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Links - David and Sarah Fry Noble, Cox, Delabar, Pratt, Essley, Gibson, Beverlin, Reed, Pullen, Freise, Morse, see Bishop, Irwin

Contacts - Cory Tarrant's Book "The Children of David and Sarah Fry Noble and Their Descendants";Jan Long for the David Fruit Noble family; David Skipton for the Littrel family.

Daniel Fry Noble (1787-1880)

Daniel Fry Noble was son of David and Sarah Fry Noble. Daniel Fry Noble was born 8/22/1787 in Anson County, North Carolina, and died 3/15/1880 in Eliza Township, Mercer County, Illinois. He married Barbara Fruit, daughter of George and Margaret Fruit, on 1/20/1811, in Butler County, Ohio. Barbara was born 1/22/1789, in Pennsylvania, and died 11/20/1876, in Mercer County. Daniel and Barbara are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery in Mercer County.

The History of Mercer County 1882 mentions that Daniel was "Scotch-English" and that Barbara was German. According to the History the family left North Carolina when Daniel was six years old and moved to Tennessee. Daniel went to Ohio at the age of 21 where he married Barbara, they then moving to Indiana until 1836, when they moved to Mercer County. David was drafted in the War of 1812 but never served as the war ended. It is here that the History mentions Daniel's father was a soldier in the Revolution (something that we have not been able to verify).

The History tells us:
In the fall of 1833 one David Shaunce came to Eliza Township and entered land on the E/2 of the SE/4 of Section 29. By mistake they built on the W/2 of the SE/4. One Hill then came and took a claim and built the best house then in the township but he built on the E/2 of the SE/4 which by right belonged to Shaunce. After considerable quareling over the land Shaunce sold it to D. F. Noble on condition that Shaunce should take possession of the place. Shaunce tried to get Hill off the property by legal means and then undertook it by force which was the cause of some heavy fist battles in the neighborhood. Hill finally moved off and went to Iowa and D. F. Noble took possession. Daniel Noble and his son, David Fruit Noble, also purchased land on 5/2/1836 in Section 30 Township 15 North Range 5 West; Daniel the W/2NW and David E/2 NE. Daniel also purchased land that Silas Drury had entered in 1835 and 1836 in Section 30 when Drury moved to Rock Island County. The land in Sections 29 and 30 is still in the family on the Eliza Township 1875 plat map. Daniel Noble built a house on the SE/4 of Section 30. He then moved to a small house on the western side of Lot 30 nearer the bluff and in 1881 built a fine new house near the smaller one. Eliza Creek Cemetery is situated just east of Daniel's house and the first schoolhouse in the township was near his house. Daniel bought and sold other pieces of property over the years.

The History continues:
The Indians were plentiful in the days of the first early settlers. One known as Slim Jim was particularly fond of lounging about the cabins of the settlers. One day he reported he had found a bee tree and one Mullen went to help him collect the honey. D. F. Noble and John Pratt heard the commotion and joined the work party in exchange for a promise of part of the honey. They soon felled the large tree and a small comb of honey fell out on the ground which Jim quickly picked up and ate. They soon found that was all the honey in the tree and Jim had a good laugh at their expense.
(Note: Where the initials D. F. are used in the County History it is difficult to tell whether Daniel Fry or David Fruit Noble is referenced.)

The first town meeting for Eliza Township was held at the house of Daniel Noble on April 2, 1854. Son D. W. Noble was one of three commissioners of highways chosen. D. F. Noble served as Township Supervisor for nine years. The Nobles at times held nearly all the principal offices of the township.

Daniel and Barbara Fruit Noble are found in Eliza Township in 1850, next to son David: Daniel Noble, age 60, farmer, born North Carolina; Barbary, 61, Pa; Anna, 29, born Indiana; Jonathan, 28, In; Hezekiah B., 17, In; George Noble, 23, born Indiana.

Daniel and Barbara Fruit Noble are found in Eliza Township in 1860: Daniel Noble, farmer, age 72, born North Carolina; Barbara, 72, born Pennsylvania; Ann, age 36, born Indiana; Hezekiah B. Noble, 24, born Indiana. William Malety (Malaby), age 26, born Indiana, is a laborer for them (he was son of Jane Long Malaby Noble Honeyman and stepson of John Summerfield Noble. The families were apparently close, as Daniel Noble was a witness for Jane's mother, Jemima Long, when she applied for a widow's pension in Mercer County. Granddaughter Sarah E. Essley, age 7, born Illinois, daughter of Josiah and Mary Noble Essley is also with them.

