Kansas from Indiana. Cyrus married Margaret Rupell 1 September 1847 in Wayne County, Indiana. They had two children who died in Wayne County and are buried in Franklin Cemetery: Mary Alice, born and died 1852 and Ida born 1859 and died 1860 in Wayne County. They had a son William I. Kirlin born about 1854 of whom we found no further record and assume that he died.

Cyrus had moved to Macon Township, Harvey County, Kansas by the 1875 state census: #33 Cyrus Kirlin, 53, farmer, born Virginia, moved from Indiana; M. J., 40, Oh; Laura Kirlin, 18, school teacher, In; Frank, 13, In; Minnie, 6, In. Margaret died sometime before 1900, and is probably buried at Newton where they were living in the 1895 State census with daughter Mable, 16, born Kansas.

In 1900 Cyrus was living with his son-in-law in Darlington, Harvey County, Kansas: William Black April 1848, 52, farmer, married 24 years, born Pa, parents born England; Laura, Dec 1852, 44, 7 children born, 6 living, In, father Va, mother Ohio; Chester A, Jan 1884, 16, Ks; Ethel C, Mar 1887, 13, Ks; Homer C., May 1890, 10, Ks; Laura L, Feb 1893, 7, Ks; Edit M, Mar 1897, Ks; Cyrus Kirlin, father-in-law, December 1824, 76, widower, born Va, parents born Va (we do not put too much stock in his age or birthdate here as the census taker made changes that are somewhat unreadable.)

John and Mary Sealock Kirlin

We are also including brief information on John Kirlin and family, although he remained in Indiana, since he is mentioned in William Kirlin's will. John Kirlin married Rebecca Sealock 16 February 1852 in Wayne County, Indiana. Her name is Selleck on the marriage record but Sealock on her tombstone in Wayne County where she died 9 June 1897.

They are found in the 1880 census in Washington Township, Wayne County, Indiana: #51 John Kirlin, farmer, born Va, parents born Va; Rebecca, 50, In, parents born Va; Thomas, 24, farm laborer, In, Va, In; Daniel H., 22, laborer, In, Va, In; Isabel Sealock, 22, niece, servant, In, parents born In; May Sealock, 7, niece, born In, parents born In. Next door #52 is son James Kirlin, 27, farm laborer, In, Va, In; Anna, 23, In, Pa, Pa; Olive, 2, In, In, In; Carl, 9/12 [Sept] In, In, In.

In 1900 we find in Washington Township, Wayne County, Indiana: #75 Omer Kirlin, Sept 1857, 42, married 19 years, farmer, In, Va, In; Mary, Dec 1861, 38, 4 children born, 4 living, In, parents In; Oscar Dec 1881, In, farm laborer; Charley, Aug 1882, 16, farm laborer; Lena, Jan 1866, 14; John, Dec 1887, 12; John Kirlin, father, Jan 1830, 70, born Va, parents Va, widower, retired.

Samuel and Nancy Maria Merritt Kirlin

Samuel Kirlin married Nancy Maria Merritt, daughter of Ephraim and Margarette Tindall Merritt, on 16 January 1854, in Wayne County, Indiana. Nancy is found with her parents, age 15, in Centerville, Wayne County, Indiana in 1850. Samuel Kirlin is found nowhere in the 1850 census. Curiously Milton Willits is also found nowhere in the 1850 census, but Milton Willits and Samuel Kirlin are living next to each other in New Boston Township in 1860. Both Milton and Samuel married in Wayne County, Indiana in 1854, despite the fact that Milton Willits had moved to New Boston Township with his grandfather Isaac in 1836. The History of Mercer County 1882 tells us that Milton spent three years in California, leaving Mercer County in the spring of 1850 and returning in 1853. We suspect that Samuel Kirlin went with him and that the two young men went back to Wayne County in 1854 for brides. Milton married Sarah Jane Kirlin, daughter of William and Lydia Thompson Kirlin, on 25 October 1854, in Wayne County.

Samuel returned to Mercer County by 1859 as he is listed at the 6th Annual Fair on 11/1/1859 as winning a prize for a ditching machine. Samuel and Nancy are found in New Boston Township in 1860, next door to Milton and Sarah Kirlin Willits: #1808 Samuel Kirlin, 25, farmer, born Va; Nancy M., 23, In; Willard, 5, In; Omar, 3, Il; Clarissa, 2, Il; Mark Anthony, 25, laborer. In 1870 in New Boston Township: #40 Samuel Kirlin, 37, farmer, Va; Nancy M, 27, In; Willard, 15, In; Omer, 13, Il; Clara, 11, Il; Cora, 8, Il; Archy, 4, Il; Jesse, 2, m, Il. Son Otis was evidently missed (see 1880 below).

Samuel died in 1871 and is buried in Candor Pope Creek Cemetery: Samuel Kirlin died April 13, 1871, age 43 yrs 11 mo 24 ds. Widow Nancy is found in 1880 in Eliza Township Mercer County: 114 Nancy M. Kirlin, 44, In, Oh, Oh; Willard, 25, farm laborer, In In Va; Omer, 23, farmer, Il; Clara, 20, Il; Cora, 17, Il; Otis, 15, Il; Archie, 13, Il; Jesse, 11, Il; Florence, 8, Il; Samuel, 6, Il.

Son Omer Kirlin was born 4 June 1857 in Mercer County. He married Mary Ellen McGinnis 3 Dec 1885 in Adair County, Iowa, and died 4 February 1934 in Greenfield, Adair County, Iowa. They are found in 1900 in Grove, Adair, Iowa: #48 O. H. Kirlin, born June 1859, 42, married 14 years, Il, parents born In; Mary E., Dec 1863, nine children born, five living, born Iowa, father Ohio, mother Indiana; Albert B., July 1886, 13, Ia, Il, Ia; Florence, Apr 1888, 12, Ia; Myrtle, Dec 1889, 10,Ia; Archie, Oct 1893, 7, Ia; Ernest, Aug 1896, 3, Ia.

More of the family are found in Adair County, Iowa in 1900 including son Jesse and mother Nancy, and son Archie. 1900 Jefferson Township, Adair County; Jesse Kirlin, born Mar 1869, 31, married 5 years, farmer, born Il, parents born In; Lillian, July 1871, 28, 2 children born, 2 living, born Ia, father Mich, mother Il; Roy, June 1895, 4, born Ia; Carl, Oct 1899, Ia; Nancy M. Kirlin, mother, born Aug 1836, 63, widow, born In, parents Ohio. 1900 Somerset, Adair, Iowa: Archie A. Kirlin, 33, born Feb 1867, Il, parents born Indiana, liveryman; Gertrude, December 1875, 24, married 2 years, 2 children born, 2 living, born Ia, father Wisc, mother Iowa; Leo M, Sept 1888, Ia, Il, Ia; Warner, Mar 1900 2/12, Ia, Il, Ia. We have not located the other children in 1900. A Kirlin researcher shows Nancy Kirlin as deceased in Mercer County in 1903, however we found her in the Jefferson Township Cemetery in Adair County, Iowa as well as some of the members of son Omer's family. Nancy M. Kirlin was born 31 August 1836 and died 20 November 1903 in Adair County, Iowa.

2/6/2009 Corrected Anderson Kirlin's marriage date to agree with Illinois marriage records.
1/26/2009 Made a correction under Anderson Kirlin: His daughter Catharine married Ledrew Prouty Willits, not Ledrew Rollin Willits. Ledrew Prouty Willits was son of James Monroe and Sarah Prouty Willits. (see Levi Willits page.)