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Halstead Families

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Alternate Spellings - Halstead, Hallstead, Hallsted, Halsted

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Contacts - Linda Brown is researching the Lewis and Mary J. Cooper Halstead family. Cathy Reeves is descended from Isaiah Halstead and helped us with that family. Larry McNeal has posted Halstead Cemetery records on Find grave (link above). He has included some family information with the tombstone information. Larry McNeal's postings on Findagrave, coupled with census records, have helped us piece at least some of the Mercer County Halstead families together. We would appreciate further help -email Nadine on the About Us page. We have also heard from Caye Blick, a descendant of Ruth Halstead Boyles (see obituary at end of page for Cass and Elinor Neely Halstead, parents of Ruth).

Michael Halstead Family of Pennsylvania

Three of the Halstead families in Mercer County (Michael, Jesse, and Joseph) are descended from Michael and Abigail Halstead of Pennsylvania. Michael Halstead is found in Lenox, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania in the 1820 census: 2 males over 45, 2 males 16-26, 2 males 10-16, 1 male under 10; 2 females over 45, 1 female 26-45, 2 females under 10. We are sure of the connection between Michael and Jesse Halstead as brothers as they married sisters Lydia Gleason and Betsey Gleason in Ohio. Betsy's surname was given in the cemetery records of Elizabeth and Jesse Halstead in Brick Cemetery on Findagrave but the information has since disappeared.. By accident, the census taker gives Lydia's surname of Gleason in the 1860 census in Mercer County. More below.

Michael Halstead Family of Mercer County, Illinois

In 1860 in Keithsburg Township we find the Michael Halstead family: Michael, 61, farmer, born Pennsylvania; Gleason, 59, born NY; William, 22, born Ohio; Isaiah, 24, born Pennsylvania. With them is widow Rachel Vance, 33, domestic, born Il; and her son Andrew, 7, born Illinois. In 1850 they were in Salem, Warren County, Ohio: Michael C. Halstead, 51, farmer, born Pa; Lydia, 49, born NY; Esther, 21, Pa; Ruth, 16, Pa; Isaiah, 15, Pa; William F., 12, Ohio. Note that age and birthplace of Lydia in 1850 and Gleason in 1860 match, indicating that she is Lydia Gleason. Esther and Ruth no doubt married in Ohio and we do not have married names (Warren County, Ohio, marriages are not on line).

We speculate that Daniel Halstead of Mercer County may have been an additional son. Daniel married widow Rachel Vance, who was working for Michael in 1860, on 1/3/1861 in Mercer County. Daniel and Rachel named their first son, born 1862, Michael, and their first daughter, born about 1865, Lydia, which lends credence to the relationship. A daughter Rosa was born about 1867. Rachel's sons James and William Vance, age 20, born Iowa, and Andrew, 18, born Iowa, were living with them in the 1870 census.

William Halstead

Son William may have been the William Halstead who married Louisa Everhart on September 1, 1861 in Muscatine, Iowa. We are not certain, as William Halstead is single in 1870 working in New Boston Township for a John Scheckell family (no apparent connection).

Isaiah Halstead

(we thank Cathy (Hallsted) Reeves for additional information on this family). Isaac Isaiah Halstead was married first to Mary Margaret Robbins, daughter of Hiram and Barbara Robbins, on 10/27/1860 in Mercer County. They had children: Mary Ellen born 25 Aug 1861, married Orville Chester Smith on 24 Mar 1880 in Aledo(curiously Orville is buried about 20 miles from where Web Master Nadine Holder lives in Arizona!); Isaac "Ike" born 5 March 1863; Samuel Sylvester born 7 Dec 1864 and married Anna Beatrice Belieu 15 Feb 1891 in Dawes Co, Ne. Mary Robbins Hallsted died 10 January 1866 in Mercer County and is buried in Candor Cemetery.

Isaiah married second, widow Elizabeth Partridge, on 10/5/1870 in Mercer County. Elizabeth Partridge is listed in the 1870 Duncan Township census, age 27, born Ky, keeping house, three children: Amos, age 5, Zack, age 3, and William, age 1. Elizabeth was daughter of George and Martha DeBord and had married Robert Partridge, son of Joseph and Mary Partridge, on 1/3/1864 in Mercer County. A web site gives his death as by lightning.