Daniel and Barbara are found in Eliza Township in 1870: Daniel Noble, 82, farmer, born North Carolina, Barbara A. Noble, 82, born Pennsylvania. With them is Frederick Fruit, age 21, farm laborer, born Ohio, no doubt a relative of Barbara's. The census errs in listing Hezekiah Brown Noble as Hezekiah Brown, and his sister Ann Noble as Ann Brown. Both are with their parents, Hezekiah as farm laborer, and Ann as housekeeper. Son David F. Noble lives next door so Daniel and Barbara had plenty of care from their children in their old age. Daniel died just before the 1880 census at the age of 92 and Barbara died in 1876 at the age of 87. Both are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

Daniel and Barbara Fruit Noble had children: Elizabeth Noble (born unknown and not proven); David Fruit Noble (b. 2/9/1813); Margaret Noble (b. 1815); Daniel Wayne Noble (b. 1817); Ann Noble (b. 1819); Jonathan Noble (b. 1822); Mary Noble(b. abt 1825); George Noble (b. 1827); and Hezekiah Brown Noble (b. 1833).

Descendants of Daniel Fry and Barbara Fruit Noble

(1)Elizabeth Noble (born unknown died unknown)

Barbara Essley Baker carries her as a child of Daniel and Barbara. She is also listed in Cory Tarrant's book but we have no further information on her and no proof that she was a daughter. If anyone can shed any light on this we would appreciate hearing from them. We do not know where she might actually be in the order of the children.

(2)David Fruit Noble (1813-1890)

David Fruit Noble was born February 9, 1813 in Fayette County, Indiana, and died 1/10/1890 in Mercer County, Illinois. He married Sarah Pratt, daughter of John and Avarilla Boner Pratt, on 1/26/1836 in Union County, Indiana. Sarah was born 4/17/1811 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and died 10/29/1881 in Mercer County, Illinois. In the 1880 census Sarah is shown as having paralysis. Both are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery which was on their homestead.

David Fruit Noble served at various times as Justice of the Peace, Township Supervisor, Postmaster, and School Director. His postmaster's salary was $1 per year, received as a lump sum at the end of 20 years service, hence his major occupation was farmer. During the Civil War he was appointed enrolling officer for Eliza and Millersburg Townships.

In 1850 David Noble and family were living next door to father Daniel in Eliza Township: David F. Noble, 37, farmer, born Indiana; Sarah, 38, Pa; Avarilla Noble, 13, Il; David, 9, Il; Ira, 11, Il; Barbary, 7, Il; Jefferson, 5, Il.

David and family are found in Eliza Township in 1860 two doors from his cousin, Lewis Noble, Jr, and three doors from his brother Daniel: David F. Noble, farmer, 47, born In; Sarah Noble, 49, born Pa; Ira Noble, 21, born Il; David Noble, 19, born Il; Elizabeth Noble, 17, born Il; Jefferson Noble, 15, born Il; Edmund Noble, 9, born Il.

In 1870 David is next door to his parents: David F. Noble, 58, farmer, born In; Sarah, 59, Pa; Elizabeth, 27, Il; Jefferson, 25, Il; Edmund, 19, Il. Son Ira lives next door.

In the 1880 census they are still in Eliza Township: David F. Noble, 67, farmer, born In, father born NC, mother born Pa; Sarah Noble, wife, 69, born Pa, parents born Pa; Barbara [Elizabeth] Noble, 36, born Il; Thomas J.[Jefferson} Noble, 25, born Il; Edmund H. Noble, 29, Il; Lydia Garvin, 22, born In, domestic servant; Nancy Weeks, 71 born Pa. We believe Nancy to be mother of Wesley Weeks [Wicks], deceased husband of Nancy Pratt, Sarah Pratt Noble's sister.

David and Sarah Pratt Noble had children: Avarilla Margaret Noble (b. 11/9/1836); Ira Noble (b. 2/11/1839); David Noble (b. 1841); Barbara Elizabeth Noble (b. 1843); Thomas Jefferson Noble (born about 1845); Laben Noble (b. 9/15/1847 d. 9/15/1847); Edmund H. Noble (b. 9/6/1850). The History of Mercer County notes they had eight children so there was perhaps one more that died.

