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Glancey Cemetery

Section 7, Eliza Township, Mercer County, Illinois
See Eliza Township Map 1875 - we are not clear which of the two cemeteries shown is the Glancey Cemetery.

Glancey Cemetery was a private family burial plot where the following family of John & Susan Glancey along with some close friends are asleep with the Lord. Link to Glancey Family Page.

John Glancey
B-June 11,1800
D-October 17,1889
Susan Wife of J.Glancey
B- March 18,1809

Pyrrhus Glancey
B-May 21,1823
D-February 10,1876
Veteran of Civil War

Voorhees Glancey
B-February 20,1846
D-October 10,1875
(Children of J&S Glancey)

Richard W. Glancey
B-May 12,1850
D-Mar. 2, 1892 (DAR record)

Eveline C. Glancey
B-August 13,1844
(Children of J. & S. Glancey)
All names appear on the large family marker with individual headstones for each family member on either side of main stone found in the front row center at Glancey Cemetery.

Additional markers as follows:
George Glancey
B-1827 D-1889
Wife Caroline Phillips Glancey
(No dates given)

Clarissa A.
Daughter of Geo & Caroline Glancey
(Dates unable to read)
(DAR died Aug 4, 1859 age 3 6 18 d)
DAR - Caroline, dau of Geo Glancey (no dates)

Alverez Glancey
Dates unable to read
DAR - d. Aug 8, 1857 age 26 7 m 5 d
Martha Glancey
D-July 21,1845
Aged 12 y 8 m 13 d
(Children of J. & S .Glancey)
The tall slender stone to the left of main stone

Harrison Glancey

Glancy Family Stone - above taken when
cemetery had been mowed - below at a
different time

Front of Cemetery Looking Back

Rear of Cemetery


Sarah J.Shoemaker -13

Martha Shoemaker -14
B-Nov 18,1862
D-Nov 6,1878
age 15y 11m 15d
(Dates not legible on stone
above info from DAR record)

The following note appears in the DAR records:
"There are four cedar trees planted at the heads of four Shoemaker graves, no stones. This statement made by Charles Woodward, who lives in the area, and copied the above stones, for William Dennison Chapter NSDAR 1960."


UGLET (Willet) Spitsnogle -15
B- May 20,1847
D- October 01,1853

Susan Spitsnogle -16
B-April 9,1839
D- November 16,1854
Son and daughter of
George & Nancy Spitsnogle
(Both names shared on same
rectangular stone
in center rear of second row)

Shoemaker markers in the foreground -

Martha Shoemaker Marker

Sarah Shoemaker Marker

Pictures and certification of cemetery walked by: Sam Ross Fuller (Spitsnogle Connection)
October 15,2002
Notes added from DAR records by N. Holder