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Delabar and Dungan Families

Includes notes on the Acheson/Achison Family
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Photo of Reamer and Susan Acheson DeLaBarre is courtesy of descendant Tom Fitch and of Mona Houser of the Buffalo County, Nebraska, Nebraska GenWeb Site. Fitch and Talbot photos on the site are Delabar relatives. Robert C. Acheson/Achison was born about 1812 in Pennsylvania. Wife Mary Jane was born about 1814 in Pennsylvania. Son James C. Achison was born about 1845 in Pennsylvania. He operated a steam grist mill for grinding feed in Eliza Township. Susan Achison was born about 1851 in Pennsylvania and married Reamer Delabar on 1/1/1870 in Mercer County. Son Robert A. Achison was born about 1853 in Pa. There is a photo of Robert A's family farm in Watertown Nebraska at the Library of Congress "Prairie Settlement, Nebraska" web site. Type in Watertown as a query. 1880 Eliza Township census: Robert C. Acheson, 69, Pa; Mary Jane, 56, Pa; James C. Acheson, 36, Pa.

Alternate Spellings - Acheson, Achison, Atchison, Ackinson; Delabar, DeLabor, Delaban, Dilebar, Dillabar, DeLaBarre, Dellabar; Dunagan, Dungan, Duncan. Mercer County records have the spelling as Delabar and Dillabar. There were DeLaBarre records in Cook County, Illinois. There was a large contingent of Delabars in Adams County, Illinois, all from Germany. Tom Fitch tells us the family has Basque origins which would fit with their being both French and German variations of the name.

Links - Drury, Levi Willits, Daniel Noble, Pratt, Riggs, Wolfe

Contacts - Tom Fitch has much information on the Delabar family, especially in Nebraska and has posted photos on the Nebraska GenWeb Site (link in the Achison paragraph above). Some of these photos have in turn been posted on the Library of Congress American Memories "Prairie Settlement, Nebraska - Photos and Letters 1862-1912 Web Site (this Web Site can also be reached from the Nebraska site by clicking on "Solomon Butcher Photographs"). Type in Watertown on the Query page and it will bring up Acheson and Fitch photos among others. There is an interesting photo there of an Acheson family living room. On the wall of the living room is a portrait of the parents, Robert and Mary Acheson, who are also parents of Susan Acheson DeLaBarre. We also heard from Janice Pritchard, whose husband is a descendant of John Ira Dungan.

Aaron and Elizabeth Delabar are the probable progenitors of the Mercer County Delabars. They were born and probably married in Pennsylvania. They came to Mercer County, as many early settlers did, by way of Indiana. Four daughters married in Fayette County, Indiana: Margaret to Kenzie D. Ross on 11/24/1831; Nancy to Robert R. Dungan on 12/27/1832; Betsey to Benjamin Dungan on 1/31/1822; and Jane to Daniel McCray 7/27/1832. The two Dungan families and the McCrays came to Mercer County with Aaron and Elizabeth Delabar. We find no evidence that the Ross family came to Mercer County. The Delabars were probably in Indiana as early as 1820, as daughter Jane was born in Indiana in 1820.

Aaron Delabar purchased three parcels of land in Eliza Township between 1836 and 1838: W2NE32 on 2/13/1836; NENW Sec 32 on 5/5/1836; and E2 SE 32 on 5/25/1838 for a total of 200 acres. The location can be seen on the 1875 Eliza Township Plat Map. The land by 1875 is under different ownership.

Aaron and Elizabeth Delabar are found in the 1840 census in Mercer County: 1 male 60-70, 1 male 20-30 [Joseph?]; 1 male 15-20 [?]; 1 male under 5; 1 female 60-70, 1 female 20-30 [Mary Ann]; 1 female 15-20 [Susan]. Given the age of Elizabeth, it is likely that the male under 5 was a grandson or some other relative. We have not discovered the identity of the male age 15-20.

Aaron Delabar evidently died before 1850 as widow Elizabeth is found in Eliza Township in 1850, age 69, born Pennsylvania. We then have only the estimated age of Aaron as born between 1770 and 1780 from the 1840 census. We do not find a cemetery record for Aaron in Mercer County. He was probably buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery, as other members of the family were, and no stone survived when the cemetery walkdowns were done in the 1960's.