Children of David Fruit and Sarah Pratt Noble

(1)Avarilla Noble Essley Shanahan

Avarilla Margaret Noble was born 11/9/1836 in Mercer County and died 12/23/1910 in Mercer County. She married Elisha Lemon Essley, son of William and Anna Lemon Essley, and grandson of John and Martha Hurd Essley, on 10/25/1857 in Mercer County. Elisha was born 4 May 1834 in Delaware County, Indiana, and died 10/28/1866 in Mercer County. Avarilla and Elisha are buried in Eliza Township. Avarilla married second to Michael Shanahan on 3/4/1878 in Mercer County. Michael was born 2/1846 in Ireland.

Avarilla Noble Essley and Elisha Essley had children: Thomas M. Essley (b. 9/13/1858 d. 2/13/1859); David Essley (b. 2/7/1861); William B. Essley (b. 3/9/1864), and Elisha Lemon Essley (b. 1866). We will continue this family on the Essley page (see link at top of page).

(2)Ira and Caroline Reed Noble

Ira Noble was born 2/11/1839 in Eliza Township and died 1/17/1908 in Mercer County. He married Caroline Mehitabel Reed, daughter of Joseph and Clarinda Baldwin Reed, on 9/22/1860 in Mercer County. Caroline was born 1/3/1837 in Indiana and died 12/28/1878 in Mercer County. Caroline apparently died in childbirth. Both Ira and Caroline are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

Ira and Caroline are found in Eliza Township in 1860 living next to Ira's parents and grandparents: Ira Noble, 31, farmer, born In; Caroline, 34, born Il; Sarah, 8, Il; Eva, 7, Il; Blanche, 5, Il; Clarinda, 3, Il; Avarilla, 1, Il. (this entry is curious as Avarilla was not born until 1871 as confirmed by the 1870 census - perhaps this was an earlier Avarilla who died? or they changed their mind about the name?)

Widower Ira is living in Eliza Township with all his children in 1880, with only his eldest daughter keeping house for them. Eva and Blanche were not in school and were probably kept at home to help. Of course other Noble families lived close by so they did not lack for help. Ira Noble, 41, farmer, born Il, father born In, mother born Pa; Sarah Noble, 18, born Il; Eva, 16, Il; Blanche, 14, Il; Clarinda, 12, Il; Gertie, 10, Il; Avarilla, 8, Il; Thomas, 6, Il; Caroline, 1, Il. Only Clarinda, Gertrude, and Avarilla were at school.

Daughter Sarah Noble was born 6/7/1862 and died 10/13/1889 in Mercer County. She married Max Widebrook 12/3/1887 in Mercer County. Sarah is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

Daughter Eva Noble was born 6/22/1864 and married C. A. Friese, Jr. 4/13/1887 in Mercer County.

Daughter Blanche Noble was born 10/10/1865 and died 1/11/1947 in Mercer County. She married L. A. Brockett on 12/30/1885 in Mercer County.

Daughter Clarinda Noble was born 11/15/1867 and died 4/4/1954 in Mercer County. She married (1) Everette Pullen on 6/2/1887 in Muscatine County, Iowa. Everette Pullen died 3/12/1897 and is buried in Eliza Cemetery. Clarinda married second to Ebenezer Faler (we do not find a date and place). Clarinda Noble Pullen and Everette Pullen had children: Nola Pullen (b 9/27/1888 d 3/1/1889); David Earl Pullen (b. 11/10/1889, d. 7/23/1890); Ralph Pullen (b. 6/23/1892, d. 8/15/1892); Eva Caroline Pullen (b. 10/12/1894, m. Joseph McCormick); Frank Pullen (b 8/31/1891, m. Mary McCormick); Walter Pullen, b. 12/23/1897). Clarinda Noble Pullen Faler and Ebenezer Faler had children: Frances, Ralph, Hazel, Edith, Ferris, and Mildred (more on the Falers can be found in Cory Tarrant's book).

Daughter Gertrude Noble was born 2/3/1869 and died 12/25/1953 in Mercer County. She married A. A. Morse on 2/19/1890.

Daughter Avarilla "Lillie" Noble, was born 5/21/1871 and died 12/27/1950 in Mercer County. She married W. Clinton Reed on 10/18/1897 in Mercer County.

Son Thomas Noble was born 12/27/1873 and died 12/1945 in Mercer County. He married Clara Gerard on 12/25/1895 in Mercer County.

