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Freise Families

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Alternate Spellings - Freise, Friese, Freese

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It is not proven but we suspect that Louise Caroline Wilhelmine Freise, who married Johann Lorenze Thirtyacre, was sister of Charles A. Freise, the subject of this page. It is just too much of a coincidence that Louise was born 9/1/1814 in Germany, children born Hanover, Germany, and Charles was born 11/21/1816 in Hanover, Germany, and that both wound up in Mercer County.

Charles A. and Julia Kemp Freise

Charles A. Freise was born 11/21/1816 in Hanover, Germany and died 10/29/1892 in Mercer County, Illinois. His wife was Julia J. Kemp, daughter of Charles and Julia Kemp. She was born 7/12/1831 in Hanover, Germany, and died 5/9/1906 in Mercer County, Illinois. Both are buried in the Leech Cemetery in Section 1 in Eliza Township. Julia's mother is buried next to them: Julia J., wife of Charles Kemp, born Jan 1, 1799, died October 7, 1868. Birth information on the children of Charles and Julia Freise indicate they arrived in Mercer County between 1857 and 1859. (Records indicate the Thirtyacre family arrived at least by 1853 and purchased land in 1855). Charles and Julia Freise are found in the 1860 census in Eliza Township: #2709 Charles Freise, 45, farmer, born Germany; Julia, 29, born Gy; Amelia, 5, born Gy; Julia, 3, born Gy; Charles, 1, born Il; Julia Kanyaf, 69, born Gy (probably Julia's mother); Harmon Klaus, 19, laborer, born Gy. They are found in the 1870 census in Eliza Township: #74 Charles Freise, 53, farmer, born Hanover; Julia (Kemp), 38, born Hanover (Kemp notation is in the census transcription) ; Mina Freise, 15, born Hanover; Julia, 13, born Hanover; Charles, 11, Il; Elizabeth 9, Il; Matilda, 7, Il; Dora, 5, Il; Ella, 3, Il; Nancy, 1, Il. We find no evidence that Charles purchased public land in Mercer County. However, he is shown owning land in Section 3 of Eliza Township in 1875 (see Eliza Township plat ) so must have purchased from a private party.

We find them still in Eliza in 1880: Page 279A Charles FREISE Self, M, 63, Han, Farmer, parents born Hanover; Julia FREISE Wife, F, 49, HAN, keeping house, parents born Hanover; Julia FREISE, Dau, F, S, 23, HAN, Domestic Servant; Charles FREISE, Son M, S, 21, IL, Farm Laborer; Elizabeth FREISE, Dau, F, S, 19, IL; Matilda FREISE, Dau, F, S, 17, IL; Dora FREISE, Dau, F, S, 15, IL; Ella FREISE, Dau, F, S, 13, IL; Nancy FREISE, Dau, F, S, 11, IL; Idona FREISE, Dau, F, S, 9, IL; Martin FREISE, Son, M, S, 7, IL; Mary FREISE, Dau, F, S, 4, IL.

On 9/22/1888 Charles Freise made purchases at the estate sale of Hartwell Welch (relative of Jill Martin, web site owner, and Nadine Holder, web master):
Cultivator $5.00 Chas Freise Sr, note, 10 mo term
Grey Horse, 130.00 Chas Freise Sr, note 10 mo term
This was four years before the death of Charles in 1892.

Julia Freise is found in Eliza Township in 1900 living with son Martin: Martin Freise, head, born June 1873, Ill, parents born Gy, farmer, own farm free and clear; Julia, mother, widow, born July 1831, age 68, 12 children born, 11 living, born Gy, parents born Gy, immigrat4ed 1858, 42 years in the US; Willis Thirtyaker, servant, born July 1881, farm laborer, born Il, parents born Gy; Rose Johnson, servant, born 1880, age 19, housekeeper, born Il, father born Indiana, mother born Illinois. Willis Thirtyacre was son of Johann Lorenze and Amelia Thirtyacre and Rose Johnson was daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Eda Lydia Thirtyacre Johnson (see Thirtyacre link at the top of the page).

Children of Charles A. and Jula Kemp Freise

Amelia Freise Irwin: Amelia [Mina] is found in the marriage records as Minnie C. Friese(sic), marrying Luther Irwin, son of William and Mary Terrill Irwin, on 2/12/1878 in Mercer County. They are found in the 1880 census in Eliza Township: Luther Irwin, 29, farmer, born Il, father Pa, mother NJ; Minnie, 24, Hanover, parents born Hanover; John E. Irwin, 1, Il; Charles W. Irwin, 6 mo, Il. Unfortunately Charles died 9/30/1880 and is buried in Eliza Cemetery, next to his grandfather, William Irwin. We have yet to check the 1900 census.

Julia Freise Crittenden: Julia Freise married Levi Crittenden, son of George and Mary LaRue Crittenden, on 11/14/1882 in Mercer County. We will be putting up a Crittenden page. Levi and Julia are found in Bremer, Iowa, in the town of Tripoli in 1930. There are two children still at home: George L. Crittenden, 45, laborer, spraying and whitewashing; Cassie L. Crittenden, 39, saleswoman in dry goods store. We have no information on other children.

Charles August Freise: Charles, Jr., was born about 1859 in Mercer County. He married (1) Ella Hampton, daughter of Joel and Emmeline Irwin Hampton, on 11/29/1881 in Mercer County. Ella died sometime before 1887 for Charles married (2) Eva Noble, daughter of Ira and Caroline Reed Noble, on 4/13/1887 in Mercer County. Eva evidently died in childbirth as she is buried next to Charles in Eliza Creek Cemetery (1865-1888) next to infant daughter (1888). Charles then married (3)Elsbeth Looser, daughter of Jacob and Barbary Sloan Looser, on 10/20/1894 in Mercer County. Elsbeth was born 1860 and died 1937 in Mercer County and is also buried next to Charles (1859-1946) in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Elsbeth was widow of Ora Noble (son of David and Eliza Hampton Noble) and the marriage record is as Ella Looser Noble, but her tombstone gives the name Elsbeth.

The only information we have about children of Charles August besides the infant who died in 1888 is Lloyd Freise who was born about 1897 and is living next door to his parents in 1930 in New Boston with a wife Grace, born about 1902.

Elizabeth Freise: We find no further record of Elizabeth, but perhaps she is the Lizzie Freise who married John Keating 20 March 1888 in Muscatine County, Iowa.

Matilda Freise Kennedy: Matilda married Luther Kennedy 3/20/1886 in Mercer County. We have not placed him in the Mercer County Kennedys.

Dora Freise: We find no further record of Dora.

Ella E. Freise Bishop: Ella married Levi A. Bishop, son of Edwin and Sally Meeker Bishop, on 9/26/1889 in Mercer County. (see Bishop link above.)

Nancy Freise McDonald: Nancy Freise married Arthur McDonald, son of James and Olive Sabin McDonald, on 9/21/1892 in Mercer County.

Idona Freise Imhoff(?): There is a marriage of an Anna Freise to Frank Imhoff, son of Andrus and Margaret Imhoff of Germany, on 12/20/1888 in Muscatine County, Iowa. His age would fit with Idona and there were no Freise families in Muscatine County, however we are not sure this is the correct wife.

Martin Freise: Martin Freise was unmarried in 1900 and caring for his mother (see 1900 census information just prior to the list of children above). We have nothing further on him.

Mary R. Freise Reed: Mary R. Freise married Walter E. Reed, son of Jacob and Sabria Thornton Reed, on 3/2/1898 in Mercer County (we will be adding a Reed page). Walter died 5/31/1905 and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. We do not know if Mary married again or if there were children.