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Alternate Spellings - Ferguson, Fergason, Fergeson, Fergison, Furgeson, Furgesen, Furgason, Furguson, Furgison, Fergerson, Furgerson

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Contacts - Nancy Ferguson is a descendant of John and Naomi Jackson Ferguson and has been of great help with this family. Delbert Ferguson is a descendant of Samuel and Sarah Ferguson and has helped with that family. Douglass Parr is a descendant of James and Sarah Ferguson's daughter Ida who married Charles Parr. Marilyn Stubbs is a descendant of Ransom and Mary Mallett Kinnaman Ferguson and has helped with the Mallett family.

Photos - Samuel Ferguson's tombstone in Eliza Creek Cemeter (courtesy Nancy Ferguson)

There are three Ferguson families from North Carolina of interest to us: Samuel Ferguson, born about 1796 in North Carolina; John Ferguson, born 1797 in North Carolina; and Isham Ferguson of North Carolina whose children came to Mercer County. There is a possibility that Samuel, John and Isham were brothers and the father�s name may have been Elmore since the name Elmer runs rampant throughout the Ferguson families in Mercer County. The families originated in Randolph County, North Carolina, migrated to Wayne County, Indiana, and then on to Mercer County.

In addition we are interested in William H. Ferguson of New York who is buried in New Boston Cemetery.

William and Lucinda Noble Ferguson Family

William H. Ferguson was born 1841 in New York and died 5/7/1881 in Mercer County, Illinois. He married Lucinda Jane Noble 4/5/1870 in Mercer County. Lucinda was daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth Nash Noble and was born about 1848 in Mercer County. In the 1870 census they are found in New Boston: William H. Ferguson, age 29, billiard rooms, born NY; Lucinda J. Ferguson, 22, born Il.

In 1880 they are found in Cass County, Iowa: William Ferguson, farmer, 40, born New York, parents born New York; Jane Ferguson, 36, born In, parents born Ky; Elmer Ferguson, at school, 11, born Il; Cora Ferguson, 3, born Iowa; Maud Ferguson, 1, born Iowa. We have no further information on this family, except that William H. Ferguson died 7 May 1881 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. Also note the name Elmer as in other Ferguson families in Mercer County.

Samuel and Sarah Ferguson Family

Samuel Ferguson is found in Eliza Township when the census was taken on 10/12/1850. Household #624: Samuel Furgison, 54, farmer, farm valued $350, born North Carolina; Sarah, 45, born NC; Lucasy (female), 20, born NC; Louisa, 17, born In; Calvin, 15, farmer, born In; Franklin, 13, born In; John, 11, In; Malinda, 9, In; Cyntha Ann, 6, In. With them is a Susan Jane Jackson, age 1, born Il (censused as Furgison). Nearby, Household #603, Lacy Pratt family, is Ransom Ferguson, age 23, laborer, born NC, son of Samuel and Sarah Ferguson.

There are cemetery records for Samuel and Sarah Ferguson, buried Eliza Creek Cemetery, but the records do not correlate very well with their ages. According to the cemetery records Samuel died March 6, 1861, age 55 years; Sarah Ferguson, wife of Samuel, died December 24, 1865, age 48 yrs 10 mo 16 dys. Nancy Ferguson sent us a photo of Samuel's tombstone (see link at top of page) verifying that it does read March 6, 1861.

Sarah Ferguson is found in the 1860 census in Eliza Township: Sarah Ferguson, age 65, born North Carolina; Frank, 23, born In; John, 21, In; Malinda, 18, In; Cynthia, 15, In; Susan Jackson, 12, In. Sarah is not found in the 1870 census so she did die between 1860 and 1870. Her age given in 1850 was 45 making her born about 1805. We have no way of knowing whether the 1850 or 1860 census is more nearly correct. The 1860 age of 65 would have made her born 1795. Her tombstone date would make her born about 1817, obviously incorrect since daughter Mary was born 1825. The 1805 birthdate is probably more nearly correct to correlate with Samuel's age and with daughter Mary's birthdate. Perhaps the tombstone transcript was a simple typographical error of age 48 for age 58 making a birthdate of about 1806-07.

