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Contacts: Amy Deeds Torres has been very helpful. She has researched the children of Elizabeth Ann Deeds. We also found an obituary of Susan Deeds Poland posted on the Mercer County ILGenWeb Obituary Board that was quite helpful.

Caution: Please pay attention to the language of items listed below - in other words there are a lot of uncertainties and we try to call out where there might be problems with the information given.

John Deeds of Pennsylvania

We find a John and Adam Deeds in Coshocton County, Ohio in 1850 and from their ages and birthplace have assumed they are brothers. Addtional evidence of some relationship is that they both have children born in Ohio starting in 1832 and thus we think they came together from Pennsylvania. There is also a Daniel Deeds, age 57, born Virginia, working for a Maine family in the 1850 census in Crawford Township, Coshocton County, Ohio, but we have no idea of a relationship.

John Deeds is shown in 1850 living with his son Robert.
1850, Oxford Township, Coshocton County, Ohio
#17 Robert Deeds, 46, farmer, born Pa; Nancy, 37, Pa; John C., 20, Pa; Susanna, 18, Oh; Samuel, 15, Oh; Sarah, 13, Oh; Abraham, 11, Oh; Drusilla, 8, Oh; Francis, 6, Oh; Mary 3, Oh; John, 78, sickle maker, born Pa.

We find two other purported sons of John Deeds in Adams Township in Coshocton, Ohio in the 1850 census: #71 John J. Deeds, 49, farmer, born Pa; Elizabeth, 48, Pa; George, 27, Oh; William, 19, Ohio, and Susan R., 16, Ohio. Next door at #72 is a likely son of John J.: John Deeds, 29, farmer, Ohio; Christena, 20, Oh; William J.,2, Oh; Mary J., 1, Oh; Mary A. Flexer, 22, Oh. Son John Deeds, wife Christena, and son William are buried in the Mannon Cemetery in Mercer County: John Deeds Sept 1821-Jan 22, 1892; Christena, his wife July 24, 1830-Dec 29, 1893; William Deeds 1848-1898; Vina, his wife 1856-1886.

#71 above appears to be John Jacob Deeds. The Mercer County Obituary of Susan Deeds Poland gives her parents as John Jacob Deeds and Mary Elizabeth Rauch. It gives Susan as marrying Joseph Poland and the two leaving Ohio shortly after their marriage and arriving with the bride's parents in Illinois in 1854. It gives Susan as born November 15, 1836 and married August 1, 1854 to Joseph Poland and that they came to Joy, Illinois. Susan died August 3, 1933.

There was already a Deeds family in Mercer County by 1850 but we do not know the relationship to the above families but it might have been the reason for the move to Mercer in 1854 by the Polands and Susan's parents? In Township 13N Range 4W we find #121 John R. Deeds, 40, born Ohio; Sarah, 32, born Ohio; Ann Margaret, 16, In; Elizabeth, 13, Il; Barbary, 11; Francis M, 4 (male), Il; Jasper Austin, 1, Il. This implies the family was in Illinois by 1837. Someone has indicated on the census record online that John's middle name was Roush so perhaps he was related to both the Deeds and Rausch families?

At #147 Adams Township, Coshocton, Ohio we find Solomon Deeds, 42, farmer, born Pa; Rachel, 46, Pa; Margaret, 15, Oh; Ephraim, 12, Oh; Sarah, 9, Oh; John, 8, Oh; Solomon, 5, Oh; Elizabeth, 4, Oh; Ceopnes 2/12 (female), Oh. We are not sure this one is a son of John. There are several other Deeds families in other townships in Coshocton so it is difficult to try to sort out families.

Adam Deeds of Pennsylvania

It is suggested that this is a brother of John Deeds above. His age is given quite variously in several records so we are not sure of his birthdate.
1850 White Eyes, Coshocton County, Ohio
Adam Deeds, 70, farmer, born Pa; Mary, 40, Pa; Lucinda, 26, Pa; Samuel 20, farmer, Pa; Jacob, 18, Ohio; Mary 14, Ohio; Solomon, 12, Ohio; Catharine, 10, Ohio. It seems possible that the first Mary, age 40, might be a second wife, since there is a daughter, 14, named Mary?

We currently have no further information on this family. We suspect there is a relationship to a Solomon Deeds found in Adams Township, Coshocton County, Ohio in 1850 because of the naming of a son by Adam of Solomon. Solomon Deeds 1850 census: #147 Solomon Deeds, 42, farmer, born Pa; Rachel, 46, Pa; Margaret, 15, Ohio, Ephraim, 12, Ohio; Sarah, 9, Oh; John, 8, Oh; Solomon, 5, Oh; Elizabeth, 4, Oh; Ceopnes (f) 2/12, Oh.

October 2011 Added Cemetery information for John and Christena Deeds and son William and wife Vina. Also added speculation about a relationship between the Adam Deeds family and a Solomon Deeds family.
January 2011 - started Deeds page.