Cathy Reeves sent us information on the children of Isaiah and Elizabeth: Levi born 10 Dec 1872 Hardin Co, Ia and married (1) Florence Missomelius 15 Mar 1905 (probably in Nebraska) and (2) Minnie May Wolvington 24 Jul 1919 Rushville, Nebraska; Andrew Jackson born 24 May 1875 Hardin Co, Ia and married (1) his half niece, Ora Maude Smith, daughter of Orville, 15 April 1903 Deadwood, SD (2)Zella Plummer 14 Feb 1908 in Dawes Co, Ne (3) Maude Gilmore 1 May 1923 (probably in Nebraska); Joseph Henry born 2 Nov 1876 Hardin Co, Ia and married Lucinda Chade Chase 6 Nov 1910 (probably Nebraska); George Frederick born 27 Mar 1879 Hardin Co, Ia and married Minnie Victoria Hakanson 10 Jun 1902 in Dawes Co, Ne; Eva Line born 24 Jan 1883 Hardin Co, Ia and married Edwin Granger Gregory 28 Jan 1902 Dawes Co, Ne.

The family moved to Dawes Co, Nebraska sometime before the 1900 census, where the names of the children are proven: 1900 Highland, Dawes County, Nebraska #27 Isaiah Hallsted, June 1833, age 66, married 29 yr, Pa, Pa, NY, farmer; Elizabeth, Aug 1841, 58, m 29 yr, 8 chil born, 7 liv (the one who died was Wm Partridge), In, Ky, Ky; Levi, Dec 1872, 27, Ia, Pa, In, sheep herder; Andrew, May 1874, 26, Ia, Pa, In, sheep herder; Joseph, Nov 1876, Ia, Pa, In, farm laborer; George F, Mar 1878, 22, Ia, Pa, In, sheep herder; Eva, 1883, 17, Ia, Pa, In; Amos Partridge, step-son, Dec 1864, 35, Il, Il, In, sheep herder; Zachariah Partridge, Dec 1866, 33, Il, Il, In, day laborer.

Jesse Halstead Family

Jesse Halstead is found in Millersburg Township in 1860: Jesse, 58, farmer, born Pennsylvania; Elizabeth, 51, born New York; Jesse, 32, laborer, born Pennsylvania; Sarah, 29, domestic, born Pennsylvania; Hannah, 15, born Ohio. Daughter Sarah Halstead married Francis M. Danner on 2/6/1861 in Mercer County. Both Jesse Halstead and Francis Danner are gone from Mercer County in 1870. Jesse evidently returned to Mercer County as both Jesse and Elizabeth Gleason Halstead are buried in Brick Cemetery. Among the children listed for them with the cemetery records is Levi Gleason Halstead (1826-1880).

Levi Halstead

Levi Halstead is found in New Boston Township in the 1870 census: Levi Halstead, 44, farmer, born Pennsylvania; Anna M., 42, born Ohio; Warner, 16, born Ohio; Hannah E., 14, born Illinois; Henry C., 11; Violanta, 11; Esther E., 9; Jesse, 6; Anna Bell, 4, all born Illinois. Son Warner is also censused in Abington Township, working as a laborer for the James Strong family (no known connection). Because of the naming of a son Jesse, we agree that Levi is son of Jesse Halstead above. Again we see the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Mercer County immigration pattern. Daughter Hannah Elizabeth Halstead married Alexander Burns, son of Andrew and Rebecca Burns, on 2/13/1878 in Mercer County. Son Henry C. Halstead married Celia Hardin, 1/27/1892. Daughter Esther Emily married Walter Fuller, son of Joseph and Salome Albee Fuller, on 2/17/1889 in Mercer County. Son Jesse Halstead married Rosetta Hayes on 12/19/1888 in Mercer County.

Joseph Halstead Family

Larry McNeal's postings on Findagrave, coupled with census records, have helped us piece at least some of the Mercer County Halstead families together.

Joseph Halstead Family

The Joseph Halstead family is found in Aledo in 1860: Joseph Halstead, 50, farmer, born Pennsylvania; Abigail, 39, born Pennsylvania; Bertha, 22, born Pa; Margaret, 18, Pa; Rozella, 6, Pa; Alvina, 4, Pa; Arthur 3/12, born Pa; Jackson, 11, born Pa. This is rather a curious census record. The gap between Margaret, 18, and Rozella, 6, would indicate that Abigail was a second wife, as would the difference in ages between Joseph and Abigail. The placing of Jackson, age 11 at the end of the list would indicate he was not a child of either, and was some other relative. It is also interesting that Arthur, only 3 months old, was born Pennsylvania (if that is not an error in the record). Because this family has no Ohio connection we did not believe they were closely related to the Michael and Jesse Halstead families. They also came later to Mercer than the other families. However, Larry McNeal gives Joseph Halstead as a brother of Michael and Jesse in his Halstead FindaGrave posting on Michael Hallsted. We do not find marriages for this family in Mercer and they are gone by 1870.