More on the children of Samuel and Sarah Ferguson

Mary Ferguson Pratt: Samuel and Sarah also had a daughter Mary Ferguson, born 8/28/1825, in North Carolina. Mary married John Pratt on 11/5/1846 in Mercer County. More on the Pratt page. John and Mary Ferguson Pratt had children: Sarah; Avarilla; Lewis; Mary; Harvey; Nancy; Melissa; Ruth; and Nellie.

Ransom Ferguson: Son Ransom Ferguson married Mary Ann Kinnaman on 11/10/1859 in Mercer County. Mary Ann Mallett, daughter of Jonathan and Julian Walker Mallett, married first to James Kinaman in 1856 (see link to Mallett at the top of the page), and second to Ransom Ferguson. Ransom and Mary Ann are found in Eliza Township in 1860: Ransom Ferguson, 32, farmer, born Indiana (actually NC); Mary A. Ferguson, 26, born New York; Louisa S. K. Ferguson, 2, born Il. Louisa was actually Louisa S. Kinnaman, child of Mary Ann and James Kinnaman. Ransom and Mary Ann had moved to Iowa by 1870. They are found in Union Township, Guthrie County, Iowa in 1880: Ransom Ferguson, farmer, 52, born NC, parents born NC; Mary A. Ferguson, 45, born New York, parents born New York; Louisa Kemiaman, stepdaughter, 22, born Il, father born Indiana, mother born New York; Franklin Ferguson, son, 19, Il; Wells, son, 18, Il; Adelia, 16, Il; Sarah, 12, Iowa; Carrie, 10, Iowa; Elmer, 9, Iowa; Charley, 7, Iowa; John T., 5, Iowa; George W., 2, Iowa.

Susanna Lucinda Ferguson Shoemaker: We believe the daughter called "Lucasy" in the 1850 census was Lucinda Ferguson who married Benjamin Shoemaker on 2/10/1859 in Mercer County as Susanna Ferguson. Susanna Lucinda was born 10/17/1830 in North Carolina. She died 4/7/1861 in Mercer County and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. The 1860 census gives her name as Lucinda. There is more about this family on the Shoemaker page.

Malinda Ferguson Mills: We heard from a Norah Dennis who knew of a Malinda Ferguson who married in Coles County, Illinois. It turned out not to be this one, but it did prompt us to trace down Malinda. We found that she married James Mills on 10 July 1865 in Muscatine County, Iowa (across the River from Mercer) and they are found in 1880 in Drury Township, Rock Island County, just north of Mercer: #175 James Mills, age 46, farmer, born In, father's birthplace not given, mother born SC; Malinda, 38, born In, father NC, mother SC; Eli, 12, works on farm, born Il, parents born Indiana;Scott, 10, works on farm; Edna, 6; Dean, 4.

Louisa and Cynthia Ann Ferguson: These daughters of Samuel and Sarah Ferguson are not found further in marriage records or census records.

Calvin Ferguson: Son Calvin Ferguson married Lucinda Boyd, daughter of Miles and Catharine Fisher Boyd Smith Turner, sometime before 1860 (we have not located a marriage record). We know Lucinda�s maiden name because her mother, Catharine Boyd Turner, was living with them in the 1870 census and is listed in the 1880 census as grandmother of some of the children. Lucinda died 3/10/1871 and Calvin died 7/27/1871 and both are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. This is rather a tragic family. They had children: Sarah Ferguson, born about 1861; Jimey Ferguson, born 1862, died 9/27/1865; Catharine Ferguson, born 1863, died 8/12/1863; Elmore Ferguson, born 1866; and Frederick Ferguson, born about 1869. In the 1880 census we find Sarah and Frederick living with their grandmother, Catharine Boyd Turner, in Eliza Township: Catherine Turner, keeps house, 64, born In, parents born Pa; Sarah Fergason, granddaughter, domestic servant, 19, born Il; Frederik Fergason, grandson, attends school, age 11, born Il; Narvilla France, farm laborer, age 20, born Il, parents born Ohio. Son Elmer Furguson is living with his uncle Martin Boyd in Eliza Township in 1880.

