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Alternate Spellings - Glancey, Glancy, Gloncy

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John and Joseph Glancey Families

The History of Mercer County 1882 in the chapter on Eliza Township gives us the clues we need to trace the parentage of John and Joseph, Jr. Glancey of Mercer County. Page 292 of the History gives a brief biography of John Glancey and includes the drawing above on Page 267: "John Glancey, a farmer and stock raiser, was born in York County, Pennsylvania, January 11, 1800 [note tombstone says June 11, 1800]. He moved with his brother [Joseph] from that state to Indiana in 1820, where he received a common school education, and for a while after followed wool carding and cloth dressing. ..." From Willits family history we have reason to believe that they moved first to Hamilton County, Ohio, before continuing on to Indiana. The History continues "...Joseph Glancey, his father, was Irish; and his mother whose maiden name was Maith [Martha] Willits, was English and the second wife, his father having been twice married. Mr. Glancey was the sixth child of that family. His father's third wife was Lura Chambers. ..." (See Isaiah Willits page linked above for more on Martha Willits).

There are a couple of World Family Tree sites on that include tax lists in York County, Pennsylvania, proving the residence of Joseph Glancey, Sr. in that area and showing several different spellings of the name. You can find the sites by entering Joseph Glancey in search and then defining the correct one by entering his wife's name as Martha Willits. From these sites we get unproven information that Joseph Glancey's first wife's name was Margaret Kelton, married 26 Oct 1779 in York, Pennsylvania, and that he married Martha Willits 8 July 1786. Since Joseph was still in York County in 1800 we assume the marriage to Martha took place in York County. We then have the third wife's name as Lura Chambers from the Mercer County History. From the dates of birth of John and Joseph and their migration westward in the same time period it is clear that they were both sons of Joseph and Martha Willits Glancey.

We find "Joseph Gloncy" in Newberry, York County, Pennsylvania, in 1790: 1 male over 16, no males under 16, 5 females, and no slaves. Living very near him is a Jesse Glancey, likely a brother. In 1800 in Newberry, York County, we find "Jos. Glancey": 1 male 26-44, 1 male 16-25, 2 males under 10, 1 female 26-44, 2 females 16-25, and 3 females under 10. Since there were no young males in the family in 1790 the male 16-25 may be a hired hand or some relative other than a son. There are no Glanceys in York County, Pennsylvania in 1810 and unfortunately the Ohio census for 1810 is not available. We do find "Joseph Glancey" [Jr.] in Wayne County, Indiana in the 1820 census but do not find John Glancy anywhere. There is a "John Glancy" in Clermont County, Ohio (next to Hamilton County) in 1820 next to a "Jesse Glancy." However, that John Glancy remained in Clermont County, Ohio, so is not the correct one. We will include census information in the respective biographies of Joseph, Jr., and John below.

Were it not for the comment in John Glancey's biography in the Mercer County History that he came with his brother, we might wonder about the relationship of John and Joseph because they did not track each other closely as they traveled westward. In 1830 John Glancy was in Union County, Indiana, just south of Wayne County, but his brother Joseph had moved a little further west to Marion Township, Shelby County, Indiana. John must have followed Joseph, however, as his daughter Amanda is given as born Shelby County, Indiana (1835), in histories. (A side note: John Glancy sold his Union County, Indiana, land on February 27, 1835 to an Eikenbary ancestor of Jill Martin and Nadine Holder, creators of this web site.) Per the Mercer History John came to Eliza Township in about 1837 and Joseph came to Abington Township in about 1832 or 1833 so the two families were not staying close to each other. Fortunately the name Glancey and Glancy is not a common one so we are fairly confident that we are locating the correct families in the various census records (though your Web Master has been wrong at least twice in her life!).

We are not sure where Joseph Glancey, Sr., died but it was probably in York County, Pennsylvania. There is a cryptic comment in son John Glancey's biography in the Past and Present of Mercer County that his parents died young and John was raised by a German Family. At any rate our main interest is in Mercer County. We will include the families of both John and Joseph Jr. even though Joseph Jr. did not live in our area of interest of New Boston and Eliza Townships. We will also include some brief comments on an H. S. Glancey family that came later to Mercer County and is probably not related to John and Joseph Jr.

