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Endicott/Mitchell Family

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Alternate Spellings - Yndecote, Yendicott, Endcote, Endecott, Indicott, et al

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John Endecott was acting Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony 1629-1630, and was elected to the office in 1644 and again in 1649, reelected every year from 1650 to 1655, with the exception of 1654. "He was a bold and energetic man, a zealous Puritan. He was intolerant of whatever he considered wrong." (From research being done by an Endicott group who is putting together a summary of available information on John Endecott. Their work can be seen at the Endicott List archives on Yahoo. The Endicotts on this page were descendants of Governor John. Some fascinating history of the family can be seen at the Endicott Web Site.

In the 1860 Census in New Boston Township in Mercer County, we find the following family:

#1762 Isaac Mitchell, 52, farmer, farm valued $2500, born Virginia
Mary Mitchell, age 45, born Kentucky
Franklin Mitchell, age 21, born Kentucky
Martha E. Mitchell, age 15, born Kentucky
Joseph Mitchell, age 13, born Kentucky

Further investigation of this family reveals that Mary Mitchell was Mary Morrow Endicott, widow of William Endicott, who died in 1848 in Harrison County, Kentucky. The three children are actually Endicott children: Franklin, son of William Endicott and his first wife, Elleanor Drummond; Martha & Joseph, daughter and son of William Endicott and his second wife, Mary Morrow.

These facts are verified by (1) 1850 Census record in Harrison County, Kentucky, District 1 as follows:
#422 Mary Endicott, 35, no occupation, born Ohio
Franklin Endicott, age 9, born Kentucky
Martha Endicott, age 5, born Kentucky
Jasper (Joseph) Endicott, age 3, born Kentucky
v (2) 1870 Census Record in Mercer County, Illinois, New Boston Township
Isaac Mitchell, 62, farmer, born Virginia
Mary Mitchell, 55, born Ohio
Joseph S. Endicott, 24, farmer, born Kentucky
Mary Elizabeth Endicott, 22, born Indiana
Stella Endicott, 1, born Illinois

Joseph S. Endicott married Mary Elizabeth Welch 5/28/1868 in Mercer County and Stella is their first child born 4/25/1869. Mary Elizabeth Welch was daughter of Harvey and Rachel Woodward Welch who lived about one mile east of Isaac Mitchell's farm. Joseph & Mary Elizabeth Welch Endicott had five more children born in Mercer County: Ida (or Iris), born 8/25/1870; Edward, born 5/24/1873; Rose, born 4/12/1875; Lillian (or Lillie), born 1/25/1877; and Clair, born 11/17/1878, died 12/21/1878, buried Shields Cemetery, Mercer County. There is more information on the children, as well as information on Mary Elizabeth's ancestry on the Woodward Web Page. Mary Elizabeth Welch Endicott died 2/21/1880 in Mercer County and is buried beside her daughter Clair. Joseph Endicott married widow Henrietta Terrell Hall on 4/19/1882 in Mercer County.

Isaac Mitchell died on 1/8/1881 in Mercer County and is buried next to Mary Elizabeth Welch Endicott and her daughter in the Shields Cemetery . After Isaac Mitchell's death the entire family including Mary Endicott Mitchell moved to Iowa. Mary Endicott Mitchell died in Carroll County, Iowa, on 23 March 1887, age 72yr 10mo 9da. She is buried in Coon Rapids Cemetery.

It is a mystery how widow Mary Morrow Endicott of Harrison County, Kentucky, became the bride of Isaac Mitchell of Mercer County, Illinois. Isaac Mitchell was a long time resident of Mercer County, having purchased 78 acres of land in the E2NW of Section 5 of New Boston Township on 9/27/1839. The Mitchells were still living on this land when the 1875 New Boston Township Plat was made. Unfortunately, Isaac is not found in the 1840 census in New Boston Township, so we cannot tell if he had a first family. He is found in the 1850 New Boston Township census, living alone, age 43, farmer, born Virginia. Sometime between 1850 and 1860 Isaac Mitchell and Mary Morrow Endicott met and married. Their marriage is not found in Mercer County records or in neighboring counties, so perhaps Isaac was in Kentucky for some reason and met and married her there. There are no Endicott relatives of Mary found in Mercer County in 1860. There are some Morrows but they do not appear to be connected, as they are younger than Mary and recently arrived from Pennsylvania.