We do not know the fate of Calvin's daughter, Sarah Ferguson, as we find nothing further on her. Calvin's son, Elmore Ferguson, born 1866, died 1941, buried in Aledo Cemetery. We do not find a marriage record for him so he probably died without issue. Calvin's son, Frederick Ferguson, married Emma Bogart on 3/21/1889 in Muscatine County, Iowa. She was daughter of Jesse Bogart and Mary Riggs Bogart. Tragedy in the family continued as Frederick and Emma had an infant daughter died 11/12/1889 and an infant son died 11/20/1890 and buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. According to the 1900 census Frederick and Emma had two more children: Earl Ferguson born January 1892 and Mamie Ferguson born February 1895.

Franklin Ferguson: Nancy Ferguson tells us that Franklin Ferguson married Phoebe Mae Knapp, daughter of Daniel and Sally Wilson Knapp on Jan 6, 1864 in Muscatine, Iowa. Descendant Delbert Ferguson tells us Frank had a son Charles Ferguson, born 5/3/1871 in Iowa. Charles died 4/15/1960 in Mercer County and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. Charles was married to N. Nevada Fuller Ferguson, born 3/22/1893. Charles's tombstone (read in the 1960's) says N. Nevada Mar 22, 1893 but the death date is blank. Nancy Ferguson tells us that Nevada Fuller Ferguson died May 10, 1975 in Muscatine, Iowa, and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. She was daughter of Ezza and Serena Minor Fuller.

Charles and his wife went to the Dakotas, where they homesteaded between Beach and Sentinel Butte in Golden Valley County, North Dakota. They had children Delbert Ferguson; Herbert Franklin Ferguson; Grace Ferguson; and Muriel Ferguson (per descendant Delbert Ferguson). Nancy Ferguson found the death record of another child Willard Ferguson, born March 28, 1916 in N. Dakota and died Oct 3, 1979, buried New Boston Cemetery. Father Frank farmed in Dell Rapids, South Dakota per descendant Delbert. Frank and Phebe are found in 1880 in Township 104, Minnehaha, Dakota Territory: Franklin Furguson, 44, born In, parents born NC; Phebe, 38, born In; Lenora, 15, born Il; Monroe, 12, Il; Alec, 10, Ia; Charlie, 8, Ia; Pete, 6, Ia; Murt, 2, Dakota Territory. The child listed as Murt in the census is Mark Ferguson born March 26, 1877. He died in Muscatine, Iowa Dec 31, 1975 and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery in Mercer County. Son Peter was born July 7, 1873, died April 16, 1955 in Muscatine, Iowa and buried in New Boston Cemetery (death records courtesy Nancy Ferguson).

John Ferguson: Samuel and Sarah's son, John Ferguson, married Rosenie and is found in the 1880 census in Eliza Township: John Fergason, farm laborer, age 40, born Indiana, father born NC, mother born SC; Rosenie Fergason, 23, born Iowa, father born Ohio, mother born New York; May Fergason, 3, born Il; Louis, 6 mo, born Il.

John Ferguson Family

John Ferguson was born about 1797 in North Carolina. He married Naomi Jackson 11/27/1819 in Randolph County, North Carolina. Naomi was born about 1798 in North Carolina and we speculate she was probably sister of Dempsey Jackson who came to Mercer County, as she and John named a son Dempsey Ferguson. Dempsey Jackson was married to a Mary Ferguson (not proven), born about 1805, who might have been a sister of John. We would be interested in hearing from anyone who has proof of the Dempsey Jackson/Mary Ferguson marriage.

John and Naomi are listed in New Boston Township in the 1850 census: Household #378 John Furgison, 53, blacksmith, property valued $800, born North Carolina; Neoma Furgison, 52, born NC; Nancy Jane, 14, born Indiana; Samuel, 27, farmer, born Indiana. Samuel is not listed in the estate records and the normal format for census records would be to list husband and wife, then children in order of age, and any other indirect family members at the end of the list. It is therefore probable that Samuel was not a son, but some other relative. He could fit into the family of Samuel Ferguson (above), but it would have been usual to name a firstborn son after his grandfather and not his father.