Daughter Caroline Noble was born 12/28/1878 and died 7/28/1964 in Mercer County. She married Estelle Beverlin on 6/23/1897 in Muscatine County, Iowa.

(3)David and Eliza Hampton Noble

David Noble was named for both his father and grandfather. His marriage record to Eliza J. Hampton is as Daniel Noble but we do not know if he was Daniel David or David Daniel. They were married 3/2/1868 in Muscatine, Iowa. They had children Ora, John, Henry, Charles J., and Edmund H. Noble. David and Eliza are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Tom Fitch took a photo of their tombstone in 2006 and it was a new one, though there had been an older one read by the DAR in the 1960s.

(4)Barbara Elizabeth Noble

Elizabeth Noble is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery next to her parents: Elizabeth Noble 1843-1925. We have heard from Dolores Kennedy Hauger in March 2011 and she lists a second marriage of a Charles Henry Cox to Barbara Elizabeth Noble on 28 May 1890 in Mercer County, Illinois. Charles Henry and Barbara E. Cox are shown owning a home in Long Beach, Los Angeles County, Ca in 1920. Charles H. Cox, 73 born Il and Barbara E. Cox age 76. By 1930 Charles H. Cox had returned to Mercer County and was living with his son-in-law Fred Stevens so Barbara had indeed passed away. Why her stone only shows her as Elizabeth Noble we do not know. (There is always a possibility of a worn stone that cannot be totally read?)

More on the children of Daniel and Barbara Fruit Noble

(3)Margaret Noble Littrel (1815-1897)

We had no information on Margaret until hearing from a descendant who sent us the history of her family from "Biography's of Louisa County, Iowa" 1889 as well as sketches of her and husband Samuel Littrel from the same book. Margaret Ann Noble married Samuel Litteral on 12/26/1841 in Mercer County and they later moved to Iowa. Here is the biography (courtesy Dave Skipton):

"S. Littrel. a prominent farmer of Concord Township, Louisa County,residing on section 2, was born in Union County, Ind., in 1814, and was the eldest in a family of nine children born to John and Sarah (Asher) Littrel, natives of Tennessee, though the mother was of Irish descent. His father was born March 10, 1793, and his mother March 3, 1799. They were married in Tennessee, and almost immediately afterward moved to Indiana, which was then a Territory, and which was just beginning to be settled. In this wilderness, which it then was, they resided until their death, the former dying on the evening of July 24, 1835, and the latter the following morning. Both were buried in one grave.Our subject grew to manhood in his native State, receiving his education in the common schools. The year following the death of his parents, when twenty-two years old, he settled in Mercer County, Ill., where he engaged in breaking prairie for several years. In that county, in 1841, he was united in marriage with Margaret A. Noble, who was born in Indiana, and is a daughter of Daniel and Barbara A. (Fruit) Noble, the former a native of North Carolina, the latter of Pennsylvania. They went to Indiana when it was a Territory, the father there entering Government land, which he improved, and on which he lived until his removal to Mercer County, Ill., in 1836. The father died in that county in 1879, at the age of ninety-three years, and the death of the mother occurred in 1874, at the age of eighty-eight years.After their marriage Mr. Littrel and his young wife settled in Mercer County, Ill., but removed to Muscatine County, Iowa, in February,1844, where he bought land and improved a farm of 160 acres. Residing in Muscatine County until 1863, he then came to Louisa County, where he purchased an improved farm of 160 acres in Concord Township, which he now has under a high state of cultivation. In 1881 a nice farm residence was erected, which he still makes his home, though renting the land. This farm is pleasantly situated about two and three-fourth miles from Letts,in one of the finest farming districts of the country. Politically, Mr.Littrel is a Republican, and in 1840 voted for William Henry Harrison. He assisted in organizing some of the school districts of his township,has served as School Director for a number of years, and is one of the highly respected citizens of the community.Seven children has been born to Mr. and Mrs. Littrel, four of whom are living: Anderson died of consumption in 1862, at the age of twenty years and four months; Barbara Orinda, now Mrs. Reynolds, resides in Los Angeles, Cal.; Parris died at the age of twenty-three years, in 1867; John married Mary M. Moley, and resides on the home farm; James Albert, who is single, lives in Montana; Ann Myra died in 1881, when nearly twentyseven years of age; Bernard became the husband of Etta Chapman in 1877, and makes his home in Muscatine County.The portraits of this worthy pioneer couple will be found on an accompanying page."