Lewis Halstead Family

Much of our information on Lewis comes from the History of Mercer County 1882 and could well be erroneous. We mention this as the History says he was born in New York, married in Michigan, and then returned to New York before immigrating to Mercer County about 1851. Lewis could well be another brother of Michael and/or Jesse with just a change in his birthplace to Pennsylvania. We have no proof of this so will assume it is a separate family. Lewis died in 1854 in Mercer County. He was married to Mary J. Cooper, daughter of Thomas and Ann Cooper, about 1838 in Michigan. Mary was born about 1817 in England. The History tells us that Lewis served 3 years in the dragoons, discharged in 1836. There might thus be a pension record for widow Mary which could contain much more information.

Mary Cooper Halstead is found as the wife of Jonas Swab in Millersburg Township in 1860: Jonas Swab, 30, farmer, born Pennsylvania; Mary, 43, born England; Harriet Halstead, 14, born New York; Hester E. Swab, age 2, born Illinois. Jonas and Mary were married in Rock Island County on 9/24/1857.

Mary was alone in Perryton Township in 1870: Mary Swab, age 53, keeping house, born England; Hester, 12, born Illinois. Daughter Hester Swab married Joseph Butcher on 7/22/1878.

Mary Cooper Halstead Swab next married William Brain on 1/18/1872 in Mercer County.

Harriett Halstead Walker

Harriett Halstead, daughter of Lewis and Mary Cooper Halstead married Rufous P. Walker in Rock Island County on 5/28/1863. These are the ancestors of Linda Brown.

Cass Berry Halstead

Next door to Mary Cooper Halstead Swab in 1870 were Cass Berry Halstead, son of Lewis and Mary Halstead, and his new wife. Cass married Elnora A. Neely, daughter of Joseph and Happy Neely, on 6/1/1870 in Mercer County. According to the Mercer County History they had children Dallas B., Riley E., and L. Benjamin. Dallas married Ida Gorman 1016/1895 in Mercer County. There is a rootsweb site with more children but we do not include it here as we have not verified the information. As time permits we will check the 1880 census to verify the three children given in the History.

Cass B. Halstead served as a private in Company H, 37th Illinois Infantry during the Civil War, enlisting 3 September 1861 from Hamlet. He was discharged 6 February 1864 as disabled. The History of Mercer County says he was in the battles of Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove, and Vicksburg, and was discharged on account of a wound received in the battle of Pea Ridge. Pension images online disclose that he applied for a pension starting February 11, 1885 and that his widow applied for a pension in 1930. This agrees with Cass's death date of 1929 on his tombstone in Aledo Cemetery. Elnora died 1942 and is buried beside him. Marna Wilson has posted Elinor Neely Halstead's Obituary on the IlGenWeb Site. As many of you know there are problems accessing the obituaries. We have received permission from Marna to put her postings directly on our pages and Elinora's obituary is at the bottom of the page.


Obituary of Elinor Neely Halstead

(Courtesy Marna Wilson from [Aledo] Times Record, Wednesday, May 20, 1942) Effects of a stroke suffered about a month ago, caused the death Tuesday evening May 19, 1942 of Mrs. Elinor Neely Halstead 91, of Aledo, one of Mercer Countys oldest residents. She died at her home at 10:20 pm. She was born in Toulon, March 2, 1851 and was married to Cass B. Halstead, a Civil War veteran, June 1, 1870. Mr. Halstead died 12 years ago. She was a member of the Aledo Presbyterian Church. She is survived by 8 children, Dallas of Central City, Nebraska; Riley E. of Hamlet; L. Benjamin of West Liberty, Iowa; Lloyd of Iowa City; Cass of Livingston, Montana; Prentiss of Aledo; Mrs. Ivan Boyles of Joy and Miss Mary Halstead of Aledo. The body was removed to the Sherrard Funeral Home.