More on the Children of Aaron and Elizabeth Delabar

Susan Delabar Howey

Daughter Susan Delabar married Harris Howey on 12/25/1840 in Mercer County. There is a Harris Howey found in Placerville, El Dorado County, California in the 1850 census but it is not the correct one as he is too young. Susan Delabar Howey evidently died before 1844 as Harris Howey married Sarah Jane Marshall on 20 March 1844 in Louisa County, Iowa and he is found with Sarah and her parents in 1850 in Wapello, Louisa County, Iowa. They have a daughter Virginia, age 2, and a son Thomas age 7/12 so evidently there were no surviving children of the marriage to Susan Delabar.

Jane Delabar McCray

With Elizabeth Delabar in 1850 in Eliza Township we find daughter Jane and family: Daniel McCray, 35, farmer, born Ohio; Jane, 30, born In; Elizabeth, 6, born Il; and Jane, 4, born Il. We find no further record of the McCray family in Mercer County, except possibly for John McCrea who married Eva Wolfe on 6/2/1881.

Mary Ann Delabar Noble

Daughter Mary Ann Delabar taught school, as there is a note in the History of Mercer County 1882 that "the first school-house in Eliza township was built on top of the bluff, a short distance from where D. F. Noble now lives. The house was built of logs, and the first school taught in it was presided over by Miss Mary Ann Delabar..." (see our schools page where we indicate this would have been before 1845. We also know it was before 1843 as Mary Ann married in 1843). The teaching tradition was carried on by a niece, Mary Delabar, who is found as a teacher, age 25, in Abington Township in 1880, and boarding out with a Heath family.

Mary Ann married Daniel Wayne Noble, son of Daniel and Barbara Fruit Noble on 3/11/1843 in Mercer County. Mary Ann died 2/10/1845 (age 34 yr 4mo 25 dy) and her baby Aaron died 10/3/1845 and both are buried in Eliza Cemetery. We will be putting up more on Daniel Wayne Noble on the Noble page as there is some possibility the tombstone reading is wrong and that there was another son.

Nancy Delabar Dungan

Living next door to Elizabeth Delabar in 1850, we find daughter Nancy Dungan, age 45, born Pennsylvania, and her son, John Dungan, age 10, born Illinois. Nancy and Robert Dungan married in Fayette County, Indiana, on 12/27/1832 (more on this family below).

Elizabeth Delabar Dungan

Daughter Elizabeth "Betsey" Delabar and husband Benjamin Dungan also came to Mercer County (actually Rock Island County). They were married on 1/31/1822 in Fayette County, Indiana. We believe that Benjamin and Robert Dungan were brothers and they also had a brother Joseph born about 1801 in Pennsylvania, and found in Union County, Indiana in 1850 (next door to Fayette County). There was probably another brother who is the male 20-30 with Robert in the 1840 census.

Benjamin Dungan died on 2/23/1851 (age 46) and Betsey died on 12/7/1847 and both are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. See Elizabeth Delabar Dungan family below for information on their children.

Joseph M. Delabar

We have reason to believe as discussed below under the Joseph Delabar Family that the male age 20-30 in the 1840 census was Joseph M. Delabar. We do not find Joseph or any other male in land records, census records, or marriage records in Mercer County. We do know there were descendants in Mercer County. In the 1860 census we find Reamer Dillabar, age 15, working as a laborer for the Harper Reed family in Eliza Township. He is the only Delabar found in the 1860 census in Mercer County. Civil War records give us two more names: Rossier Delabar who enlisted at New Boston on July 26, 1863 in Company G of the 124th Illinois Infantry; and Joseph Delabar who enlisted on 25 August 1862 in Company K of the 102nd Illinois Infantry. We also find the school teacher, Mary Delabar, age 25, in Abington Township, Mercer County, Illinois. She would have been born about 1855. Unfortunately the birthplaces of her parents are not given in the 1880 census. There is also a marriage for a Gertrude I. Delabar to James Officer in Mercer County on 4/25/1867. Tom Fitch tells us that Reamer Delabar also had a brother Charles Delabar. More on these descendants below.

Summary of Children of Aaron and Elizabeth Delabar

To recapitulate: Aaron and Elizabeth Delabar had the following children: Elizabeth Delabar born probably shortly after 1800, married Benjamin Dungan; Nancy Delabar, born about 1805, married (1) Robert Dungan and (2) Simeon Osbourne; possibly Joseph(?), born between 1810 and 1820, married Elizabeth Lander; Mary Ann Delabar, born about 1812, married Daniel Wayne Noble; Jane Delabar, born about 1820, married Daniel McCray; Susan Delabar, born between 1820 and 1825, married Harris Howey. There may have been more!