An Administration Sale was advertised in the Aledo Weekly Record for 22nd Oct 1859 for the E part of N/2 NW/4 Sec 27, 59 acres and the W part N/2 NE/4 Sec 28, 70 acres in T14NR5W, Estate of John Furgison, decd, Amos Prouty, Administrator. The Aledo Weekly Record, Jan 11, 1865, advertised an estate sale for John Ferguson: Wpart of N� of NW� of Section 27 T14NR5W, 30 acres, to pay debts. Amos Prouty, administrator. John probably owned land in the NW� of Section 28 as well as son Larkin is shown on delinquent tax lists for several years in the early 1860�s (he was deceased) for 27.42 acres in that Section. The location of the land can be seen on the New Boston Township plat map.

Nancy Ferguson has the actual probate records and tells us John died March 25, 1858. Children listed in the probate were Larkin, Eliza J., Dempsey, Nancy Jane, and Clarke. She also tells us that Naomi died December 1, 1864 according to probate records. She also sent us the record of John and Naomi�s marriage from Randolph County (posted on Rootsweb).

Naomi Ferguson is censused twice in 1860 in New Boston Township. Apparently the two records were taken in different time periods: Household #1756 Laomi Ferguson, 56, farmer, born North Carolina; Dempsy Ferguson, 32, laborer, born Indiana; Mary Carpenter, 14, born Indiana; Jane Bull, 17, born Indiana (this is most likely a Jane Ball related to Larkin�s wife?); Household #1832 Naomi Ferguson, 57, farmer, born NC; Mary J. Carpenter, 14, born Il; Sarah A. Jackson, 18, domestic, born Il. Dempsey was probably just visiting, or perhaps helping, his mother when the census was taken as he had a family of his own. Sarah Jackson is no doubt a relative of Naomi�s. She may not actually have been a domestic in the family. In that time period it was usual for young women to reside in the homes of relatives who were willing to teach them housewifely skills that differed from the skills of their own mothers. While they usually did help with household chores, their status was much more than a domestic servant.

Eliza Ferguson Carpenter: Daughter Eliza J. Ferguson married John Carpenter on 9/7/1849 in Mercer County. (1850 census?). We find no further record of them but apparently the Mary Carpenter found with Naomi in the 1860 census (above) is either a child or stepchild of Eliza. Eliza is mentioned in John�s probate in 1858 so apparently was alive at that time.

Nancy Jane Ferguson Smith: Daughter Nancy Jane Ferguson married Philips Smith on 12/18/1855 in Mercer County, but they are not found in the 1860 census in Mercer County, and we have no further information. No persons matching the marriage record are found in the 1880 National Census Index (as either Phillip or Philips Smith). Clarke Ferguson - Son Clarke Ferguson, mentioned in John�s probate, is not found in census or marriage records.

Larkin and Sarah Ball Ferguson: Son Larkin Furgison is found in Eliza Township in 1850: Household #674, not far from Samuel (above): Larkin Furgison, 30, farmer, born NC; Sarah, 23, born NC; Demsie (female - actually male), 5, born Ind; Mahala, 3, born Il. Larkin married Sarah Ball on 7/15/1843 in Hancock County, Indiana. Nancy Ferguson says that although the census gives his birthplace as North Carolina, his Illinois death record gives him as born Ohio about 1822. He died April 26, 1860 in New Boston Township, just before the 1860 census was taken.

Larkin Ferguson�s widow Sarah is found in New Boston Township in 1860: Household #1841 Sarah Ferguson, 33, farmer, born Ohio; Dempsy, 16, born Il; Ezadora (Isadora), 11, Il; Marshal, 9, Il; Caroline, 7, Il; Monroe, 4, Il; Alice, 2, Il. Sarah is not found in Mercer in 1870 nor is another marriage found for her. Nancy Ferguson tells us Sarah was born October 21, 1827 in Wilkes County, North Carolina and died August 1, 1892 in Pecatonica, Ill. She is buried in Pecatonica Cemetery with daughter Dora (Isadora) Gray. Her parents were Imlah Ball and Lucy Johnson.