William Endicott, father of Franklin, Martha & Joseph Endicott, was born 12/28/1799 in Harrison County, Kentucky. He was son of Moses & Martha Hill Endicott, and grandson of Thomas & Sarah Welch Endicott; who were early Kentucky pioneers (about 1786). There is much of their history on the Endicott Web Site. William Endicott married Elleanor Drummond March 7, 1821 in Harrison County, Kentucky. Among their first children was John Batson Endicott who is found in the 1850 census in El Dorado County, California, at the gold fields. William & Ellen Endicott's younges child, Henry Franklin Endicott, was born in March 1839. He was only five years old when widower William Endicott married Mary M. Morrow on July 19, 1844 in Harrison County, Kentucky. William & Mary Endicott had two children: Martha Ellen Endicott born 4/8/1845 and Joseph Samuel Endicott born 10/29/1847. William Endicott died in July 1848 leaving Mary Endicott with the three small children shown in the 1850 census.

Henry Franklin Endicott married Mary Hampton on 8/26/1860 in Rock Island County, Illinois, just north of Mercer County. She was the daughter of Henry & Parmelia Hampton of Rock Island County. Henry Hampton was born in Kentucky, so there may have been some prior Endicott/Hampton connection, although Henry Hampton arrived in Rock Island County about 1837. Henry Franklin Endicott served in the Civil War. He enlisted from Eliza Township on 8/12/1862 in Company K, 102nd Infantry. Mary Hampton Endicott's brother James Hampton enlisted from Eliza Township on the same date so they probably enlisted together. James Hampton was unfortunately killed 1/10/1863 at Gallatin, Tennessee. Frank Endicott survived the war and was mustered out on 6/6/1865. He would have participated in the battle of Kenesaw Mountain documented in a letter to the local newsaper in 1864. Henry Franklin Endicott is not found in Mercer County in 1870 and probably had gone on to Iowa.

Next to Mary Endicott Mitchell in the Coon Rapids, Iowa, cemetery, we find Louisa C. Endicott, died 9/6/1886 age 40yr 7mo 2ds, "wife of H. F. Endicott." Mary Hampton Endicott is not buried there so probably died before the Endicotts left Mercer County. Frank's marriage to Louisa is also not given in Mercer County and probably occurred in Iowa. Because of a lack of an 1890 census we may not be able to determine if Frank & Louisa had any children together. Frank Endicott and a third wife Ella are found in Willow Township, in Greene County, Iowa, in the 1900 Census Soundex. Union Township, Carroll County, and Willow Township, Greene County are directly adjacent to each other so Frank & Ella apparently lived just across the County line from Joseph and family. The Soundex record is reproduced below. All the children appear to belong to Ella Endicott.

1900 Frank Endicott, born March 1839, Kentucky, age 61
Ella Endicott, born April 1865, Iowa, age 35
Effie Endicott, born May 1890, Iowa, age 10
Earl Endicott, born November 1892, Iowa, age 8
Virgil Endicott, born April 1894, Iowa, age 6
Lottie Endicott, born September 1897, age 2

As time pemits we may try to obtain Frank Endicott's Civil War pension records (if any) to help sort out his family.