Elizabeth Delabar Dungan Family

Elizabeth Delabar married Benjamin Dungan on 1/31/1822 in Fayette County, Indiana. Elizabeth died 12/7/1847 and Benjamin died 2/23/1851; both are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery in Mercer County: Photo of Benjamin’s tombstone; Photo of Elizabeth’s tombstone (Photos courtesy Tom Fitch).

Benjamin and Elizabeth actually settled in Rock Island County sometime after 1843 as Benjamin and children are found there in the 1850 census: #1894 District #37: Benjamin Dungan, 40, farmer, born Pa; Elizabeth, 19, born Indiana; Jane [Martha J.], 15, Ind; Joseph, 14, Ind; William W, 12, Ind; Sarah, 9, Ind; Benjamin E., 7, Ind. Daughter Ruth A. Dungan died in 1847. We also believe the John Dungan, age 22, in Eliza Township in 1850 is son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Dungan. Aaron Dungan, age 26, in New Boston Township in 1850 also fits with the marriage date of Benjamin and Elizabeth Dungan. (Bear in mind, however, that the last two are not proven.)

Some of the children of Benjamin and Elizabeth Dungan are found together in Millersburg Township in 1860: Family #1555 William Riggs and wife Elizabeth Dungan Riggs, 30, born In; Family #1556: Joseph L. Dungan, 23, farmer, born In; William Dungan, 22, laborer, born In; Sarah H. Dungan, 19, born In. More on these below.

Two of their children died and are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Martha J. Dungan, died 1/14/1855, age 20 yr 6 mo; this is Jane in the 1850 census. Ruth A. Dungan died 12/14/1847, age 2 yr, 10 mo, daughter B. B. and Elizabeth Dungan. Since Ruth died a week after her mother it is suspected they both died of disease.

Aaron & Tamar Pratt Dungan

Aaron Dungan, age 26, farmer, born Ohio, is found in New Boston Township in 1850 with wife Tamar, age 32, born Pennsylvania, and son John P. Dungan, age 6. We do not believe the Ohio birthplace precludes him from being son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Delabar, as Fayette County, Indiana, adjoined the Ohio County line and we have seen both Indiana and Ohio birthplaces given in a number of families. The 1860 census record has been transcribed as Aaron Dangier, age 36, liveryman, born Ohio. In addition to son John, age 16, they have a son Edmund, age 7, both born Illinois. Aaron's wife was Tamar Pratt, daughter of John and Avarilla Pratt, and sister of Annie Pratt who married Aaron's brother, John Dungan, below. The family is found in Eliza Township in 1870: Aaron Dungan, 45, farmer, born Ohio; Tamar, 45, born Pa; John, age 23, assisting on farm; Edmund, 18, assisting on farm.

In 1880 they are found in Newark, Kearney County, Nebraska: Aaron Dungan, farmer, 57, born Ohio (birthplace of parents not given); Tamar, age 64, born Pa, father born Md, mother born Pa; Martha Dungan, daughter, age 16, born Illinois, parents born Ohio. Son Edmund Dungan, age 27, born Illinois, farmer, is found next to them: Edmund, 27, Il, father born Oh, mother Pa; Rhoda, 27, born Il, parents born Oh; Myrtle Dungan, 3, born Ne; Ira, 1, born Ne. With them are two former Mercer County residents: Anderson Kirlin, 58, born W. Virginia, and Ledrew Willits, 35, born Il.

Son John P. Dungan married (1) Frances McDowell on 8/20/1862 and (2) Rachel Valentine, daughter of Absom and Susannah Valentine, on 9/11/1866 in Mercer County. John and Rachel had a daughter Jennie born about 1867, died 3/2/1872 and buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. They had a son Aaron, born about 1869; a son Charles, born about 1870, a daughter Ella, born about 1872 and a daughter Susan born about 1875 in Iowa.

In 1880 they are found in Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska. An 1890 Kearney, Nebraska Directory gives: John P. Dungan, LaPlatte Land Company, traveling agent, of Omaha 7th Avenue 1916; laborer Charles E. Dungan at same address; and Miss Maude Dungan at the same address.