Portraits of Samuel and Margaret Noble Littrel

We did not find Samuel in the 1840 or 1850 census under any spelling but we did find him in 1860 as Samuel Litteral matching the marriage record. Later censuses spell the name as Littrel as does the biography. 1860 Cedar Township, Muscatine, Iowa: #82 Samuel Litteral, 45, farmer, born Indiana; Margaret A., 45, Ind; Anderson, 18, Il; Barbara O.,17, Il; Paris, 15, Il; John G.(actually Samuel), 12, Ia; James A (Albert), 9, Iowa; Ann E, 6, Ia; Bernard, Ia. We note in Iowa marriage records that Orinda Littrel married Theodore Reynolds 28 September 1867 in Muscatine, Iowa. Theodore Reynolds may have been connected to the Reynolds families that we are studying for this site since many of them lived in Muscatine County. If anyone can shed light on his identity we would appreciate hearing from them.

(4)Daniel Wayne Noble (1817-?)

Daniel Wayne Noble married first to Mary Ann Delabar, daughter of Aaron and Elizabeth Delabar, on 11 March 1843. She died 10 Feb 1846 and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. They had children: Aaron died 3 Oct 1845 and buried Eliza Creek Cemetery; Pembroke Quincy Noble born 1846 (he is Quincy in the 1860 census and Pembroke Q. in the 1870 census).

Daniel Wayne Noble married second Elizabeth Reynolds on 1 March 1849 in Mercer County. We do not know her parentage. She died 31 March 1863 and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

Daniel and Elizabeth had children: Daniel Noble, born March 1850, Mercer County, living alone in the 1880 census; Charles Noble born 28 Jan 1852, died 12 February 1852 and buried Eliza Creek Cemetery; Willie, born about 1853; Ursula, born about 1856 and a teacher in 1880 living with Margaret Moberly Family in Eliza Township. She is also listed in Humboldt, Allen Co, Kansas in 1880 census with Mary Gibson Noble and her two children, also listed as school teacher; Monroe Noble, born about 1857, working for John Miller in 1880, no marriage found; Abram B Noble, born about 1861, in Humboldt Allen County Kansas with stepmother, Mary Gibson Noble; Jerome Noble, born about 1863.

Daniel Wayne Noble married third Mary Ann Gibson, daughter of James and Mary Ham Gibson, on 18 Nov 1866 in Mercer County. They had children: Thomas W. Noble, born about 1871 in Mercer County and Carey M., born about 1873 in Kansas. Mary Ann is a widow in Humboldt, Allen Co, Ks in 1880 with her two children and some of the step children.

(5)Ann Noble (1819-1912)

Ann Noble was born about 1819 in Indiana and died 1912 in Mercer County and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

(6)Jonathan Noble (Abt 1825-?)

Jonathan Noble married Harriet Irwin, daughter of William and Mary Terrell Irwin, 19 September 1861 in Muscatine County, Iowa. The source for Mary's surname as Terrell comes from the 1880 census in Eliza Township: #68 William Irwin, 72, farmer, born Pa, parents born Pa; Mary, 64, NJ, parents NJ (note Mary was 57 in the 1870 census); William Jr, 32, Il; Marie Durham, servant, born Oh; Robert Durham, 11, born Ia; Daniel M. Terrell, 63, brother-in-law, born NJ, parents NJ. Note: Since we have no other information on this family the surname Terrell for Mary could be completely incorrect!

(7)Mary Noble Essley (1822-1878)

Mary Noble married Josiah W. Essley, son of William and Anna Lemon Essley, on 26 October 1848 in Mercer County. We have information on their children which we will add when time permits.

(8)George Noble (1827-1912)

George Noble married Rebecca Storms but we do not find a marriage record in Iowa or Illinois. We have information on their children which we will add when time permits. Both died in 1912 and are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

(9)Hezekiah Brown Noble (1833-1913)

Hezekiah Brown Noble was born in 1833 and died 1913 in Mercer County and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

5/8/2007 Removed Sarah Noble Turner as daughter of Daniel and Barbara Fruit Noble. She definitely was not and her surname was probably not Noble. They are found in 1850 in Dracut, Middlesex, Ma, #918 James Turner, 44, Operative, born England; Sarah, 40, born England; Charlotte #., 14, born England. They did come to Eliza Township in Mercer County by 1860 Sarah is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. We apologize for not noting this error earlier.