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John W. and Angeline Cellars Fleming

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Alternate Spellings - Flemming

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We find an Irish Flemming family in another township in Mercer County in 1860 but there appears to be no connection to this family.

We learn of the origins of this family in a short biography of Marshall Fleming in the 1882 History of Mercer County. It states he was the oldest child of John W. and Angeline (Cellars)Fleming. He came with his parents to Mercer County, Illinois, in the year of 1849.

We do indeed find the family in future New Boston Township (T14N R5W) in 1850: #404 John W. Fleming, 42, farmer, born Virginia; Angeline, 34, born Ohio; Marshall, 18, farmer, born Indiana; Charles, 16, farmer, born Illinois (he wouldn't have been if the move date of 1849 is correct); Sarah J., 13, In; Sylvester, 10, In; Frederick, 8, In; George, 5, Il; Joseph, 2, Il.
Son Frederick Fleming, died 2/15/1867 at the age of 25 yr 11 mo 20 dys and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. Frederick Fleming served in the Civil War being recruited on August 13, 1862 into Co G of the 27th Illinois Infantry. He transferred to Co E of the 9th Regiment and was absent ill when they mustered out, probably in 1865. He applied for a pension on July 24, 1865, application #78911, but no certificate issued. He had a wife Melissa who filed for a pension under application #191957 and which was granted November 28, 1870 Certificate #153938.

Son Charles Wolfe married Sarah Wolfe on 9/7/1865 and there is a small amount of information on them on the Wolfe page.

The biography continues that Marshall's father was born in Fairmont county, West Virginia April 20, 1809, and departed this life February 26, 1854. His remains rest in the New Boston cemetery. His mother was born in 1812, in Brown county, Ohio, and is still living at the age of seventy years.

Widow Angeline Fleming married John Carpenter on 12/16/1855 in Mercer County. We were unable to locate them in the 1860 census but in 1870 they are found in Drury Township, Rock Island, Il (just north of Mercer County): #148 John Carpenter, 49, farmer, born Ky; Angeline, 57, born Ohio; Sarah Carpenter, 19, Il; Sarah Fleming, 37, lives with father, born Indiana; Frederick Fleming, 10, lives with father, born Il. We do not quite understand the comment under Sarah Fleming. It is somewhat unreadable but appears to say "lives with father" which would not be a possibility since her father was deceased. There is a record under Illinois Marriages for a license for Sarah J. Fleming and Samuel Reasoner dated 5/3/1860 but Samuel Reasoner appeared to marry someone else so perhaps the marriage did not go through?

Marshall and Nancy Rader Fleming

Marshall Fleming was born on September 8, 1831, in Henry County, Indiana. He married Miss Nancy Rader, daughter of Abraham G. and Catharine Beam Rader, on August 20, 1858. Nancy was born September 27, 1836, in Wayne county, Indiana. The young couple started out in life with nothing but a two-year-old colt. For their household goods and one horse they went in debt. This horse and Marshall's two year old colt made a team. Marshall went on adding a little each year to his capital, until he acquired a good, well improved farm. His farm was situated two miles northeast of New Boston. Marshall and Nancy are found in the 1860 census in New Boston Township at #1782: Marshal Fleming, 26, farmer, born In; Nancy, 23, In; Josephine, 1, Il. The History tells us Josephine was born November 27, 1858.

There is more about daughter Josephine in the 1882 History of Mercer County. On February 3, 1881 she married George Wilson Bridger, a farmer, born January 13, 1858 in Mercer County and oldest son of Charles H. and Martha F. Bridger. He taught school for some years before engaging in farming. They had a child Effie, born 6/17/1887 and died 5/3/1889 and buried in New Boston Cemetery. Another daughter Verna died 8/16/1884 age 9 yrs 4 mo 1 day, and is buried next to Effie. We were unable to locate the Bridger's in the 1900 census.

Another child Elsie was born to Marshall and Nancy on January 29, 1862, and died October 8, 1863 and buried in New Boston Cemetery.

The family is found at #57 New Boston Township in 1870: Marshall Flemming, 35, farmer, born In; Nancy, 35, In; Josephine, 12, Il; and John Rader, 14, farm laborer, born Il. John Rader was the orphan son of John Rader of Rockingham County, Virginia, and was raised by Nancy. John Sr had died in 1867.

Marshall Fleming died 4/6/1894 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. Next to him is wife Nancy, 9/27/1836-2/20/1918.

Sylvester Fleming

Sylvester Fleming is buried in New Boston Cemetery (1839-1904). Next to him is wife America died 4/26/1872 age 31 yr 3 mo 17 dy. Next to them is a son Harvey D. Fleming, died 3/20/1871, age 6 mo 21 dy. Sylvester is shown owning land in New Boston Township in Section 27 on the 1875 New Boston plat.

America DeHaven was the daughter of William and Elizabeth DeHaven, found in Troy, Fountain County, Indiana in 1850: #640 William DeHaven, 45, farmer, born Ky; Elizabeth, 39, born Ky; Garret, 13, In; America, 9, In; Alfred, 6, In; Rox A., 1, In. She married Sylvester in Mercer County on 8/23/1860.

Sylvester is found in New Boston Township in 1870: #101 Sylvester Flemming, 39, farmer, born In; America, 27, In; Effie, 9, Il; Elsie, 6, Il; Roxie, 2, Il.

After America's death, Sylvester married Mariah Frances Finch, daughter of Pettis and Esther Rader Finch. Mariah was born 8/1/1853 and died 190/8/1941 in Mercer County. There is more on the Finch page including the names of their children.