Larkin and Sarah�s son Dempsey Furgerson is found in the town of New Boston in 1870: Household #81 Dempsey Furgerson, 36, day laborer, born In; Anna E., 18, born Il; Alice F., 2, born Iowa. Dempsey married first to Mary Ann West on April 23, 1864 in Mercer County. She probably died at the birth of their first child and the child did not survive either. Nancy Ferguson tells us the wife given in 1870 is Anna Elizabeth Trusty whom Dempsey married in Ft. Dodge, Iowa. Alice Frances was born at Ft. Dodge, Iowa. They had another child Larkin Edwin born June 14, 1870 in Mercer County and then the family is found in Nodaway County, Missouri in the 1880 census. Their next child Adda Isabel Ferguson was born in Farley, Iowa on Sept 26, 1884. Their last child Dempsey Vearl Ferguson was born November 19, 1893 in Keithsburg, Mercer County, Illinois. Dempsey and Anna Ferguson are both buried in Greenmound Cemetery at Keithsburg.

Dempsey and Rebekah Ferguson: Son Dempsey Ferguson (son of John and Naomi) is found in New Boston Township in 1860: Household #1711 Dempsy Ferguson, 34, laborer, born Indiana; Rebekah D. Ferguson, 32, born NC; Eveline, 9, born Il; Ann M., 7, born Il; Asenith, 5, born Il; Cynthia J., 3, Il; John C. , 4/12, born Il; John W., 2, laborer, born In (obviously an age error!) Again, listing John W. at the end in the census record indicates he was not a direct family member. He is no doubt John Ferguson, age 22, son of Isom Ferguson, and brother of Rebekah. Nancy Ferguson tells us that Dempsey Ferguson married his cousin Rebekah Ferguson, daughter of Isom and Judeth Ferguson of North Carolina, on January 26, 1850 in Hamilton County, Indiana. Dempsey was born in Wayne County, Indiana on February 15, 1825 and died June 26, 1905 in Buffalo County, Nebraska. Rebekah was born September 11, 1827 in North Carolina and died June 22, 1912 in Buffalo County, Nebraska. The move to Buffalo County (about 1879) is interesting as other Mercer County families also moved there.

Dempsey and Rebecca are found in Blue River Township in Hancock County, Indiana in 1850: Dempsey Ferguson, farmer, 25, born In; Rebecca, 23, North Carolina. With them is Winneford M. Ferguson, 16, born North Carolina. This is Rebecca's sister Margaret Winifred Ferguson (see below under Isham Ferguson family.)

Dempsey and Rebekah are found in New Boston in 1870: Household #41 Demsey Furgerson (Sr), 44, laborer, coal yard, born Indiana; Rebecca, 42, born NC; Eveline, 19, born Il; Annirmurine (Ann M), 17, Il; Cenith/Asenith, 15, Il; John C., 10, Il; Charlie, 2, Il; Esther, 2, Il. Evaline married John J. McGraw on 1/7/1871. We find no record in Mercer for the others.

Dempsey Ferguson, son of John and Naomi, is referred to as Dempsey Ferguson, Sr. to differentiate him from Dempsey Ferguson, grandson of John and Naomi, and son of Larkin. They both served in Company B of the 65th Il Vol Infantry during the Civil War. Dempsey, Sr. enlisted February 10, 1862, mustered in on March 15, 1862 and was discharged October 31, 1862, disabled. Dempsey, Jr., enlisted on March 8, 1862, mustered in on March 15, 1862, reenlisted March 31, 1864 as a veteran. On April 17, 1864 he was transferred to a Consolidated Company B and mustered out on July 13, 1865.

Children of Isom and Judeth Ferguson who came to Mercer County

A cursory search of North Carolina records has turned up nothing on Isom or Isham Ferguson. Nancy Ferguson has sent us some information on the family based on the obituary of Margaret Winifred Furgason Jackson (Margaret Winifred Ferguson, married Jonathan Jackson on 6/25/1853 in Mercer County. More on this family on the Jackson page.) The name of Isom's wife as Judeth comes from that obituary. The names of Margaret's brothers and sisters listed in the obituary were: James Ferguson; Rebekah D. Ferguson; Margaret Winifred Ferguson; John W. Ferguson; Jerry Ferguson; George Ferguson; Charles Ferguson; Mary Ferguson; Lydia Ferguson.

Jerry and George Ferguson died in Indiana so apparently stayed there when some of the other children came to Mercer County. Charles Ferguson died in the Civil War.

