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Gray Families

Alternate Spellings - Gray, Grey

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Contacts - Karen Gray is researching her husband’s Gray family, descendants of Josiah and Lucinda Fish Gray.

We find only one Gray family in New Boston Township but because the Gray, Fish, and Dorse families immigrated early to other townships in Mercer County and we have quite a bit of information on them, we will include what information we have here.

Joseph and Malinda Gray Family of New Boston Township

In 1860 in New Boston Township we find: #1872 Joseph Gray, 47, wagon maker, born Ky; Malinda Gray, 45, born NY; Isaac, 18, laborer, born Il; Nancy, 15, Il; John 12, Il. They are gone by 1870.

In 1850 we find the family, without Joseph, in Warren County (next to Mercer County): #1089 Malinda Gray, 30, born In, no occupation; Jane, 11, born Il; Isaac, 9, Il; Nancy, 5, Il; John, 3, Il. Next door at 1088 is also a fatherless family: Nancy Burl?/Bare?, age 34, farmer, born Tn, farmer, Elisabeth, 32, born In; Owen, 11, In; Joseph, 9, In; Nancy, 4, Il; Catharine, 2, Il; Joshua Bare, 17, farmer, In. The similarity of family names indicate a possible relationship.

In 1850 father Joseph Gray appears to be in Alton City, Madison County, Illinois, at the state penitentiary: Joseph Gray, 37, wheelwright, born Kentucky. This is not totally definitive but the occupation, birthplace, and age are a close match.

Josiah and Lucinda Fish Gray

The dates we have for this family are from the 1870 census where they are found in Keithburg Township: #67 Josiah Gray, 68, retired laborer, born Me; Lucinda, 63, born Me; Lysanders Gray, 22, laborer, born Me; Albert Gray, 17, laborer, born Me. Next door: #68 Ebenezer Gray, 28, brickyard laborer, born Maine; Sarah, 25, Maine; Joseph, 6, born Il; Clarrie, 4, born Il. Ebenezer had married first to Elizabeth Luce on 23 June 1863 in Mercer County and second to Sarah Fish, 4 August 1867 in Mercer County. Also next door: #66 John McDonald, 39, brickyard laborer, born Va; Lucy, 39, born Maine; Monroe McDonald, 3, born Il; and Rose V. McDonald, 1, born Il. Lucy was daughter of Josiah and Lucinda who married Moses Knox as third wife on 2 December 1854 in Mercer County and after his death married John McDonald on 22 April 1859 in Mercer County.

Nearby in 1870: #62 Josephus Gray 27, brick maker, born Maine; Ellen, 18, born Il; Jennie, 1; born Il; Nathan T. Gray (a cousin), 31, brickmaker, born Maine. Josephus had married Ellen Sisk, 25 December 1867 in Mercer County. Also #63 Alonzo Campbell, 40, crippled, born Maine; Orphia, 35, born Maine; Charles R., Campbell, 20, brickyard laborer, born Maine. (We believe Orphia transcribed here is Appia Gray, daughter of Josiah and Lucinda: Karen Gray tells us they married 23 Sep 1849 in Anson Somerset County, Maine.) Karen also tells us that Josiah and Lucinda Fish were married 26 March 1830 in Solon, Somerset County, Maine.

Karen Gray tells us this family came to Mercer County in 1854 - by train to Chicago and then by covered wagon to near Keithsburg. They are found near Keithsburg in 1860: #725 Josiah Gray, 64, wood chopper, born Maine; Lucinda, 48, born Maine; Mary, 33, born Me; Ebenezer, 21, born Maine; Josephus, 19, born Maine; Sarah, 15, born Maine; Lisander, 14, born Maine; Albert, 8, born Maine. They are next door to a Henry Gray, born New York (see below). We do not know if there is a family connection.

Henry and Naomi Gray

In the 1860 census near Keithsburg and next to the Josiah Gray family above we find: #736 Henry Gray, 44, farmer, born New York; Naomi, 48, born Indiana; Maria, 17, born Indiana; Stephen, 15, born Indiana; John W., 13, born Indiana; Charles H., 9, born Indiana; Naomi J. 7, born Iowa; Mary C., 4, born Iowa.

Gray Cemetery Records in Mercer County

Vol 3, page 7 and 8 (Dunn Cemetery)
This is merely information given on the pages and is not cemetery records: Dunn Cemetery…located on George Gray farm Section 15, Perryton Township. Stones were copied by George V. Gray of Aledo.

Vol 3, page 72 Sugar Grove Cemetery
John Gray 1851-1922
Katharine Wallace, wife of John Gray 1848-1917
Frank, son of John and Kate Gray died Dec 3, 1876 age 4 yr 5 m 12 dy

Vol 3, page 73 Sherrard Cemetery
Joseph Gray 1878-1951
Margaret Gray 1878-1951 (suspect this may be an error since exact dates for both are unlikely?) Both apparently died after 1950 however as they are not listed in the Illinois Death Index which goes through 1850

Vol 4 page 20 Pope Creek Cemetery
Victory, daughter of J. and I. Gray, June 2, 1819-June26, 1855
Isaiah Gray died Feb 21, 1871 age 74 ys 4 m 6 ds

Vol 4, page 21
Josiah, son of E. and E. Gray, died Aug 27, 1870 age 5 yrs 11 ms 23 ds (next to Victory)

Vol 4, page 32 Keithsburg Cemetery
Clara B., daughter of Ebenezer Gray and S. E. Gray died Feb 7, 1885 age 7 yrs
Son of E. and S. E. Gray died Mar 31, 1882 age 5 yrs 18 mo 18 dys
Lucinda Gray 1811-1889

Vol 4, page 38
Robert L. Gray indexed on this page but is actually on Vol 4, page 111
James Gray 1857-1953
Lizzie M., daughter of O. P. & J. H. Gray June 22, 1873-August 25, 1885
Isaac M, son of O P & J H Gray Feb 22, 1861-July 10 1887
Emma M, daughter of O P and J H Gray June 3, 1871-March 8, 1893

Vol 4, page 46
J. W. Gray Aug 12, 1871-Dec 23, 1962
Maude L. Cooper, wife of J. W. Gray Dec 14, 1871-Aug 23, 1936
H. E. Gray Mar 20, 1893-July 25, 1900

Vol 4, page 50
Albert Gray 1852-1930 Mary E. Gray 1858-1928 (one stone)

Vol 4, page 60
Nina F. Gray 1888-1927 Laura S. Gray 1856-1929 (one stone)

Vol 4, page 82
John Ernest Gray 1963, age 60 ytr 2 mo 8 dy

Vol 4, page 109
Ellen Gray 1852-1929
Josephus Gray 1842-1931

Vol 4, page 111
Robert L. Gray 1847-1917
Inez Gray 1855-1931
Grace Gray 1894-1899

Vol 6, page 76 Preemption Cemetery
Daughter of W. C. and Cid Gray died July 16, 1857 age 1 m 24 d

Vol 7, page 125 Viola Cemetery
Grandchildren of C. & M. C. Rodamsky
Montie E. Gray 1935-1935
Dona M. Gray 1922-1938