John and Annie Pratt Dungan

We believe that the John Dungan found in Eliza Township in 1850, age 22, laborer, born Indiana, wife Ann, age 22, born Indiana, has to be the son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Delabar Dungan, since his age does not fit with son John of Nancy Delabar Dungan. The History of Mercer County 1882 gives John as the husband of Annie Pratt, daughter of John and Avarilla Pratt, and sister of Tamar above. They married 8/31/1848 in Mercer County.

In 1860 they are living next door to Jonah and Elizabeth Pratt (brother and sister-in-law of Annie and Tamar): John Dungan, age 33, born In; Annie, 34, born Pa; Tamar, 7, Il; Jane, 4, Il; Aaron, 3, Il; Nancy, 1. They had a son Lacy L. Dungan born 7/21/1849 and died 8/23/1850 and buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. They had a son Benjamin H. Dungan, born 12/3/1850, died 12/28/1856 and buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. They had an unnamed daughter born and died in 1854 and another born and died in 1866 and buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

We believe this John Dungan enlisted in Co G of the 124th Ill Inf on Aug 3, 1862. There is a cryptic discharge note for him "Dec 1, 1864 for prom (promotion?) in 64th U. S. C. (Cavalry?)." The John Dungan family moved to Iowa sometime before 1867 where a son Wells W. was born in 1867 and a son Walter was born in 1869. They then moved to Clay Center, Kansas, where they are found in the 1880 census: John B. Dungan, 54, farmer, born Indiana; Annie, 54, born Pa, father born Md, mother born Pa; Aaron L., son, 32, laborer, born Il ; Annie Mary, 18, Il; Sarah, 16, Il, Wells W, 13, Ia; Walter, 11, Ia.

William and Elizabeth Dungan Riggs

There is a sketch of William Riggs, son of Thomas and Rebecca Jenkins Riggs, in the History of Mercer County 1882 under Millersburg Township: "In 1851, he was married to Elizabeth Dungan, native of Indiana, born 1830, daughter of Benjamin and DeLabor Dungan, by occupation farmers. The former was a carpenter by trade. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal church, and came to Mercer county with the early settlers."

The sketch tells us that William and Elizabeth had one son Thomas B. Riggs who married Loretta McClanahan in 1872. Thomas and Loretta had children: Guy H. Riggs; Robert A. Riggs; Lillian Riggs, died befoe 1882; and James H. Riggs. In addition to son Thomas, William and Elizabeth took in several orphans over the years. (Note to researchers: This is important as often the orphans are carried in records with their foster parent's surnames!)

Martha J. Dungan

was born about 1834 and died 1/14/1855 and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery, age 20 yr, 6 mo.

Joseph S. Dungan

born 10/8/1836 and died 4/9/1863 at St. Louis, Missouri. In the 1860 census he is next door to sister Elizabeth Riggs. On 8/4/1862 he enlisted in Co G of the 124th Illinois Infantry as a Sergeant and the death date is from the Illinois Adjutant General's report. There is a stone for him in Eliza Creek Cemetery: Joseph S. Dungan, Co G, 125th Regiment died 4/28/1863 age 26 yr 6 mo 20 dy.

William and Adaline Gailey Dungan

William Dungan married Adaline L. Gailey, daughter of Samuel and Sarah Gailey on 11/17/1863 in Mercer County. William C. Dungan is found in Aledo in 1870: William C. Dungan, 30, sheriff, born Indiana; Adaline, 23, born Pa; Willimetta, 5, and Charles, 1. Charles was born 3/23/1870 and died 8/21/1871 and is buried in the Kiddoo-Peniel Cemetery in Mercer County.

In 1880 the family is found in Newark, Kearney County, Nebraska near William's brother Aaron. Children are Mary [Willametta], 15, born Il; Willie, 4, born Il. William gives his father as born East Virginia and his mother as born Kentucky. He is listed with brother Joseph and sister Sarah next door to sister Elizabeth Dungan Riggs in 1860. There were Dungans from East Virginia and Kentucky but that is not a likely parentage for William.

Benjamin and Cynthia Grandstaff Dungan

Benjamin is not in the 1860 census in Mercer County but he married Cynthia Grandstaff on 1/2/1865 in Mercer County.