Mary Ferguson Sellers : Mary Ferguson married David R. Sellars 3/12/1853 in Mercer County. They are found in Taylor County, Iowa in 1860: Davis Sellers, 30, Farmer, born Oh; Mary, 24, NC; Luther, 7, Il; Frances (f), 5, Il; John, 3, Ia; Malinda, 2, Ia; Louisa 2/12, Ia. In 1870 they are found in Hardin County Iowa: David Sellars, 41, farmer, Oh; Mary, 38, NC; Luther, 16,, Il; Frances, 15, Ia; John, 14, Ia; Malinda, 11, Ia; Louisa, 10, Ia; F. A. (m), 4, Ia; F. D. (f), 4, Ia, Lloyd, 2, Ia; W. A., 10/12, Ia. All the children down through the four year olds are listed as "scholars." The family was living in Nebraska at the time of Margaret's death.

Lydia Ferguson Lowry: Lydia Furgason married David Lowry on 1/23/1850 in Henry County, Indiana. By 1860 they are found in Township 14North Range 5West (New Boston), Mercer County: David Lowry, 28, farmer, born Va; Lydia, 28, NC; Louisa, 9, In; Ann E., 7, Il; Jonas, 5, Il; Mary, 3, Il; Lucy, 1, Il. They are gone from Mercer County by 1870. Lydia died in Missouri.

Rebekah Ferguson: Rebecca married her cousin Dempsey (see above under the John Ferguson family).

John W. Ferguson: John Ferguson came to Mercer County and was working for his brother James in New Boston in 1860, age 21. He is also listed in the census as working for Dempsey Ferguson who married his sister Rebekah. He served in Co G, 27th Illinois Infantry. He enlisted August 20, 1861, in Mercer County, mustered in on August 24, 1861, was wounded and mustered out September 20, 1864. John married Margaret J. Campbell on 9/27/1866 in Henderson County, Illinois. He was in Villisca, Montgomery County, Iowa in the 1880 census and was living in Cones, Iowa at the time of Margaret's death. Following is the 1880 census record: John W. Furgason, well digger, 40, born Indiana; Mattie Furgason, 40, born Il, father born Va, mother born NC; James Furgason, 12, born Il; Charles Furgason, 10, born Ia; Eva Furgason, 7, born Ia; Minnie Sallier, 15, stepdaughter, born Ia; Harry Sallier, stepson, born Ia. The stepdaughter and stepson labels are probably not correct and the children actually belong to some relative of Margaret. A Jane Bonetta Campbell married William H. Salyer, son of Charles and Priscilla Salyer, on 6/29/1858 in Henderson County. They are found in Afton, Union County, Iowa in 1870 and have a daughter Minnie, age 5, born Iowa who appears to be the Minnie found with with John and Mattie in 1880. At present we do not know how Jane and Margaret Campbell may be related.

James Ferguson Family: James is found in New Boston in 1850, single, age 22, working for Pleasant Jackson. Douglas Parr tells us he married Sarah Barrett but we have so far not located a marriage record in Illinois or Iowa. James and Sarah are found in the 1860 census in New Boston: James Ferguson, 30, clerk, born North Carolina; Sarah, 29, born In; Robert E., 7, In; John, 5, born Il; Luther, 2, born Il; John Ferguson, 21, laborer, born In. We also checked Indiana for a possible marriage record for James, since son Robert was born there, but found none. The family is still in New Boston in 1870: James Furgerson, 40, keeping warehouse, born Nc; Sarah Furgerson, 38, born Indiana; Robert Furgerson, 17, born In; John S. Furgerson, 14, born Il; Luther E. Furgerson, 11, born Il; Ida B. Furgerson, 9, born Il; Blanche Furgerson, 3, born Il. In the 1880 census they have an addition child, May Ferguson, born about 1873. James was a farmer at that time. Nancy Ferguson tells us he died in Gibbons, Nebraska

Son, John S. Ferguson, married Josie Faucett on 9/27/1883 in Mercer County. In 1880 son Luther was working as a farm laborer in Sweetland, Muscatine County, Iowa, for an Edward Emmack family.

Daughter Ida B. Ferguson married Charles Parr on 3/30/1886 in Mercer County. Charles was from Peoria, Illinois. Descendant Douglass Parr tells us they moved to Lowell, Nebraska and later to Woodburn Oregon where Charles Alva Parr had a cabinet shop.

5/1/2007 Added information about Malinda Ferguson, daughter of Samuel and Sarah Ferguson.