John Glancy/Glancey Family of Eliza Township

A great deal of our information comes from biographies included in History of Mercer County, 1882 and Past and Present of Mercer County [1914]. Be forewarned as county histories are notorious for containing incorrect information. We will mention where we have been able to verify information by other records.

According to the 1914 History, the parents of John Glancey both died when he was small, and he was reared by a German family. His marriage occurred April 27, 1826, in Wayne County, Indiana. We do find a marriage on this date in the Indiana Marriage Index for "John Glancey" to "Susan Moore" in Wayne County. She was a daughter of Robert and Deborah Willits Moore and thus a descendant of Isaiah Willits.

John Glancey was a fuller by trade and as a young man engaged in that trade for several years. When he moved to Indiana he engaged in agriculture, feeling that the fertile soil of that state afforded excellent opportunities for farming operations. In 1837 he came to Illinois and settled upon the place which his daughter, Mrs. Woodward, inherited, and where she and her husband now reside.

We do find John Glancey purchasing 40 acres for $50 on May 28, 1838, consisting of the SWSE of Section 6 in T15N 5W (future Eliza Township). In the 1850’s he added several more surrounding parcels. The extent of his land can be seen in the 1875 Eliza Township Plat Map. The Mrs. Woodward referred to was his daughter Amanda Glancey, Mrs. Charles Woodward, and there is much more on that family on the Woodward Page on this site.

John and Susan Moore Glancey had children: George Glancey (married Caroline Phillips of Rock Island County); Mary J. Glancey; Martha D. Glancey; Amanda Ellen Glancey (married Charles Woodward); Pyrrhus Glancey (served in an Iowa regiment in the Civil War); Harrison C. Glancey; Evaline C. Glancey; Voorhees Glancey; Richard William Glancey; and Alvarez Glancey.

John and Susan Glancey are still in Eliza Township in 1880: John Glancey, farmer, age 80, born Pa, parents born Pa; Susan, 71, born Ohio; father born Ireland, mother born Pa; Harrison C. Glancey, son, farmer, 38, Il; Evaline Glancey, daughter, 36, Il, Pa; Richard, son, 30, Il.

John Glancey died October 17, 1889 and Susan Moore Glancey died December 1898 in Eliza Township. Their tombstone is shown at the top of the page and on the Glancey Cemetery page. Records for some of their children are also shown on the Glancey Cemetery page.

Joseph Glancy, Jr. Family of Mercer County

Joseph Glancy, Jr was married three times: (1) to Rachel Snevly on March 18, 1818 at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; she died before 1830; (2) Elizabeth Jack on January 29, 1831 in Fayette County, Indiana; she died before 1850; and (3)Mrs. Martha Whitaker on July 18, 1861.

Joseph and family are found in 1850 in Township 13N Range 4W in Mercer County: #128 Joseph Glancey, 56, farmer, born Pa; Mahala, 31, Pa; Evaline Swafford, 27, In; Mary B. Glancey, 15; Theodore, 12; Ernest, 2.

Joseph and Rachel Snevly Glancey had children: Mahala Glancey (married Brady M. Willits); Eliza Glancey (married Robert Pence); Evaline C. Glancey (married Joseph D. Swafford); and two additional children.

Joseph and Elizabeth Jack Glancey had children: Susan Glancey (married Isaac Mitchell); Mary Glancey (married Thomas Moffitt); Theodore Glancey; Ernest Glancey (married first Lilian Kirlin and second Clara Seely); and three additional children. From page 139 of the Mercer County History we learn that son Theodore Glancey was involved in several newspaper publishing enterprises in Mercer County. He finally moved to California and in 1880 became editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Press. He was assassinated in connection with some of his publishings in September 1880. We wonder if this story is true as we find Theodore Glancey buried in Davis Cemetery: 1826-1873. Census records indicate Theodore was born about 1837-8, not 1826, so perhaps it is a different Theodore Glancey, or the tombstone transcription is in error, or the dates in the History are wrong. He is listed as Editor of the Keithsburg Observer in the 1870 census. We do not find a California listing for him in the 1880 census.

Joseph Glancey is buried in the Davis Cemetery in New Boston Township: Joseph Glancey 1795-1870. Next to him is Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Glancey 1811-1848. There are several other burials for this family in Davis Cemetery.