They are found in Key West, Coffee County, Kansas in the 1880 census: B. F. Dungan, 37, born In, parents born Pennsylvania; Cinthia, 37, born Ohio, father born Va, mother born Pa; Oliver, 13, born Ks; Orin L., 9, born Ks; Frank B., Ks; Benjamin J., 3, Ks; Arthur B., 2, Ks. Benjamin wrote a letter that was published in the Aledo Weekly Record on 10/13/1875 "A Soldiers View, Burlington, Coffee County, Kansas 10/4/1875, Not being a resident of Mercer County it may seem out of place for me to have anything to say in her politics. But as no one has spoken of the war record of D. T. Hindman, I having served in the same company with him am determined with your permission to give it to the people through the Record, that those who are not acquainted with him or any of his Co (Co I, 17th Illinois Regiment) may know his record as a soldier. Here it is in short. In conduct and conversation he was a gentleman; he was prompt and correct in business, and was always at his post when duty called. I know but little of his civil life except that he was a faithful son to an aged mother. It seems to me that it is seldom that one will get a chance to vote for one so every way worthy of the position he seeks. B. L. Dungan" Benjamin Dungan was indeed a member of Company I, enlisting from Aledo on May 25, 1861, and mustering out on June 4, 1864. (For information on the Hindmans see the Levi Willits page.)

Reuben and Sarah H. Dungan Greer

Sarah Dungan, was born about 1841 in Indiana and married Reuben H. Greer on 7/4/1871 in Mercer County. They are found in Platte, Dodge County, Nebraska in 1880: Reuben H. Greer, age 32, born Il; Sallie H. Greer, age 38, born Indiana, parents born Indiana. No children. We are fairly certain that Sarah was a daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Dungan as she is found next door to sister Elizabeth Dungan Riggs in 1860 and with brothers Joseph and William.

Ruth A. Dungan

Ruth A. Dungan, daughter of B. B. and Elizabeth Dungan, died 12/14/1847, age 2 yrs, 10 mos., and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Ruth's mother, Elizabeth, died just one week before Ruth so it is quite possible they both died of disease.

Nancy Delabar Dungan Family

Nancy Delabar married Robert R. Dungan on 12/27/1832 in Fayette County, Indiana and we believe he is likely related to Elizabeth Delabar's husband, Benjamin Dungan (since that is only based on proximity, it may not be correct!). Robert and Nancy were listed in the 1840 census in Mercer County: Robert F. Dungan, trader, 1 male 30-40, 1 male 20-30, 2 males under 5, 1 female 30-40. Robert died before 1850 and widow Nancy was living next door to mother, Elizabeth Delabar in 1850. Nancy Delabar Dungan married Simeon Osbourne on 9/12/1852 in Mercer County.

In August 2002 we heard from a descandant of Robert and Nancy, Mildred Dungan Bridges, and she kindly shared information on the family. She believes that Robert died about 1848 in Mercer County. They had four children: John Wilson Dungan (5/15/1837); Oscar Dungan (about 1840); William H. Dungan (12/1/1845); Robert R. Dungan (11/16/1847). It is not clear where these children were in 1850. The 1850 census gives son John, age 10, as the only child with her in 1850. A search of the 1850 census records in Mercer County turns up no more of the children.

In 1860 the family is found in Montgomery County, Indiana in Coal Creek Township: John W. Dungan, 23, farmer, Indiana; Nancy Osborn, 52, domestic, Ohio; Oscar Dungan, 20, farmer, Il; William Dungan, 15, farmer, Il; Robert R. Dungan, 12, Il. Nancy Osborn is of course Nancy Delabar Dungan Osborn. We do not know if Simeon died or if they separated.

Son John Wilson Dungan married Laura Ann Arms, daughter of Oren and Cynthia Hubbard Arms, on Dec 1, 1864 in Attica, Fountain County, Indiana. They are found in Grant Township, Benton County, Indiana in 1880: #207 John Dungan, 3, farmer, In, Oh, Ky; Laura A., 42, In, Va, Va; Lucetta, 14, In; Martha D., 9, In; Oren, 6, In; and John [Ira], 2, In. In 1900 John was living with son Oren in Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana: #246 Oren Dungan, Nov 1873, 26, In, In, In, farmer, Dora, 17, In, In, In;p John, fasther, May 1837, In, In, In. John died Jan 2, 1917 in Frankfort, Clinton County, In.