Joseph and Henrietta Hall Endicott are found across the County line in Carroll County in the 1900 Census Soundex:

1900 Joseph Endicott, born October 1847, Kentucky, age 52
Henrietta Endicott, born October 1849, Ohio, age 50
Joseph S. Endicott, born September 1883, Iowa, age 16

Henrietta Hall Endicott died 17 June 1928; Joseph Endicott died six months later on 9 December 1928 and both are buried in Coon Rapids Cemetery next to Mary Endicott Mitchell. We do not know the fate of Joseph Samuel Endicott, Jr. No marriage record is found for him in Carroll County.

Martha Ellen Endicott, half-sister of Frank Endicott and sister of Joseph Endicott, Sr., married Benton Pratt on New Years Day 1866. Benton Pratt was son of Rezin and Mary Long Pratt, early settlers of Mercer County. When Company G of the 124th Regiment of Illinois Volunteers was convened 9/10/1862, Benton Pratt was elected Second Lieutenant. Before the end of the War both the Captain and First Lieutenant of Company G resigned and Benton Pratt mustered out as Captain on 8/15/1865. He married Martha Ellen Endicott four months later.

From widow Martha Endicott Pratt's pension application papers we learn that the family went to Washington County, Iowa, about 1887. Washington County, Iowa is just west of Louisa County, across the river from Mercer County, so the Pratt's did not accompany the other Endicotts to central Iowa. Benton Pratt died of erysipelas contracted during the Civil War on July 4, 1899. He worked as a drayman in the town of Washington in Washington County. In January 1898 Benton Pratt filled out a form for the Bureau of Pensions listing his living children as:

Mary A. Pratt, born March 1, 1867
Cynthia Blanche Pratt, born November 11, 1868
Rezin P. Pratt, born October 11, 1871
Lola M. Pratt, born February 10, 1873
Harvey M. Pratt, born October 16, 1876
Josephine E. Pratt, born February 3, 1882
Elma Ruth Pratt, born August 15, 1892

Martha Endicott Pratt and family are found in the 1900 census in Washington City:

1900 Martha E. Pratt, born April 1845, Ky, widow, 7 children born, 7 living, father born Ky, mother born In
Lola Pratt, daughter, born February 1873, Iowa, age 27, servant
Mark Pratt, son, born October 1876, Iowa, drives delivery wagon
Josephine Pratt, daughter, born 1882, Iowa, servant
Ruth E. Pratt, daughter, born August 1892, Iowa, in school

We have not traced the three oldest children further. There is a rather cryptic note in our file (no source given) that a descendant of Benton & Marth Endicott Pratt filed a DAR application giving information that Cynthia Blanche Pratt married Joseph Benton Nichols 11/26/1890 in Washington City, Iowa. They had a son Joseph Benton Nichols born 11/28/1891 in Washington City, Iowa. The family eventually moved to California and Blanche died 7/3/1953 in Whittier. California. This same source states that Martha Endicott Pratt died 11/6/1933 in Cordova, Illinois. Until we find our source we do not know if the DAR application was filed for the Pratt family or the Endicott family!

Our roving reporter, Betty Welch, sent us the following obituary from the Moline, Illinois Dispatch, November 8, 1933: PRATT FUNERAL RITES WILL BE HELD IN IOWA - Cordova, Nov. 8 - Funeral services for Mrs. Martha M. Pratt, aged 88, who died near here at 7 Monday evening, will be held in the Christian church in Washington, Ia., at 11 tomorrow morning. Burial will be at Washington. Mrs. Pratt had lived with her daughter, Mrs. Charles Atkins, in Mrs. Atkins' home one and a half miles south of Albany, the last eighteen months. Mrs. Pratt had been an invalid ten years and blind three years. She is survived by five daughters, Mrs. J. C. Nichols of Corona, Cal., Mrs. J. E. Johnson, also of Corona, Mrs. Lola Goodicke of Los Angeles, Cal., and Mrs. Atkins; two sons, Paul of Denver and Mark of Washington, Ia., sixteen grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. The body will remain at Wendt Brothers' funeral home in East Moline until tomorrow when it will be taken to Washington.