There is no further record of son Oscar Dungan except the single census record in 1860 in Montgomery County, Indiana, indicating he was born about 1840 in Illinois. Son William H. Dungan married Cecelia E. Fritch on Oct 23, 1873 in Oxford, Benton County, Indiana. William died Mar 18, 1929 in Des Moines, Iowa. Son Robert R. Dungan married Laura M. Ireland about 1876 in Benton County, Indiana. Robert died December 4, 1912 in Boswell, Benton County, Indiana. Millie has much more information on the family except Oscar. Both John W. and William H. Dungan served in the Civil War.

Joseph M. and Elizabeth M. Lander Delabar Family

Joseph M. Delabar was born between 1810 and 1820 if he is the son of Aaron Delabar given in the 1840 census in Mercer County. We are not certain that he is son of Aaron Delabar, as according to History of the Lander Family of Virginia and Kentucky (David Lander, 1926, Chicago, Il) Joseph DeLaBarre was a dentist in Knoxville, Illinois. According to Illinois marriage records, Joseph Delabar married Elizabeth M. Lander on 2/7/1844 in Warren County, Illinois, just south of Mercer County. Elizabeth Matilda Lander, daughter of Levi and Matilda Lindsay Lander, was born about 1819 in Kentucky. Her mother died in 1819, probably in childbirth. Elizabeth lived with her grandmother and another relative in Kentucky for several years and then went to Knoxville, Illinois. There she met and married Joseph DeLaBarre. He was a dentist, but a vain and worthless fellow, and finally abandoned his wife, with several children to care for.

There is a record of a Joseph M. Delabar serving in the Mexican War, enlisting from Quincy, Illinois. He could be this Joseph M. Delabar, although there were a number of Delabar families in Adams County and around Quincy, Illinois.

Elizabeth Lander Delabar was living with daughter Gertrude in Cass County, Missouri in 1870. She was working as a housekeeper, age 60, born Kentucky, in the 1880 census in Baker, Crawford County, Kansas. She was two doors from children Rossier Delabar and Getrude Delabar Officer. There are a number of uncertainties about Joseph and a possible relationship to Aaron Delabar of Mercer County. The only reason we even suspect any connection is that three, and possibly four, children of Joseph and Elizabeth were in Mercer County in the 1860s. These included Reamor Delabar, age 15, working for the Harper Reed family in Eliza Township in 1860; Gertrude Delabar who married in Mercer County in 1867; Rossier Delabar who served in the Civil War from Mercer County; and possibly Joseph Delabar who also served in the Civil War from Mercer County. Also Mary Delabar, born about 1855, a school teacher in Mercer County in 1880, might have been a daughter.

Joseph Delabar

Joseph Delabar, possible son of Joseph and Elizabeth Delabar, enlisted in Company K of the 102nd Illinois Infantry on 25 August 1862. No place of residence is given, but the enlistees in this company were from Eliza, Duncan, and Millersburg Townships in Mercer County and the captain was from Aledo so we are fairly certain that Joseph belonged to the Mercer County Delabars. He was discharged as disabled on 23 January 1863; we find no pension record for him and have no further information.

Reamor Revista Delabar

Reamor, age 15, was working for the Harper Reed family in Eliza Township in Mercer County in 1860. This supports the story that his mother, Elizabeth, was abandoned by her husband as Reamor would have been put out to work very early. Reamor married Susan Achison, daughter of Robert and Mary Jane Achison on 1/1/1870 in Mercer County. They are found in the 1870 Mercer County census, next door to Robert and Mary Jane Achison: Reamer Delabar, 24, farmer, born Illinois; Susan, 19, born Illinois. Tom Fitch tells us there is a family story that Reamor went to Kentucky and tried to enlist in the Confederate Army. Given his mother's Kentucky background this is possible. Reamor however finally enlisted on the Union side in the 9th Cavalry in Iowa. The photo at the top of the page comes from the Amherst Centennial Book, Amherst, Buffalo County, Nebraska, 1880-1990. The book includes a short sketch about Reamor and Susan: "Reamor R. DeLaBarre was born September 4, 1846. Sue D. Acheson was born February 19, 1851 in Crawford County, Pennsylvania to Robert (born 1812) and Mary Jane Acheson (born 1824)...Reamor and Sue were married January 1, 1870 in Mercer County, Illinois. They came to Nebraska in March 1879, settling on a sheep ranch south of Gibbon, later to Armada Township, Section 24, near Watertown. They had five children: two boys, Charles and Lee and three girls, Effie, Cecil, and Gertrude... ." Gertrude is the ancestor of Tom Fitch. Susan died suddenly in 1909 (obituary on roots web scroll down to it on the page) and Reamor lived with daughter Gertrude. Despondent over the death of Susan, in 1911 he took his own life. The naming of a daughter Gertrude ties Reamor as brother to the Gertrude Delabar who married James Officer in Mercer County. Gertrude Officer had a grandchild, Reamor, so we have no doubt of the relationship.

James and Gertrude I. Delabar Officer

The first record we have of Gertrude is her marriage on 4/25/1867 to James Officer in Mercer County. James Officer had married Mary Jane Thompson on 20 September 1849 in Muskingum County, Ohio and they had a daughter Elizabeth Alice Officer, born 1851, in Ohio, plus son James R. Officer, born about 1854, and daughter Mary C. Officer, born about 1856 in Mercer County, Illinois.

They are found in Millersburg Township, Mercer County, in 1860: James Officer, 40, farmer, born Pennsylvania; Elizabeth A., 38, born Ohio; James R., 7, born Il; Mary C., 5, born Il; Elizabeth A., 9, born Il. However with further help from Tom Fitch and some more research it appears that this census record may be in error in showing James's wife as Elizabeth A. as he was married to Mary Jane Thompson until she died about 1861. She is purportedly buried in Aledo Cemetery although her name is not found in the Mercer County, Cemetery records. The name of daughter Elizabeth A. appears to have been copied twice in the census creating the error. If anyone has information to the contrary we would like to hear it.

James Officer was among the many families leaving Mercer County before 1870. The family is found in Pleasant Hill, Big Creek Township, Cass County, Missouri: James Officer, 46, farmer, born Pa; Gertrude, 23, born Il; Alice, 19, Oh; James, 16, Il; Mary 14, Il; Henrietta E., 2, Mo; Elizabeth Delabarr, 50, born Kentucky; and two male farm hands.

They moved on to Kansas where they are found in Baker Township, Crawford County in 1880: James Officer, 56, Pa; Gertrude, 31, Il, father born Ohio, mother born Kentucky; Thadeus, 9, Mo; Charles, 7, Mo; William R, 4, Ks. James Officer apparently died before 1900 as Gertrude is found in Washington Township, Crawford County with Thaddius, son, born October 1870; Jessie, daughter-in-law, born June 1880; William R., son, born January 1876, Ks; and Thomas R., son born July 1885, Kansas. William R. is found in the 1910 census, with wife Leora and a son Reamor, age 7, born Kansas. We therefore have no doubt that Gertrude and Reamor were brother and sister.

Rosier and Elizabeth Alice Officer Delabar

Rossier Delabar enlisted at New Boston, Illinois on July 26, 1863 in Company G of the 124th Illinois Infantry. He mustered out on 15 August 1865 and apparently went to Missouri with sister and brother-in-law, James and Gertrude Delabar Officer. On January 1, 1871 he married Gertrude's step-daughter, Alice Elizabeth Officer in Cass County, Missouri. Rossier and family are found next door to Gertrude and family in the 1880 census in Baker Township, Crawford County, Kansas: Rosiar DeLabarre, 38, born Il, father born France, mother born Kentucky; Alice E., 29, born Oh, parents born Pa; Allison, 9, born Mo; Joseph, 5, born Ks; Elizabeth, 2, born Ks.

Charles and Lucy Talbot Delabar

We were uncertain of the parentage of Charles as in the 1880 Kearney, Kearney County, Nebraska Census his parents are given as born Illinois: Charles Delabar, age 28, born Illinois, parents born Illinois; Lucy, 20, born Nebraska, parents born Ireland; Violet Delabar, 1, born Ne; unnamed son Delabar, 1 month, born Nebraska. They are living next door to Lucy Talbot's parents: John Talbot, 49, born Ireland; Mary Talbot, 48, born Ireland; Mary Ann J. Talbot, 24, born Ks; Pauline Talbot, 16, born Nebraska. There was a photo of Lucy Talbot Delabar among Reamor's family photos and there is family lore about John Talbot serving in the Civil War at Fort Kearney, Nebraska. Tom Fitch has recently sent us the 1910 Kearney County, Nebraska census where Charles' parents are given as born Indiana and Kentucky which is a match for Joseph and Elizabeth. We have also learned from descendants that his middle name was Lander firmly making the connection.

2/20/2010 Made an adjustment in the record of James and Gertrude Delabar Officer information above.